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All Natural Nail Dip Powder

Best Glitter Aikker 20 Galaxy Color Dip Powder Nail Kit

How To Apply Dip Powder on Natural Nails | Step by Step

While Aikker 20 offers more than 110 colors, the galaxy starter kit features a range of glittery-colored powders that truly make a statement. If you simply must have that shimmer, its not easy to pass on the rainbow of glamorous glitters in this affordable starter kit.

On top of the base coat, activator, and topcoat, you get 20 powders and a brush saver. Plus, the kit includes a recycling tray to make your powder last longer, a dust brush, and a nail file. Every color dries fast and can last two weeks or more.

While you get 20 powders with this kit, they arent quite as large as some of the other options. However, if you prefer variety and like to change up your colors frequently, then this might be a positive.

Choose A Flattering Nail Shape Like A Squoval

It’s a universally flattering nail shape for both long or short nails, so you can’t go wrong with the squoval.

I personally prefer short nails to be squared/squoval. The rounder the shorter nails are, I’ve noticed they tend to appear thicker. If they decide to try the apex method on short nails, it’s really helpful so that the nails don’t look flat. But the shorter the nails, the less apex layers they should do.

– Dasia, Dipwell’s Community Educator

Dip powders in picture: Milk Bath Nails featuring MK01 , MK03 , MK05 , and MK07 from the Milky Dip Powder Collection

You can also keep it super short and simple by working around the natural shape of your nails or fingers.

Dip powder in picture: PA04 on too cute short dip nails by Glenda Besler

Dip powder in picture: GL42 on round-shaped short dip nails by Emily Contrary

Since our nails and fingers are all different in shape or length, it may also be helpful to learn about how to make the best of your digits with this lesson in nail proportions.

Don’t Use Too Much Base Dip Nail Liquid

Take note that dip powder will adhere to wherever the base liquid is applied.

Its important to not use too much base. Since the nails are short, any excess base near the tip will stick to the skin at the tip, and it becomes a hassle to get rid of.

– Maria, Dipwells Social Media Coordinator

To avoid getting the base dip nail liquid on the fleshy part of your fingertips which could also result in the dip powder caking up under your short nails keep these reminders in mind:

  • When you pull out the brush and see a drip of base on it, that’s too much base. Make sure you don’t have too much base liquid on your brush by wiping off the excess liquid inside the bottle before you bring it over to your nail.
  • Be zen! Focus more, mess up less when working with the base liquid. If you really have to be extra cautious, you may use a protective nail guard to prevent both the dip liquid and dip powder from getting onto the skin surrounding your fingertips.
  • Apply the base liquid in thin, even strokes. However, no matter how thinly you try to brush it on, if you have too much base on your brush, it’s still gonna end up too thick. And that brings us back to tip # 1 being hugely important.

Lastly, be careful when using an orange wood stick to clean under your nails as you might accidentally damage the skin that attaches to the nail plate.

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How To Apply A Dip Powder Manicure

Application methods vary from brand to brand, and its crucial to follow the step-by-step instructions provided with the product.

The basic principles are the same across the board.

  • Apply a base coat to prep the nail bed.
  • Dip the nails into the powder, brushing off any excess powder.
  • Repeat the base coat and powder until you achieve the desired color.
  • Apply a topcoat.

Once the nails dry, its possible to play around with nail art. Add accessories and decorations to create a custom look.

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Nail Color Dip System Neons

SNS Organic Ombre Dipping Powder

Key selling points: It can be hard to find a neon polish that actually *stays* vibrant, which is where this eye candy-worthy set of eight jars comes in. Reviewers love their compact sizeand the fact that the colors stay bright and glossy for two weeks.

What customers say: The product comes in a bag, making storage and organization a breeze. Ive only used one color, but so far Im a complete stan. The hot pink color is so pigmented, and I get tons of compliments. The containers are large enough for my long nails to easily and comfortably dip without having to do the weird shimmy needed for the travel-size colors that come in other sets. For the price of a salon manicure, you get eight colors to mix and match. Will purchase the other set in the fall. Le Negrita, reviewer on

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Nail Dipping Powder Kit By Tp Nail Care

The TP kit comes with 6 beautiful dip powder colors and includes a beautiful silver glitter. The reason I love this kit so much is the fact that you get professional-looking results at an incredible value. Of course, its also comfortable to use at home, so you can skip the salon visits.

Easy to Use

This dip powder system is effortless to use, even for first-timers who have never gotten a dip manicure before. Simply follow the steps in the manufacturers instructions and create your own amazing nail designs.

Whether you love glitter, French, or full overlay nails, you can do it all with this comprehensive and beautiful kit.

Money Saver

As we mentioned earlier, this kit is affordable without sacrificing the quality that you crave. With the price of two salon manicures, you can actually get about 50 manicures without leaving your house.

The only thing you must know is that the gel dip will last you for about 30 manicures while the powders will probably last for over 50 manicures.

However, the powders may only last for two weeks on your nails. This is a fine result, but I kind of wished it would last longer than that. This is a typical duration of a nail dip manicure, though, so it really isnt too bad .

Everything in One Kit

Inside the product, there are 6 dipping powder colors, a dust brush , a nail file, and a 3-way buffer. Essentially, all the things we tend to forget we need before doing our manicure


Our Top Picks For The Best At

  • Best Sheer Nail Dip Powder KitCooserry Dipping Powder Nail Set
  • Works great for creating vibrant, intricate nail art looks
  • Some reviewers say the powder takes too long to harden

Talk about the most bang for your buck. This at-home dip powder set comes with 48 different colorsfrom vibrant green to soft pinkto choose from. So whether you want to create a design with a nail art brush or just paint on a solid color, you can do so easily, with no curing involved.

THE REVIEWS: I love that you don’t have to cure these colors under a UV light. They air dry in about 30 seconds and the top coat gives off a beautiful shiny protective layer.”

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Nice Short Dip Nails Start Here

Dip powder mani looks great no matter the length, but it’s always refreshing to let your nails breathe and shorten them once in a while. So give them a little break by going short-and-sweet for a couple of weeks until they grow out again. And here are some extra tips on how to make sure your short dip nails grow out long and strong.

  • Follow a nutrient-rich diet. Eat your greens. Just like your mama told you. Don’t forget to include a variety of fruits, nuts, and seeds. All these contribute to strong, shiny nails.
  • Take dietary supplements. Please check with your physician to avoid any issues. In general, the following vitamins and minerals are said to aid in growing your nails more quickly and less prone to breakage: Vitamin A , Vitamin B7 , Vitamin B9 , Vitamin C , as well as iron, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Hydrate your nails and cuticles. A single drop of nail oil goes a long way in keeping your fingernails well-moisturized and healthy. Try Dipwell’s Cuticle Drops. It contains natural oils and anti-aging ingredients!
  • Do the dip. We’re saying it one more time for the people in the back: Having dip powder on short natural nails will keep them sturdy. It’s super helpful to have that added strength while growing out your nails because then they won’t be prone to breakage.
  • Honey Joy Fine Dipping Powder Kit In Pastel

    DOâs and DONâTS – How to apply dip powder on natural nails without being THICK

    Key selling points: If its pastels youre after, look no further than this kit, which includes eight pretty shades of finely milled powders and has tons of five-star reviews to back up the hype.

    What customers say: Awesome product!! I was so surprised at how easy it was to use. I am so impressed with the results, especially for it being the first time I have ever used dip powder. I need to work on not getting it on my surrounding skin, but it peeled off after I was finished. I was able to resume regular activity within five minutes after applying the last step. I hope it lasts a long time. anonymous reviewer

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    Why Trust Cosmopolitan

    Valeriya Chupinina is the beauty assistant at Cosmopolitan with five years of experience researching, writing, and editing nail design and care stories that range from green nail ideas to lipstick nails. Shes an authority in all nail categories, including nail care and nail trends, and regularly tests and analyzes at-home dip powder kits and tools for efficacy, while working with the industrys top nail artists to assess new nail trends, products, and brands.

    What Are The Benefits

    Naturally, one of the biggest benefits to the dip powder nails is the simple fact that it is a remarkably durable treatment. As Glamour has said, Dip powder nails are somewhere between a regular mani and a fake nail, with one of the key pros being that it is a way to get a manicure that lasts for two full weeks or more.

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    How Long Do They Last

    According to Aaron, dip-powder nails say it can last 2 to 3 weeks depending on how fast the nails grow and your day-to-day activities. So if you work with your hands frequently, like washing your dishes or rowing daily, you’ll likely experience more chips than someone who doesn’t partake in labor-intensive activities.

    Cuccio Nail Dip Powder Kit 8 Shades

    BORN PRETTY Nail Dipping Powder Without Lamp Cure Dipping Dip Powder ...

    If youre already a dip powder nail enthusiast but are looking to expand your nail powder collection, look no further than the Cuccio BARE NUDITY Collection! This kit contains a wide variety of beautiful, natural, and nude shades that are sure to complement any skin tone!

    Natural Looking

    These nail powders can be used with any nail dip kit that you already own and it lasted on my nails for 15 days without chipping. Theyre great for people who are looking for a natural, professional, and realistic-looking manicure that lasts for weeks!

    Each container contains half an ounce of nail powder, which is enough to last you for months and months of manicures. Youll never have to worry about running out of nail powder for your next dip nail manicure!

    Each kit comes with 8 containers of nail powder, each in a different nude or neutral shade. Youll receive gorgeous shades like original pink, iridescent cream, light pink with rainbow glitter, crystal glitter, bubble bath pink, amaretto cream tan, flattering peach, and creamy tan.


    These nail powders have earned rave reviews from dip nail enthusiasts who wanted to expand their shade range. The colors are natural, but still eye-catching. Plus, they all last for over 2 weeks before needing to be reapplied!

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    How Do You Use Dip Powder Over The Natural Nail

    The process of using dip powder over your natural nail is the same as if you were applying it over a fake nail. In fact, since the glue used to apply falsies is typically stronger than dip glue, its actually LESS damaging to your nail to go ala-natural! But do keep in mind you cant buff your nail as vigorously when youre buffing the natural nail because you dont want to damage the surface.

    How Long Do Powder Nails Last

    After trying different dip powder brands, I can say that most dip powder nails usually last anywhere between 14-21 days.

    If you want to get a long-lasting manicure, choosing and using a high-quality dip powder is a must. Obviously, some things may affect your dip powder wear time, such as proper preparation and how often you submerge your hands in water.

    Proper preparation of the nail is essential not only for a dip powder application, but its a must in any manicure.

    Whether youre applying gel polish, hard gel, traditional acrylics, or dipping powders, its super important to prepare and clean the nails beforehand.

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    How Does Dip Powders Work

    Dip nails are often referred to as acrylic lite nails because the manicure is conducted with an acrylic-based powder.

    After you open your nail dipping powder kit, you should always read the manufacturers instructions on how to use it.

    Generally, you start with your base coat. After you apply a thin layer of base coat, you dip your finger in the dip powder. Usually, this step is repeated twice, but it may be a different order for different nail dipping powder kits.

    Always follow manufacturer instructions!

    The fantastic thing about dip powder nails is that they dont demand as much filing as builder gels or other nail extension methods. All you need to do is simply file and shape your nail gently and then apply your topcoat. The nail is now ready for an application of cuticle oil.

    Another thing I love about nail dip powders is the fact you dont need a UV light in order to cure your nails. This means that you dont need to deal with the danger that comes with it. Unlike hard gels and gel polishes, dip powders dry quickly with no UV/LED lamps.

    Best Overall Modelones Dip Powder Nail Kit

    STEP by STEP : dip powder on natural nails at home | Revel Nail

    This kit is surprisingly easy to use, and its a top seller for good reason.

    Modelones Dipping Powder System will meet any home manicurist or professionals needs. With a range of 20 color options in each palette, youll never get stuck with a color you hate.

    Every color jar gives you up to thirty manicures and each application can last up to five weeks! Plus, its easy to remove one color and switch to something new if six weeks is too long in your world!

    Each kit features everything you need to create a finished manicure in no time. Base coat, activator solution, gel top coat, a nail brush, dip powder brush replacement, a nail file, and 20 gorgeous dip powder colors.

    Regardless of which Modelones color palette you select, you get build powder to strengthen your nails and the liquid essentials to complete the manicure.

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    Dip Powder Nails Vs Acrylic Nails

    Before using the dip system, Aaron always likes to know what her clients long-term care wishes are for their nails. Does the client wish to be as natural as possible or would they care to extend the nails with tips? she muses. Are they okay soaking off with every visit? Do they want natural colored nails or a color polished look? These questions determine whether dip or acrylic is best. For clients that are accustomed to gel polish on their natural nails, Aaron says that an upgrade to the dip system is perfect. These clients are already used to soaking off every two to three weeks and with dip powder, it would be no different, she explains. For clients that are used to acrylic nails, I only suggest dip powder to them when its time for a new set. So when soaking off for a new set I begin the consultation by first looking at the condition of the clients nails and asking: Do you want to keep your natural nails and if so at what length? Depending on their answer, Aaron will recommend dip powder, as its typically gentler than classic acrylic.

    Best Luxury Kit Kiara Sky Dip Powder Nail Kit

    Kiara Skys dip nail powder kit features everything you need to create a luxurious and professional-looking manicure. Its a high-end product that skips the harsh chemicals and strengthens your nails.

    You get the liquids you need plus natural powder, clear powder, and three signature colors. Aside from the basic components, you get a nourishing oil to improve nail health. Kiara Sky also includes a recycling system that allows you to keep reusing the powder and minimize loss.

    The finish lasts anywhere from two to four weeks depending on how hard you are on your nails. This highly reviewed kit features several comments about the efficacy of the topcoat for preventing chips and cracks.

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