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Best Nail Polish Subscription Box

What Our Customers Say


Loving the nail mail subscription so far and think its a great idea. Always excited to see what next months colours will be

I received my nail mail the other day and finally got to use them this afternoon for a bit of me time! Gorgeous colours! Love them! Can’t wait for the next ones!!!

Love receiving monthly colours and experimenting with colours I wouldnt normally buy. So happy with the monthly service 🙂

Nail Mail – 3 x 5ml Get 3 x 5ml Limited Edition gel polish colours each month with our Monthly Subscription Service!Nail Mail Discovery Edition – 3 x 5ml + Discovery ItemGet 3 x 5ml Limited Edition gel polish colours each month plus a discovery item with our Monthly Subscription Service!Open up a whole world of opportunity with our brand new discovery add on. Each month, we’ll give you a sneak peak into something different to complement your Nail Mail.Your add on can be anything from early access to a new product, a nail art addition to enhance your manicure or something new you’ve never tried before.Discover endless possibilities every month!

1. Choose Your BoxChoose the perfect Nail Mail gel polish subscription box for you. Prices start from as little as £12 a month.2. PaymentWhatever date you subscribe, you’ll be charged on the exact same date every month until you choose to cancel your subscription.3. Get Your Nail MailEach month, you’ll receive three brand new colours exclusive to Nail Mail in our new 5ml miniature gel nail polish bottles.

Revolutionizing The Nail Polish Subscription Box

Nail polish and gel trends are constantly revolving – are you staying on top of it? Our monthly nail box has you covered! Discover new favorites and cutting-edge technology in poly gels, acrylic, dip powder, gel polish, nail polish, and more! The time of going to the store for nail products is over -now you can have them all right at your door. You’ll never have to go without a fresh manicure.

Each box is personally customized by one of our nail stylists. Every month you’ll receive a box of products curated especially for you and your nail lifestyle! Experimenting with new products and techniques can be daunting, but this box can be a great gateway to trying new items you wouldn’t normally gravitate towards.

Your Nail Lab is unlike any other nail polish subscription box. This box is great for professionals who are wanting to branch out to try the new and improved nail polish or the beginner who wants to try dip powder for the first time. A short quiz is taken before subscribing to help us understand your overall comfort with manicures. Your Nail Lab is made just for you!

Check the bottom of this article for an exclusive Instagram giveaway!@YourNailLab

Best For Nail Care Kits: Maniology


Why We Chose It: Maniology is a Hawaii-based company that has a big Instagram following and offers nail stamping products and nail care products.


  • Strong Instagram presence so you can see what comes in the kits
  • Colorful kits want subscribers to embrace self-expression
  • Easy tutorials offered on Instagram page


  • Bright and colorful designs so make sure it fits your aesthetic

If you’re looking for nail stamping and nail care products, Maniology, an e-commerce company based in Oahu, Hawaii, delivers. The service offers a Mani X Me Monthly Club subscription box offers two exclusive stamping plates and two coordinated polishes. Its $25 for a monthly subscription, about $68 for every three months, or $120 for every six months.

Another easy option is the Mani x Me Monthly Club Express Kit, which is a smaller monthly subscription kit that comes with two exclusive stamping plates, free U.S. shipping, and one surprise gift. The colorful kits, which are $18 per month, about $49 for every three months, or around $92 for every six months, and are made to encourage subscribers to embrace self-expression. Previous nail stamping kits included a pirate ship, stained glass, and holographic shard glitter, making it one of the most creative options.

Maniology also offers printed how-tos to give yourself the perfect manicure every time and Facebook Lives with real-time tutorials. Members also get access to early sales and new product launches.

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Mystery Grab Bag December 2022


Adding product to your cart

We have MYSTERY BAGS from NAILBOXY available! Receive 5 FULL sized nail products in one box for only $14.99 plus FREE U.S. SHIPPING! Gel polishes, acrylic, nail art items, nail tools, art brushes and more “can” be featured in your mystery bag. Order your mystery bags today and enjoy some nail products! Happy shopping! LIMIT 5 PER CUSTOMER!

**** ALL SALES ARE FINAL! There will be no returns, exchanges or refunds given for mystery products!

**** Products from past boxes are included amongst featured products!

**** items are RANDOM so if you order more than one-> DUPLICATES MAY OCCUR.

Adding product to your cart

We have MYSTERY BOXES from NAILBOXY available! Receive 10 FULL sized nail products in one box for only $49.99 plus FREE U.S. SHIPPING! Gel polishes, acrylic, nail art items, nail tools, art brushes and more “can” be featured in your mystery box. Order your mystery boxes today and enjoy some nail products! Happy shopping! LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER!

**** ALL SALES ARE FINAL! There will be no returns, exchanges or refunds given for mystery products!

**** Products from past boxes are included amongst featured products!

**** items are RANDOM so if you order more than one-> DUPLICATES MAY OCCUR.

Colorful Nail Polish Subscription Boxes

The 5 Best Nail Polish Subscription Boxes

Today the nail industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of colors, numerous brands, and several in-home nail color and design options. Plus, not long ago, companies began to introduce nail polish subscription boxes that allowed consumers to try new polishes, tools, and techniques from the convenience of their homes.

Best of all, many of the nail polish of the month clubs work with small artisan businesses that offer handmade products made from non-toxic, cruelty-free ingredients.

With the popularity of nail polish these days, the history of the fashion might surprise you. The first time historians found people painting their nails were warriors in Babylonia around 3200 BC. Before heading off to fight, warriors would spend hours having their hair curled and styled and their nails manicured and painted. The color of polish chosen by each warrior depended on their class black was for higher-ranking members, whereas green was for lower-status fighters. Often the soldiers would match their lip color to their nail color.

And Babylonia wasn’t the only place in history that nail polish played a role in society. In Chinese culture, around 3000 BC, nail color was worn to display the people’s different ranks and dynasties. The ruling party wore red, and those of lower classes wore paler shades. And if someone of lower status wore nail color above their station, it was an offense punishable by death.

  • Aerial Nail Box

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Start Your Creative Journey With Mani X Me

-Free Stamper and scraper set with your 1st kit. -Free U.S. Shipping on all your orders $20+-Earn 50% MORE Stamps in the Mani Circle reward program-10% exclusive discount on all your orders-Early access and exclusive discounts just for members-Make a difference! A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Oahu YWCA to empower women to support themselves independently.

When will I receive it?

First order ship within 1-3 days of purchase. Normal shipping time is between 3-7 business days within the US. For renewal, your card will be charged on the 1st of each month and generally takes between 3-5 days of processing with your box arriving between the 10th-15th of each month.

Can I skip a month?

Sure! If you have a monthly plan, you can easily do this under your “My Account”. Click on “Manage Subscription” to skip an upcoming month. For prepaid plans, please email us and we can help you manage your subscription. If you want to skip a kit, you must contact us before the last day of the previous month. For example, if you want to skip the December kit , you must contact us before November 30th.

Do you ship internationally?

YES! We have recently opened our box to ship internationally to select countries. Please check Shipping & Returns page for details.

Can I cancel at anytime?


Monthly Nail Polish Subscription Boxes

My nail polish addiction has quickly morphed into monthly nail polish subscription boxes. As I dug deeper for even more nail polish subscriptions, I stumbled upon some great indie nail polish companies that I had never heard of before. I thought it would be a good idea to share what Ive found with my community. If you know of any that I missed, please feel free to comment on this post so I can add them.

Ive listed the monthly nail polish subscription boxes that Ive found. For the last few months Ive enjoyed my Julep Maven boxes, and just recently I signed up for Square Hue. Id much rather be surprised month to month than trying to find new hot colors at the store. I am easily overwhelmed by too many selections when shopping. I like the idea of being surprised and getting more than just bills in my mailbox. I also really like the idea of someone else taking the guess work out of nail polish color selection for me.

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Nail Polish Subscription Boxes

Nail polish enthusiasts can end up doing anything to get hands-on with their perfect product and box, with the kind of variety and combination of products they provide. These come in the category of beauty subscription boxes and are the ideal solution for your nail care, nail polish needs, or for doing easy DIY nail art as well.

Benefits Of Nail Polish Subscription Boxes

Daily Charme Monthly Subscription Box! XL Foil Ombre Acrylic Nails | Nail Art Haul

The nail industry is a billion-dollar industry and comes with thousands of colors. With the increasing popularity of nail polish these days, the best nail polish subscription boxes come providing the perfect solution and offer a great variety of colors to experiment with & match your Makeup. They are quite convenient to subscribe to and make for the ideal option for users who are up for some change.

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The Best Nail Polish Subscriptions To Make Your Nails Pretty

Image from:ManiMe

ManiMe is a nail art lovers source of custom-fit stick-on gel manicures and pedicures! Although its not a subscription, you can easily order products online and have your nail must-haves delivered wherever you are. Made with toxin and cruelty-free Korean gel, their nail gels are custom-fit to your exact nail shape and size. They are vegan, 10-free, and latex-free as well! Each ManiMe set includes 15 gels, 1 prep pad, and 1 nail file. It only takes about 5 minutes to apply. All you need to do is peel off the sticker, press it onto your nail, and file off excess. Theres zero smudging or drying time. Another good news: they can last up to 14 days! Base and top coats are sold separately.

Price: ManiMe gel sets start at $25 + shipping. Base and top coat are available as a bundle for $44.

Deal: Get 20% off your first order! Use coupon code FIRST20.

Image from:Maniology Mani x Me Box

Maniology Mani x Me Box is the nail mail everyone will love including beginners! Every month, subscribers receive 2 exclusively designed and curated stamping plates, plus 2 new coordinated polishes and a surprise gift! Ideal for nail stamping beginners, they also send a printout of how-tos and give manicure tutorials in real-time on Facebook Live. Other member perks include exclusive access to past boxes and plates, plus stamps in the Mani Circle Rewards Program.


Image from:Olive & June

Price: Be an Olive You Club member for $40 a year.

Image from:Orly Color Pass

Glitz Nail Art Subscription Box

*CHANGE of ADDRESS: If you needed to change your shipping address, you will have to CANCEL current subscription and re-subscribe with new shipping details.

January Exclusive: Diamond Dust Pixie + iHold Gel Triple Pallete + Red Envelope

Glitz Sub Box is here. Get Newest Nail Art delivered to your door every month 🙂 + Free Tutorials daily on Social Media @GlitzAccessoriesAndSuch

This Month Subscription Box includes:

iHold Gel Triple Pallete – NEW Colors – Subscription Box Exclusive

Diamond Dust Pixie Aurora Borealis/AB

Special Gift w/ Red Fortune Card for Lunar New Year

Exclusive Transfer Foil Box 10 Random Top Selling Designs included

Single 3D Handcrafted Charm

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Why We Chose It

This enticing nail subscription box offers ORLYs seasonal nail color collection at a whopping 50% off retail. The quarterly nail subscription box gives members a first look at ORLYs seasonal nail polish collection, which consistently includes a well-rounded, on-trend color palette of six polishes that are hard not to love.

New To The Nail Game Or A Seasoned Professional


Knowing your level of expertise is crucial for us to make sure your box is perfect for you. If you’ve just started with nail polish and you’re new to nail art? Great! You’ve been in the nail industry for 10+ years? Awesome, we’ve got the products just for you.

The nail industry is ever-changing and if you’re looking to grow as a DIY nail artist or a professional nail technician – this box is perfect for you! If you want to build your creativity, you’ll find the tools with these subscription boxes.

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Why You’ll Love Nail Mail


Nail Mail is an exciting way to add to your gel polish collection, get creative and experiment with new colours.


These Limited Edition 5ml colours will be exclusive to Bluesky Nail Mail subscribers and you won’t find them anywhere else in the UK!


Sit back and relax as we deliver nail mail directly to your door each month.

The Best Nail Polish & Nail Art Subscription Boxes

Posted February 18, 2022 by Timothy Paradis

Do you love the look of a fresh manicure? Going to the nail salon for fresh coats of polish, or even just touch-ups can get pretty pricey. Up your nail game by taking matters into your own hands by getting nail care products delivered right to your front door! Featuring a wide array of nail art products, from nail decals to gel polish, plus other goodies, like nail files, cuticle pushers, and more, youll be able to rock DIY nails anytime you want. While grocery shopping, at work, or even out to a costume party!

Hold on your next appointment to the local nail salon and check out these monthly subscription boxes that are packed with nail products galore.

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Best For Nail Art: Nailboxy


Why We Chose It: Nailboxy is the best option if you want to experiment with nail art. The service sends you glitter, charms, tweezers, and more interesting accessories.


  • Online community shows off nail art for inspiration
  • Find step by step tutorials on the Nailboxy Instagram page
  • Focuses on fun nail art with lots of unique items like crystals and charms


  • Not as easy to do manis as other boxes, so youll need to have some artistic talent

Every month Nailboxy sends between five to 15 full-sized nail products, which could include cuticle oil, nail art products, foil strips, or even an LED lamp. The products are all meant to help you create unique nail art designs, with options like glitter, crystals, and charms. Its also easy to learn techniques with Nailboxy’s online community where subscribers share pictures of their designs with others and post tutorials.

To get a sense of what to expect, the June 2021 box had 11 items, including a nail art organizer, pixie crystal caviar beads, gold heart studs, neon candy beads, charms, tweezers, paper flowers, metallic foil, holographic glitter, and more.

Boxes cost about $50 per month with free U.S. shipping.

The Premier Packaging The Best In Business

Candy Coat Gel Nail Polish Subscription Box | June Unboxing

There are many reasons why our Nail Polish Packaging Boxes are some of the best. We provide free sampling, free shipping, and the fastest turnaround time. The Premier Packaging provides free samples of our products and we offer free shipping. The Premier Packaging also has a fast turnaround time we can get your order to you in less than 1 day.

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The 7 Best Nail Art Subscription Boxes To Try

Anyone who’s a fan of nail art will appreciate these seven best subscription boxes. They’ll help you jazz up your nails from home.

Sometimes you don’t have the time to go to a nail salon and get a manicure done. Not to mention how a single visit can stack up depending on what you ask the nail technician to do and cost a fortune. But that shouldn’t deter you from having pretty nails.

Below you’ll find several nail art subscriptions boxes that can help you get a beautiful manicure in the comfort of your home. They’re all affordable, and even a nail newbie can handle them. Give them a try and see which one works the best for you.

How Often Do You Change It Up

Understanding your lifestyle is a key component in cultivating the perfect subscription boxes for you. Did you seek out a nail polish subscription box because you change your nails every other day? Maybe you practice nail art on yourself to keep your skills sharp?

It’s important to know the frequency at which you change your nails so we can recommend the best products for you! For the people who change their own nails less frequently, we’d recommend gel polish. Especially if you are more active with your hands – you want that manicure to last!

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