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Does Fungi Nail Pen Work

Fungi Nail Pen Reviews Pros

Does Fungi Nail Work?

Works. It worked on my big toe nail to kill the fungus and the nail is growing back slowly but surely. This takes patience, as it can take a long time for an infected portion of nail to grow out . Applied 3x a day morning, after showering or bathing, and at night. Betty

Works great! Putting this on twice a day is a bit annoying and I often forget, so I have to put it on again the next day. But it really helps with stubborn nail fungus and is much cheaper than going to the doctor. Nicole

I have used the undercylenic acid 25% solution from Fungi Nail, and it has really worked. Gerald

Six months ago I picked up some kind of fungus on my feet and it made my toenails disgusting. I tried everything, but nothing worked so well as this product which I put directly onto my nails every day for at least few minutes twice a day. Chester

The only drawback to this treatment is the amount of time it takes for your nail to grow out fully and healthy. Dan

I also recommend wearing flip flops, sandals and changing your socks often. I think I got nail fungus from wearing combat boots to work all summer and my feet sweating. it does take a long time to get rid of it though, like 8 months for me. This is the only best nail fungus treatment that worked for me. Jackie

I had a huge problem with my nail, it was embarrassing and made me feel bad about myself. Thankfully this product helped remove the fungus. Hazel

The Lamisil Terbinafine Antifungal Cream Treats Fungus All Over The Body

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Toenail fungus is a common fungal condition that often starts after a rash on the foot spreads to the nails. When mild, it looks like white and yellow spots growing under the nail beds. If left untreated, the fungus can grow severely by hardening the nails and spreading to other toes.

So What Should You Do If You Develop A Nail Infection

Your first step should be to see a doctor. It can take weeks to fully clear an infection, says Dr. Andersen, so its crucial to get treatment as soon as possible.

Oral medication is the most effective treatment of all, says Dr. McGuire. Topical prescription treatments may also help. Theres a laser treatment that has a higher success rateabout 65% to 70%, says Dr. Andersenbut it can be pricey.

Other steps that can help you heal faster is to wear shoes that dont put pressure on your nails and keep your feet clean.

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Best Essential Oils For Toenail Fungus Remedies

Toenail fungus is a type of infection that occurs in the cracks of your nails.

It changes the color of your toenail and makes it thicker.

It hurts a lot if you dont treat it on time and with right remedy.

Usually, toes are warm and damp which lets the fungus grow there easily.

Different types of fungi and yeast sometimes affect different parts of your nail.

If its left untreated, then the infection could spread to your other toenails, or even in your skin.

In this article, you will get to learn how to use essential oils for toenail fungus home remedies.

Prepare And Apply Fungi Nail

Fungi Nail Fungi

Remove the Fungi Nail pen from the box, and unwrap the safety seal located on the side of the pen.

Remove the cap from the top of the pen, exposing the Fungi Nail applicator brush. Point the applicator brush downwards, and rotate the opposite end of the pen three times.

This will create a clicking sound and coat the brush with the Fungi Nail anti-fungal solution.

You are now ready to apply the solution to the infected spots.

Now that the pen is coated, apply the solution directly to the nail, cuticle, and nail bed.

Make proper care to ensure that the formula comes into direct contact with the nail bed since this is where fungus originates from.

Continue to apply the formula twice a day to clean nails to begin seeing results.

Keep in mind that it may take most users up to a month to see results, and for extreme cases it will take even longer.

Keep applying the Fungi Nail Pen solution even after the symptoms of the infected have gone away to ensure that it is completely gone.

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Excilor Nail Fungus Treatment: The Best All

Price: £15 | Buy now from Lloyds Pharmacy

Excilor’s Nail Fungus Treatment solution is the most highly-praised anti-fungal nail treatment among verified online buyers, who hail it as the one that works when others fail. It’s very easy to use, too: brush it onto your infected nail twice a day, then forget about it. It dries very fast and penetrates into the nail without the need for filing, so it’s a quick and mess-free process that soon becomes automatic, like cleaning your teeth.

Don’t expect overnight results, or even over-fortnight results . It will support healthy regrowth of the nail, so you’ll see results when the nail starts to grow back. Meanwhile, Excilor keeps working on the micro-environment of your nail, making it hostile to fungal growth and preventing further infections.

Key specs Size: 3.3ml Format: Liquid Active ingredients: Amorolfine, ciclopirox

Price: £29 |

Unlike our other recommended treatments, which stop the infection and let your nail grow out, Canespro lets you take a sledgehammer to the infected nail. Well, a scraper.

It is a bit of a faff, but very powerful. First, you have to clean and soften the affected foot in warm water, dry it, apply the ointment and cover it all with a plaster. You do this once a day. After the first 24 hours, you can start scraping at the infected nail tissue, which will start to come away. After a couple of weeks of this fun, you’ll have removed the entire infected nail. Plasters and a scraper are included in the box.

What Should I Expect

If you can use it on the early stage of the infection, you can expect results in several weeks. You should never stop using Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Antifungal Solution treatment before the infection has completely healed. If you stop then the infection will come back quickly and may even appear worse than before. If its not working as quickly as youd like, you may try another supplement like ZetaClear which the winning toenail fungus formula.

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Signs You Need A Prescription

Generally speaking, prescription medications are needed to treat athlete’s foot if:

  • The infection hasn’t cleared after four weeks of self-treatment.
  • The infection goes away but comes back .
  • The infection is spreading to other parts of the body .

If you have athlete’s foot and diabetes, you should see your healthcare provider right away don’t bother with home treatment. Athlete’s foot can cause dry, cracked skin, which can leave people with diabetes vulnerable to serious complications such as cellulitis, bacterial infections, or skin ulcers.

Top 5 Toenail Fungus Treatments Of: Which Brands Think Youre Stupid

Fungi Nail Pen for Toenail Fungus – Used to Cure Toe Fungus

If youre looking for a better toenail fungus treatment, look no further!

Posted by the Senior Editor at website

See how we make our pick:

If youre suffering from toenail fungus, you are not alone

Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is one of the most common fungal infections. In fact, some estimates show that around 12 percent of the population suffers from fungal infections on their toenails.

Toenail fungus can develop over a long period of time before your nail yellows, becomes brittle, soft, changes shape, and even causes serious discomfort! This is why nail fungus can make sufferers embarrassing. That yellowing nail seems to rot and youre left hiding your feet from your friends and family.

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Is Fungi Nail Better Than The Other Nail Treatment

The answer No. The number one toenail fungus treatment is Zetaclear. It has proven to be the most effective way to treat nail fungal infection. It also depends the stages of your infection. If your in the early stages of fungus, then you can try Fungi Nail. While this may be the best option for some people, others may want something thats more effective and last a lot longer, and are able to cure nail fungus within a short period of time. So for faster result and a medication thats strong enough to kill any nail fungus completely i suggest Zetaclear which is the number one toenail fungus killer on the market right now.

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Fungi Nail Antifungal Pen Reviews Cons

I cant believe I actually fell for false advertising. The bottle shows a toenail, but if you read the label it states this product will not work on nails which is what most people use it for. It seems like they took advantage of consumers so dont be fooled by these lies. Veronica

Its called FUNGI Nail it has a nail on the package. But small print says its not effective for nails and scalp. Freddy

The product is called fungi nail but its written on the package that you can not use it for nails. I am sending this back for refund. Kathy

Please note that these negative reviews are about false labeling of this medicine but many people are using it without reading the small print and they are achieving great results with this treatment.

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Clip And File Your Nails Using Mr Green Precision Toenail Clippers

It is vital that before starting any nail fungus treatment, you start by clipping and filing down your infected nail.

This will help maximize the effectiveness of the Fungi Nail solution and minimize the risk of fungi spreading to other nails or parts of your body.

If your nails have thickened due to your fungal infection, traditional nail clippers may not be enough.

We recommend using Mr. Green Preicision Toenail Clippers which are high-end, stainless steel nail clippers that can easily cut through your infected nail.

These are some of our highest rated nail clippers and will allow you to easily get the job done.

Sterilize any instruments that you use, and take extreme caution when disposing of your nail clippings.

The last thing you want to do is come into direct contact with a fungal infection because this can lead to the infection spreading to other nails.

How To Use Excilor Nail Infection Pen

o Ensure that the nails are perfectly clean and devoid of any nail polish before you apply the Excilor.

o Using the Applicator, coat outside the nail and the base of the nail.

o Ensure that you apply Excilor in the morning and night.

o Use it consistently for three months, or till when the nails will start to grow again.

o It is very important that you tight the Applicator very well after each use.

o It is important that you keep a short nail, at least within the period of use.

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What Oral Medications Are Available

To treat fungal nail infections from inside the body, you can take tablets that inhibit the growth of fungi or kill them. They are all prescription-only. Terbinafine and itraconazole are typically used for this purpose.

  • Terbinafine is preferred if the nail fungus is caused by a skin fungus . This is usually the case.
  • Itraconazole is generally used if the nail infection is caused by yeast or mold.

Itraconazole and terbinafine tablets can both be taken either continuously or with breaks between treatments. But they are used differently:

Dosage: How Much Jublia Should I Use

PTKoonn Nail Fungus Repair Pen (Review)

The dose of this medicine will be different for different patients. Follow your doctor’s orders or the directions on the label. The following information includes only the average doses of this medicine. If your dose is different, do not change it unless your doctor tells you to do so.

The amount of medicine that you take depends on the strength of the medicine. Also, the number of doses you take each day, the time allowed between doses, and the length of time you take the medicine depend on the medical problem for which you are using the medicine.

  • For topical dosage form :
  • For treatment of fungal infection of the toenails:
  • Adults and children 6 years of age and olderApply to the affected toenail once a day for 48 weeks.
  • Children younger than 6 years of ageUse and dose must be determined by your doctor.

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Key Ingredients In Fungi Nail

Undecylenic Acid 25% active ingredient

Undecylenic acid is the main or primary or active ingredient in Fungi Nail. This acid, usually gotten from castor oil plant especially on a commercial scale, has numerous benefits for the whole body. It is an approved and scientifically proven antifungal agent. Undecylenic acid belongs in a group of chemical compounds called fatty acids which are also a basic part of the human body.

Having this similar key component, undecylenic acid is able to effectively improve the bodys healing ability which is a very important part of the fight against nail fungus. It destroys fungi, relieves inflammation and itching, and enhances the bodys immune system. Undecylenic acid is very safe for use. However, it should not be used for children not above two years, and neither should it be used on broken skin.

Isopropyl Palmitate

This is the inactive ingredient in Fungi Nail.

Using Fungi Nail

The first step before applying the fungi nail to the affected area is to prepare the nail. Nail preparation includes:


Benefits of Fungi Nail
Does Fungi Nail really work for nail fungus?
Does Fungi Nail work on both fingernails and toenails?

How Should I Use Fungi

Use exactly as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor.

Do not take by mouth. Topical medicine is for use only on the skin.

Use only the Fungi-Nail formulation made for the specific body area you are treating . This medicine will not be effective if you do not use the correct formulation.

Do not allow a young child to use Fungi-Nail without help from an adult.

Wash your hands before and after using this medicine.

If you are using Fungi-Nail on your feet, apply the medicine to all areas including between your toes.

Do not cover treated skin with a bandage. You may cover the skin with a cotton gauze dressing to protect your clothing.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting, synthetic clothing that doesn’t allow air circulation. Wear loose clothing made of cotton and other natural fibers until the infection is healed.

Change your shoes and socks at least once daily while treating athlete’s foot.

Use this medicine for the full prescribed length of time, even if your symptoms quickly improve.

Store at room temperature away from moisture and heat. Do not freeze.

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What Is The Treatment Like For Laser Therapy

If you come to our Premier Podiatry and get our non-thermal cold laser therapy, youll start with a nail fungus evaluation to determine if you have onychomycosis and what the best course of treatment is.

The treatments are done in our office, which makes it easy for you. The treatment lasts about 12 minutes and is pain-free.

And theres no downtime. Well laser your fungus and youll get up and leave as nothing happened. Typically, youll come in for four treatments. But it depends on you and what your podiatrist recommends.

The laser destroys the fungus but the effects it had on your nail dont go away until the new nail grows in and pushes it off the nail bed so it can be cut off like you would when you trim your nails. It usually takes six to 12 months for a full new nail to grow in.

In addition to treatment, you can get basic care techniques from your podiatrist to keep fungus at bay going forward.


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