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How To Apply Lily And Fox Nail Strips

So Which Nail Strip Is The Winner


So, now that Ive gone over all the pros and cons of Lily and Fox and compared them to Color Street, which one do I recommend? With a price of $2.99, the winner for me is Lily and Fox. While they do have some problems with their nail wraps, the price more than makes up for them.

I would much rather spend 3 bucks on a mani and pedi that I have to paint a top coat on. Its a very small, extra effort and if you use a fast dry, top coat its dry in less than a minute. The application is slightly more annoying than Color Streets process but again the price makes up for that.

If Lily and Fox ever stops the $2.99 sale price and starts selling their nail wraps at the listed $9.99 then I would switch back to Color Street. Theve got more designs that will stick around. Their nail strips last longer on their own, no top coat needed. Plus, the application process is easier, even if only by a little bit.

General Info About This Wrap Type

Manufactured by Huizi International in China. They are sold on many different websites . It comes in a vacuum sealed pouch with 16 strips total in 8 different sizes. They are connected by a center strip, and each nail wrap has a protective plastic film on top, that must be removed before placing the wrap the on the nail. Extra wraps can be placed back inside the vacuum seal pouch and heated sealed for later use. Nail chemistry determines whether you need base/top coat and if you do which brands will work for you. Check out my previous post on nail wrap application and stay tuned for a post about what Im currently wearing

Have you tried nail wraps before What type/from where If you havent, whats stopping you Wrap information obtained from nail wrap chat, a Facebook group.

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Honorable Mention: Lovely Hello Nail Strips

These are very similar to Lily and Fox, and also are $3 per set. Additionally, they offer pedicure and kid manicure strips. Ive also noticed they have less nail damage than Lily and Fox if you plan on removing them early, within a week. One of the main reasons I docked it down was that it only offers free shipping when you spend at least $15, so its a little more commitment than Lily and Fox which is always free shipping.

  • Sally Hansen nail strips
  • Color street nails

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How To Apply Lily And Fox Nails Correctly

  • Clean your hands with water or alcohol swabs to make them more sparkling.
  • Choose the right size you wish to apply.
  • Remove the transparent plastic cover on each nail wrap.
  • Using the top side of your chosen wrap, remove the excess that will be filed away.
  • The wrap should be placed at your cuticles and pushed down from there.
  • Any excess should be filed.

Place The Wrap At Your Cuticle And Push It Down From There

Lily and Fox Nails
  • Align the bottom of the wrap at, but not on, your cuticle.

  • Use a circular motion to press and smooth the wrap into place start at the cuticle, push down one side, then across the top of the nail, then back up the other side.

  • Getting a tight, wrinkle free seal at the tip is the key to making your manicure look perfect and last as long as you want it to.

**If you get a little wrinkle, you can always pull and stretch the wrap a little to get rid of them – check out our tips below!)

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What Kind Of Colors Do Nail Strips Come In

Nail strips come in solid colors, glitter, colors and everything in between. Nail art like holiday styles, patriotic styles or even sports teams can be found in nail strips. Personally, I stick to the solid and glitter colors. Im not a huge fan of the nail art as much, but for those who like it, this is an affordable way to get many detailed designs for a fraction of the price than what you would pay at a nail salon.

How To Apply The Manicure

Its not easy to take photos of yourself while doing a manicure and cutting so make sure you read and check out the photos so you know exactly what to do.

  • Start your manicure by finding the correct size nail strip for your first nail.
  • Pull the clear protective layer off and smooth the nail strip on the right nail. Your nail should now look like the photo below.
  • 3. Use your scissors to carefully cut off the excess nail strip.

    4. Then use the scissors again to cut off the tab, making sure to follow the curve. Its hard to tell Im following the curve but again, thats because its hard to cut and take pics at the same time.

    5. Now, use the trimmed nail strip to cover the left nail of the same size. Then continue using this process until all the nails on both hands are covered.

    6. Use a nail file to remove any extra nail strip at the top of your nails. Now you have plenty of wraps left to start your pedicure.

    Add a top coat to make your Lily and Fox nails last even longer. I wait until my mani and pedi are done then I add a fast drying clear coat to the top of everything.

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    Lily And Fox Vs Color Street

    Color Street seems like the top dog of nail polish strips. They are the first to come out with a much easier application process while still keeping manicures and pedicures lasting for 10-14 days. They really changed the game of nail polish strips.

    But just because they were the first, doesnt necessarily make them the best. More and more companies are coming out with their own nail wraps. Today, well be comparing newer company, Lily and Fox to Color Street.

    What Are Nails Strips / Nail Wraps

    Review of Color Street, Dashing Diva, Lily & Fox and Incoco Nail Strips
  • Nail wraps are good for those who like nail art and are looking for a DIY option to either save money or because they dont want to venture out to a salon. You may be lucky enough to get your nail wraps to last for up to one full week with a top coat applied. The good news is they do stay shiny.
  • Nail strips, like they sound, are actually stickers that you adhere to your nails. Several companies have launched since the pandemic started starting some fierce competition in the nail art world. Nail strips are made of real nail polish and have good adhesion. The have the appearance of nail polish.

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    Better Nail Strips / Nail Wraps

    Lovely Hello Nail Strips / Wraps free shipping on orders of $15 or more.

    I love how this nail wrap company started. It was a woman who couldnt find the nail wrap designs so she started her own company. Amy is based in Ohio and has a lovely selection of nail strips that just seems to keep growing and growing. This is a super site for those who truly enjoy a variety of nail art options. And the price is quite affordable.

    With Lovely Hello nail strips you get free shipping on orders of $15 or more

    Color choices On this site I found the glitter color choices to be my favorite, but keep in mind I am not really looking at nail art as much as solid colors and glitter nails. I feel they do a good job of the color staying true to what you see on the website. I ordered a Rose gold glitter, Navy glitter, Devilish red and what they call Rainbow Disco.

    Time nail strips lasted: The first time I tried these nails, I put them on without a top coat. Fast forward to four hours and one hot shower later and they had all peeled off. So, I then realized that a top coat is a must with these nail wraps. With a top coat you can expect about four to five days but there will likely be some chipping.

    Lovely Hello Nail wraps are affordable and long-lasting

    Color Street Long Time No Sea Nails

    One of the best nail polishes ever produced is Color Street, an enduring brand. With their unique, vivid, and elegant designs and daily market trends, they stand out. With the intention of improving the nail art experience, the Color Street brand was developed in the USA back in 1990.

    • It may be removed without difficulty using nail polish remover
    • Even with excessive water use, the color does not fade.
    • can be used on nails of any length.


    • Color Street Long Time No Sea Nails are not readily extensible.
    • It has an awful odor.

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    The Best Nail Strips / Nail Wraps

    Color Street

    Color Street nail strips in Sahara Desert

    Color choices they have a ton of choices with this popular nail art fashion, but many seem to be out of stock continually. But you may be able to find what you need if you get in touch with a color street specialist. Think of them like the modern day Avon or Mary Kay sellers. They seem to have access to colors that are listed as out of stock. Thats how I was able to get the Sahara Desert and Night in Ibiza. I will say that the color that you see on the website is not always a great indicator of how it will look in person. For example the Night in Ibiza color looks to have purple blue and green sparkles on the website, but when delivered it was just a bright purple color. I did love the black sparkle though and Sahara Desert.

    Time Colorstreet nail wraps lasted: Ive only tested these nails strips WITHOUT a top coat because thats how they advertise them to work. And they still lasted five days, so I think that is pretty good for nail strips without applying a top coat. I also found them to have less chipping than other varieties.

    Overall, these nail strips from Color Street are the best quality nail strips for overall use. You can feel the difference in adhesion right away between these and the lower quality nail strips. And while a bit pricier than other brands, they still come in at less than a nail tech would charge to apply nail art at a salon.

    Lily & Fox Glitter Set

    Keeping it Real Archives

    The next set I tried from Lily and Fox was a glitter set because I wanted to see how they compared to Color Streets glitter designs. For this set, I left my right hand top coat free but I applied a layer of fast dry top coat to the left hand to see if it helped.

    The right hand bubbled up just like the first Lily and Fox set I tried, but it bubbled way less than the solid set. I think the glitter holds up better just like Color Street glitter does.

    The side with the top coat never bubbled up. It lasted the two full weeks with the only noticeable wear being growth at the nail bed and a tiny bit of nail showing on the tips. You can see there is a lot of nail showing on the set that didnt have a top coat on. The bubbles are not as noticeable on the glitter nails but you can really see it on that thumb nail.

    Im still wearing the Lily and Fox glitters on my toes and its been over a month. Just like Color Street the pedicure last much longer than the manicure.

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    How Do You Apply Nail Strips / Nail Wraps

    Begin in much the same way you would start to apply nail polish. Rid your nails of any excess polish, buff them for a smooth surface and file them into the shape you want them. From there just take the nail size that most closely fits your nail and stick it on.

    Press down any creases using your nails and really make sure the adhesion is tight. If there is any of the nail strip that really doesnt stick or you find it sticking up on a corner, take it off and start over, otherwise it is going to chip off sooner vs later.

    After you are done applying the strips, fold the excess over the nail and file down and the excess should start to break away and you can simply peel off the extra nail strip piece. The nail is already dry so you should apply the top coat .

    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Lily And Fox Nail Set

    Definitely check out the photos Im adding to this post. Its helpful to see what Im talking about as I walk you through the process of cutting the Lily and Fox nail strips. If youve ever used Color Street nails to get a mani and a pedi then youll be pretty familiar with this process. Needing scissors adds an extra element but its not too tricky.

    Youll need to use the scissors twice while working with Lily and Fox nail wraps.

    • First, youll use them to cut off the excess nail strip after its been applied to the first nail.
    • You need scissors again to cut off the tab at the curve because the Lily and Fox tab doesnt pull away like Color Streets does.

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    Are Lily And Fox Better Than Color Street

    Color Street has a great range of nail wraps and other nail products on offer. They are similar to Lily and Fox, however, there are several reasons why Lily and Fox nails are the better choice.

    Firstly, Lily and Fox nails are easier to apply. This makes them a better option for anyone who wants to try wrap nails, including beginners.

    Secondly, Lily and Fox nail wraps are thicker than Color Street nail wraps. This gives your nails a better finish and makes them look like they were done professionally in a salon.

    Finally, Lily and Fox products are cheaper than Color Street. So they’re definitely the better option if you want to save money on your nails.

    Who Are Nail Strips Good For

    Nail Art Tutorial – Nail Wraps – Application and Tips – Lily & Fox

    Nail strips are good for those who dont enjoy applying polish and waiting for it to dry. Even with a top coat applied, nails can take a bit to dry. With nail strips you can just apply them and be on the go. Nail strips are also a great choice for those who want the fancy salon look of nail art but dont want to pay the salon prices. Another benefit is that for those are concerned about going out you can order nail strips online and have them delivered to your home.

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    How To Apply Lily And Fox Nail Wraps Short Nail Tips To Make Polish Stickers Last Longer

    What is up and welcome to the real ray today im going to show you how to apply nail polish. Stickers specifically using the lily and fox brand and these nails i forgot to do an intro before so i. Did these actually like on sunday todays thursday so theyre not as fresh but theyre still holding on i show. You each nail on one hand in detail because using the stickers can be a little challenging on shorter nails.

    And my nails are like super short i have like a chronic picking problem on occasion so id picked at. Them so they really didnt have an edge and i thought there might be some more people out there like. Me that like to use a nail polish stickers like the lily and fox ones or the um color street. Whatever and its harder it takes a little bit more work but they look great and i love them so. Without further ado here is that if you enjoy this video please make sure and help me out by liking.

    And subscribing and if youre new to my channel please check out some more of my content all right yall. I hope you enjoy the real ray i have a full video of a full manicure leading up to this. So if youre interested in that scoot on over and check it out after you watch this to prep the. Nail i lightly buff and spray with alcohol then youll select the nail sticker that you want for your nail. Trim it to the correct size and i always try to uh trim it kind of like rounded so that.

    Why Do My Nail Wraps Bubble

    There are a few reasons your nail wraps could be bubbling. The first comes down to application. Make sure you smooth the entire nail wrap onto your fingernails using the wooden stick provided in your pack. This is the best way to reduce bubbles during application.

    A second cause of bubbling nail wraps is the top coat you choose to use. A top coat isn’t always necessary, but if you choose to use one you need to make sure it is suitable for your nail wraps.

    Make sure your top coat is of high quality and that you apply it in one smooth streak. You can layer it up, but allow one coat to dry completely as this will help to avoid bubbling.

    A final reason you may experience bubbling is that you haven’t cleaned your nails before application. Make sure to wipe your nails with a wipe before applying your nail wraps. Ensure your nails are fully dry too. This will help to stop bubbling.

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