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How To Start My Own Nail Business

Choose A Suitable Location For Your Business

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A well-negotiated space lease is an important asset, while a poorly negotiated lease could be a liability. Many a budding entrepreneur has signed a lease and then later regretted its terms. Most likely, she failed to evaluate all those clauses and their long term effects. The watchword Look at the location, the amenities, the neighbours, the covenants, and most importantly the rental in relation to the business you can generate from this location. Do they work for you or only the landlord?

Not every for-rent commercial space, no matter how attractive or economical, is suitable for a nail salon. Before signing, examine your potential market, its source, and whether the location of your salon is better here rather than alternative spots.

Consider your neighbours, your effect on them, and if they generate patronage for you. Compare various locations, their estimated drawing power, and your total occupancy cost for each as a percent of the projected gross income. Before settling for a location, make comparison, seek advice and be mindful of the clauses in the lease or space agreement.

Benefits Of Opening A Nail Salon

With the average nail salon owner income ranging from $40,000 $75,000, opening a nail salon presents an opportunity for decent income. Plus, that average can increase a whopping 50% depending on where you open the business and how well its managed.

Owning a nail salon also lets you create an environment of professionals uniquely suited to your vision. Imagine going to work every day with a team you hand-picked. Plus, there are almost no barriers to entry here. While all the technicians have to be licensed, the owner does not necessarily have to be if youre not performing any of the tech work.

Are There Grants To Start A Nail Salon

Its extremely rare to find a grant to start a nail salon. If you search for business grants, you will come across a lot of scams and misinformation. Occasionally an organization will offer grants to start a business, however, be skeptical and dont provide any sensitive personal information or pay money to get more information.

Legitimate federal grants can be found at Grants.gov, and you can check on your states economic development office to see if they have any grants available.

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Get A Scheduling Software To Ease Your Workflow

Like any other business, a nail salon needs to have additional goals:

  • customer satisfaction,
  • growth in clientele, and
  • more billable hours

A scheduling software is paramount for the smooth running of a nail salon. It can manage appointments, organize client bookings, staff availability, manage data to help make data-driven decisions, find out how one can improve service, convert customers to clients by personalizing their experience and overall Marketing & PR, all at the same time.

You can use it to create gift cards, reward programs, get reviews and strengthen your service accordingly through a simple interface.

This helps in your essential promotional activities as well and to validate your decisions.

Who Should Come On This Workshop

Pin by Carol Kuppe on Nails by Carol

From 18 years experience of training, coaching and working with Nail Technicians and Beauty Businesses from all over South Africa, this workshop was specifically and intentionally created to help three different types of Nail Technicians in the South African Industry. We call them Start-Ups, Fired-Ups and Burn-Outs. Read below for more information on what this workshops can do for you, regardless of what type of Nail Tech you are.

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How Could You Start Your Own Nail Salon

Running a nail salon business can be an exciting venture, and your passion for nails could make you a good living. We want to bring you all of the information you need to inspire you and get you on your way. So, we spoke to Laura, who owns Beaut Nail Bar, and she shared her first-hand experience with us.

Get practical insights from Laura, who answered popular questions about starting a nail salon.

Brainstorm Possible Ways To Retain Clients & Customers

Retaining current customers and attracting new clients aid in the increased money flow. Analyse your nail salons current offerings and service quality to identify areas you can change. Most of the options for increasing the salons income are low-cost, making them easy to implement regardless of how much extra cash you have on hand. Other ways to increase customer retention may include:

  • Stay current on nail trends and stock new nail polish colours and products
  • Treat every customer as a guest
  • Expand the services you offer in the salon, such as more nail services like acrylics or full pedicures and manicures
  • Hire an aesthetician, massage therapist or other service providers to make your nail salon a one-stop beauty and pampering destination to draw in more customers.
  • Sell nail-related products and other beauty products like cosmetics for home use.
  • Hold an open house or special holiday events at the salon to attract new customers
  • Keep a database of your customers and follow them up

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Insure Your Mobile Nail Company

When you run a freelance business, it is so important to ensure that you and your business is covered by the correct insurance, as you will no longer be under wider-scale corporate policy.

Most mobile beauty apps and salons require you to have insurance anyway, so this is an important step to make at the beginning of your career.

âPublic Liability Insuranceâ will help to protect your nail business in the case that a client files for legal claims made against you in their own property.

For example, if your tools accidentally cause them harm or if your product stains their furniture. Insurance will ensure that legal costs are covered. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are equipped to handle any legal issues that may arise.

You should also get âBeauty Treatment Risk Liability Insuranceâ, which will cover incidents directly related to the treatment. For example, if an allergic reaction occurs as a result of one of your polishes.

We also recommend insuring your kit and products, in the event that anything is stolen.

âEmployers Liability Insuranceâ is a legal requirement should you have any employees in relation to your mobile nail salon business.

Think The Idea Through

Starting A Nail Businessðð?½| What You Need, Start Up Cost$$ |

Before you begin getting involved and start investing, its wise to make sure you know what youre getting yourself into. According to the statistics presented by The Telegraph, at the break of 2019, 60% of newly established businesses close within three years, and 20% go-under within just the first twelve months of operation. Nail salons rarely bring huge profit margins, at least not instantly. Their profitability depends majorly on the efficiency of their employees and the harsh truth is many clients arent willing to pay what nail salons need to charge in order to be profitable. Like any business in the beauty industry, they are strongly affected by economic downturns and currently, they have to compete with the rise of DIY culture that delivers everyday people a chance to get a service done at low cost.

Does it mean you shouldnt open your own nail business? No! If you have confidence in your business concept and are in a position to take the risk, its most definitely worth taking into consideration. However, you have to be conscious of the risk and dont make the decision hastily. You should also focus more on the issue of how to build a nail business that delivers value customers are actually willing to pay for.

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First Things First Insurance

Cover your nail tech business with insurance cover! If youre running a salon from a Patch, then its best to be insured.

We recommended getting public liability insurance, as it will protect you from accidents that may occur during your sessions. Property insurance will similarly protect your salon against damages. If you ever accrue employees, then employers liability insurance is another legal requirement.

Invest In The Necessary Equipment

Your main expenses will be manicure desks and/or pedicure chairs, but thats not all. Weve already created a list of nail furniture and equipment needed if you are to start a nail business, so make sure to check it out. If you are to start a mobile nail business instead of a salon, the list is also relevant – there is a section dedicated to mobile nail techs as well.

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Bring In More Business With Your Nail Salon Website

Your website is the first impression that potential customers have of your business. Utilize its features to grow trust with your target audience and establish your business as a trusted authority so that you can scale your business.

A website builder offers pre-made, customizable templates that allow you to update your features and content when and how you want. Constant Contacts Website Builder makes it easy to create a website that looks professional and is simple to maintain. Templates are a great start and allow you to add personal touches that reflect your nail salon so that potential customers say, This is the salon for me!

To make your website work for you, follow these guidelines as you build your nail salon website.

Decide Whether To Buy A Franchise Or Start From Scratch

30 Butterfly Nails Art Provide The Nails A Fantastic Appearance

Buying into a franchise in the Nail Salons industry is far more profitable or rather advisable than starting from the scratch. A franchisee buys more than the right to use a Business Name: She buys the benefits of the franchisors experience and the businesss formula for success.

Some people choose to buy a franchise because they have a good business background but no experience in a particular industry. Others know an industry well, but dont have a background in business. Still others have both and just want the experience and support a franchise offers.

6. Know the Possible Threats and Challenges You Will Face

Fear of failure may be preventing you from opening your own salon, but you can take heart in the fact that every successful salon owner has made her share of mistakes along the road to the top. Possible challenges may include

7. Choose the Most Suitable Legal Entity

choosing a legal entity for your nail salon is one of the major decisions youve to make when starting and your decision depends on your individual situation and tolerance for risk. It is possible to run a successful nail salon using any of the available business entity types.

If you want to choose between a sole proprietorship and a Limited Liability Company, however, the final decision should be made by considering the key differences that distinguish the two entity types.

8. Choose a Catchy Business Name from the ideas Below

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Obtain Licenses And Permits

Home-based salons are allowed in most states, but beware of any regulations and restrictions before getting started. For example, you may be required to have a separate bathroom and a separate entrance for clients. Some states dont allow in-home nail businesses to hire employees other than family members. You might also need special parking permits. Call your state board of cosmetology to find out what laws apply in your city.

Nail technicians are required to obtain licenses. Depending on local laws, you can either complete a course by participating in a nail technician apprenticeship or through a nail technology program. These courses teach you about personal hygiene, nail care products, tools, sanitation, sterilization and other key aspects of the work. You can specialize in specific services, such as nail extensions, sculpting procedures and hand massage techniques.

How Do You Price Your Nails

When pricing your nail sets, remember that the customer is not only paying for the cost of materials but your unique designs and personalization as well.

Depending on the quality and design, press on nails can be anywhere from $20 to $50. However, these nails aren’t personalized to the customer and don’t have your artistic touch to them.

It’s always a good idea to see if anyone if your area is already doing press on nails and make your prices competitive. You’ll also want to pay attention to your indirect competition as well. If someone were to go to the local nail salon to get press on nails, what would it cost? Do you think you can provide a better value for less cost?

If so, you’re well on your way to growing your business!

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How To Establish Your Business Legally

You also need to check how to establish your business legally and the requirements for running a nail salon business from home. At the beginning, you may be doing everything yourself, in which case your business would be classified as a sole proprietorship.

A sole trader business license may have regulations for working from home, or specific health and safety requirements. As a nail salon owner, you will also probably need business insurance, particularly if you have clients visiting a salon in your home. Getting insured can protect both you and your business.

Property insurance can protect your home against damage, and public liability insurance will cover any accidents that occur during your procedures, or if a client experiences an allergic reaction. Employers liability insurance isnt necessary unless you bring on additional employees.

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Pick A Space And Set It Up


Back to the fun stuff! Choose the right location for your budget, while considering ease of access and how many people might walk past your space regularly. Itâs also worth noting if there are many other nail salons in the area.

Create a great ambience in your salon by choosing the right equipment, lighting, and furniture. Then connect with reputable brands and products to use and sell in the salon. The look of your salon should reflect your niche and personality.

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From Working Hours To Location When You Want To Start A Nail Tech Business There Are Lots Of Factors You Need To Consider One Of The Essential Steps To Success Is Building A Professional Kit So You Can Give High

If you want to start a nail tech business from scratch, then you need to get the basics laid down in your kit. Once you have the initial products, you can begin building out your kit with extra colours, brushes and accessories.

Weve compiled a list of all the essentials that you need to get started!

How To Choose Your Target Market

Your target market is essentially the kind of customers that you want to attract to your nail salon. This depends on your vision for the salon, location, pricing strategy, and marketing techniques.

How to understand your vision? As yourself questions like:

  • How do you want your salon to look and feel?
  • Who are your ideal customers? Do they belong to a high-class, a middle-class, or a lower economic class bracket?
  • What kind of experience do you want them to have?

Questions like these can help you understand your vision.

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How To Get Clients As A Mobile Nail Technician

As mentioned before, make sure that your pricing is consistent with the industry. Do not overprice your treatments as you will deter both potential and existing customers from your business.

We recommend starting with lower pricing to entice customers and stand out from your competition, and then slowly raising your prices as your business grows. It is normal to charge more for experience and skill, which will come in time as you grow your brand.

Your business model should not solely be based on word of mouth, social media is one of the biggest ways to promote your brand, currently. Invest time into finding which platform works for you and showcase your skills using the internet as your own work portfolio.

Not only should you use your own personal accounts to promote yourself, but join groups and pages with similar businesses that compliment your own and help each other out. Not all competition is bad. You can learn from each other and gain helpful tips and advice.

Make sure that your branding is clear and easily recognisable. Keep your brand consistent across all marketing avenues, use the same font and colours so that your audience will immediately recognise it and think of your brand.

You can even advertise your brand using your own vehicle or on letterheads. Create business cards and flyers to hand out to everyone you meet. Post your flyer on a local bulletin board.

Good luck!

Starting A Nail Salon

ABC Nails

There are all kinds of nail salons: the trendy nail art types, the nail + spa ritsy kind, and of course the minimalistic I just need a beautiful mani/pedi type that we all love. Before we talk about the type of nail salon that you should consider, read the 31 FAQs of starting a business including:

  • How much money do I need to get started?
  • Is this business right for me?
  • How should I hire qualified employees?

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The Difficult Parts Of Starting A Nail Business

If only owning a nail business was as fun as creating art on peoples nails! However, the truth is that it takes a lot more work than that, and not all of it is fun or easy.

But by going in with the right information and the right approach to tackling the tough parts of starting a nail business, your chances of success are much higher.

Here is one of the tough things youll run into with starting your nail business: developing a business plan.

Just the word plan may make many people want to run and hide. But a business plan is arguably the most important part of any business, including your nail business.

A business plan serves as the foundation upon which you build your business. It outlines all the goals and expectations of your business so you have a roadmap of where to go and what to change if things dont seem to be going the way you planned.

Below are the most important things to include in your business plan.


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