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Madam Glam Nail Polish Remover

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Madam Glam GEL POLISH REMOVER?! – femketjeNL

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Madam Glam Gel Polish Remover

Soak off gel removal at home can be quite a pain. Normally you have to file the surface and have all your 10 fingertips wrapped up in cotton balls and aluminum foil. For 10 minutes you cannot do anything except for staying still. The revolution came when Madam Glam Gel Polish Remover appeared. It made Life so much simpler. All you have to do is to first file the gel surface lightly. Then brush over a layer of Madam Glam and watch the gel crack in the next 10 minutes. You simply peel off all the gel. The best thing is: you can freely do whatever you want, such as your usual chores, typing or playing on the phone!

Kind Salmon Madam Glam Vegan Gel Polish Review

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A lot of you guys have been requesting for recommendations for cruelty-free and vegan gel polishes and admittedly, its been a struggle trying to find some that ship to Canada. But thankfully, Madam Glam vegan gel polishes ship to every country so I was able to get my hands on some to review and share my experience with you all!

This week, for Vegan Mani Monday, Im trying out a summery coral pink gel color from Madam Glam called Kind Salmon.

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Kind Salmon Madam Glam

Gel Polish Remover

Color: Kind Salmon by Madam Glam is a light coral pink salmon creme color.

Price: $19.95 or $9.95 for VIP members

Formula: I found the gel formula of Kind Salmon to be much thicker than the other gel color Ive tried from Madam Glam, Floris. It takes some practice with getting used to the thicker formula and knowing how much of the polish to apply on your nails. At first, I had troubles with trying to get the right amount of polish on the brush where if I get too much product, it starts to pool resulting to an inconsistent application, and if I get too little product on the brush, the coat is too sheer and thin.

It took my second application to finally get used to it but in the end, the result was absolutely gorgeous! I just love the light coral pink color on my nails and the overall look of this gel manicure!!

Wear Test: Its been 8 days since Ive applied Kind Salmon Gel Color by Madam Glam on my nails and its still going strong! No signs of chipping whatsoever, Ill update this post upon removal of the gel color.

Update: Two of my nails chipped on Day 11 of wearing Kind Salmon Gel Color. The gel color seemed to be holding up fine but because my nails chipped, a piece of the gel color came off with it and thats when it started to lift and peel.

Madam Glams Vegan Soak-Off Gel Polish is a 3 step process to ensuring your manicure last 2-3 weeks, in which, it requires a gel base coat, gel nail polish color, and gel top coat.

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