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Medical Pedicure Salt Lake City

Want Healthy Beautiful Feet

Welcome to VA Salt Lake City Health Care System

A medical pedicure is an answer youre looking for.

You may not get the typical nail polish thingy, but youll surely be rocking healthy and gorgeous feet and nails when youre done.

Toenails get cut short and filed to the ideal shape. The feet will also be sterilized. Everything will look and feel good.

Got serious foot problems?

These medical technicians and highly trained doctors are the people you need. They will take care of you.

With these imperfections and issues gone, youll feel like youre walking on a new pair of feet. Youll feel lighter like youre walking on clouds.

Your Feet And Nails Will Look And Feel Good

Also, just because youre with the doctor doesnt mean your nails and feet wont look good.

A medicated pedicure treatment can also include a change in nail polish and callous removal, among other things.

So if you want to make your nails look pretty and your feet immaculately soft and supple, you should give medical pedicure a try.

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What Is A Medical Pedicure All About

Sugarhouse Nail Co

A Medical pedicure is a therapy or treatment for:

Medical Pedicure, in general, entails checking between toes for corns and calluses, along with cracked skin. If people intend to undergo regular therapy for removal of accumulated skin then in that case scalpels and drills are typically used so that the feet are back to being smooth as silk which is unlike a traditional therapy which takes a relatively long time. After Medical Pedicure patients have reportedly felt a lot lighter.

Salon treatments and DIY are recommended including chemical peel as an alternative feet therapy for treatment of the accumulation of skin. Recently, cases of toenail fungus and nail infections were traced back to nail salons.

Instruments and equipment are cleaned, sanitized, sterilized and then used to avoid any type of infection.

Medical Pedicure may be dry or wet and they are as follows:

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First A Medical Pedicure Is Noninvasive

Think of it as podiatry with a mix of nail care.

There are no incisions, no cuts, no surgery.

Medicated pedicure involves taking out the unspeakable dirt stuck in your toenails as well as treat your feet, removing corns, calluses, and dead skin cells.

As such, only highly skilled foot care specialists can perform this dry procedure. So its safe and hygienic.

New Patients Are Always Welcome

Our Salt Lake City location is shared with the Highland Family Practice in a 4-story building known as Highland Springs Specialty Clinic, on the west side of Highland Drive. Parking is in the back, and of course, we have an elevator!

4460 South Highland Dr. Suite 400

Salt Lake City, UT 84124

Phone: 396-9743

Monday: 7:30 AM 5:00 PM

Tuesday: 7:30 AM 5:00 PM

Wednesday: 7:30 AM 5:00 PM

Thursday: 7:30 AM 5:00 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM 3:00 PM

Saturday: Closed

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Where Can I Get A Medical Pedicure Near Me

The health and appearance of your feet and nails may seem frivolous to some.

But if you or your loved ones are experiencing health issues or certain symptoms that will only get magnified with your foot woes, this specialized treatment is just right.

When you need highly specialized foot and nail care, you might want to consider getting a medical pedicure.

Who is a medical pedicure for?

A medical pedicure is highly recommended for the elderly, diabetics, or people who cant risk their overall health due to a foot or toenail problem.

Youre probably wondering, How do I find a medical pedicure ?

The best answer to that question is to consult your doctor for his or her recommendations.

Medical pedicure providers arent exactly like your usual mani and pedi salons. These are specially trained to handle medical issues concerning the feet.

So seek your doctors recommendation as to where to go to get a medicated pedicure.

How Do I Know If I Have An Ingrown Toenail

Utah Veterans Receive COVID-19 Vaccine At Salt Lake VA Hospital

When you have an ingrown toenail, the nail often looks like its growing into the surrounding skin. They also appear hard and swollen. Other common signs of an ingrown toenail include:

  • Pain when walking

Without proper treatment, an ingrown toenail may continue growing into your skin, leading to constant pain and even infection. Over time, the surrounding skin can start to grow over the ingrown toenail.

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What Is A Medical Pedicure & Where And I Find One

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Are you thinking, Why should I try a medical pedicure ?

If youre like me, I love to get a mani and pedi special from a nearby salon. Not just the regular ones but the special kind the one that gets into the tight spots in and around my nails, giving it thorough attention and care.


But the reality is not all establishments cater to this kind of comprehensive care for my nails. It is the type of care that focuses not only on appearance but also on the overall health of my nails.

If this is the type of nail care youre looking for, then what you need is some medical-grade TLC for your nails.

Easton Oliverson Heading Home To Salt Lake City

From Staff Reports

Easton Oliverson, the 12-year-old Little League player severely injured in a fall from a bunk bed, was taken by an ambulance to an airport Tuesday to fly back home to Utah on a medical jet, Dr. Oded Goren, a Geisinger neurosurgeon, told

Goren expects that Easton will spend about a week in an in-patient facility in Salt Lake City, according to PennLive.

Thank you for all of your prayers, Easton said in a social media post, according to CNN. Please keep praying for me as I continue to get better I know the prayers and blessings have worked, and that heavenly Father is blessing me.

After the fall at the Little League World Series complex in South Williamsport, Easton was transported by medical helicopter to Geisingers Janet Weis Childrens Hospital in Danville, where he had surgeries.

He went through pretty traumatic surgery to get to where hes at, but the doctors are all really positive, Oliversons uncle, Spencer Beck, said, according to the Salt Lake Tribune and People magazine.

The outfielder from Snow Canyon Little League in Utah, which represented the Mountain Region in the 2022 Little League World Series, had many well-known athletes wishing him a speedy recovery.

Mookie Betts of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell and the BYU football team all reached out to Easton, according to KSL Radio in Salt Lake City and People magazine.

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What Is An Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail, or onychocryptosis, is a toenail that grows irregularly, typically due to cutting the toenails too short or wearing shoes that are too small. They can also be caused by poor foot structure, injury, a fungal infection, or genetics.

While ingrown toenails are a common ailment, they can be extremely painful when left untreated, making it difficult to walk or move around comfortably.

What Is A Medical Pedicure

Medical Spa Vs. Traditional Spa

Got dirty toenails?

Normally, getting a pedicure is the ideal solution to get rid of the dirt stuck under your nails.

But if you want more than just the cookie-cutter procedure, then you might want to consider getting a medical pedicure.

Whats that, you might ask?

Well, this type of foot care is a cosmetic treatment, focusing not just on your toenails but on your feet as a whole.

Yes, pedicures are done for cosmetic reasons. But with a medicated pedicure, you get more than that. This special procedure also caters to your therapeutic and medical requirements for your feet.

A medicated pedicure doesnt just look into making your nails look pretty.

It also helps prevent nail diseases and other related health issues.

In addition to working your toenails, this special procedure also involves rubbing off the dead skin cells, especially the ones off the bottom of your feet.

And after the granular exfoliation process, there will be foot moisturizing and massage.

Wouldnt you want that?

As part of the therapeutic and medical-grade attention to your feet, this special type of pedicure will also focus on softening the hard skin surfaces and shaping your toenails.

Imagine getting polish, exfoliation, and massage in one sitting.

If theres foot heaven, this wonderful and rewarding experience is the closest one that you can get.

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Pamper Yourself With A Caring And Soothing Experience

Yes, its done in the doctors office, but it can still feel like a spa and salon experience.

Whats more, your health isnt compromised when you opt for a medicated pedicure. You know the tools and equipment used are sterilized.

With a hygienic environment, you can rest easy and enjoy peace of mind that youre OK and well cared for.

Third Privacy And Sanitation Are Guaranteed

Youre probably thinking, Whats great about getting a medical pedicure?

Aside from the medical focus, wouldnt that be no different than a regular one?

Actually, its not.

A medical pedicure procedure is usually performed in a private setting. This is to promote relaxation, giving the person whose nails and feet are done a safe and secure feeling.

Standards are also followed when performing the medical-grade foot and nail care. Accordingly, each salon needs to comply and meet the highest standards, particularly in sanitation.

For this reason, these establishments should maintain a clean environment to prevent the spread of germs, risking infection and other health issues.

This is in compliance with the regulations enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration .

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Getting A Medicated Pedicure Is A More Hygienic Option

Offering manicure and pedicure services is potentially good business. The more patrons it has, the bigger the income. But as a volume-based enterprise, these businesses need faster customer turnover rates to generate more income.

However, the downside to this business framework is that the salon staff tends to pay less attention to their instruments and utensils when they have to attend to more people.

As more customers come into their doors, sterility is often neglected.

This is why a lot of foot-related problems are present in these establishments. Foot fungi like tinea pedis and onychomycosis are just some of these health-related issues.

You wont find these problems when you seek a medicated pedicure procedure at an OSHA-compliant practice.

At these medical-grade establishments, you can find highly sterilized tools and equipment to ensure that you wont get exposed to bacteria contamination. As a result, there is less risk of infection to your feet, skin, and nails.

Instruments are sanitized in these OSHA-compliant establishments. If not sanitized, these instruments are immediately disposed of after use.

Happy Feet Are Healthy Feet

Salt Lake VA Hospital Gets Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

May 24, 2016 1:00 AM

Office of Public Affairs

With summer nearly upon us, you’re probably getting ready to break out your sandals and flip flops. And that usually means you’re scheduling a pedicure to get your feet polished, pretty, and ready to show off. But before you schedule your trip to the nail salon, here are a few safety tips that will help you get a healthy and gorgeous pedicure.

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Welcome To Lucienne Salon & Medical Spa

Our mission at Lucienne is to make a positive difference in peoples lives and to gracefully inspire change. To do this, we create a safe space for a team, who all share the same passion in expressing their individuality with love and serving others with love. This in turn, creates a safe space for those who enter and are welcomed with that same love.

Expert Skin Consultations And Brand

Our loyal customers deserve the best, so we keep on top of the latest therapeutic prescription treatments and brand-name products that you can only get at elite medical spas. For minimal disruption to your skin but maximum effectiveness for spot and scar removal, we encourage top clients to consider the eMatrix Complete Sublative Rejuvenation system. This high-tech treatment uses radio frequency waves to help your skin heal and get rid of even the most stubborn marks. We also offer time-tested Botox and Dysport treatments for clients 18 and up whether they need short-term relief from wrinkle lines or extensive help for deep creases and severe lines. With an eye for your unique looks, our trained specialists complete these injection treatments with minimal pain and natural-looking results.

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Board Certified Foot And Ankle Surgeons Located In Salt Lake City Ut

Ingrown toenails may seem like a small problem, but left untreated, they can become sore, red, and painful. At Dan Preece, DPM & Darren Groberg, DPM, a branch of Utah Musculoskeletal Specialists, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the team of expert podiatrists can diagnose and treat ingrown toenails before they become infected. To schedule an appointment with the team, call the office or book a visit online today.

Salt Lake City Manicure

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Da-Vi Nails Salon & Spa LLC is a local Salt Lake City Manicure area business. Feel free to fill out our contact form here at the bottom of our profile on so we can reach out to you!

If you need Manicure services, then call us now at 596-1180. We are always happy to provide you with quality Salt Lake City Manicure and excellent customer service.

Inquire about Salt Lake City Manicure and call Da-Vi Nails Salon & Spa LLC today!

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If You Have Poor Circulation Only Get A Medical Pedicure

Do you have diabetes or suffer from poor blood circulation in your feet?

Its not a good idea to have an untrained person to handle your delicate feet. Your best recourse is to consult your doctor so he or she can advise a customized medical pedicure for you.

I suggest you schedule a pedicure first thing in the morning. There will be fewer people in the place. Plus, the foot baths and utensils are typically at its cleanest state since youre the first one to use it for the day.

Or you can bring your own utensils.

Although you wont have this problem when you go for a medical pedicure since the equipment and utensils are completely sterilized and the environment hygienic.

Why We Need Foot Doctors

Podiatrists are vital members of our medical provider community, yet some people are unaware of the many specialized treatments they offer — and just how invaluable an office visit can prove to be. Foot doctors can provide expeditious pain relief, solid diagnostics, conservative treatments , splinting, surgical procedures, and preventative measures to strengthen and expand your mobility.

We choose our shoes for the way they look, and wonder why stubbing a toe is so painful. We watch athletes stretching before they hike or jog, but dont understand the purpose behind the practice. Lets face it, our feet may as well be foreign objects for as much as we know about them.

If you love hiking, trail running, biking, snowshoeing, and skiing, you know that Salt Lake City, Utah has it all . Maintaining the proper physical fitness — essential to participating in sports of all types — is best accomplished by staying informed and practicing intentional care.

Dr. Elizabeth E. Auger has seen and treated hundreds of cases in over two decades of SLC podiatry practice. She has devoted her medical training and research to developing personalized treatment protocols for the various injuries which athletes endure.

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A World Of Rejuvenating Spa Treatments In Salt Lake City

At Rejuvenate Medical Spa, our goal is to help you invigorate your skin and add a youthful glow to your appearance. There are many elements in our environment which cause harm to your skin, including chemicals, pollutants, dry climate, and many others. Likewise, there are many things you can do to prevent these harmful elements from damaging your skin.

We have the knowledge and skill to restore your skin to a healthier condition and teach you the best ways to maintain healthy, youthful skin as you age!

Call us at 272-4178 to schedule an appointment today!

Salt Lake City Podiatrist Dr Elizabeth E Auger

Navy medics help Utah hospital staff amid omicron

As an enthusiastic athlete and holistic Doctor of Podiatric Medicine , Elizabeth E. Auger first arrived in Salt Lake City in 1996. After completing three years of medical residency in intensive foot surgery and wound care, she chose to make SLC her permanent home in 1999.

For Dr. Auger, Salt Lake City is the perfect place to be a part of the great outdoors while providing fellow athletes, infants, and seniors with the same-day appointments they desire and deserve. Having established three podiatry clinics — in Sandy, West Jordan, and Millcreek — she is able to meet the foot care needs of the entire SLC region.

Whether you are afflicted with ingrown toenails, rheumatoid arthritis, Achilles tendonitis, fallen arches, hammertoe, Mortons neuroma, plantar fasciitis, diabetic ulcers, bunions, fungal nail, metatarsalgia, onychomycosis, tarsal tunnel or toe deformities — Dr. Elizabeth E. Auger has the extensive training, experience, and compassion to get you moving again!

You can expect results from day #1. Dr. Elizabeth Augers SLC Podiatry clinics will determine the type of treatment your condition demands.

  • Your exam will be thorough and the answers to your questions will be truthful and clear.
  • Your pain and discomfort are not something you have to endure day after day.

Everything you need and more than you expect is what makes Dr. Elizabeth E. Auger #1 in Salt Lake City podiatry!

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