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Nail Salon In Salt Lake City

Meet Our Experienced Cosmetologists

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Our technicians have over 20 years of experience in the nail salon industry. As detail-oriented nail technicians and beauty specialists, well listen attentively to your desires and bring your nail vision to life. Youll get high-quality results every time, whether you’re getting a fresh eyebrow wax or beautiful eyelash extensions.

We Are Sugar Pop Nails

We like our money where we can see it on our nails and in our closets! Whether youre dressed to the nines or keeping it casual nails are the perfect accessory to any outfit!

Ready to dazzle everyone with a poppin new manicure?

Were Salt Lake Citys trendiest nail salon, and no one knows nails like we do! We provide manicures, Gel-X extensions, shellac and gel nails, and pedicures! We also have services suitable for children as well!What sets us apart from other salons is our focus on artistry! Any nail tech can do a basic coat of paint, add extensions, and shape your nails, but not everyone can make each nail a work of art!

Top Coat Nail Bar Review: Nail Artist Mackenzie

Ok, I have to give major props to my nail artist, Mackenzie. She was super fun to chat with and she knew her stuff!

Heres what Mackenzie did to make my afternoon stellar:

  • Mackenzie swatched multiple nail colors, so I could decide which one was my fave
  • Mackenzie was really great about getting my nail shape and length to what I wanted. She didnt just check once, she asked my thoughts throughout the process. She even went so far as to ask me, Are you going to be able to type with this length?

I will def be booking with Mackenzie again!

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Nail Salon In Salt Lake City Ut

Pampering your body from head to toe is a great way to give yourself the the ultimate relaxation treatment. This is why our nail salon offers a wide variety of indulging services for our clients.

Beautiful nail design is an essential part of looking and feeling good. We provide a variety of nail styles, from traditional manicures and pedicures to acrylics and gel nails. Our relaxing pedicures include a hot stone massage for every customer. Our salon is very sanitized and we use strict sanitation methods. We strive to give our customers the best service possible. Our salon is very clean and our tools and practices ensure that our clients will have peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness. We value every customer fully and will go above and beyond to make their experience here the best.

  • We use pedicure bowl liners
  • Our tools & implements are disinfected & put into pouches before use
  • Excellent Customer Service

Top Coat Nail Bar Review

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Hello, hi, and welcome! Today, Im mixing up the content a bit, and Im sharing a review of Top Coat Nail Bar in Salt Lake City, Utah! I have been looking for a rad nail salon in Salt Lake City for a while, and I was stoked when my friend, E, recommended Top Coat Nail Bar!

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Top Coat Nail Bar Review: Cleanliness & Sanitation Of Space

Ok, when trying out a new nail salon it can be a bit worrying. In fact, the whole reason Ive been looking for a new nail salon is because I went to a salon in West Jordan, Utah, and had a bad experience.

SOOOOO, I was a bit worried and I was super impressed with the sanitation system put in place.


  • The front desk staff sanitized the workstation, chairs and other items in between customers
  • My nail artist, Mackenzie, was very conscientious of hygiene, and she also shared that the nail salon has its own machine to sanitize tools.

Now, of course, you should keep an eye out whenever you to a nail salon but overall, I was super impressed and felt very taken care of.

Top Coat Nail Bar Review: Nail Artist Nail Durability

Now for the not-so-fun part. I tried a new type of nail set, called Gel Extensions.

I had a blast seeing Mackenzie build up the nails , and it was a fun process. Loved all the techy tools and gadgets.

Buuuut, the nail set didnt last. A week after I got my nails done, I went on a trip to Boston, and I hung out one night with my friend in a hot tub.

And my gel nails *fell off* while in the water.

Like fully just fell off. No picking from me, nothing!

After 3 nails came off, I just took off all of my nails . I had that set done so I could have fun nails for my trip, and they didnt make it past Day #1.

MANICURE FAIL Letting my faves know I had loads of fun getting a gel extension manicure a couple of weeks ago. Took loads of pictures for a blog post Nails *fell off* on day 8, after going into a hot tub. I think the chlorine killed them

C-Suite Professional Branding

Top Coat Nail Bar does share that their products are vegan ++ more natural, so this may be something that happens with this kind or product. It also could be that one shouldnt take gel nails into a hot tub, as the chlorine may have an impact?

Im not sharing this to bash Top Coat Nail Bar, as I really loved my appointment! But I do want to let folks know what happened, in case youre getting your nails done for a fun vacation with lots of pool time! I think the issue here was lack of customer education , so thats good to know!

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Top Coat Nail Bar Review: Lgbtq+ Friendliness

Salt Lake City has one of the highest number of LGBTQ+ residents in the USA, buuut it can be hard to find businesses that are explicitly welcoming. It can also be a struggle for my Trans and gender diverse besties, who might get a good amount of side-eye if they walked into any nail salon in Northern Utah.

Top Coat Nail Bar had staff that are members of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a Pride flag hanging in their window. i cant speak to the LGBTQ+ friendliness of their clientele , but Id feel comfortable recommending the salon to queer folks.

[Idk how the salon does on pronouns // asking for pronouns, so heads up there!

What Sets Us Apart

Getting My NAILS Done at the BEST RATED Nail Salon in Our CITY!

What sets us apart from other salons is our focus on artistry! Any nail tech can do a basic coat of paint, add extensions, and shape your nails, but not everyone can make each nail a work of art!

All Sugar Pop Nails technicians are up to date on the hottest nail trends and are creative artists who will bring your vision to life! Check out our artists work on our official page!

Like what you see? Schedule an appointment with one of our artists today!

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Shauna Lake: Nail Garden

2420 E. Fort Union Blvd, Cottonwood Heights

Yen does the best job. Im currently obsessed with the clear dip with geloverly in OPIs Copper Meets Rose Gold.

3369 S. Highland Dr., Millcreek or875 East 700 South, SLC

They have so many talented people, usually can get in the same day, and they use sterilized tools. My favorite polish right now is Tell Me About It, Stud by OPIs Grease Collection. Im a Grease nerd.

Top Coat Nail Bar Review: Location And Parking

Ok, SO! Top Coat Nail Bar is located in Sugarhouse, Utah, a neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah. The business is housed in a large remodeled family home, with a fun local business type of vibe.

When I was headed over for my appointment, I had a moment of panic, thinking, Oh my god, what if there isnt any parking?!

Luckily, Top Coat Nail Bar has a parking lot behind their building, with about 4-5 spots.

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Best Nail Salon In Salt Lake City Utah: Sugarhouse Nail Co

We are Salt Lake City’s nail salon. Located in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City. We are a full service nail salon. Our services include manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, gel nails, SNS dipping powder system, and waxing. All of our pedicures include a hot stone massage to help relax your tired and aching muscles.

We are experienced licensed nail techinicians, and we use top quality products to cater to your needs. Our atmosphere is very fun and relaxing. We take walk-ins as well as appointments. So the next time you ask yourself which nail shops near me, think about Sugarhouse Nail Co. Come in and check us out and see why we are th best nail salon in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The quality of our work speaks for itself. Check out our photos, and be sure to follow us on our social media pages. Also, if you have a group event or wedding party, prom party, work party, we can accomodate to your occasion.

Nails salons in Salt Lake City

Best nail services in Salt lake City utah

Manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, gel, shellac salt lake city

Care For Hands & Feet

Don’t neglect your hands or feet.

We will trim your finger/toe nails, cut your cuticles, and massage your tired hands/feet. Need your calluses scraped off? We can do that too. Then we will paint your hand/toes any color that you choose. Either regular polish or gel polish.

Special Packages

Top Coat Nail Bar Reviews

Four Seasons Nail Salon

This was my first visit, but so far so good! Very nice people that are easy to talk to. Beautiful nails! And very relaxing. This is the perfect place to go if you are either an experienced mani-pedi gal looking for the newest and best products and service OR if you are new to the ‘self-care’ world and need a bit of coaching and guidence on what will work best for you. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

I really enjoyed my experience end to end. It was my first time receiving a dry pedicure which was really cool. They had me in this zero gravity chair that was weird at first, but I enjoyed it in the end as well. My nail tech was super sweet, her name was Jessica M. I enjoy meeting new people and I loved that she made me feel at home. I’m bummed that I’m moving out of state, but I’ll be enjoying her while I can!

Cutest little place! Had a pedicure and really enjoyed their zero gravity chairs. The technician I had was awesome! She did a great job and was super personable and sweet. I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking for a nice mani/pedi.

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Top Coat Nail Bar Review: Accessibility

While I dont use a mobility aid or have other needs, its important to me to include this information in a review! I dont think this will be complete info, so please drop me a line if Ive missed something!

The space features:

  • A ramp from the parking lot that goes up to the front door
  • Accommodating staff

Because the business is in a remodeled family home, there will likely be issues for folks who use a wheelchair or walker, specifically in being able to turn around.

If I were planning for a visit to Top Coat Nail Bar, I would call ahead and request a station closest to the entrance, to make things easier. I would also let them know if a chair needs to be moved.

Additionally, I dont recall a handrail in the bathroom.

Sugarhouse Nail Co Reviews

My experience here was amazing! My nails were done by Thy and she did an incredible job. They look so cute! The only issue was the wait. I had an appointment and definitely waited a while, but it was absolutely worth it. The nail tech was very nice and very good at understanding exactly what I wanted. My grandmother got a pedicure at the same time and had a wonderful experience as well and her toes came out beautiful. I will definitely be coming back!

Short wait for a walk in, very friendly staff, and my nails look SO good. This company is very friendly and helpful.Nail tech was very professional and asked for my feedback every step of the way to make sure it was what I wanted. Will definitely be coming here again!! I Highly recommend!!

Fast service. They have a ton of nail and pedicure stations. Friendly enough staff. They have hot stones available for the pedicures which is definitely an upgrade to a standard leg massage. Full set of nails is around $50, then usually about $10 more for a design on average. All in all they did a good job on both myself and my daughter.

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Since 2014

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Four Seasons Nail Salon Reviews

I love Four Seasons!! They are all so kind, and so talented that i dont even have one go-to technician. Every time I walk in, i am able to trust that whoever does my nails will do a tremendous job. I have been going here for a year now, and have never been disappointed or let down. Its always clean and relaxing in there as well. Overall a great place that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable and reliable nail salon that has a great vibe.

Definitely my new nail salon! As a male, some salons skimp on service and you dont get a total value. Here, they make sure your well taken care of and do a fabulous job! I got a pedi and the polish lasted until my next pedi 8 weeks later and never cracked or chipped!

So happy with my nails! Called 30 minutes before coming in and they got me in as soon as I arrived. My nail tech was shy, but very sweet and accommodating. These nails are absolutely stunning and cost $45. Would book again!

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Since 2015


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