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Nail Salons In My Area

Why Go To A Top Salon Rather Than A Regular Salon

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The majority of people typically base their decisions primarily on price. If youre seeking a decent mani/pedi and dont want to spend too much money, you might want to try a local nail salon.

On the other hand, if money is not an issue and youre seeking something exceptional, a high-end salon can be a better fit for your needs. The professional salons usually offer a more luxurious atmosphere and utilize better-quality products. They also have more experienced workers who can give you a higher-quality service.

When Pedicures Go Bad

If pedicure tools arentsterilized properly, you can get skin and nail infections, which may show upimmediately or later even months later. These include:

  • Bacterial infections. If your toenail or the area around the nail appears red, hot or swollen a few days after your pedicure, you may have a bacterial skin or nail infection. Treatment can include antibiotics and possibly an incision to drain the area.
  • Fungal infections. Your nail turning yellow and beginning to lift off is a sign of a nail fungus, one of the most common results of a rogue pedicure. Fungal infections may not appear for months. Oral and topical treatments can resolve these infections.
  • Viral infections. These come in the form of plantar warts, the most common viral infection of the foot, and may not show up for months after the pedicure. You can pick these up in the salon or spa or neighborhood pool. Dark spots and a callus-like covering are common with plantar warts. Treatment for these include medicine that applied to the skin.

If you notice signs of any of these infections, see yourdoctor for treatment ASAP.

Just Use Our Interactive Map Below That Automatically Finds All The Nail Salons Nearest To You

Weve made finding a local tanning salon simple. The map above is all you need and it inserts all the results for you. You dont even have to search, just tap on the markers above!

Make sure you have your GPS turned on if youre using a mobile device. To see how to turn on your GPS, if you have an iPhone and if you have an Android device.

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Good Nail Salon In My Area Should Be Clean

Salons often use the same equipment for every client since it is not economically wise to use new tools for every customer. But you must ensure that the equipment is disinfected before using them on you. Also, be sure that all disposables are gotten rid of.

Check out the environment of the nail places near you. If the nearest nail salon location is not healthy, you have no business in the salon. You came for an enjoyable experience and not to get infections.

How You Can Find The Best Nail Salons In Your Area

The 25+ best Nail salon decor ideas on Pinterest

Discussing with friends and family is positive when you are about to find nail salons in your area. You should have to get their point of view about the services offered by nail salons and which of them to choose to get better results. Also, check the google reviews about the salon and what other people experience after visiting it.

This will give you a clearer picture to choose the Good Nail Salon in your area. You can also call them and check their customer service and what kind of help and services they are offering you.

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What Are The Services Offered By Nail Salons Near Me

Nail salons offer a wide range of services, from basic manicures and pedicures to more specialized treatments like acrylic nails or gel nails.

Typically, many local nail salons provide the following services to their clients:

  • Acrylic and UV gel sculpted extensions
  • Acrylic extensions and overlays
  • UV gel overlays and extensions

What Is The Nail Salon Prices Near Me

Manicure and pedicure services are typically provided in nail salons as part of packages and separately. In general, pedicures take longer to complete and cost more than manicures.

Local nail salons often charge between $10 and $25 for a basic manicure. Deluxe manicures can cost more than $25. A basic manicure costs $75 to $90 at a premium or luxury nail salon, and a deluxe manicure costs $90 to $135.

Additionally, regular pedicures range from $15 to $25. The average cost of a deluxe pedicure is around $25.

For acrylic nails, the average price is $25-$35 however, it can be significantly higher for larger nail salons or spas.

Additional Costs:

  • Specialty designs

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Just Use Our Interactive Map Below That Automatically Finds All The Pedicure Salons Nearest To You

Weve made finding a local pedicure simple. The map above is all you need and it inserts all the results for you. You dont even have to search, just tap on the markers above!

Make sure you have your GPS turned on if youre using a mobile device. To see how to turn on your GPS, if you have an iPhone and if you have an Android device.

Do Friends Recommend A Nearby Nail Salon

Getting $20 LASHES at the WORST reviewed NAIL SALON in my AREA!! **1 STAR**

Reviews are a sure bet to know the best nail salon in your area. If you admire the new nails of that colleague at work, you should ask them where they got them done. You can even ask family and friends for a nail salon location near you. Likewise, a couple of reliable review sites can guide your choice.

However, if you get to the nearest nail salon location and it doesnt meet your expectations, dont force it. Let your thought be, There are other nail salons open near me.

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Nail Salons Open Near Me

Sometimes business hours can be frustrating when looking for Nail Salons Open Near Me!. By clicking on the Nail Salon Locations Near Me red markers above, you will get the Nail Salon hours as well as days of the week that they are open. You will also other other business information such as the nail salon address, website information, and phone number.

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What Hours Are Nail Salons Near Me Open

Going to a nail salon is best when it is not too crowded. When salons are overcrowded, technicians are more irresponsible than usual. It is best to visit salons during the daytime since most close by 8 to 10 p.m.

A weekday appointment is also a good idea, as salons are usually only open for half-day weekend appointments.

Also, visit the nail salon as early in the week as possible to receive the cleanest instruments, most attentive service, and most soothing environment.

We Have Introduced The Dynamic Map Below That Will Help You Find The Nearest Nail Salons Based On Your Current Location

About the Best Atlanta Nail Salon

So now finding the local tanning salon in your area is quite easy with our Map. This is the solution to all your problems when it comes to finding the salons. The locations are pinned on the map so its all about clicking on any pin.

Just take care of one thing: In your mobile phone GPS is turned on.

If you dont know how to enable GPS then click on which type of mobile you are using > > Iphone, Android.

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Experience Of The Nail Technicians

When you get your nails done, you presumably hope the nail technician has a decent level of experience. That isnt always the case, though. Some nail technicians are new or have little experience. Despite this, theyre exceptional at what they do.

If you dont want any problems or want your nail art to be perfect, its best to go to a salon with trained technicians.

What Are The Regulations For A Pedicure Nail Salon By Me

Your local, state, federal, or municipal laws may have a lot to say about the cleanliness of nail salons. If not kept under tight and regulated control, these salons may even be the cause of an epidemic. Hence, there might be some public records of which salons have passed checkups, which have been issued warning, and which are outright illegal.

Visit your citys website and search for nail salons there. Youd be able to get a very eye-opening list of safe and unsafe salons. Once youre armed with this knowledge, you can pick a salon with more confidence and clarity.

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How Do I Locate Nail Salons In My Area

Next time you decide to look for nail salons near me open late or a nail salon open Sunday, you may like to consider the following tips to improve your search experience. Make sure that you do the necessary research as outline below so that you can be better informed and can find the right nail shop for your needs.

Do a lot of research: read posted reviews online of people who have visited the nail salons that you are interested in and learn all about their nail shop experience. By doing so you will get useful information on the nail salons services, quality, prices and other details that may help you choose the right nail shop open late for you. You will know what you might expect and that can minimize the possibility that you will be disappointed with your nail shop experience. Before going to any nail salon nearby, you should find one that provides the best quality and price.

Call the nail salons: make sure to verify any information that you find online before you visit the nail salon location that is open late or early in your area. You can also ask the different nail shop locations if they have any coupons or promotions. Sometimes it may the case that not all information is listed on the nail salons website and you may be missing out on good sales and other promotions.

Here Is What Our Customers Had To Say About Nail Salons On Groupon:

Getting My NAILS Done at the BEST RATED Nail Salon in Our CITY!


“fabulous and friendly nail salon., Very professional and extremely clean. They change plastic liners in pedi bowls between clients and extras too, like wax on hands and feet and massages.The best place I have been and I keep going back for 2 years now for all my nail care.. Cannot rave about it enough!! Highly recommend..”-cynthia h.


“This was a friendly and local salon. The people that were being attended to seemed like they come here often. I am very satisfied with the service and, to my surprise, will probably return again. Thats not something that usually happens with Groupons, as we all know. The lady who attended me took her time and explained everything. Again, /very/ satisfied. Highly recommend..”-Nicholas S.


“Received a very nice manicure. The esthetician took her time and I did not feel rushed. The hand and arm massage was lovely. Unfortunately the chair was very uncomfortable and the only manicure station was located in a tiny corner space with holes in the wall. Did not care for the atmosphere. Staff were friendly..”-S. K.





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The Right Tools And Methods

Its a good idea to ask the salontechnician to avoid cutting your toenails too short, Dr. Rowland says. When atoenail is too short, it can result in an ingrown toenail or aninfection.

Some salons use tools that look like cheese graters or metal files to remove dead, dry skin and calluses, but its best to avoid using rough instruments on your skin, Dr. Rowland says. If it starts to hurt you, ask the technician to stop.

I even tell my patients that if they file their own calluses at home to please not use metal files, because they can tear the skin, she says.

Tools that look like sandpaper or brushes are softer on the skin, so ask for those at the salon instead.

Whats The Nail Salon Prices Near Me

For small nail salons, prices typically range from $10-25$ for a manicure. This can be above $25 for a deluxe. Average Pedicures can range from $15-$25. The deluxe is also above $25 typically.

Acrylic Nails average prices are $25-$35, but can much higher for larger nail salons or spas or resorts.

Additional Costs:

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Types Of Manicures And Pedicures Nearby

Whether you have recently moved and need someone new to work on your nails or are simply looking for a new salon in the area, were happy to give you the scoop on which salons offer the best services at the best price.

Schedule classic nail treatments like acrylic nails, shellac nails, nail art, or even manicures and pedicures for kids at a salon right down the street. Some technicians in this area even offer innovative nail services like keratin treatments and stock contemporary color kits to add fresh, new color choices to the game.

How Do I Find Nail Salons Open Late Near Me

About the Best Atlanta Nail Salon

Use the map to look for the nearest nail salons near me open late. Just click on the location that interests you and you will be able to see more details, such as opening hours, reviews, address, contact information and more. You can use the map to look for nail salons open late or on Sundays in another city as well. In order to do so, just adjust the map to show the area that you are interested in and you will see the same information as described above. If you dont see any info and are using a mobile phone, make sure that your location and GPS is on. In addition to the map, you can use the search box to look for nail shops open late nearby by typing your city or zip code.

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Ventilation Of The Local Nail Salon Closest To Me

Items like nail polish and acrylics contain toxic chemicals. So, it is only natural that the salon has little odor. However, the odor must not be so strong as to make you uncomfortable.This marks the importance of a good ventilation system. I bet you wouldnt want to inhale and choke on harmful chemicals.

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What Are The Nail Salon Prices Near Me

If you are visiting a small nail salon, the price for a manicure ranges from $10-$25. For Premium service, you expect above $25. For the Pedicure, the average price ranges from $15-$25. Same as this one the premium service is more than $25.

The average price for Acrylic nails ranges from $25-$35 but can be a little expensive if you choose bigger and better nail salons, spas, or resorts.

Additional costs to expect:

What Is The Pricing Of Nail Salon Closest To Me


Price is a crucial factor in deciding whether you should engage the services of a salon or not. As much as you want quality service, it is preferable to use nail salon services that do not hurt the pocket.

Nail salon prices near you differ. Some nail shops by you charge for the service as a whole, while others might need you to pay per item used. You should make sure to confirm the pricing policy before allowing a nail shop to work your nails.

A manicure service can run anywhere from $10 to $25. If you want the deluxe package, the cost will run you more than $25. If you want a pedicure, the cost can run you anywhere from $15 to $25, with the deluxe package also costing you more than $25. The acrylic nail service at smaller nail salons may cost you about $35, but the cost is much more at spas, resorts, and larger nail salons. Youll also be charged for acrylic repairs, specialty designs and French tips.

Yes, you should also pay a gratuity.

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