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Pedicure At Home For Men

Smooth Feet With A Pumice Stone

DIY Pedicure at Home for Men with Messy Cleaning – 2nd Visit

With your feet still soaking, use a pumice stone to smooth the bottom of your feet and fingers. Use the rough side first to eliminate all the dead skin and the smooth side to soften the bottom of your feet.

If you do this step when your feet are dry, you will hurt your feet. It also takes a few pedicures to completely eliminate the roughness you feel.

Massage Your Feet And Lower Legs

The best part of a pedicure is getting a massage. While it’s never as relaxing to massage yourself, it can still be a calming experience. After applying your lotion, begin to massage your feet and move up into your shins and calf area.

The pressure can feel nice and you can work out any tension you have. The lotion will provide hydration and will allow your hands to glide easily over your skin. The massage is crucial if you want to help your blood circulate. Spend a few minutes on each leg, and then you’re done!

What Does A Typical Man Pedicure Entail

Typically, a mani/pedi will last 30-45 minutes and include:

  • Soaking of the feet in a warm bath
  • Exfoliation of the feet and heels with a scrub or pumice stone
  • Application of a foot mask or cream
  • Nail clipping, shaping, and/or buffing
  • Massage of the feet and calves
  • Painting nails with your choice of color .

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All The Reasons Why Men Should Get A Pedicure

‘It is not a guys thing’-You no longer can give the excuse.

The beauty world has become more accommodating today and it is for the better. Men pampering themselves is no longer a hush-hush matter. When it comes to pedicure, it is not just a pampering session but also one that keeps our feet healthy and clean. Women often get pedicures done. But it is not a service limited to women. Men can also get a pedicure done. In fact, getting a pedicure done is as important for a man as it for a woman, if not more.

Men usually do not take care of their feet. Mix it with the foot trapped inside the shoe whole day and us running around on our feet, pedicure becomes even more important. To convince those of you who still have not given pedicure a try, we have listed all the reasons that you should along with a step-by-step guide on how you can do a quick pedicure at home.

Take Care Of Your Toenails

How To Do Best Pedicure At Home By Yourself

Once your skin has been thoroughly cleaned and cleansed, you can take care of your toenails. You may want to soften them as well. You can soak your feet for about 15-minutes in warm Epsom saltwater. You may find this to be one of the most relaxing steps. You can sit back and take a load off as your feet soak in warm water.

After your toenails will be softer, making them more manageable. Soaking your feet is particularly essential for individuals who have nail fungus, which may stiffen the nails. You should seek medical attention before attempting to cure fungal infections on your feet.

Once your feet have had a chance to soak, you are ready to begin clipping and filing your nails. To avoid ingrown and broken nails, be careful to trim and file them straight across in this step.

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Mobile Manicure And Pedicure Service In Toronto And The Gta

Pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home with our premium mani pedi nail service.

Mobile Manicure offers the best mobile in home manicure and pedicure service in the Greater Toronto Area! We take great pride in pampering you in the comfort of your home. Our professional, convenient, relaxing and safe Manicures and Pedicures will leave you not only looking good but feeling great!


All of our nail technicians are experienced, love what they do and are at the top of their game!


Work from home? Fit us in when itâs good for you! Have kids? No problem let them do what they normally do while you enjoy the downtime!


Just sit back and enjoy the full experience complete with a massage and all without the commute to a nail salon!


Equipment is sanitized before and after each appointment. New disposable items are used for each client and discarded after use. Masks/faceguards and gloves are worn at all times. Technicians are fully vaccinated.

Benefits Of A Pedicure

First and foremost, it feels great. Both specialists are adamant about the inextricable bond between foot care and general wellbeing. When your feet are healthy, they dont hurt, allowing you to walk longer, exercise more, and focus more, Correa says. It is beneficial to our overall self-care maintenance to have simple rituals such as pedicures that target emotional and physical health, Cabrera adds.

But sage wisdom aside, getting a regular pedicure also supports the adage that prevention is the best medicine. Prevention is the most important benefit of getting pedicures, Correa says, Cleaning your feet and cutting your nails the right way will prevent ailments that are not only hard to eradicate but can be painful and cause a ripple effect that can change your way of life in the future. For example, the smallest callus build-up or corn can cause you to shift how you walk or stand, potentially causing harm to your back alignment. Its all connected, but sometimes we dont realize until its too late.

Correa also explains that regular pedicures could help men deal with chronic problems like foot odor, nail fungus, and athletes foot that, without more specialized care, may be harder to control.

And when all that is said and done, Cabrera points out that keeping your feet in tip-top condition can also save your socks from excess wear and tear.

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The Benefits Of Pedicures

1. Healthy nails, trimmed properlyThe best part of the hired-out pedicure is the attention your nails receive. Think of how hard it is to cut your nails neatly and safely, without risking ingrowns. The pedicurist will also trim back all the excess dead skin and remove any gunk, all of which would otherwise lead to fungal buildup. Over the next month, your nails will grow out nice and shapely, and youll probably go out of your way to wear sandals, too. Why not show them off?

2. Smooth skinThe other best part of a pedicure is when they buff away all the dead, dry, peely skin from your feet. Calluses are ground down, and after all the exfoliating, you get a soothing, tingling lotion application that restores moisture and keeps skin smooth. No more razor-sharp cracked heels or unsightly yellow patches on your soles.

3. Better-smelling feetAfter all this dead skin and gunk is polished off your peds, the result is a healthier canvas, and thus a decreased likelihood for odor and bacterial + fungal buildup. Pair this with a good powder and moisture-wicking socks, and youll never fear removing your shoes in front of friends.

What Is A Pedicure

How To Pedicure Transformation for Men on Detached Toenails

Lets just pour cold water on a few pre-conceptions off the bat and say that a pedicure is not about having your tootsies painted. Its a therapeutic foot treatment that files off dead skin, softens unsightly hard bits, tends to oft-ignored cuticles and shapes and treats the toenails.

It starts with a warm, soapy soak and ends with a gentle massage to help boost circulation in your feet, which in turn promotes cell growth and organ function through the body.

Sounds like something you can do at home right? Sure, if you have the flexibility and balance of a Soviet gymnast. The average pedicure takes between 45 minutes and an hour. Even with a few stretches before, theres little chance your knees will bend for that long. There are also countless mistakes that can be made your feet left in your own hands.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting Regular Pedicures

Getting regular pedicures can help tackle issues like ingrown toenails, impacted skin and uncomfortable calluses that can impact the way you walk, leading to other issues like knee, back and hip pain.

People dont realize the benefits of a pedicure isnt just about pretty toes. If you have really bad , you dont even know youre doing this but your body automatically compensates and you walk differently, explained Westchester, New York-based nail artist Michelle Piacentino, owner of Nails by Michelle.

Taking care of calluses and corns, which are buildups of a thickened outer layer of skin, can also make wearing shoes and walking feel more comfortable, added podiatrist Dr. Jane Andersen DPM. There are people who really rely on that to walk comfortably, to keep those under control.

Andersen emphasized that pedicures are not advised for people who have diabetes, a vascular disease in their feet, neuropathy or numbness because they have the highest risk of issues during a pedicure, but says theyre okay for a healthy person with good circulation.

The polish is a perk. Its the pedicure that matters. People dont realize how important a pedicure is until it relieves their back pain, Piacentino said.

Hey Stress I Think We Need To Break Up

Pedicure and manicure are blessings for the ones who are always on the go. What a luxury it is to sit, relax, and rejuvenate while a handful of professionals take care of your feet and hands.

Men pedicure is the need of the hour when all you do is run and work hard all day every day. Ditch your ego embrace the comfort and feelings that come with a long nice session of pedicure and manicure. All youll think about is the goodness of it all and voila! Your body will be relieved of all the stress.

Take some time out for it already.

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Pedicure For Men: Everything You Need To Know

Imagine getting pampered by a team of professionals while you soak your feet in a warm pool of water and let loose in the unparalleled comfort of it all. Hard sell? Definitely not.

Why should girls have all the fun?

Stop right there if youre thinking pampering sessions are only meant for girls to indulge and rejuvenate in.

Dont you think the body that keeps you going while all you want to do is douse and never come back to work needs itty bitty care too? Dont your feet, the ones that make you grind and hustle in the gym, stand strong all day long at work, and run with your tail between your legs for the love of a chiselled physique deserve some special care and attention?

Of course, they do. Pedicure for men is sacred. It is the new black now. And Pedicure is your answer to pretty toes, clean nails, and smooth ankles this flip flop season.

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Get Rid Of Any Dead Skin

Mens Pedicure

Okay, so, this is lowkey my favorite part. I know, I’m weird, but it’s way satisfying to see how smooth your feet get after rubbing everything off. After patting your feet dry, grab a foot file or a pumice stone and go ham on your calluses, removing any and all dead skin. Be sure to really focus in on your heels and any other calloused, hard areas. Scrape until your feet feel smooth, but don’t scrub your feet rawyou could end up causing irritation, which is never fun.

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What If You Dont Want To Do It Yourself

You know how to do a pedicure at home but what if you dont want to do it yourself? And you dont have time for a salon either? For you, there are many mobile salon services available. But the best service provider in India is UrbanClap. You get to choose your pedicures at very reasonable prices and flexible timings.

Getting A Manicure Or Pedicure For Men Grooming Tips

Think youre too tough, masculine, or old school to get a mens manicure or a mens pedicure?

Too bad for you. You dont know what youre missing. Theres a good reason top athletes like LeBron James are fans of nail care for men. And the growth of popularity in all kinds of personal care services for men is clear evidence that guys like this stuff. The market is expected to grow to $81 billion by 2025.

This isnt just for the rich and famous. If you work on your feet all day long or rely on your hands to earn a living, you really should appreciate them more. After all, theyre your money makers and they deserve a little maintenance and TLC.

Too many men suffer through blisters, misshapen nails, and other uncomfortable issues with their hands and feet that are totally unnecessary and can be addressed with a manicure or pedicure.

When your job demands heavy use of your hands, it is critical to avoid any hang nails or awkward nails that could get in your way. Adding regular mens manicures to your grooming routine can help you avoid these annoyances.

Considering getting a manicure or pedicure for the first time? Heres an introduction to help make the whole experience as positive as possible.

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How Do I Apply The Amope Pedimask

For best results, you should clean your feet before using the Amope® Pedimasks. For silky smooth feet, file with our Electronic Foot File to buff and exfoliate dry skin before using the mask. Put on the Pedimask sock with the creamy, moisturizing layer to the inside and close the seal. Let it do the work: Leave the mask on your feet for optimum results. Avoid walking or standing when using the Pedimasks. Sit back and relax. Lastly open the seal, pull off the sock and spread any cream residues across the skin. Feel free to massage the moisturizer into your feet to get the most out of the Pedimask.

Whats Cooking Good Looking

Big Toes Only – How To Pedicure Transformation for Men on Detached Toenails

No matter how much you deny it but a well-groomed man is a turn on. Who doesnt like a man who knows the importance of being clean and sorted! Male manicure and pedicure is just the answer to having odourless, clean, and buffed nails.

A man whos concerned about hygiene should attribute this quality to himself. Being overly obsessed with grooming is again a turnoff. And so is bad hygiene.

Keep that balance and go ahead get your nails done. Youll know what were talking about.

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It Removes The Hard Skin Off Your Feet

Women often go for pedicures to get soft and beautiful feet. They use foot creams regularly to maintain the softness. It is no secret, however, that men also have rough and skin on the feet especially around the ankles. Soaking the feet in warm water and scrubbing it during the pedicure helps to get rid of the hard skin off your feet.

What To Avoid After Doing A Man Pedicure

In addition to the basic hygiene after a pedicure, you should cover your feet and avoid wearing closed shoes immediately. This will ensure that your nails and toes dry and take on their natural shape. If possible, soak your feet in lukewarm water for an hour before you go out so that they can keep their shape better. However, avoid hot water as it can aggravate the skin. Also, avoid using harsh soaps or chemicals on your feet for the first day or two after getting your nails done these can cause damage to the freshly painted nails.

Finally, avoid exposing your feet to direct sunlight or any other type of heat, as this can dry out the skin and make the color fade.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to enjoy your man pedicure for a few weeks without any problems. However, if you do not take precautions, then the process will be less effective and your nails might chip or exhibit other types of damage.

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How To Do Pedicure For Men At Home

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Do men get pedicures? We still live in a society where this question is asked with particular caution. The answer is, you bet men do pedicures.

If you are not confident going to a salon because you are ashamed or timid, you can learn how to do a pedicure for men at home and treat your feet.

Our feet are one of the members of our body that suffer the most. They spend hours carrying our weight, bearing all the pressure of walking, and its also the area we worry least about.

Our feet can become pretty gross with black nails, fungus, rough, sweaty, and stinky if you dont provide the attention they deserve. Thats when the mens pedicure enters into action to take care of the health of your feet. Pedicures are much more than putting some color on your nails.

I had done pedicures in a salon before because my feet were nasty since I walked miles every day. No one looked differently at me because I was a man. It was natural, as it should be for everyone.

Now, if you are convinced about the benefits of pedicures, why not learn everything about pedicures for men at home, and then if you like, you can visit a salon? Or keep doing it at home .

If you are convinced, learn about pedicure for men at home and give it a try.

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