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Price List Template For Nail Salon

Fresh Bonsai Nails & Spa Reviews


Ive had my fair share of trying nail salons in Richmond hill and was disappointed with every one of them. Ive been coming to Fresh Bonsai Nails for a few years now and I have never ever left disappointed. I usually get a UV gel overlay with Ann and she is my favourite! The quality is top notch, my nails last for almost a month and theyre perfect EVERYTIME- no exaggeration. The staff is always friendly and Julie, the manager, is the sweetest. I even bring my daughters here to get their nails done and theyre all so sweet to my kids. If youre looking for the best nail salon in Richmond Hill, its right here!

Me and my mom always come here to do our nails and they always give great service. I have been with different nail techs and they have all been great. I have recommended here to a lot of my friends and they have all become frequent customers, I highly recommend!

First time going to this nail place. I had such an amazing experience there! I got a manicure there and the woman Kelly who was doing my nails did a fantastic job! Im coming back again to this place and will be also getting a pedicure and any other services they offer.I recommend this nail place for whoever wants to get pampered and relax. All the nail technicians do an amazing job !

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Since 2017

Glamour Nail Lounge Reviews

Yesterday I did my birthday nails somewhere else and I hated them. The shape was irregular, there was a hair painted into the colour, and they just werent well done. Zoe worked so fast, she fixed the shape to where it was PERFECT, she painted a beautiful design that I let her choose cause I just wanted my birthday nails to be presentable. I was in and out, and the prices are very reasonable. Will definitely come back again.

Amy did an amazing job with my nails she painted them exactly the way I wanted and perfectly added on delicate white snowflakes onto the exact shade I wanted. I highly recommend Amy, she’s fantastic and really knows what she’s doing.

me and my friend went to get birthday nails and we got exactly what we wanted but better. the design is amazing and the people we had were so kind. i recommend quinn

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Nail Salon Price List Flyer Template

  • We have thousands and add more every day

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    Use our online editor to easily customize your template

Size: 4″ x 9″

These templates will likely be a good fit for you too!

Help customers see your prices at a glance so they’ll know just how much mani pedi they can afford with this customized price list flyer for your nail salon. With numerous ways to personalize your flyers, they are sure to be a hit!Available Sizes: 4″ x 9″

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Some Services Salons Offer

  • Nail treatment and nail art

A salon is where people are given the chance to enjoy and relax. You might have already experienced that yourself. Sure, some treatments and services can be a little bit pricey, but the experience, both short termâenjoyment and relaxationâand long termâfeeling beautiful and confidenceâis worth every penny. Thus, you should be proud that this is the avenue that you want to dedicate yourself into.

There are a few things that you have to prepare for though in starting your business, but just the thought of making people happy and feel better about themselves are things you cannot trade off. Besides, we have our freebie templates that can help you every step of the way. We also have other free lists like Vendor List Samples in case you need them too.

Nail Services Salon Price List Format Guidelines

Personalized Nail Salon Price List Template Nail Bar Services

The first step of making a price list is the selection of the template. It can be handmade which looks creative, but if you run out of time then simply download the one available on the internet. As nail services include so many options so they should be categorized and arranged in a unique and attractive pattern.

The second important thing is to mention some important details such as the name of your salon, your complete proper address for those who are looking it on the internet and your current contact number. You can upload your price list on the internet as well.

The next step in the making of a price list is the addition of the services that you are providing, you can mention the name of the worker and the hours she is going to spent. The customers are impressed, when your price list, show them the benefits of that service they are interested in.

Now itâs simply your choice to make the graphics decent or vibrant, but make sure that the font shouldnât be fancy as it can be difficult for people to read. Also, your pamphlet shouldnât be lengthy for the one to read because the happy your customer is, more happily your business will run.

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Create Posters And Flyers For Your Nail Bar

If you have a business related to nail care along with other types of beauty services, edit these pre-designed templates to attract and surprise new customers. With, you can create professional designs that will help you carry out an effective marketing strategy and stand out from the rest. You’ll find templates for:

  • Business cards: Besides your contact details, company name, and logo, don’t forget to mention the services you offer, the opening hours and a short call-to-action quote to encourage clients to make an appointment.
  • Offers and promotions: Announce the discounts you offer, either on treatments or on products you sell.
  • Menu designs: Make a list of all the services offered with their respective prices. Also mention your packs, combos, and additional services.
  • Promotional flyers: Print leaflets to hand out announcing the services offered and the discounts you make. You can add your own images so that potential customers can see the spectacular results of your services. Add a visible contact phone number or website.
  • Products: Finally, create designs to promote your nail center’s products for sale with their properties or purchase conditions.

Why Choose Regal Nails

Regal Nails is the obvious choice if you are a busy adult wanting to get your nails done before or after running your errands.

Most of their locations are located directly in Walmart stores and Supercenters and are easily accessible as you are running your errands or grabbing groceries for the evening.You can even combine a pedicure with a new hairstyle at a SmartStyle hair salon which is also located inside many Walmarts.

Some locations offer online booking to make your experience as seamless and simple as possible. Others offer walk-in appointments only or offer appointments via telephone, which is recommended during prime hours. However, most of the time, you can get in quite quickly when you simply show up.

This nail salon is the perfect choice whether you are a single adult wanting to get ready for a special weekend, a bachelorette looking for a great experience with your friends or a mom looking for a bonding experience with your daughter.

The environment is surprisingly calm and luxurious for being located inside Walmart, and your experience is sure to be relaxing. You will enjoy the calming colors and modern environment along with the relaxing, ergonomic chairs.

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Include All The Items Or Services You Have To Offer

Before you can create your list, you need to know everything you sell. You need to have an accurate idea of all the items and services your business has. This is the most important component of a price list. Without this information, your list wont be effective.

Before writing down the prices of items, you should write down the items first. If you have a wide selection, you can break them into groups or categories. This will make it easier for the clients to find what theyre looking for on your list. Once youve made your list, make sure you still have stocks of all the items.

Free Nail Services Salon Price List Templates

How To Price Nail Services For Beginners

If you are offering any special offers than always mention them separately. Price list creation can be time gaining but as you put your time you will get fruit full benefits.

Here is preview of This First Sample Nail Services Salon Price List Template in MS Word format.

Here is preview of another Sample Nail Services Salon Price List Template created using MS Word,

Here is download link for this Sample Nail Services Salon Price List Template,

Here is preview of another Sample Nail Services Salon Price List Template created using MS Excel,

Here is download link for this Sample Nail Services Salon Price List Template,

Here is preview of another Sample Nail Services Salon Price List Template created using MS Excel,

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Price List Design For Nail Salon

Looking for an experienced graphic designer to create a price list for your nail salon? Or a menu design for your spa? Youve come to the right place!

Im Nadia, a graphic designer with over 12 years experience, based in Dallas, Texas. Ive created price lists and menu designs for salons and spas all over the US, including California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and Nevada, and as far away as the UK.

Why spend precious hours using online do-it-yourself templates that are hard to adjust when I can create the perfect price list or menu design for you at an affordable price? I even offer a printing service for US-based customers!

Here are some examples of the professional designs Ive produced.

Using Nail Services Salon Price List Templates

The organized price list is liked by everyone. When you start running a spa or a salon the beginning should be the making of price list because at first you are not yourself sure that what prices you are going to charge. So instead of creating panic in front of the customer itâs better to create a price list. One thing that I have noticed is that sometimes people add the names of the services that are not available, but they donât know it lasts a bad impression on the customer.

When you provide the customer your price list it lasts a good statement on them. Having a price list ready to show is a wise act and normally it is noticed that only professionals do have price lists.

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Check Out My Etsy Store

It is so easy to browse all my designs and place an order on Etsy.

  • Your salon name
  • Your brand logo
  • If your salon doesnt have a logo, I will type your salon name with a fancy font.
  • Need a professionally designed logo? Simply email me for a quote.
  • The services you offer
  • The prices for those services
  • When Ive received payment, I will customize your price list or menu design and send a proof by email within 3-4 business days.
  • Let me know if youd like any changes to be made
  • When the final proof is approved, you will receive the high-resolution PDF and jpeg file that you can print anywhere you like .
  • I also offer this service to take the stress out of printing. Let me know if youd like a quote.

    Top 10 Best Spa Price List Template

    Beauty Nail Salon Price List Poster

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    Do you own or run a spa? Or do you run a website for a spa? Either way, I am sure you are asked what your prices are.

    So I am sure your business could benefit from a spa price list. Its something you can print off and physically put up in your business. But it is also something you could list on your website, Facebook, or even put in an Instagram post.

    But lets say you dont want to openly share your prices. Which is a very valid decision. For starters, by not listing your price, you can get someone to ask you for them. And that can get feedback started from potential customers. Additionally, you dont always want to scare someone off with high prices immediately. By withholding prices, you can have someone grow to like your services before they see your prices.

    But when you dont list your prices on your website, people will constantly be asking you about your prices through email, contact forms, Facebook messages, etc. So in this case, it would be great if you already had a space price list. A PDF, Word, or other type of file readily available that you could email or message someone.

    So we came up with our list of the best spa price list templates.

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    What Should You Consider When Setting Up Your Nail Salon Price List

    As youre deciding how to set prices for your nail salons services, youll need to consider a couple key things.

    Your nail salons location and target market will both have a huge impact on the nail services that you offer, as well as what you charge clients for each item.

    Some additional things that can have an impact on your prices are what your competition charges/ offers, whether a certain manicure service is in high demand, and the overall value of each item on the menu. Lets look at all of these a bit closer:

    Tips For Making Your Own Price List Templates

    When you make your own price sheet design, you need to consider a few things. You can download a template here or make one for yourself. Either way, you need to think about what information to include on your price list.

    You want to make sure that its comprehensive. But it shouldnt contain too much information that your customers get overwhelmed. Here are some helpful tips for you:

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    Coordinate The Items On The List With Your Store Inventory

    When youre making your template, use your most recent inventory list as a reference. This will make your task much easier as youd already have a complete list. All you have to do is organize the items according to your preference.

    If you have any items which are already out of stock, dont include them on your list. This is important so your customers wont get disappointed. If they want to purchase something, youre sure to have it available in the shop.

    Then, when you restock the item, you can modify your list accordingly.

    The Different Uses Of Price List Templates

    Editable Price List Template Using Photoshop

    Its important to think about your price sheet design as well as its contents. Do this so that your template will be very effective. Such templates have a variety of different uses. Knowing these uses will help you create a well-made template.

    You need to have a better understanding of how to use such lists. This is important so you can utilize them well after creating them.

    • Your customers can use it to compare prices

    Sometimes, clients and customers want to compare prices before making a purchase. They will go through your price list as well as the lists of your competitors.

    In doing so, they can make better decisions in terms of buying what they need.

    This is an opportunity to advertise what youre selling. You need to make sure that you have competitive prices as compared to others. You can use the list to convince customers to make their purchases from your business.

    • You can use it to look at your whole inventory

    When you create a price sheet template, you need to use your inventory list as a basis. In doing this, youll be able to check whether you have a complete inventory or not.

    The same goes on the customers side. The list will allow them to see all the items or services you have to offer. This is especially helpful if your business has a huge selection of goods and services.

    Your customers might not even know how much you sell! So you can use the list to increase your customer base. You can do this by making them aware of what they can acquire from your business.

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    List All The Prices Next To The Items Or Services

    After writing down all the available items or services, list the corresponding prices. You can make a basic format for your template or a more elaborate one. If youre good at designing, you can create a list which will stand out from others.

    But this isnt a requirement. After all, the more important part of the list is the content.

    Aside from the prices, you can also include other details. Keep in mind, though, that the details should be brief. It isnt advisable to write lengthy descriptions especially if you have a lot of items. This may put-off your customers if theyre only interested in the prices.

    Of course, there are some cases when you need to add details and descriptions. This information serves as a clarification. Your customers wont have to ask questions about the items or services on your list. Just make sure not to add too many details.


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