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Can I Use Gel Nail Polish Without Uv Light

Best Diy Gel Kit For Easy Removal

Gel Nail Tutorial without a UV Light!

Butter Londons gel polish peels off nails for easy removal that wont tarnish your tips.

Pros: Professional-quality lamp, easy removal without damage to the nails

Cons: Works best with Butter London polishes only, USB cord is very short, directions are a little confusing

The worst part about getting a gel manicure is, arguably, taking the nail polish off. Butter Londons PureCure Peel-Off Gel Lacquer kit eliminates that headache with its two-in-one top and base coat formula. The 12-free prep and prime polish negates the need for foil and an acetone wash by making the color removable via peeling: Gently lift the polish up off the nail with your thumbnail or a cuticle pusher and slowly peel off the cured layers.

The brands curing lamp has a professional quality to it. The white LED lights are very bright and do not emit any UV rays. The device itself is big enough to stretch your entire hand through. Even though the top and base coat is exclusively compatible with butter London gel polishes, the lamp can be used with any gel formulas.

How To Remove No Light Gel Nail Polish

All these polishes are very easy to remove with a simple acetone-based nail polish remover.

Unlike working with acrylic nails, you dont need to use a nail drill with no light gel polish.

You dont need to soak off this gel-like nail polish for a long time either.

If the polish has hardened too much then just hold the cotton ball with the remover against the nail plate for a bit more time.

I hope that this guide is helpful and youll be able to use any gel-effect nail polish with confidence. And if you cant make a choice then just get Vinylux!

How To Use Gel Nail Polish Without A Uv Light

If you still want to try applying gel polish without a UV light, you can follow any of these methods:

  • Using an ice bath will help freeze and dry gel polish.
  • Air drying it under the sun may work but will take longer.
  • Invest in products such as quick drying spray. You can also try cooking spray if you need a home remedy.
  • Thinner coats will help cover the polish and let it settle.

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Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

Revlon is one of the oldest and most famous beauty brands in the world.

Founded in New York City in 1932, Revlon has been manufacturing all kinds of makeup, hair, and self-care products.

But their first-ever product was in fact a nail polish!

Another interesting fact is that Revlon is currently the owner of the CND brand of nail polishes.

CND is one of the nail industrys leaders and the maker of Shellac and my top pick, Vinylux.

Revlon also owns Elizabeth Arden.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy is another 2-step gel-effect polish on this list that comes with the base coat and the color coat mixed in one bottle.

You just need to top the color polish off with the ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat and your manicure is done. The lamp is not needed.

Revlon promises that the Diamond Top Coat makes your manicure chip-resistant and long-lasting.

It also adds shine to your nails.

A big plus is that you can use the color polish even without the top coat and still get great results. This makes this polish very budget-friendly.

Another plus of this nail polish is that it comes with a wide and convenient brush. It allows you to coat your nails smoothly and with no bubbles.

One downside of this polish is that it only comes in 15 colors. Not a lot to choose from. But they are very pretty.

How To Cure Gel Nails Without Uv Light

Gel nail without uv lamp review, can you use uv light to ...

Here are a few ways you can cure gel nails without UV light:

  • Use an efficient LED nail lamp instead
  • Apply minimal and very thin layers and soak your nails in ice-cold water
  • Use a quick-dry top coat and apply a drying agent – but remember to research its pros and cons for your nails
  • Use a non UV gel polish that requires no exposure to LED or UV lights to cure

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How To Get Gel Nails Without A Uv Light

Can we talk about gel nails for a second? We love the plump look and long-lasting finish they give, but theres something about going to the salon, baking your fingertips under a UV lamp, and then heading back again to get them removed that feels like such a hassle. The good news is, there are DIY, UV-free options available. But how do they work? And will they still look as flawless? Weve got the full lowdown on ditching the lamp

Covergirl Xl Nail Gel

CoverGirl is a popular American brand of beauty products founded in 1961 in Maryland.

Its another beauty brand that has been acquired by Coty.

Many celebrities, such as Cybill Shepherd, Christie Brinkley, Drew Barrymore, Zendaya, Taylor Swift, have represented the brand as its cover girls.

The company mainly manufactures makeup and nail polishes.

All their products are cruelty-free and even have a Leaping Bunny certificate from Cruelty Free International.

CoverGirl XL Nail Gel is the companys gel-effect nail polish that air dries without a lamp.

CoverGirl promises that this polish will last for up to 7 days. Not as much as what some of the other brands on this list promise, but still more than what regular polishes offer.

XL Nail Gel doesnt have a special top coat and works on its own.

It still offers a beautiful shine even without a top coat.

A downside of this polish is that it may not be as long-lasting as other gel-like polishes. In addition to that, the CoverGirl XL Nail Gel line has a very limited number of colors. Not much to choose from.

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Adesse New York Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Polish

Adesse offers a truly cruelty-free formula that comes in attractive, shiny and smooth colors for the best texture on the nails. The deep and rich pigmentation assure to give your nails the perfect effect and protection against damages and the nail polish stay on the nails without chipping and cracking rather maintain a good smooth texture for days.

The application is also easy and makes sure you dont have to deal with thickened blots and lines whereas leaving the nail smooth and shiny.

There is no need to get the nail polish dried under a UV or LED lamp, rather it dries out in the air quickly without losing its gel effect on the nails.

The long-wearing nail polish is free from harmful ingredients and is cruelty-free which has been manufactured in the US.

What Led Lamp Is Best For Gel Nails


A gel nail lamp with white light LED technology system is the best for your nails as it quickly cures your gel polish while keeping them healthy and safe. You can find an 80W LED nail lamp at Luxe Cosmetics featuring a 50,000 hours life expectancy and auto-switch sensors that provide easy, mess-free use with pre-programmed time buttons. This lamp can cure your gel nails as quickly as 10 seconds with its 45 lamp beads all working at the same time.

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Best Diy Gel Manicure Kit For Healthy Nails

Zoyas gel kit prioritizes nail and cuticle health, which sets it apart from other gel manicure kits.

Pros: Can create a naked or color manicure, easy to remove

Cons: Only available on the retailers website, colors sold separately

The Zoya Gelie-Cure Foundation Pro Kit makes nail health a priority. The kit comes with a slew of products to help strengthen and nourish nails, including a hydrating rescue serum and a repair base to smooth any ridges or separations.

The kit also includes the brands Gelie-Cure Naked Gelie coat, the first demi-gel multipurpose gel formula of its kind to hit the market. You apply it directly over Zoyas Repair Base before curing, and it adheres to the base coat, as well as the rescue serum, in order to ensure high shine, flexible, fileable and damage free results, per the products description. Naked Gelie is the last step in achieving a naked manicure, aka a manicure void of color, enhancing your natural nails, and also only takes two minutes to remove, without acetone, scraping, or pushing at the nail.

What sets Zoyas DIY gel manicure kit from its competitors, is its versatility. You can create a gorgeous naked mani, or opt for traditional, colorful tips. Unfortunately, the kit doesnt come with color polish, but you can apply your favorite hue over the foundation, top it with Naked Manicure Glossy Seal Topcoat, and follow up with a drop of the Zoya Fast Drops to accelerate your drying time.

How Do You Use Gel Nail Polish Without A Uv Light

Gel nail polishes are hitting the market that allow users to apply gel-style polish at home without the UV light typically required to set a gel manicure in a nail salon. Some of these polishes use two different bottles of product to create the look. Some use LED lights in place of UV light, and others simply promise a gel-like look with one bottle of polish.

With home gel polishes that use two bottles, the polish is applied directly to the nail without a base coat. The second bottle contains the gel top coat, which dries more quickly than conventional top coats and gives the appearance of a salon gel manicure. The polish is removed conventionally with nail polish remover, in contrast to salon gel manicures. Sally Hansen MiracleGel is an example of this type of gel polish.

Some gel polishes require LED lights for the curing, or drying, stage of a manicure. LED lights actually cure nail polish much more quickly than do UV lights. Each layer of polish dries in 30 to 60 seconds using an LED light, compared to curing times ranging from one to five minutes using a UV light. However, LED curing lights are more expensive than UV lights.

Some manufacturers, such as Cover Girl, sell conventional nail polishes which they claim provide a gel-like look. However, manicures with these polishes last about seven days as opposed to the two weeks claimed by most multi-step gel polishes.

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Best Diy Gel Manicure Kit Overall

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit is a salon-quality system with salon-quality results.

Pros: Last up to 21 days, comes with all the tools you need for a salon-quality manicure

Cons: Longer time commitment, removal process is very messy

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit not only has rave reviews from customers, but their queue of UV lamps look like something youd find at a professional nail salon. Im pleased to report it performs like salon equipment, too.

The Pro Kit includes a pre- and post-application cleanser, remover, base coat, top coat, one gel nail polish, cuticle oil, adhesion sanitizer , a UV lamp, and prepping utensils. While the multi-step manicure can feel overwhelming, each serves a purpose and adds to gorgeous nails, so I dont recommend skipping them.

This UV lamp also works on a timer, and cures nails in about 45 seconds. The entire process takes about 20 minutes. Its a longer time commitment than other UV lamps on our list, but the end result is unparalleled, so I really appreciate Red Carpet Manicures attention to detail.

How To Apply Gel Polish Without Uv Light

Can You Use Gel Nail Polish Without UV Light? All You Need ...

Dry this coat for another 5 to 10 minutes.Each layer of polish dries in 30 to 60 seconds using an led light, compared to curing times ranging from one to five minutes using a uv light.File, buff and smooth your clean nails.Fortunately, this is less expensive than a uv light and also cures faster.

Gel nail polish under an led drying lamp the base coat will take 10 seconds then the gel polish and top coat will take a further 1 minute.Gel nail polish, 23 pcs nail gel polish set with no wipe base and matte/glossy top coat, uv/led soak off gel nail polish kit for home nail salon at all seasons 4.5 out of 5 stars 7,278 $24.99 $ 24.Gel polish is made up of acrylic monomers and oligomers that bond together when placed under uv light.Get yourself a led lamp.

Here are the 6 ways to cure gel nails without a uv light:Herein, how long does it take for gel nail polish to dry without uv light?If you just removed a gel polish manicure, simply buff the new growth instead of the whole nail.If youve already got your two coats on, complete with a swipe of super gel top coat, which is basically a shield for your favourite shade, protecting it from chipping, peeling and smudging.

Its another gel nail polish without uv light that air dries in a few minutes.Led lights actually cure nail polish much more quickly than do uv lights.On clean, filed nails, paint two coats of whatever gel couture color you bought.Regarding this, how do you dry gel nails fast?

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Can You Put Gel Polish Over Nail Tips

Before applying the gel, glue on a set of nail tips to give the nails more length and drama. To roughen up the glossy surface of both your natural nails and the tips, youll need to use a buffing block, but after youve done that, youll be able to apply all of the gel layers from your cuticle to the free edge of the fake nail tip.

How Can I Dry My Gel Nails Without A Uv Light

4.7/5gel polishUV exposurelampyour polishUV lightUV gel polishdryingyour nails

Considering this, can you use gel nail polish at home without UV light?

A UV light is what dries the gel quickly and without fail. It’s impossible to air it out, as it will remain runny or smudge. ?If you are still interested in using gel nail polish without a UV light, then be prepared for less quality. But, you will still have well-gelled nails that last for weeks, if you do it right.

Also, why is my gel nail polish not drying? It sounds like the gelpolish is not fully cured. It is also possible that you are applying the gelpolish too thick. When gelpolish is applied too heavy, the UV light cannot penetrate through the entire layer to cure it properly. Uncured gelpolish can cause the top coat to dull and also get wiped away with cleanser.

Keeping this in consideration, how do you dry gel nails fast?

Apply 2 coats of polish, allowing your nails to air-dry between coats. After painting on the first coat of no-light gel polish, wait between 5 to 10 minutes for the polish to air-dry. Then proceed to paint on the second coat. Dry this coat for another 5 to 10 minutes.

Will a black light dry gel nails?

Yes and no. A blacklight is a UV lamp but not all UV lamps are equal. The UV part of the light spectrum is fairly wide but the chemical reaction that sets the nails requires a specific wavelength of UV light and in fairly intense amounts.

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Best No Light Gel Polish Gel Nail Polish Without Uv Light

No light gel nail polish, also known as the gel nail polish without UV light, is a very convenient invention. Gel-effect nail polish is a healthy alternative to gel nail polish. This gel-like nail polish is just like an ordinary polish because you dont need to use a UV/LED light to cure it. It can simply be air-dried. And when its exposed to the natural UV rays from the sun it hardens even more. You dont need a lengthy soaking off or filing process to remove it either.

So its very easy to use and is less damaging to the nails. No primers or nail buffing necessary. But this polish stays on longer than an ordinary polish, for a week or more, almost like a gel polish. No light gel polishes are also called long wear nail polish systems. So here are the best ones:

Bio Seaweed Gel Real gel nail polish, unique formula that cures under direct sunlight or under the lamp, all in one, 1-step, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free.

How Long Does It Take To Dry Gel Polish


Good news boys and girls! If youre in a rush, there is no quicker way of drying your nails. Drying time for gel nail polish is a lot quicker than regular nail polish.

The time it takes to cure your nails can vary depending on the type of lamp you are using. In my experience LED lamps seem to be slightly quicker. The curing time also depends on how thickly you have applied the polish.

When painting your nails with gel you should always apply several very thin coats, as thin as you can make them. If you dont do this then you risk your nails not curing properly and you will have to do them again. You should also cure after each coat, including the top coat and the base coat.

There are lamps that can cure your nails in as little as 15 seconds. The lamp that I use is a fast 120W UV LED Nail lamp. It has 4 drying times, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 99 seconds.

My last nail lamp had a curing time of 2 minutes, which doesnt seem like a long time at first, but after a while it gets boring and feels like forever. I always use the 30 second option as I find that that gives me the best results.

I find that now I have got used to using gel nail polish, when I paint my nails, it actually takes me longer to apply the gel polish than it does to dry my nails under the lamp!

So, if you can find a lamp that will do your whole hand at once, then this is definitely better from a time-saving point of view.

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