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How To Use Nail Envy

Over 2000 People Swear By This Strengthener To Grow Naturally Long Nails

How To Grow LONG & STRONG Natural Nails – OPI Nail Envy Review

Say goodbye to acrylics forever, because you wont need them after using OPI Nail Envy Strengthener!

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

What Is The Best Treatment For Weak Peeling Nails

ORLY Nail Defense Nail Strengthener. Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream. Dior Huile Abricot Daily Nutritive Serum. Isdin Si-Nails Nail Strengthener. Barefoot Scientist Inner Strength Nail And Cuticle Renewal Drops. Essie Strong Start Nail Treatment Base Coat. Beauty Secrets Nail Hardener & Thickener.

Gelish Vitagel Recovery Led/uv Cured Nail Strengthener

If you want to repair your nails and promote growth after years of acrylic use, then there is none better than the Gelish Vitagel Recovery LED/UV Cured Nail Strengthener. Unlike traditional nail strengtheners, this gel polish requires the use of an LED lamp. What we love about this is that it doesnt chip or peel off. It also doesnt stain your nails. And when you want to take it off, just soak it and it comes right off, leaving you with smooth, healthy nails. Plus, have we mentioned that its formaldehyde-free? However, it isnt easy to apply as the product is a bit thick. Also, you cant use this with other Gelish products because it will cause the polish to peel off quickly.


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Are Nail Strengtheners Toxic

While many nail products contain toxic ingredients, the nail strengtheners on our list are all safe to use. Some nail strengtheners are known for harboring toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde and phthalates. However, the amount present in each bottle is so minuscule they virtually pose no threat to the human body. Even then, its important to steer clear of your skin and cuticles when applying nail polishes and strengtheners , as skin irritations can occur.

We love all-natural and non-toxic products, which is why we included a handful of them on our list. If youre looking for a non-toxic nail strengthener, we highly recommend .

How Often Should You Apply Opi Nail Envy

OPI Nail Envy Strength In Color

Apply two coats to clean, dry nails with cuticles pushed back, followed by one coat every other day. After one week, use any OPI Polish Remover to remove all Nail Envy and nail lacquer, if present. Begin application again. Nail Envy works best to strengthen nails as a base coat in actual contact with the natural nail.

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Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish

You’ll swear it’s a pro manicure.

You’ll swear it’s a pro manicure.

  • Our breakthrough, long-wear nail enamel and ultra-tough top coat deliver brilliant shine and lush, stunning hues that lastall in 2 speedy steps
  • Just brush on the polish and go! And when it’s time to take it off… remove it like normal nail color
  • ColorStay Gel Envy nail polish has a built-in base coat, so you can lose a step from your manicure
  • And our revamped ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat, designed to work with ColorStay Gel Envy nail polish, is our only top coat with DiamondFlex Technology, making it our toughest, most chip-resistant top coat yet
  • Both the nail enamel and top coat have life-resistant wearmeaning, whatever life throws at you, your nails are primed to resist chips and color fading
  • The wide-angle brush creates smooth, bubble-free coats
  • Available in 15 vibrant nail polish shades
  • Before you start your manicure, wipe polish remover over each nail to ensure your nails are clean and dry
  • No need for a base coat! It’s already built into the ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish
  • Gently roll the bottle of nail color between your palms to mix the color
  • Brush a thin coat of the polish over each bare nail, dipping the brush back into the bottle for each new finger
  • Wait at least 2 minutes, then apply a second coat of color
  • Finally, swipe 1 coat of the ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat over nails to lock in color and maximize shine

Best Nail Strengthener For Fast Resultsbarielle Clearly Noticeable

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

Type: Nail Hardener

Barielle Clearly Noticeable thickens the nails while dosing them with vitamins and proteins. It dries fast and the applicator brush is easy to use. On top of that, it has virtually no scent! If you need immediate results, look no further, Clearly Noticeable is the fastest-acting nail hardener on our list. Still, we chose to give it 3.5 stars for a few reasons.

If youre someone who is constantly working with their hands or submerging them in water, youll notice that Clearly Noticeable has a tendency to chip. In fact, chipping can occur after just two days, which is why applying a daily coat is sometimes necessary. Although it does work as advertised, it can cause your nails to yellow. To prevent this from happening, use a hydrating oil like before adding a base coat.


Apply a coat of Clearly Noticeable every second day or so. Remove the nail polish at the end of each week and repeat the process.


One coat of Clearly Noticeable will strengthen your nails by 50%. It is one of the fastest-acting nail hardeners on the market.


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Why Are Nail Strengtheners Bad

Soft, weak nails need what is known in the industry as nail strengthener or nail hardener. These same nail treatments will make brittle nails notably worse. Brittle nails are treated with moisture treatments and protective coatings. Using acetone-based products on already dehydrated nails makes a bad problem worse.

How Long Does It Take For Opi Nail Envy To Work

Revlon Gel Envy nail tutorial

On average, you should begin to see growth within 2-3 weeks, however, everyones nails grow at a different rate.) Apply two coats to clean, dry nails with cuticles pushed back, followed by one coat every other day. After one week, use any OPI Polish Remover to remove all Nail Envy and nail lacquer, if present.

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Would You Believe Me If I Told You That You Can Put An End To Brittle Nails Forever With Just One Product Well Believe Me Because Opi Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Is The Real Deal And Actually Works For Thousands Of People

Promising reviews:

This stuff WORKS!!!!!!! DO NOT waste any more money on any other products. The pictures speak for themselves. Nail Envy by OPI is literally the best nail strengthening polish out there. I could never, ever, in my life grow my nails past the edge of the nail bed. My nails became so strong and are actually growing.Angel

I have had gel nails, wraps, acrylics, you name it on my nails pretty much my adult life because I was never able to grow my natural nails out and pretty much gave up. I tried this because of the reviews, but really wasnt expecting much. WOW was I wrong! I actually have a full set of natural nails that took about a month to grow out AND they actually look fake but are real. Im serious, I thought I had damaged my nails beyond hope and I have been happily proven wrong. My days of artificial nails are OVER!!! YAY! I love you Nail Envy!!!!!!Kimberly A. Collins

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Opi Matte Nail Envy 15ml

  • |
  • You save up to 39%

Featuring the same strengthening benefits as Original Nail Envy but has a natural looking matte finish.

Directions of use:

  • For the first use, apply two coats of Nail Envy to each nail.
  • After first application, apply one coat every other day.
  • After one week, use any OPI Polish Remover to remove all nail lacquer and Nail Envy.
  • Repeat above process if required.

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Whats The Difference Between Nail Polish And Nail Gel

Before 2012, you could only get a gel polish manicure done at a salon. This was because to set the gel, you needed access to an LED nail lamp. However, gel polish eventually became available in home formats and LED lights were soon sold to the public. People love using nail gel because it doesnt chip as easily as nail polish does.

Better yet, once the gel polish has been set, it cannot be nicked. Nail polish, on the other hand, chips easily and can take a long time to dry. The majority of our picks fall under the nail polish umbrella. However, is somewhat of a hybrid. In other words, it gives off the gel look and feel without needing to be set with an LED light.

Even then, nail polishes are the preferred method due to their easy removal. A few cotton balls and a nail polish remover is all you need. Sadly, the same cannot be said about most gel polishes. To remove gel polish you need to soak your fingernails in remover for a few minutes which can seriously dry out your natural nail. Luckily, Pink Armor Nail Gel can be removed with regular nail polish remover!

How To Use Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

My Life in Polish: OPI Nail Envy Strength in Color
by carlialman

By now you may have heard about the revolutionary polishes from Revlon that will give your nails a super-shiny gel-like finish without you having to sit with your hands under a lamp for 30-60 seconds at a time.

And some of you may think its crazy preposterous even that such a wondrous thing exists. Surely only a gel manicure can give your nails that glossy, mirror-like finish?

Nope, not true. Just watch the video above to find out exactly how to use the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel and Diamond Top Coat to achieve gel-like results, and in only two steps!

Side note: youll also see how incredibly easy it is to remove the colour from your nails!

Have you used Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel? Are you looking for a fuss-free alternative to gel manicures?

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Opi Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Review

This is the perfect basecoat for me, and my favorite that I have used so far. This doesnt even taking into account the fact that it is also an awesome nail strengthener, ridge filler and surface smoother, plus it has a pretty, shiny finish!

I have been regularly filing my nails down , but they just keep growing! I also attribute my nails being protected from Roller Derby to Nail Envy. The picture from August 15 is just two weeks after a whole week long Roller Derby extravaganza, with over 20 hours of skating and running around Las Vegas!

Opi Nail Envy Product Line

I choose the Original Formula Maximum Strength, but they have a full product line:

  • Original Maximum strength formula with Hydrolyzed Protein and Calcium helps nails grow harder, longer and stronger and resist peeling, cracking and splitting.
  • Matte Same strengthening benefits as Original Nail Envy but with a natural looking matte finish.
  • Dry and Brittle Nails Moisturizing formula helps maintain flexibility and protects with antioxidant vitamins E and C.
  • Sensitive and Peeling Nails Formaldehyde-free formula protects against peeling with antioxidant Vitamin E and Kukui Nut Oil, soothes sensitive nails with Aloe Vera.
  • Soft and Thin Nails Strengthening formula fortifies soft, thin nails with extra Calcium.
  • Maintenance Maintenance Formula Nail Envy contains just the right balance of strengthening and protective ingredients to keep nails in great condition.

Opi Nail Envy Directions

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What Causes Damaged Nails

OPI Nail Envy Sensitive and Peeling Review and Bonus Tutorial

Everything from nail-biting to a lack of iron can affect the health of your nails. In truth, there are many reasons why we suffer from peeled, cracked, or pitted fingernails. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Fake/acrylic nails
  • Allergic reactions
  • Work environment

While some causes are more apparent, others can be harder to pinpoint. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you choose to go the supplement route or suspect an underlying issue.

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Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Strengthener $1750/5 Oz

Product Description Treatment for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. Nailtiques nail protein was created to treat different nail conditions. The salon-tested formulations offer special combinations of ingredients, including hydrolyzed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium to build a healthy nail foundation. The protein formulas bond the nail layers together building a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.

1. to build a healthy nail foundation A healthy nail foundation can only be built by the matrix right behind your cuticle line. This is where baby nail cells are born.

The quality of those nail cells is directly related to your health and diet.

No external product can build a healthy nail foundation.

2. The protein formulas bond the nail layers together No they dont!

You have approximately 50 to 100 layers of nail keratin that are kept healthy by the nail bed pushing moisture and body oil up into the nail plate. Healthy nails contain 18% moisture and 5% oil.

If we didnt wash our hands on average 20 times per day, this would be enough.

I dont care if you put chicken in itok, thats a little grossadding a bunch of proteins, etc., isnt going to bond your nail layers together.

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Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System $850/61 Oz

Product DescriptionRejuvacote the nail doctor will heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic eaten nails. In a matter of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails. Its not a promise, Its a guarantee. It takes only 2-3 weeks to see dramatic improvement on your nails when you use Rejuvacote. It will force your nails to grow stronger, healthier and longer. Apply Rejuvacote daily over bare natural nails or over nail polish. It is designed to be used as a base coat and a top coat.

My first issue is right in the name: Nail Growth System. The use of this phrase implies that the product changes the way your nails growthat in some way the product improves nail growth.

Your body is completely in charge of nail growth and there isnt a product on the planet that can change this.

1. Acrylic Eaten Nails Ok, this one just makes me mad, and Im sure Doug Schoon, author of Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, would agree.

Acrylic nail enhancements do not eat nails! The drill bits and heavy-handed filing from improperly trained nail techs is what eats nails.

The technology of nail enhancements has significantly improved over the last 10 years. Roughing up the nail plate with a coarse file is no longer required.

The problem is that about 80% of the nail techs are not staying abreast of new education, so they dont know this.

Theyre operating on old practices with new and improved products.

Your nails are always growing at a consistent pace.

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