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What Do You Need To Start Doing Nails

Components Of The Kit


Look at what is included in the kit and make sure that it has what you will need. This should include the basics such as the acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, at least one nail brush, nail files, and buffing blocks.

Then consider other extras that you will want. Are you considering playing around with nail art? You may want to consider a kit that comes with other accessories such as nail stickers, rhinestones, and practice fingers to fine-tune your art skills.; If you only want to do basic acrylic nails, you will not need a kit with all of these bells and whistles.; So, dont waste your money on large kits that come with a lot of extras you will never use.;

What Do You Need For Gel Nails At Home

Before you attempt an at-home gel mani, you need to make sure you have the right supplies. Youve got two options: You can buy a gel nail kit online, or you can buy all the pieces separately. Youll need a UV or LED lamp, a cuticle oil, a nail buff, a top coat, a base coat, and gel nail polish to get started. BTW: While you technically could use a regular nail polish and a gel top coat, Id recommend staying on the safe side and opting for gel nail polish. Regular polish wont last as long as gel, even if you use a gel top coat.

How to do gel nails at home

Buy The Necessary Furniture Equipment And Products

There are several options here: either buy new furniture and equipment, find second-hand options or rent. Professional equipment costs a lot and can significantly spike up the average cost to open a salon. For example, new equipment for a full hair salon might cost you around $27,000. Its also important to save money where you can, but remember that everything has an expiration date. Equipment that might break down at any moment will cost you more than the new one. Heres a concise list of things you need:

  • Furniture: chairs or a sofa for the waiting area, reception desk, hair and nail workstations, a massage table;
  • Equipment: hair and nail tools, like dries, curlers, nail drills. You should also rent a coffee machine and buy an electric kettle, so your staff and clients can have something hot to drink;
  • Backbar products: anything that your professionals might need depends on the services your salon provides. Its more important here to find trustworthy suppliers that will deliver products on time;
  • Other materials: dont forget to order tea, coffee, and water, so you can offer your clients, and employees, something to drink. Also, you need cleaning supplies, to keep your salon space tidy.

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Professional Acrylic Nail Kit

This is an acrylic nail kit that is great for beginners. It comes with everything that you need to achieve a beautiful acrylic manicure. This includes the acrylic powder, top coat, acrylic liquid, top coat, brush cleaner, emery boards, and more. It is great for those that want to try doing acrylics at home for the first time. The only downside is that the instructions included in the kit are unclear. Thank goodness you have this blog post!

Always Keep A Nail File On Hand

48 Enchanting Diy Nail Designs Ideas You Must Try

If youre someone whose daily routine causes a lot of wear and tear, we suggest keeping a nail file handy to smooth away any rough edges that happen on the spot. And in the interests of putting to bed the emery vs glass filer debate, we suggest using a glass nail file . ;

It turns out, the emery board thats been sitting in your drawer could be causing your nails to peel and snag. A glass nail file glides over the nail tip and doesnt tear the nail like an emery board or metal file. This means you can file in both directions and it smooths out the nail tip as it files, creating a nice even edge. But, thats not to say you need to throw away your emery board just yet it just means you need to take a little extra care to file in one direction if thats the filer you choose to use.

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How To Apply Nail Glue

To get the best results out of your nail glue, start with a clean surface to ensure your faux nail or gemstones will really adhere to your natural nail. Boyce suggests washing your hands, then using a lint-free wipe soaked with acetone or alcohol to remove any traces of oil.;

Truong suggests dropping a small amount of glue directly to the under-groove of the artificial nail tip. Then slowly using a 45-degree rocking method, apply onto nail, she says. Accidently get nail glue on your skin or cuticle? If you do, before it dries, use an acetone-soaked brush to clean it up, advises Boyce.;

How To Keep It All In One Place & Organized

You are able to make your own kit by purchasing the tools and ingredients listed above in bulk from the store; this will save you money. After purchasing all the necessary nail tech equipment you must get a large box that can accommodate all the items.

The most ideal would be a tackle box, which is made of thick plastic and will be durable. Tackle boxes are also economical, since they have minimal damage. Some come with compartments too, which are great for organizing your items. After this, you should be ready to start your own mobile nail art service.

Whether you are a beginner in the nail art industry, or are looking for new ways of making new creations, use different styles and tips from the kits to see which will be your best fit. Try them on your practice hand and finally on your customers and build your salon business.

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Establishing Nail Salon Prices

Setting nail salon prices depends a lot on your location. It can also depend on your clients and the number of competing salons in your immediate vicinity. Luxury spa-like salons with premium services will typically charge more than basic strip mall outlets.

Check to see what competitors in your area charge, especially those with a similar setup to your salon. As a general idea, manicures can typically run anywhere from $15 to $50, while pedicures can cost between $15 and $75. More specific treatments come with additional costs. Acrylic full sets can be $30 to $100, and gel nails $45 to $75. Furthermore, if you decide to sell products, whether nail polish, lotions or filing kits, the typical markup is around 50 percent or more. Whatever you decide, research will help you set your optimal nail salon prices.

Lastly, to help streamline scheduling and client bookings, consider adopting booking software for your computer system, such as . If youre just getting started and need some assistance with marketing your business, give Groupon a try! Each day, helps local businesses grow their brand awareness, fill empty appointments, and get discovered by a growing database of over 50 million customers!

Do you have recommendations for how to open a nail salon? How do you determine your nail salon prices? Let us know in the comments!

Editors note: This article was originally published in March of 2018 and has been republished with updated content.

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How To Do Gel Nails At Home

Things You Need To Start Doing Nails

Beauty, Nails

Im one of those people who likes to always have my nails done. What I dont like is sitting in a nail salon for over an hour staring at the wall. Theres a lot of things about going to get my nails done that makes me put it off: you never know which nail artist youre going to get, it never comes out the same way, you dont have enough time to choose a color , and no matter who the person is, theyll never do 3 coats even if I ask.

Eventually, I just kind of stopped going, but my nails looked terrible. I love DIY beauty stuff, so I thought that there;must;be some way to do gel nails at home and get the same effect.

Ive of course done a regular non gel nails at home before, but not only do I smudge it;every single time , but the nail polish peels off after a few days.

I would routinely spend about $38 for a gel manicure once every two weeks, but the manicure would only last about a week and a half. With my new at home shellac manicure method, heres what I spend:

  • $28 for 5 different polish colors and the base and top coats
  • $8.99 for a manicure starter kit
  • $39.99 for the gel manicure at home UV light machine

Dont forget that this budget includes all of the how to remove shellac nail polish steps that the salon will usually charge you $3-$4 for.

So, how to do gel nails at home? Ill walk you through it step by step.

  • UV Gel Light Machine

I set everything up on my vanity and make sure its well-lit, then proceed with my gel manicure at home.

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The New Nail Technician’s Survival Guide

Words Of Wisdom

NAILS asked seasoned nail technicians to tell us the most valuable things they learned as they began their new career. Read on, and profit from their experience.

Anita Lime, The Hair Force, Albany, Ga. Be patient with yourself. Learn all you can from any source that is available to you. Dont ever forget why the clients are there. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize for you and your clients. Keep reaching for higher goals, and dont ever assume youve learned everything. There are no limits in this industry, other than the ones you put on yourself.

Sue Abbott, Head Over Heels, Houston, Texas. The most valuable lesson I learned when I was new was to cheek all of my equipment and supplies ahead of time. On my third day of being a nail technician, I went to do a set of nails and realized I didnt have any tips. They were in a locked drawer of another nail technicians workstation.

Donna Emmons, Nails by Donna, Dayton, Ohio. When youre in school, you dont get enough instruction. You need extra education to learn how things are done in a salon. People used to ask me, Can you do this or that kind of nail extension? and I always had to say no. One of the prerequisites I have for my staff is to participate in continuing education, which I pay for.

1);;; Go to nearby stores and pass out your business card. Always have business cards handy, and always keep your own nails in perfect condition. After all, youre the best salesperson for great-looking nails.

The Supplies Youll Need For Gel Nails At Home:

  • Nail lamp. The one that I got a few years ago is no longer for sale, but I did my research and this one is a great option. It has hundreds of great reviews and is about 1/4 the price that I paid for mine.
  • Acetone to remove the polish. This is the kind that I bought that I love .
  • Gel nail polish search here for some favorite colors. I love this color,;this color and this color a lot.
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    What Qualifications Do You Need To Start A Nail Business

    In the UK, there is no specific qualification you need to take to be able to start a nail business. However, you will need to get insurance and many providers do require proof of qualifications in order to cover you.

    So, while you could in theory be a self-taught nail technician, it is not recommended. A proper nail course will cover all the essential elements you will need to know, from properly applying nail enhancements to a high standard, to hygiene, health and safety and client care.

    The best qualifications to start with are a level 2 or 3 certificate in nail technology or nail treatments. You can study for this in a college, which often will have entry requirements before you can enrol, such as a number of GCSEs or previous beauty qualifications.

    Step : Get Business Insurance

    Nail Art for Beginners

    Just as with licenses and permits, your business needs insurance in order to operate safely and lawfully. Business Insurance protects your companys financial wellbeing in the event of a covered loss.

    There are several types of insurance policies created for different types of businesses with different risks. If youre unsure of the types of risks that your business may face, begin with General Liability Insurance. This is the most common coverage that small businesses need, so its a great place to start for your business.

    Learn more about General Liability Insurance.

    Another notable insurance policy that many businesses need is Workers Compensation Insurance. If your business will have employees, its a good chance that your state will require you to carry Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

    Recommended: Learn what business insurance for your Nail Salon will cost.

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    Make A Marketing Plan

    When you first set up your nail business, getting the word out there about it is a huge task.

    So, dont underestimate how much time you will need to put into marketing allow yourself a set number of hours every week to work on it.

    Start by laying out a marketing plan. Decide on who your ideal client and target audience are, then get thinking about ways to reach them. Some of these ways might require a budget, so factor this into your business plan.

    Dont forget about the power of social media, either. Set up a Facebook account for your business and make sure it has all your essential information how to find you, your opening hours, contact details etc.

    The great thing about nail businesses is that they are very visual by nature. So, leveraging Instagram to your advantage can help out, too. Do your best to create and share content as frequently as possible, creating a portfolio of your work. Take a look at Nails by Annabel to see how this nail tech turned herself into a whole brand.

    We have some fantastic salon marketing advice over on our blog go and check it out for more help!

    Buying Acrylic Nail Supplies

  • 1Consider an acrylic nail kit. If this is your first time doing your own acrylic nails, you may want to start with a kit. Kits contain everything you need to get started and come with detailed instructions to help you achieve the look you want. Make sure you read the ingredients so the monomer does NOT contain MMA. MMA is a dental acrylic and is too hard for the natural nail.XResearch source Look for EMA – Ethyl Methacrylate, that is what you want on your nails. Look for brands professional uses or google for something a lot of people recommend.
  • 2 For greater control over the appearance of your acrylics, you may want to buy the supplies separately. This way you’ll also be prepared when it’s time to reapply acrylic after your nails grow out. Go to a beauty supply store and buy the following supplies:
  • Acrylic nail tips and nail tip glue. The tips are usually quite long, which allows you to trim and file them down to the shape and size you want.
  • Acrylic nail clippers and files. Regular clippers and files aren’t as effective on acrylic nails.180, 240, 1000 & 4000 grit should be enough. You might need an even coarser file than the 180 grit if the end result is very clumpy.
  • Acrylic liquid and acrylic powder. These substances are mixed together to create acrylic nails. As said before, stay away from MMA monomers, go for the EMA .
  • Acrylic bowl and acrylic brush. You need these supplies to mix up the acrylic and apply it. Somewhere between size #8-12 might be a good choice.
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    How To Start Up Your Own Nail Business

    In the past couple of years, beauty salons have been among the fastest growing businesses in the UK. In particular, the nail industry is booming, as clients look for unique manicures they can show off, as well as treat themselves to a little extra pampering in their busy week.

    So, with competition gearing up, is now really a good time to start up your own nail business?

    The opportunity is there but, you have to be prepared to work for it! Starting up your own nail business takes a lot of thought, research and training if you want to make a success of it.

    For those thinking about it, weve put together a guide full of information on how to set up your own nail business from home

    Setting Up Business Accountancy

    What You NEED To Start A Press On Nail Business | EP.2

    You need a business banking account and a merchant account . Moreover, you have to take care of your bookkeeping, cash flow and inventory thankfully, nowadays the more advanced nail salon management software, such as Versum, provide you with advanced financial statistics and cash reports, as well as tools to manage inventory. Find out more about its functionalities and test-drive it for two weeks for free with no commitment.

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    Apply Cuticle Cream And Prepare The Cuticles


    Wipe your nails and hands, and massage some cuticle cream onto your nails. Then, use a cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back gently. Do not exert too much pressure because that may push the cuticles too far in and damage your nails. This will also increase your chances of getting an infection.

    Once the cuticles are clear, wipe off the excess cream from your nails. If you are not using a cuticle cream, you can also apply a bit of cuticle remover to clear up the cuticles.


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