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How To Cure Peeling Nails

Got Thin Peeling Or Cracked Nails Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Peeling Nails Treatment & Prevention

Getting a manicure is one of the best ways to pamper yourself but if your nails are thin, peeling, and cracked, one of the most enjoyable experiences becomes anything but. After all, nails that arent in tip-top shape arent exactly #ManiMonday worthy. Or, if youre a guy or the naked nail type it can be frustrating, or even embarrassing, to have nails that look so distraught. And youre not alone! According to medical research, nearly 20% of the world population suffers from weak, brittle nails. But why the heck are your nails breaking so easily?

Nailberry Little Treasure Cuticle Oil: 17 Nailberry

Powered by concentrated sweet almond oil, renowned for its ability to protect nails and cuticles from peeling, dryness and cracking, plus vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6 to hydrate nails, this dropper style bottle is easy to use and delivers an uplifting zesty citrus scent. Its also vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free.

Is The Skin Around Your Nails Peeling Know The Causes Treatment And More

No one likes the look of cracked and peeling cuticle skin. Whether you are on a date, at a business meeting, or for that matter, even in your daily life, flaky skin around the nails can be quite unpleasant to look at.

Peeling skin can also be painful, especially when you are eating with your hands or when it comes in contact with water.

I often encounter patients suffering from skin peeling associated not just with their facial skin but also the skin around the finger and toenails, which are the other most commonly exposed parts of the body, says Dr Nivedita Dadu, a dermatologist at Skinology Skin and Hair Clinic, New Delhi.

The peeling of the cuticle skin can be triggered by a number of things.

Here are some of the major causes:

Environmental factors

Our skin is exposed to a number of external elements on a daily basis, which can affect the skin hydration.

The cuticle skin bears the brunt of most of the environmental agents, which are one of the most common triggering factors for the drying up and eventual peeling of the skin, Dr Dadu says.

Inherent dry skin or seasonal changes leading to dry skin is one of the major causes for peeling of skin. Harsh weather conditions like dry summers and extreme winters result in damage to the exposed surface of hands and feet, she adds.

She says excessive washing of hands or prolonged exposure to water can also lead to dryness of skin.

Chemical agents


Underlying health conditions

When to be concerned?

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What Should I Do If I Have Peeling Nails

See a doctor. Different types of peeling and discoloration can help the doc identify the root problem, each of which has a different fix, according to the experts.

It’s also important to seek out an expert if split nails are a new and sudden issue that you’ve never had before, says Dr. King. “If someone has never had an issue with peeling nails, and then suddenly multiple nails are peeling and there have not been other changes , then it would be prudent to rule out anemia and thyroid disease.”

Along with peeling, you should also consult your doctor if you experience pitting , white streaking, significant ridging, bubbles, flaking, and fingernails falling off. All of these nail changes can give clues about internal and systemic health problems.

Dr Hauschka Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil

Top 5 Home Remedies For Peeling Fingernails

This nourishing nail and cuticle oil contains chamomile, which helps softens cuticles so theyre less likely to crack or rip, as well as neem leaf extract to help encourage new, healthy nail growth. The pump-top bottle is ideal for at-home use, while a smaller travel version with a pen-style applicator is convenient for those on-the-go.

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What Causes Yellow Toenails

Our toenails do not turn color by chance, nor do they become yellow overnight. The nail beds could appear yellow due to a disorder or disease, or could even be the result of a lifestyle habit of yours. The latter is evident with staining from repetitive use of nail polish colors such as red, yellow, or orange.

Yellow toenails can also be caused by smoking, just as it turns your fingernails yellow. More often, yellow toenails are present with a health condition such as diabetes or a fungal infection.

Solution: Use A Nail Conditioner To Help Nails Grow Stronger

Applying a nail conditioner can help promote new nail growth for healthier, stronger nails that are less likely to crack, break or peel. Commitment is important when it comes to seeing results: youll need to use a nail conditioner on a regular basis for a number of weeks before youll start to see any improvements as your nails grow.

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Opi Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Original Formula: 1753 Amazon

Extra calcium and wheat protein in this cult classic treatment rebuilds layers of the nail and adds strength to weak, soft nails or ones damaged by enhancements. Apply two coats when you first apply and add another coat every other day. After a week, remove and start again. We found these extra layers of protection also added bulk to nails that feel thin. Its a good one to use if youre not wearing any colour as it dries to a high gloss finish within 60 seconds, or it can be used as a base coat. Just a couple of weeks use and we found nails were starting to feel stronger.

Nailtiques Protein Formula No: 1180 Escentualcom

How to Cure Peeling Nails: Nailtiques Formula 2 Review

Splitting, peeling weak nails that wont grow? We found they only need 2-3 weeks with this treatment to make quite a significant improvement. Its easy to use, just apply daily without colour nail polish and remove each week with a non-acetone remover and start the process again. Nails felt stronger and seemed to be growing faster too after a months use. If you dont find an improvement in six weeks, formula no2 plus will step it up a gear.

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You Use Your Nails As Tools

If you tend to use your nails to scrape, peel, or pry things off, then you leave yourself open to breaking them. Hey, we get it.

The fix: Well, its sort of a duh, but were here to encourage you to use actual tools, like scissors, for prying, peeling, or scraping, instead of your nails. Keep them cut short to prevent further injury, too.

Peeling Nails: Causes Treatment And Prevention

Nails consist of layers of a protective fibrous protein called keratin that also occurs in skin and hair. Keratin makes the nails strong, but external trauma or an underlying health condition can cause thin layers of the nail to peel away.

When this occurs, it can leave the nails looking thin. They may also feel sensitive or uncomfortable.

Here, we look at the causes of peeling nails and how to prevent and treat them.

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Massage With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids ;that deeply moisturize the nails, strengthening and nourishing weak, brittle nails. Moreover, this oil can act on the nail bed and boost nail growth.

Massaging your nails with coconut oil can also enhance blood circulation and retain moisture. Almond oil can be used instead of coconut oil.

How to use:

  • Warm 12 tbsp of coconut oil and apply it to the nails.
  • Massage it for 46 minutes three times a day.
  • Going Short Can Strengthen Nails

    Get Help For Your Peeling Nails

    “Whether you realize it or not, when you have long nails you’re constantly hitting them on your keyboard, the door, you name it. People underestimate how much of an impact this has,” says Tuttle.

    Keep your nails short and give them a chance to grow out stronger and healthier than before. The other upshot: Nails that aren’t in great shape look healthier when they’re shorter, adds Holford.

    Bannon adds that giving yourself a mini “manicure” even if it’s just as simple as filing your nails every two to four days can prevent breakage and snags. If your nails are really in need of some T.L.C., repeat these manis for two to four weeks to see results and stronger nails.

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    For Poor Nail Care: Try A Better Nail Salon

    Good manicures are very important, says Poliakov. Before you make your appointment for a manicure, make sure the tech you are planning to see is licensed, reputable and clean. Instruments need to be sanitized and sharp. Cuticle nippers that are not sharp enough can cause more peeling.

    Overall, its important to keep your hands out of water as much as possible, moisturize your hands and cuticles daily with creams and oil and choose a good nail technician when it comes to getting your manicures. Your cuticles will thank you later.

    Causes Of Peeling Toenails

    Peeling toe nails can be a result of varied reasons. The most common peeling toe nails causes are fungal infection, usually by the toes, which eventually affects the toe nails if left unattended. Other causes can be due to lack of proper foot care, rough usage, overexposure to water, and dry air. Also, vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to toe nail damage such as peeling.

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    Your Nails Dry Out As You Age Losing Their Natural Oils Which Act As A Glue To Hold The Nail Layers Together

    If you have thin fingernails and dry skin to begin with, you can expect this to happen to you “sooner rather than later.”;;

    Exposing your hands to harsh soaps, cleaning products, solvents, and rough work makes the problem worse because it pulls natural oil from your nails and damages the nail keratin protein. At first, your nails begin to “fray” on the edges, becoming brittle. Eventually, the layers split.;

    Nail hardeners make the problem of nail splitting worse, too. This is because the alcohols, formaldehyde and other chemicals in the nail hardeners really dry out your natural oils.

    Treating Peeling Nails At Home

    How to: get rid of peeling nails!

    The best way to treat peeling nails is:

    • eating iron-rich foods or taking iron supplements
    • keeping nails trimmed short
    • filing nails to a rounded edge so that they are less likely to catch and tear
    • keeping nails moisturized

    The recommended daily intake of iron is 18 milligrams . Iron-rich foods include:

    • spinach
    • legumes, such as peas and beans
    • shellfish
    • organ meat, such as liver
    • red meat
    • pumpkin seeds

    Research suggests that coconut oil is a safe and effective skin moisturizer. Rubbing coconut oil into nails may help to keep them moisturized.

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    This Magic Combo Will Fix Your Peeling Nails

    02 16 2015

    Finally, a cure for peeling nails that actually works! If you are addicted to Shellac or gel nails like I am, then you are all too familiar with the toll it takes on your natural nails. For years now my nails have been peeling, chipping, and very weak, even after I take a break from Shellac for months. Eventually I give up and get back on the Shellac train again because my nails look so pitiful without it. Sound familiar? Well, now I found a magic combination that actually cured my peeling nails! Its incredible I cant believe I finally found something that works. Read on to find out how to fix peeling nails:

    I have tried nearly everything to fix my weak, peeling nails. Over the years I have tried Nailtiques , OPI Nail Envy, several products from Sally Hansen, and untold numbers of cuticle creams and oils. Nothing has fixed the peeling. I had just about given up until I discovered Probelle Touch N Grow Nail Hardener on the Belle Belle Beauty blog. Now, Im usually skeptical that a blog post is sponsored by the cosmetics company and the blogger is just looking for something nice to say , but I did further research and the reviews on Amazon and Makeup Alley were consistently very good. And for , I figured, what the heck, I will try this.

    Before Probelle :

    After using Probelle for 3 weeks:

    I hope the Probelle + Egyptian Magic combo works miracles for you too!


    You Always Clean Or Wash The Dishes

    Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom is a necessary chore, but repeated, prolonged exposure to chemicals found in cleaners as well as soap and water could be weakening your nails, leaving them brittle and prone to splitting.

    The fix: This ones easy throw on a pair of rubber gloves before scrubbing. This will prevent chemicals, soap, and water from touching your nails while you clean.

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    What Peeling Nails Mean And How To Prevent Them

    NAILPRO spoke with internist Shirin Peters, M.D., about the factors that contribute to peeling nails and fingertips, tips for treating and preventing the condition and the products she recommends to her patients.

    Your clients lifestyle impacts their nail health in a variety of ways. And as such, life during a pandemic has not made maintaining a perfect mani any easier, thanks to an increase in peeling nails and fingertips.

    NAILPRO spoke with internist Shirin Peters, M.D., about the factors that contribute to peeling nails and fingertips, tips for treating and preventing the condition and the products she recommends to her patients.

    Peeling and sloughing of fingernails occur because a nail is exposed to too little or too much moisture, Peters explains. Common activities that dry the nails include buffing your nails too much, spending time in hot or humid places or doing chores that involve soaking your nails in water, like washing dishes with no gloves on.

    Peters also suggests that exposing nails to certain chemicals, like those needed for adhesive for gel or acrylic nails, can result in peeling nails.

    According to Peters, clients wanting to improve the condition of their nails may want to avoid gel or acrylic nails.

    Thyroid disease or vitamin deficiency can also cause peeling nails. If a client is taking the steps recommended above but still has peeling nails, suggest a visit to their primary care doctor or dermatologist for guidance.

    What Causes Thin Weak Fingernails

    How to Treat Peeling Nails: Best Nail Treatment For ...

    To better understand how to fix weak fingernails, it is perhaps better to highlight the most common causes of this nail condition. That way you will be better equipped to not only treat the problem but also prevent its re-occurrence:

    The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology suggests an easy way to tell if you are dealing with an internal or external factor : if you have weak fingernails but strong toenails, high chances are that you are dealing with an external factor rather than internal factor.

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    Nails Need A Little Extra Tlc In Harsh Wintry Weather So Try Our Pick Of The Best Nail Saviours

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    Our nails can become weak and brittle due to a variety of factors; splitting, cracking and peeling can be due to diet, cold weather, washing up without gloves and poor nail maintenance.

    Were also a nation of gel addicts hard gels have to be filed off, and soft ones soak off in acetone. Either way there is impact on the nail.

    Wear Protective Gloves When Working

    This is more of a preventative rather than treatment measure but it is so important if you are to fix the weak fingernails effectively. It doesnt matter how much effort you put I you continue exposing your hands to the causative factors.

    When washing dishes, gardening, cleaning, or doing any other task that involves getting into contact with water and harsh detergents or chemicals, get a pair of rubber gloves with cotton lining on.

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    Leighton Denny Renovate Nail Repair Cream: 12 Look Fantastic

    Vitamins and essential oils in this repair cream ensure flaking, cracked, dull and unhealthy nails are nourished and repaired. Its an easily portable tube so if you forget to apply, just keep it in your bag or on your desk. We used it twice a day and after a couple of weeks we saw a good improvement in the flexibility of our nails.

    How To Apply Tea Tree Oil To Nails The Right Way In 2021

    What can cause peeling of nails in an individual? – Dr. Aruna Prasad

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  • There may be lots of oil out there in the market that promise to work effectively on fungal infection but what Weve found out over the last couple of years is that no oil has been able to beat Naturenics Premium 100% Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil when it comes to treating fungal infection.

    So if by any chance youre suffering from toenails fungus, then Tea tree oil is what you need, and that is what this article is all about. Read on

    In a Hurry? Heres How To Apply Tea Tree Oil To Nails Like A Pro In 2021

    • Tea tree oil can be applied in 3 ways . Whichever way you choose will almost yield the same result
    • To apply, make sure to prep your nails and ensure they are free from dirt
    • Once prep, drop a little amount of the oil Tea tree directly onto the affected nail with a dropper
    • Allow the applied oil to dry out naturally. You may also need to do this twice daily for effective result

    No one ever thought that a pure oil such as tea tree oil could put a stop to nail fungus problem for good not until recent discoveries made it known and ever since then, a lot of persons have benefited from this wonder oil Tea tree.

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