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Is Nail Polish Safe During Pregnancy

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish

Hair Dye and Nail Polish During Pregnancy: Safe or Not? | Parents

While Honeybee Gardens does not subscribe to the x-free list, but they are technically 16-free. In addition, Honeybee Gardens nail polish is water-based, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free from formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate , xylene, camphor, triphenyl phosphate, benzophenone-1, and FD& C colors, and animal ingredients.

This made-in-the-USA nail polish is the least toxic nail polish on this list. What I like the most about this nail polish because all the ingredients in this nail polish are naturally derived and do not even use FD& C colorant in their product.

Honeybee Gardens nail polish is fragrance-free and can be rubbed off easily with alcohol. This nail polish is perfect to use during pregnancy as it doesnt last long on your nails. It chips of easily on your fingernails. If you are looking for something that doesnt stain your enamel, this nail polish is for you.

Can You Go To A Nail Salon When Pregnant

Getting nail polished and feeling of fresh manicure can be stress revealing, especially when you are pregnant.

As long as you take few precautions, it is okay to go to a nail salon for manicure and pedicure when pregnant.

Ensure your salon is well ventilated, so you are not exposed to fume of solvent releasing during the drying process. You can also wear a mask to be extra careful while getting your nails done.

Also, ask your salon for non-toxic nail polish if they carry any or take your nail polish and let them do your nails. I would bring my own to be on the safer side or call them in advance and ask them if they carry a brand that you prefer.

It is also essential to ensure that nail salon properly sanitizes their equipment. Youre more prone to infections from poorly sanitized manicure and pedicure tools.

Myth: You Cant Treat Acne While Pregnant

Your acne doesnt have to go completely untreated while pregnant. The FDA considers over-the-counter cleansing creams and washes with less than 5% benzoyl peroxide or 2% salicylic acid safe for pregnant women.

For prescription medications, youll want to double-check with your dermatologist. Acne solutions that contain Accutane , tetracycline, tazarotene, and spironolactone can cause serious birth defects and should be avoided. The American Academy of Dermatology provides a full list of acne treatments and whether theyre safe to use during pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones can cause an overproduction of oils on your ace which can lead to breakouts. If youre struggling with acne during pregnancy, avoid facial scrubs or masks as they can irritate you skin and worsen acne. Shampooing regularly and avoiding oil-based cosmetics can also help prevent breakouts. If you do have a blemish, avoid picking or squeezing it to prevent an infection.

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Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set

Another best pregnancy safe gel nail polish that we have here on the list is the one from Modelones! If youre a friend of a nail polish fanatic pregnant lady, then you should give her the Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set as a push gift! This is a unique gift, plus she would have her nails ready and fabulous for a photoshoot after her hard work of pushing her baby out.

Every swipe of this gel nailpolish is highly glossy, and you dont even need to add a topcoat to it too.Nude colors give that elegant and professional look, making it perfect forpregnant women who wants to feel pretty even when her whole body is aching fromher pregnancy.

Other Features:

  • Can last up to two weeks
  • High-gloss wear and mirror shine finish

Benefits Of Gel Nail Polish

Nail Care panosundaki Pin

Once you get the concerns out of the way get ready for so many options! Gel polish provides so many more possibilities than traditional nail polish. There are metallics, mattes, glitters, shine, magnetic textures also, color-changing! Yes, you heard it from us. And the best part it stays! The price is a bit higher for gel polish, but once you begin using it, youll realize the few extra bucks are worth the investment.

So, dont let your pregnancy concerns think you cant wear gel polish. If youre already a gel polish enthusiast, proceed with caution as most nail salons use traditional polish BUT with the pandemic, we are all wearing masks, which is an added level of protection

Ensure there is ventilation, bring some water and if you start feeling queasy, absolutely step out.

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How To Take Care Of Your Nails During Pregnancy

Heres how to care for your nails, hands and feet during pregnancy:

  • Nix biting. Give up this bad habit once and for all .
  • Cut nails short. Long fingernails catch on every little thing, so wear yours shorter for now.
  • File the right way. For smoother tips and healthier nail beds, direct your nail file in one direction only, rather than sawing back and forth.
  • Slather on lotion. Use a rich cream on your hands, feet and cuticles at bedtime.
  • Push back cuticles. Cutting cuticles may invite infection, so gently push them back instead.
  • Bring your own clippers.Reduce your infection risk by bringing your own nail implements to the salon.
  • Try a DIY treatment. Mix equal parts brown sugar and olive oil, then scoop up a handful and massage your feet and legs.
  • Save ingrown nails for the doc. Let a dermatologist deal with this icky, painful mess.

Benefits Of Getting A Manicure During Pregnancy

Getting your nails or toes done can be much more than just nail care. For many women, getting a manicure is a relished social outing with friends, an opportunity for alone time, or a chance to be pampered. Plus, you end up with trimmed, shaped, buffed, and/or freshly painted nails.

“A manicure or pedicure is a time when pregnant moms can mentally and physically relax and it can be a way to soothe and increase circulation, especially for women in their last trimester of pregnancy and who have trouble reaching their toes,” says Lin.

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Can Acrylic Nails Cause Birth Defects

Occasionally getting acrylic nails during pregnancy may not affect your unborn baby. But if you are getting acrylic nails regularly, you need to be careful. You are breathing in lots of fumes, and it might be harmful to your baby. Just Like prolonged exposure to any toxic chemicals during pregnancy is harmful, frequent breathing in fumes may increase your chance of having a baby with a birth defect.

It is best to talk to your doctor before deciding to get acrylic nails during pregnancy, as they know your specific condition.

Barielle Soy Nail Polishremover

Nail Polish-Chemicals in Nail Polish During Pregnancy: Are They Safe?

The Barielle Soy Nail PolishRemover is outstanding! You want to know why? First, this remover does notcontain any acetone. Next, it is infused with hemp seed oil which canstrengthen your nails and prevent any dryness and cracking.

Aside from hemp seed oil, you canalso benefit from the Vitamin E and Tea Tree oil composition of this nailpolish remover. It is indeed safe, and it can effectively remove nail polish,lacquers, top and base coats.

No animals were harmed inmanufacturing this product, so you can save your tears from using this naturalnail polish remover.

Other Features:

  • Net Content: 4 fl. oz
  • Acetone free formula

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Best Pregnancy Safe Nail Polishes Of 2021

Categories Pregnancy

Doing your nails, whether at home or in a salon, can be super fun and relaxing, and make you feel more confident about your appearance. But what happens when you get pregnant?

Can this seemingly harmless beauty routine hurt your baby?

To help you steer clear of nasty chemicals and keep yourself and your baby healthy, there are numerous pregnancy-safe nail polish brands creating gorgeous colors youll definitely want to try!

What sets these brands apart from others is that they dont contain a number of harmful ingredients such as dibutyl phthalate , formaldehyde, and toluene.

Youll notice that some brands mention they are 3-free, 5-free, or in some cases, even 16-free! The number refers to the amount of potentially dangerous chemicals the polish doesnt contain.

Whichever polish you choose, its key that, at the very least, it doesnt contain the 3 chemicals mentioned above.

Luckily, none of the non-toxic pregnancy-safe nail polishes Ive selected are inferior to their more toxic counterparts you can still have the manicure of your dreams, even while youre pregnant!

Harsh Chemicals To Avoid

Having healthy, polished nails is by no means a necessity but it makes you feel more beautiful and put-together, whether youre relaxing at home or having brunch with the girls.

That being said, there are some chemicals you should look out for when searching for pregnancy-safe nail polish.

While some polish brands boast about having a 10-free or even 16-free formula, there are several key chemicals to avoid.

If a company claims to have nail lacquers that are free of certain chemicals but doesnt list which ones they are, definitely get in touch with their customer service to check.

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What To Look Out For

The major chemical used is methacrylate monomer, and they come in different kinds which MOST are safe to use.

There is one type that absolutely needs to be avoided and that is methyl methacrylate monomer. Pregnant or not, steer clear of this ingredient. It will cause skin, lungs, and eye irritation and nobody is trying to have that. Its actually been banned in quite a few places, which should tell you how cognizant you should be about avoiding it.

Is It Safe To Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy

Top #10 Pregnancy Nail Polish [Pregnancy Safe Nail Polish ...

Yes, it is safe to use nail polish during pregnancy as long as you arent being exposed to the chemicals found in nail varnish on a regular basis.

Painting your nails whilst pregnant has been deemed a safe beauty treatment by the NCT .

Midwife Hannah Harvey told us that the chemicals in nail varnish are only dangerous if consumed in large amounts. So you could safely paint your nails regularly and it would still be ok, says Hannah, who is the lead midwife at pregnancy and parenting health app .

I tend to recommend making sure that you paint your nails in a well ventilated room to avoid inhaling the fumes if you do want to paint your nails, just as a precaution.

According to Dr Chun Tang, a GP at Pall Mall Medical, the concerns about using nail varnish whilst pregnant arise from substances found in the product. However, he agrees with Hannah that you are only putting yourself at risk when pregnant if you are exposed to these chemicals on an ongoing basis.

There are three toxic chemicals within nail polishes that can be harmful which are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate , he explains.

Toluene and dibutyl phthalate are chemicals which have been linked to birth defects and developmental problems in children whose mothers were exposed to the chemical during pregnancy. Meanwhile studies have found that the hardener Formaldehyde is a chemical that could increase perinatal risks in pregnancy.

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What About Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are a manicure system that includes a base coat, topcoat, and colored powder.

Typically, the dip powder itself is usually non-toxic nail remover. Its often enriched with vitamins and minerals to strengthen the nail.

But it is full of acrylic.

Tests on animals found that high concentrations cause everything from skin and nose irritation to cancer .

Believe it or not, the bigger problem lies with liquid coatings.

Before you get a dip powder manicure, ask if the top and base coats are at least three-free, if not better.

Also, ask for a non-acetone nail polish remover if possible.

Dont hang around if the salon for manicures and pedicures if it has poor ventilation because its just not worth it to risk your and your babys health.

You can enjoy manicures and pedicures while youre pregnant.

Theres no need to worry as long as youre using pregnancy-safe nail polish.

These non-toxic polishes are gorgeous and durable.

If you have a list of your favorite nail polish brands, please tell us about it in the comments below.

Mela Mela Gel Nail Polish Set

Our list of the best pregnancy safe gel nail polish will not be completed without this gel nail polish from MELA MELA. Enjoy painting your nails without harming your skin of being exposed to harmful chemicals when using the MELA MELA Gel Nail Polish Set. This set comes in four grey and pink shades that are perfect for achieving that chic look.

With 21 days after applying thegel nail polish, you wont see any chipping, peeling, or cracking! Your friendswould surely ask you which salon have you been too, because of your prettynails! This can also be a great gift since it comes in a charming box withincluded base and topcoat gels.

Other Features:

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Can I Get Beauty Treatments While Pregnant

People are always telling you what you can/cant do during pregnancy. While some of it is great advice sometimes they are repeating pregnancy myths. When it comes to beauty treatments during pregnancy there is some misinformation out there. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked and the answers!

Majestic Pure Soy Nail Polishremover

NAILS DURING PREGNANCY | Solution | Review | SNS Overlay Review!

All pregnant ladies deserve to have pretty nails, and they also need a safe nail polish remover like Majestic Pure! This product contains natural soy ingredients to effectively remove the polish. It also has tea-tree oil, which is known for its antibacterial properties.

Another great thing about thispolish remover is that it is 100% biodegradable, acetone-free, acetate-free,and ethyl-lactate free. So, you are overly sure that this is safe! It is alsonon-flammable, so if you have other kids at home, this would never pose anyfire hazard to your family.

Other Features:

  • Net Content: 4 fl. oz
  • Acetone free formula

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Is Soaking Nails In Acetone Safe During Pregnancy

Acetone is a solvent in a nail polish remover. You get exposed to the fumes of acetone when you remove your nail polish. Although inhalation of small amounts of Acetone occasionally wont affect your unborn childs health, you still need to be careful.

The research studies on animals show that long-term exposure to acetone can damage the liver, kidneys, and nerves. In addition, birth defects and reproductive system problems have also been detected in males.

While occasional exposure to acetone wont affect your baby, there are better alternatives like soy-based remover available in the market that better job at removing your nail polish without exposing you to toxic chemicals.

If you need to soak off the nail in acetone, make sure that you wear a mask and use the wrap to cover your skin, so acetone is just on your nail and not on your skin.

How To Choose A Pregnancy Safe Gel Nail Polish

In choosing the best pregnancy safe gel nail polish, here are the things that must be considered for the safety of yourself and your baby in your tummy:

  • Toxic Level. Whether youre in a salon or buying your own gel nail polish, you must always remember to avoid the big 3 toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health.
  • Odor. Its always best to choose the odorless gel nail polish to steer clear on inhaling the harmful chemicals that the polish may have.
  • Application. The more the application of the nail polish is, the more it can smell longer. Watch the amount of the polish that youre putting on your nails so it will be easier to dry.
  • Color. The colors depend on what suits your style. This is indeed the fun thing to do, choosing the color that you want to put on your nails. Whether you want a matte or a glossy finish, sure theres something that your nails can get!
  • Vitality and Removal. Of course, we all want a longer nail polish that isnt easy to peel off. There are some nail polish brands that offer a longer longevity to save you from any chipping. When it comes to removal, most brands are offering their own nail polish removal to help you with a hassle-free nail polish take off.

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Is It Safe To Get Acrylic Nails While Pregnant

Acrylic nails are fake nails created by applying epoxy over your natural nails. There is no evidence suggesting the adverse effect of these chemicals on your unborn babys health if applied occasionally during pregnancy. However, chemicals used in making acrylic nails get absorbed into your bloodstream. Therefore, I would be highly cautious about getting it during the first trimester of pregnancy because it is when the babys organs are developing.

Another concern about getting acrylic nails while pregnant is exposure to the fumes during the application process. The fumes from acrylic nails are harmful and irritate your skin, eyes, nose, lungs, and allergic reactions. If you get acrylic nails frequently, you will expose yourself to a lot of fumes. And breathing a lot of fumes may increase the risk of miscarriage.

If you decide to get acrylic nails while pregnant, make sure that you wear a mask and get it done in a well-ventilated salon and avoid the product that contains methyl-methacrylate.

Q& a: Is It Safe To Use Nail Polish Remover While Pregnant

Is it safe to use nail polish and nail polish remover ...

In a word, yes. Go get your nails done. Or un-done. There are no known risks. However, health experts dont recommend _constant _exposure to the chemicals involved in manicures . So if you work in a nail salon and experience major headaches on a daily basis, you may be suffering from chronic exposure to toxins. And when toxins get in the bloodstream, its important to know youre at risk for a miscarriage.

The bottom line: A self-manicure or a trip to the salon every few weeks should be fine, but make sure the place is well-ventilated. You wont get poisoning, but inhaling those fumes might make you nauseous, since youre more sensitive to smells now.

Without a ton of conclusive evidence, nausea from fumes is about your biggest risk. That said, pregnant women should always be aware of other chemicals and toxic substances like cleaning solvents, lead, mercury, pesticides, and paint. The March of Dimes website reports that we still dont know the cause of about 70 percent of birth defects.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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