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Is Opi Nail Polish Vegan

Best Vegan Nail Polish Overall

OPI Nature Strong Nail Polish Swatches and Review! 30 POLISHES! || KELLI MARISSA

We love Zoya vegan nail polish. It is toxin-free and reliable. with professional salon quality. The polish is long-lasting, full-coverage, and easy to apply.

The nail polish is free of all major toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, DBP, TPHP, parabens, xylene, and ethyl tosylamide.

Pick your favorite vegan Zoya from a range of impressive colors.

This vegan nail polish remover is so gentle on your nails. It removes nail polish with just one swipe without drying out or ruining your nail surface.

This natural vegan nail polish remover is mineral-enriched and acetone-free as well as free of other unnecessary chemicals.

The Truth About Opi’s Animal Testing Policy

OPI is owned by Coty and inherits their animal testing policy.

Although OPI as a company do not test their finished products or ingredients on animals, they nevertheless pay others to test their products on animals where required by law. This means that OPI is not cruelty-free.

When companies claim that they test on animals where required by law, it typically means that they sell their products in mainland China, where cosmetics are legally required to be tested on animals.

To learn more about animal testing laws in China, .

Watch out for the safety as a priority trick. When a brand emphasizes product safety, like OPI and Coty does above, this generally means that they prioritize safety at any cost even if this means testing on animals to prove safety.

Where To Buy Opi Products

OPI productsare available on the companys websites which are different depending on theregion. The brand products are also available in many cosmetic productretailers including Ulta, Walmart, and Target.

The brandexpanded to sell and ship to many countries around the world including Belgium,U.S., Ireland, China, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand. In some of the locationsthat the brand ships outside of the U.S. or sells in physical stores, animaltesting is still practiced. The choice has made the brand remain not cruelty-free.

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Misa Epiphany Taking Chances And A Comparison

Today I have my two picks from Misas Wanderlust collection for fall 2012 to show you.

First is Misa Epiphany, a light beigey mustard shade with gold shimmer. The finish is kind of like a creme with shimmer flecks in it. I used two thick coats I found the formula to be thick but not a problem to work with if you use thick coats and dont manipulate it too much.

I love this shade! It makes me think of a shimmery version of China Glazes Kalahari Kiss. The large version of this next photo gives a good view of the finish.

The second polish I got from this collection is Taking Chances, which has the same finish as Epiphany but in a coppery, dusty light orange with gold shimmer. Very appropriate for fall!

Formula was also similar to Epiphany, maybe a bit less thick. This was also two thick coats.

I really like this shade as well, but when I opened the package, I thought, this looks familiar!

Here is Taking Chances next to Sephora by OPIs Thats What Fringe is For, from their spring 2012 collection.

Left to right: Misa, SOPI, Misa, SOPI

They arent *exact* dupes, but, well, for all intents and purposes they are dupes. Its really hard to see the differences, so Im including several photos of the comparison. From index to ring are the Misa, SOPI, Misa, SOPI, two coats of each.

Left to right: Misa, SOPI, Misa, SOPI

Left to right: Misa, SOPI, Misa, SOPI


Safe Nail Polish Guide

Is OPI Cruelty

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Any purchases made through these links will result in a small commission for me , but all opinions are my own. You can find our full affiliate disclaimer here.

After dozens of tests, were reviewing 15 non-toxic nail polish brands that actually perform, and sharing why you may want to avoid conventional polish.

In this guide, we are sharing why you should consider making the switch to non-toxic nail polish, and giving you all of our favorite non-toxic nail polish brands, including nail polish removers and safer nail polish options for kids!

This article has been a LONG time coming! I really started my research on safer nail polish years ago, when we were first considering starting a family. From there, I’ve learned a lot about what matters, what doesn’t matter, what to prioritize, and some of the pro’s and con’s of the safer polish brand options out there. We utilized the EWG, our own extensive use of the polishes , and the websites of each individual brand to help formulate our guide!

For those of you curious about more of the geeky skincare science AND for those of you curious about how to navigate salon options , we have those articles coming next!

Let’s dig in

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Is Nail Polish Vegan

Many nail polish brands use a variety of animal-derived ingredients to achieve color and sheen. Carmine is made from the ground up bodies of cochineal bugs and is used to impart a red hue in beauty products such as nail polish and lipstick. Guanine is made from fish scales and used to give nail polish a metallic sheen. Another ingredient used to impart sheen is shellac, which is made from the secretions of the female lac bug. To thicken polishes, some brands also use oleic acid which is made from animal fat.

As is the case with many cosmetics, nail polish is also tested on animals. Luckily, a variety of brands are certified cruelty-free, including drugstore brand Wet n Wild.

Why Do Beauty Brands Choose To Conduct These Tests

Well, some of the companies test on animals on their own, most often as a security measurement against potential lawsuits if a customer experiences any threat to their health while using their cosmetics. It may also mean that their products contain harsh chemical ingredients.

Another reason why some companies test on animals is that they are required by law to do so. For example, any cosmetic product that is imported to mainland China has to be tested on animals. The Chinese cosmetic industry is booming, and many beauty brands choose to take advantage of this market and sell their products.

So, if your nail polish contains any animal-derived ingredients and is tested on animals, its not vegan.

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What To Look For In A Vegan Nail Polish

When shopping for vegan nail polishes, always choose a polish that has the least amount of chemicals in them.

When painting your nails, you do not want to breathe in the fumes of dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or other chemicals linked to health hazards.

Today, you can find lists of harsh chemicals and toxins to avoid. Nail polish brands call themselves accordingly: 5-free, 6-free, 9-free, or even 16-free and 21-free.

5-free means the nail polish is free of the Toxic 3 dibutyl phthalate , toluene, and formaldehyde as well as formaldehyde resin and camphor.

So when buying vegan nail polish, do not settle for anything less than 5-free. That way, you can enjoy an ethical polish that is also safe for you and our planet.

Clean Vegan Beauty Demand


Demand for clean beauty is on the rise. According to data released earlier this year, the global market for clean beauty products is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 12 percent over the next six years, from $5.4 billion in 2020 to more than $11 billion anticipated by 2027. The market for vegan products is even larger a recent report anticipated the category will exceed $20 billion by 2026, up from $12.9 billion in 2017.

Much like the rise in sustainable plant-based alternatives to meat, eggs, and dairy, consumers are seeking out beauty products not just void of harmful chemicals, but those free from unethical animal ingredients, too.


We could say the beauty landscape is changing, but lets be real, it already has, OPI explains on its blog. Natural and clean products are no longer a nice-to-have in the industry, they are an expectation, and clients are becoming savvier and savvier in nail health. What does that mean? Theyre conscious of what ingredients go into their products, so its no surprise that this has become a global obsession thats growing rapidly.

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Opi Nature Strong Vs Nail Lacquer

Meet OPI Nature Strong, our first plant-based, natural origin nail lacquers. Featuring 30 natural nail polish shades and a natural top coat, these nail lacquers are ready to empower, inspire, and save the planet with every manicure. With bold colors rooted in nature, these natural origin nail polishes wear and shine just like the classic nail lacquers you love. Find out more about OPI Nature Strong.

Plant Pots By Ciat London

Ciaté London is a PETA-certified cruelty-free makeup company founded by prominent English businesswomen Charlotte Knight.

The brand has pledged to also become fully vegan in the future. To our joy, their Plant Pot nail polishes are already vegan-friendly.

Plant Pots are both elegant and artsy. We love all their rich vegan nail lacquers from romantic warm tones and bold bright ones.

The vegan nail polish is also made from 80% natural ingredients and infused with nail strengthening and ingredients such as biotin and bamboo extract.

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Nature Strong Opi Vegan Nail Polish

25% of women are worried about the chemicals in nail polish and most of them are interested in natural products. To meet their needs, OPI imagines Nature Strong , their 1st certified vegan nail polish formulated up to 84% with bio-sourced ingredients . No compromise on quality, the multiple shades of OPI Nature Strong varnish allow you to obtain a brilliant manicure that lasts up to 7 days . In addition to its responsible formulation, the packaging of Nature Strong varnishes are created from 100% recycled material and the bottles from 20% . For the preparation and the finish, there is only one product: the base & top coat . This 2-in-1 treatment reduces the number of products used. A + for us and for the planet! From the purest shades to the most colorful shades, Nature Strong presents a palette of 30 colors, each more crisp than the next.

Opi Debuts Its First Ever Vegan Nail Polish Line

Is OPI Cruelty

OPI just announced its first vegan nail lacquer line, developing 30 new hues in both shimmer and creme finishes. The companys Nature Strong products provide consumers with a completely cruelty-free nail polish option with a top coat sourced from plant-based ingredients. The innovative vegan product line uses sugar cane, wheat, potatoes, and manioc instead of the conventionally toxic ingredients that conventional nail products contain.

We could say the beauty landscape is changing, but let’s be real, it already has, the company wrote regarding its new product on its blog. Natural and clean products are no longer a nice-to-have in the industry, they are an expectation, and clients are becoming savvier and savvier in nail health. What does that mean? Theyre conscious of what ingredients go into their products, so its no surprise that this has become a global obsession thats growing rapidly.

Natural elements such as water, flowers, sunshine, vegetables, and fruits inspired the 30 new polishes, highlighting the natural and environmental core of this new line. The naturally inspired lien of polishes come in styles including Simply Radishing , Make My Daisy , We Canyon Do Better , and Spring Into Action .

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Ultimate List Of 80 Cruelty

This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Here is an updated list of cruelty-free and vegan nail polish brands. Ive been compiling this list since 2015 and what started as only forty vegan nail polish brands have now doubled to eighty in 2021!

This list of 80+ cruelty-free brands offering vegan nail polish can be overwhelming so Ive included a few of my personal recommendations of the best vegan nail polish. As well as, options for gel polish, water-based, and the most sustainable nail polish brands available!

This way, you can find exactly what youre looking for!

First, lets start by asking what makes traditional nail polish not vegan?

Is Nail Polish Toxic To Breathe

This is a great question! YES, there are a few vaporous toxic ingredients that will waft up while you’re painting your nails. Ingredients include toluene, formaldehyde, and camphor. A few of these are relatively benign but others can actually have an impact on brain functionality, respiratory health, and can cause headaches. If you know that you’re not going to give up your salon manicure but you are concerned about breathing in the chemicals, a filtering mask may be worth stashing in your purse for your weekly trip to the manicurist. If you are doing your own at-home manicure, another option to consider is to paint your nails by an open window!

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What Makes Nail Polish Vegan

The absence of animal ingredients makes nail polishes vegan. But what animal products are used?

Animal ingredients common in nail polish can include whats often labeled as pearl essence. This is also called guanine, which is derived from fish scales and helps to provide shimmery depth.

Other ingredients include carmine, a red coloring that comes from a beetle shell, oleic acid made from animal fat, and shellac, a resin from the lac bug that can also help create shine.

Theres also the issue of animal testing. Ingredients or finished products that undergo animal testingeither for efficacy or safetyare not considered cruelty-free. Some beauty brands will tout their products as cruelty-free, meaning no animal testing, but those products can still include animal ingredients. Products labeled as vegan generally mean no animal ingredients and no animal testing.

OPI says that despite the absence of animal ingredients, the products still perform as well as conventional polishes.


While many clients have made the switch to cleaner beauty, they have found that it comes at a costthe products they know and love arent performing as well as their newer, fancier, natural versions, making them have to decide whats more important: A polish that holds up? Or one thats packed with quality ingredients?

Faq About Vegan Nail Polish

OPI Mexico City // Vegan + Cruely Free Swaps

Is nail polish vegan?

Nail polish can be vegan but it often is not. The typical ingredients that make a nail polish not vegan are shellac, guanine, carmine, and oleic acid.

Can vegans wear nail polish?

Yes. Vegans can wear nail polish if the nail polish is vegan, i.e. free of animal products and not animal tested.

What nail polish brands are vegan?

Zoya, Barry M, Ere Perez, Deco Miami, Piggy Paint, and Pacifica are all 100% vegan nail polish brands.

What is the best vegan nail polish?

The best vegan nail lacquer is the Zoya nail polish. The brand makes great quality vegan nail polish that is also free of harsh chemicals.

Is vegan nail polish better?

Yes. Vegan nail polish tends to be more natural, cleaner, and free from shady animal-derived ingredients. Better for you, better for the planet.

Where can I buy vegan nail polish?

You can find the best selection of vegan nail polishes online, especially on Amazon.

What is the best drugstore vegan nail polish?

The best drugstore vegan nail polishes are Zoya, Piggy Paint, and Pacifica.

Is gel polish vegan?

Gel polish can be vegan if it is free from animal by-products and not tested on animals.

Is OPI nail polish vegan?

No. OPIs nail polish can contain animal by-products. OPI is also owned by the company Coty that tests on animals.

Is Maybelline nail polish vegan?

No, Maybelline products are not vegan since the company tests on animals.

Is Butter London nail polish vegan?Is NYX nail polish vegan?Is Kiko nail polish vegan?

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Vegan Nail Polish Remover

Many of the brands mentioned above also sell vegan and cruelty-free nail polish remover . Brands such as Karma Organic, Ella + Mila, and Zoya all make popular nail polish removers. Consider investing in reusable cotton rounds for removing polish to keep your manicures and pedicures as low-waste as possible.

Is Nail Polish Toxic Only When It Makes Contact With The Skin

You may think that your nail serves as a protective barrier against nail polish and that it can only be absorbed when it comes into contact with your skin. However, while your skin is more porous than your actual nail, chemicals CAN pass through either barrier. What does this mean? It means that while the toxins in nail polish will pass through your skin at a greater rate, they can also still pass through your nail. So, if you’re still married to your conventional nail polish, be careful to only paint on the nail.

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Opis Nature Strong Collection

OPIs Nature Strong collection features 30 highly pigmented shades inspired by the earths natural elements, with cute and sassy names such as Let Nature Take Its Quartz , Spring Into Action , Shore is Something! , Simply Radishing , A Bloom with a View , Onyx Skies , Right as Rain , Once and Floral , Make My Daisy , and Achieve Grapeness , as well as a top coat for lasting color protection. Each shade retails for $11.50 per 15 mL bottle, offers up to seven days of wear and shine, and can be removed with lacquer remover. In addition to its vegan formula, the nail polish is bottled in sustainable packaging made from 20% post-consumer recycled materials.


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