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How Much Money Do Nail Techs Make

Where Can You Work As A Nail Tech

Nail Technician Salary – How Much Money Does a Nail Technician Make?

A nail technician can work in many different settings. There are the more familiar ones, such as a nail or hair salon, and others that may surprise you:


Whether standalone or within a gym, health center, or hotel, many spas contain nail stations.


Large airports around the country sometimes have small nail care stations where patrons can get manicures or pedicures before or after a flight.

Cruise Ship

If you have a sense of adventure, you might consider working on a cruise ship! These ships usually offer guests nail services on board.

Nail Tech Instructor

If you enjoy what you do and want to educate others, why not bring that passion to teaching? Additional education and experience in the field may be required to be an instructor in a nail tech program, per your state.

Doctor’s Office

You might be able to find work helping patients with specific health issues in a podiatrists office.

Some nail techs choose to operate their own salon or mobile business, too.

Try Mobile Nail Services

A mobile nail technician is a hot commodity. As a mobile nail tech, you drive throughout your area of choice and deliver your services to your client. In many cases, this level of catering to your clients can come with the promise of good payment.

In addition to doing a nail treatment for just one client, you can also offer your services as a package. Having a nail painting party is a fun all-ages activity, from birthday parties for little ones to bachelorette gatherings. You can also work out the packages beforehand, which is helpful and offers some room for you to negotiate and upsell .

You can also bring a bag of products, like polish kits, to sell during your mobile service treatments as well.;

How Much Does Esthetician School Cost

Esthetician School Average Costs

Basic esthetician training takes roughly six months to complete. Expect to pay approximately $4,000 to $6,000 in tuition and fees at a community college and $6,000 to $12,000 at a private school. In-state students should be charged less than out-of-state students at community colleges.

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Consider A New Job Location

Nail technicians who work for larger companies may earn a higher hourly wage than those working for small local businesses. You may also consider working for a hospitality company or resort, where services are often more expensive and technicians can receive higher tips. Working for a hospitality company may also help you earn a higher starting wage. Beauty salons and shops may also offer nail services, so positions may be available at these locations.

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Complete A Cosmetology Program

How Much Do Nail Techs Make?

If you didnt have a cosmetology program in high school, then youre going to want to find one now that youve graduated.

Most licensing boards require you to pass a training program.

Youll be able to find these types of programs at community colleges, technical colleges and cosmetology schools.

Some of the classes that youll take throughout this program may include: cosmetology chemistry, disinfection and sanitation, artificial nails, and nail disorders

While in school, youll want to build your portfolio, which will showcase your talents in the area.

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Is It Hard To Become A Nail Tech

Pursuing A Career

Objectively, the hardest part of pursuing your career as a nail technician will come after you complete the training courses and exams. This is where your real skills will be put to the test. The most important part of this step is gaining as much experience and exposure in the industry as you can.

How Big Is The Nail Salon Industry

The nail salon industry in the UK is big. It provides a continuous and reliable source of income for nail technicians and nail salon business owners.

The best thing about this business is that its repetitive. Its not a one-off kind of service; customers come back over and over again. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of customers go back to the same salon as frequent as once every week.

The number of nail salons that are opened in the UK has grown by nearly 60% in 2016 alone. Its a multimillion-pound industry, and its high time you consider having a piece of the cake. Lets jump right into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

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How Much Do Salon Owners Make

On average, the annual salary range for salon owners in the U.S. is around $67,000, but that depends on several factors, we explore in more detail below. On the low end, salon owners could expect to earn around $35,000 per year, while the most successful salons could bring in around $120,000 in annual income or more.

You May Not Be Able To Save Enough Money For Retirement

How much do nail techs make a day| (real dollar amounts)

Nail technicians are often also not able to save and invest enough money in a retirement fund.

Consequently, once they get older, they will often not have enough financial capacities to cover their expenses and this means that you have to worry about old-age poverty on a constant basis.

Hence, if you want to have financial peace of mind, you should not become a nail technician but rather go for a career that pays significantly more.

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How Much Money Can You Make Working As A Nail Technician/ Salon Owner

Nail technician jobs are always in demand across the UK. From manicures to pedicures and threading, they offer a full range of facial services and treatments. If wondering How much money can you make working as a Nail technician/ Salon Owner, the answer is based on several factors.

;According to industry experts, self-employed nail technicians make nearly £4,000 less per year than regularly employed technicians. Whether on contract or in-house, technicians can easily make well over £52,000 per year. With this in mind, self-employed businesses may offer optimal freedom but less money due to overhead and finding clients on a daily basis.

;Nail technicians that wish to earn more have to be willing to work hard. This means networking with other technicians to take advantage of available opportunities. They also need to stay abreast of all the latest industry developments and trends. This can include new nail salon techniques, technologies, and especially client procurement and fulfilment services.

;Nail salon owners can literally earn hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. This, however, depends on the business branding, location, as well as visibility to new and existing clients. They also must have a strong advertising and marketing campaign both on and off the Web. Owners must also stay ahead of the curve by tapping into all current and burgeoning trends.

How Much On Average Does A Nail Technician Make

Has it always been your dream to become a nail technician or own a nail salon but you dont know if you can live comfortably on a nail salon income?

Well, youve come to the right place.

Learn how much an average nail technician or nail salon owner makes and turn your dream into a reality. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the questions you have about a nail salon career including earnings, working hours, day-to-day activities and the type of skills required.

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Nail Technician Education Requirements

These job responsibilities may look deceptively easy, but a nail technician also must follow health and safety protocols and learn how to work under sanitary, if not pristine, conditions. This is why most states require nail technicians to undergo training before taking an exam before obtaining a license. This license also must be kept current to continue working in the industry.

Requirements vary from one state to another. But in Illinois, for example, says that aspiring nail technicians must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have completed at least 10th grade
  • Graduate from a nail technology program that includes at least 350 hours of training and coursework

Understandably, most applicants are eager to know how long it might take to complete such a program. The answer depends on whether you go to school part time or full time, meaning that it could take as little as four weeks to several months. To find a program that best fits your lifestyle, it pays to explore programs offered at community and technology colleges and cosmetology schools as well as those offered online, Vocational Training HQ says.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn As A Nail Technician

How Much Do Nail Techs Make?

As a nail technician, tips can vary between 15%-25% of the total bill.; According to our research, 90% of customers tip nail technicians. These tips make up a portion of the average nail technicians pay, which is around $13.30/hour.

According to US News, the overall median salary for a nail technician is $23,230.; The states that have the highest median salaries are as follows:

  • Minnesota $36,580
  • District of Columbia $31,430
  • Wisconsin $30,720

The states that have the lowest tips and salary are Alabama and West Virginia which have a median salary of $18,824 and $17,799 respectively.; These lower salaries reflect the lower cost of nail technician services, which in turn lead to lower tips in proportion to the total ending bills.

Tipping for nail technicians can be broken down with two main items: manicures and pedicures.; Manicures ; on average bring about $3.50 in tips per session, but this varies depending on the state, customer, and salon type .; Pedicures on the other hand tend to be more expensive and bring in around an average of $6 per session in tips .;Research also shows the fluctuations in how much experience can play a role in getting more tips and higher wages.; In the chart below, the commission refers to the tips that can be received by a nail technician per year. The ones who display aggressive marketing and larger brand presence via social media can receive up to $24,240 a year in tips!

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Supplies Equipment And Staff

These three may also affect how much money you make. Striking a balance will always result in the most profit.

We strongly suggest investing in quality equipment, because that means you wont have to keep purchasing salon chairs or nail stations after trying to save money by purchasing cheap ones.

The staff is very important, but you also need to be wise and strike a fine balance, if you wish to keep making money. Hiring a few untrained people to get the ball rolling will help keep expenses down, but this may seem like a bad investment in the long term.

You could also go the other way round by hiring a handful of trained professionals, but the true question here is whether you can afford them.

Learn What Your Nail Tech School Costs

When looking into how to become a licensed nail tech, it’s only natural to ask yourself, “How much does it cost to become a nail tech?” You may notice during your research that costs of nail tech programs vary. On average, nail tech school costscan range from $2,000 to $5,000.

Depending on the specific program, you’ll also need to spend money on books and supplies.

A few different variables go into the overall cost of a program. You’ll want to consider if the program:

  • Is part-time or full-time
  • Is at a branded institute
  • Helps you reach the hours you’ll need to get certified

Some schools also may help to arrange an apprenticeship program. In that case, you could work with an experienced nail tech professional to learn the ins-and-outs of the trade.

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Take Your State Board Exam

Each state has different laws around what’s required to become a certified nail technician.

Some states have written board exams, while others include a practical exam to evaluate the skills you learned in your program.

Once you take your exam and pass, you receive your certification. Congrats! You’re one step closer to becoming a nail tech.

We’ll discuss more on what can help make you successful later on, but first, let’s talk about protecting your business.

S To Become A Nail Technician

Make More Money as a Nail Technician | 5 Mistakes

Nail technicians need to complete the following three steps to legally work in the field:

1. Apply to a nail technician program.Applicants will typically need to be at least 16 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED. However, age and education stipulations vary, and some regions dont have any prerequisite requirements at all. Some states also have a good moral character clause – for example, Michigan asks applicants to confirm they have the ability to serve the public in a fair, honest, and open manner. Youll want to refer to your states board of cosmetology or health board for specific guidelines before applying to a program.

2. Complete a nail technician program.Next, you must complete a state-approved program, successfully passing the necessary courses and completing the required number of training hours. Some states allow students to take on apprenticeships instead of going through a traditional program, but youll usually need to fulfill a lot more training hours on this route. On top of class time, youll also have training hours, where youll apply what youve learned on real-life clients under the supervision of an instructor. Many programs can be completed in three to nine months.

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Can I Run A Nail Business From Home

If youre planning to launch your own business, one of the best things about working as a nail technician is that you can work from home. Its not necessary to open a salon and pay thousands of dollars in rent unless you want to. But you still need to have adequate equipment and comply with the laws.

You Dont Have To Work At Nighttime

Another upside to a nail technician career is that you will also not have to work in the evening or at nighttime.

Quite often, you will just work 9 to 5 and will therefore come home rather early while many other people still have to work for a few more hours.

Consequently, you will have more than enough time to meet up with your favorite people after work or to spend some quality time with your family.

In fact, nail technicians have a great work-life balance in general and becoming a nail technician can therefore make quite a lot of sense for you in case money is not that important to you and you rather want to have plenty of leisure to spend with your loved ones.

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Is Doing Gel Nails At

Also, both methods take some practice to get right, but I personally think the UV curing process is easier and works a bit better. If you dont mind spending a little extra time on your manicure, an at-home gel manicure may be a great alternative and can certainly save you some money versus going to the salon.

Find A Niche To Dominate

How Much Money Can You Make Working As A Nail Technician ...

Are you good at a particular kind of nail art or nail shape? Do you know how to service diabetic clients with a dry pedicure that doesnt require metal objects? When you find something that no one else is doing in your city, you can dominate that service. And because no one else is doing it you can charge more for specialized services or in demand looks that no one else knows how to do.

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How To Run A Salon

If youre dreaming of running a nail salon, first you need to develop quite a few skills and learn some new things. Earning so much money doesnt come easy, but once you get there it will feel great knowing that youve made it all on your own.

A solid business plan that covers different aspects of the business is the essence of such profitability. First off, we suggest going to work at another nail salon, so that you can learn from there. See how things run, learn a few tricks, and slowly plan out how youre going to get your own little empire going.

Upselling Services During Booking

The idea of upselling services during booking is a tactic used by many nail technicians and manicurists. The key with upselling is to find the sweet spot you dont want to pressure your client, but you also want to let them know what other services are available.;

A full spa manicure, for example, with a massage, costs more than a classic manicure or polish change. For you, as the nail tech, this service may not seem too different. For the customer, however, its a chance to bask in something luxurious. If youre on the hunt for ideas on how to make money as a nail technician, upselling mani/pedi combos, spa services, or nail art is a good technique to master in order to increase nail business sales.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when working on the art of upselling.

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Manicurists Can Make People Happy

Since you can approve the looks of people, you can also make many people happy.

We all want to look as best as possible and nail technicians can contribute their part to the overall appearance of a person.

In turn, if you do your job the right way, your clients may have better chances in the dating market or also in various other parts of life.

Hence, even if you only make a little contribution to the overall picture, you can still have a positive impact on the lives of many people if you are really good at what you are doing.


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