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What Is Color Street Nails

Overview Of Color Street

What Are Color Street Nails?

Founded in NYC, the idea for Color Street was developed when Fa Park witnessed a woman stuck in traffic attempting to paint her nails. Watching her struggle and considering what would happen to her nails when she got out of the cab, he wondered if there was a better way to get great-looking nails without the mess and drying time.

After experimenting with layering nail polish on paper, Park found a way that a bottom coat could stay tacky and adhere to a nail, while the top could remain dry to the touch. This was all back in 1988!

The brand has grown throughout the past 30 years, starting with solid shades and changing with modern needs to include fun graphics, prints, and a boatload of glitter. Today, Color Street is sold through a direct sales platform, pairing customers up with Independent Stylists who assist in the picking and purchasing process.

The company, which is now a division of Incoco, is located in New Jersey where its 100% real nail polish strips are made. Before we get into the brands expressive products, this Color Street nails review will fill you in on its pros and cons.

Comparison: Color Street Vs Incoco

Color Street isnt the only brand on the market to make nail polish strips, but it does things a little differently from its competitors in terms of style and materials. In this section of our Color Street nails review, well be doing a quick comparison between the brand and Incoco.

Before we get started, we must tell you that Incoco is actually the parent company of Color Street, but it does carry its own namesake collection, as well as one called Coconut Nail Art. Well be looking at the differences between the two collections to see what the major variances are in terms of quality, style, and price.

Ok, lets get started. Incoco nail polish strips are only available for purchase through Ulta Beauty and Walmart. So unlike Color Street, you wont be able to buy them from the website.

In terms of style selection, Incocos lineup looks to be slightly different, wed say perhaps more modern. Art like arrows, mini hearts, polka dots, and tie-dye marbling adorn its strips.

When looking at heart-decorated polish strips offered by each brand, Incocos hearts are rounded, while Color Streets are pointynuances that may not sound like much, but in terms of design, they do matter and contribute to a brands overall aesthetic.

Both lines use 100% real nail polish for their strips and each one has three layers: a base, overlay, and topcoat. Both can be removed using regular nail polish remover. Walmart shows a $7 price for Incocos nails, while a similar Color Street design is $12.

Color Street Nails An Honest Review From A Non

Now that I know the ends and outs of Color Street nail strips Im going to share my honest thoughts about the product. Youll get the pros and the cons in this Color Street nails review.

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Things We Dont Like About Color Street Nails

  • It seems that you can only buy Color Street Nails from a Color Street Rep. So you cannot buy them directly from the store. Luckily, there are tons of Color Street Reps in lots of different areas. To find one, we recommend putting a post in your local Facebook group to see if anyone is close to you! Otherwise, there are other services online that can put you in touch with someone.
  • If you do not remove them properly, they can do some damage to the surface of your real nails. Since they are made with 100% nail polish, they should be removed with nail polish remover. If you peel them off instead, they can crack or slightly damage your real nails.

Our Favorite Color Street Nail Designs

Color Street Nail Strips

Now that you understand that hype of Color Street, allow us to introduce you to a few of our favorite sticker sets. Since there’s a limit of two per orderthey’re super popular, so the brand had to limit shoppers from snagging them all in one cartyou might just want to buy more than a few of the finds, below.

Its no secret that leopard print is a popular choice for 2020 and beyond. If youre not quite ready to rock leopard pants or boots, dip your toe into the trend with these fun nail stickers.;

Sparkle-lovers, these are for you! This platinum, glitter-dipped sticker set will make your nails look glam as can beand with very little effort!

You dont have to pick a design! Color Street also offers a variety of on-trend seasonal shades that make matching your mani to the weather a piece of cake .;

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What Is Color Street

If you havent heard of Color Street yet, I am excited for you because your journey to having pretty nails just got way easier. Color Street;is a brand of 100% nail polish strips that apply with no heat and no special tools, and are dry-to-the-touch immediately. They last up to two weeks and respond to regular nail polish remover. You can use them on your fingers and your toes.

Each set has 16 double-ended strips and ranges from $11-$14. Such a deal for an easy, smudge-free mani, you guys. They offer a wide range of solid colors, glitters, nail art and French tips, and Ill say the new fall shades they recently released are on point.

Alternatives To Color Street Nail Strips

Id heard a lot of good things about Color Street Nails, but what are the alternatives? How do the nail strips work and which ones are easiest, healthiest and longest-lasting for my nails? In this post I will review Lily & Fox, Dashing Divas, Incoco as well as Color Street nail polish strips.

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Color Street Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Nail polish strips seem pretty straightforward, but we need to hear from customers to understand what theyre really like. Thats why in this section of our Color Street nails review, weve compiled the results of a thorough web search for helpful feedback. Youll find information about the brands quality and customer serviceto help you shop with confidence.

While its news to us, you may have heard of something called the Color Street Challenge. Its where you use the brands nail polish strips on two of your nails, and paint the rest with regular polish to see how they hold up.

A Color Street nails review on Splendry revealed the results of a few members after they accepted the challenge.

Overall, members had similar results, which sounded like, the glitter nails stayed on without chipping or peeling until I removed them two weeks after application. The painted nails chipped on the second day after application. Color Street out-performed regular polish!

Were there any issues? Not many, but a few members had issues with the Color Street application process.

One said, It took me a couple of attempts on different applications to really get the hang of how to get them applied. Others said that the tutorial video really helped and that after they figured it out it took about 10 seconds to apply.

  • 5 stars 81%
  • 2 stars 1%
  • 1 star 2%

All in all, wed say these strips are awesome. But what about the 3% who disliked them?

Color Street Nails Review

How To Apply Color Street Nails

Color Street nail strips come, not just in a rainbow of colors, but accented with a celebrations worth of glitter, graphics, and a range of finishes too. Well show you some of the brands best-selling nail strips below. They all come in packs of 16, so you can select the right size for each finger.

Diamonds are a sign of eternal love, or a girls best friend if youre a Marylin Monroe fan. One look at this polish and you may just fall head over heels. This Color Street Dripping in Diamonds is a clear strip thats been encrusted with glistening diamond-like glitter at the tips.

You can wear them on polish-less nails, or try out Color Street combos by altering on top of another color for an enhanced look. We love the thought of placing over crimson red, for a fun play on the winter seasonwhen the time approaches, that is. Youll be Dripping in Diamonds with this set for $13.

Though the color of this polish mimics the deserts of Giza, its anything but dry. With a cool, glossy shine, this neutral shade is a fan favorite thanks to its versatility. Though technically a basic color, Color Street Giza Sandsmakes nails pop.

Its that coveted shade you admire on the put-together woman who reaches out for her iced, non-fat, sugar-free, caramel macchiato in your local coffee shop, outfitted in popular, body-hugging activewear, with a cute, fluffy, white dog at her hip. If you pictured Kim K, you wouldnt be too far off.

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Review Of Dashing Diva Nail Strips

Price: $7

I found these in Walmart. I love that theyre available there. They are also available online.

Putting them on went well, except I felt like they didnt have very many large strips and I had to go with a smaller strip for my thumb.

Easy to reposition and nail still stuck well.

The strip was harder to file off I tried filing, but next time I think Id cut them with a nail clipper to see if it works better.

These strips seem thicker and more rubbery than the other brands.

The strips stayed on SO well. No chips, no cracking. Just my nail growing out til its awkward so I took them off. You can see in the picture above (top is day 1 and the bottom is at two weeks I had hardly ANY chipping and they looked great!

I used just a drop of cuticle oil and just pulled it off with a cuticle stick . I did also try nail polish remover. It didnt work quite as easily and I felt like it left extra goo on my nail.

Overall I didnt like removal as much as I liked the Incoco. I feel like it might not be AS healthy for your nail, but I havent tried them enough times to be sure

But, the nails looked better close up and I like all the options they have for accent nails. I was able to use quite a few of the nails on both the left and right of my hand, but not the for my thumbs. The strips dont seem quite as wide.

They also have a pretty good variety of nails if you shop in their online store, and I like all the accent nail options.

Making Money With Color Street

Color Street is considered part of the beauty industry which is a huge market across the globe. However, can Stylists make money by selling only one product? Of course, that product is available in hundreds of different styles and variations. As with most all MLMs, the average Stylist makes little to no income by selling with the company.

According to the companys own Income Disclosure Statement, the average annual income for all Stylists in 2018 was $178.06. In 2018, just over 70% of Stylists received a commission or rebate while about 30% received nothing. On the high end, there are stylists earning more than $500,000 per year, but this accounts for only 0.03% of Stylists.

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Why Become A Stylist

Color Street was born of Fa Park’s vision to bring dazzling nail colors and designs to your fingertips with no mess and no fuss. His own successful experience in the direct sales field inspired him to introduce his revolutionary dry nail polish strips to the direct sales world, bringing colorful opportunities to Independent Stylists nationwide. With a variety of shades and nail art and a rotating selection of new and exciting offerings, Color Street nail polish strips are easy to wear and share and fun to sell. Join us at Color Street and be welcomed into an uplifting Stylist community supported with training guides, assets, and regular training video calls to help you to grow and shape your business on your time and on your terms. With patience, persistence, and passion, you can create the Color Street business that works to support you and your goals.

The Color Street Opportunity

What Is A Pyramid Scheme

Color Street Nails  How To Remove  Pretty Chic Nails ...

A company that recruits members by promising them payment for recruiting more members.

If the company doesnt offer any products or services then it is a pyramid scheme and these are illegal in almost every country.

This is because its impossible for everyone to make money from the company. Just check out the Wikipedia;diagram below

If you needed to recruit 6 members each to make money then after 13 levels the world has run out of people.

Color Street does offer a product that anyone can buy without needing to become a distributor.

Therefore, it technically is not a pyramid scheme.

However, it certainly still has signs of being a “pyramid scheme in disguise” because the only way you can make good money is by recruiting people.

This is explained in the short video below

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Faqs About Nail Polish Strips

Do you need to heat set them?

NO! That was the worst part of jamberry. And these are made from actual polish and just stick. Theyre awesome!

Do you think Color Street are Better than Incoco

Honestly, I couldnt notice a difference. Initially, I felt like there was less chipping at the top which is nice. Color Street has SO many more options though, so theres that.

Are these healthy for your nails?

Ultimately, probably not. You have to scrub harder than regular polish to get them off . I notice my nails are a bit more brittle after I use it. I also try to let my nails go au natural for a bit between strips.

How do you remove Color Street Nails?

Ugh, regular polish remover does NOT work well, and can damage your nails. My friend told me about the mineral remover I mentioned above and I LOVE it. So much better. Some of them I used a cuticle stick to take off too, with some cuticle oil.

Which did you like the least?

Lily and Fox by Far. Really, really bad.

Which did you like most?

Probably Dashing Diva. EXCEPT the rubbery-feeling nail part. That kind of bugged me. I like the feel of Color Street/Incoco more.

What do you recommend for a first timer?

I actually tell everyone to go to Walmart and get some Incocos see if you like how they feel/wear. If you like them, Id get more and get some Dashing Divas . Check out Color Street for more options as well!

What Is Included In A Set Of Color Street

First things first, let’s go over all that is included in each set of Color Street nail polish strips. In each set you will find:

  • Nail polish strips – 2 sheets with 8 different sized nail strips on each sheet
  • Prep pads – 2 packs
  • Mini nail file

In addition to there being 8 different sizes for the nail polish strips, they are also double-sided. Once the tab at the top is removed you will see that many of the strips have different shapes at the ends. This is so that you can find the closest match to the shape of your nail bed.

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Manicure Tips & Tricks

These are super-easy to apply, and the strips are in various sizes to fit a variety of nails. The back of each set features instructions. Here are just a few tips and tricks Ive learned work best, especially if you are trying them for the first time:

  • Have clean nails with no lotion or oils on them before applying. The nail strips include little alcohol wipes to prep your nails and help with adhesion.
  • Apply from pinky to thumb, in that order, using your thumbnail to remove the excess strip on the end. You can get two nails out of each strip! I find I only come back and file a bit at the end to clean up edges. A cuticle stick also works well to remove excess.
  • For the longest lasting results, apply right before bed. Theres no dry time, so you can pop right into bed without fear of smudging them, but then the strips have overnight to completely set.
  • The glitter styles are the most forgiving for your first application. Id choose one of those to start with!
  • If you love the solid colors best or the nail art without glitter, consider adding the Clear As Day strips as your 4th set that you get FREE with the promotion. It really adds longevity to the solid sets. I find the glitter sets dont need the Clear As Day.
  • I have been LOVING this non-acetone remover for being gentle on nails, but working great on removing polish before applying new ones. My nails have been much healthier after switching from acetone remover to this!

We Took The Color Street Challenge

How to APPLY Color Street nails

Love this? Share it!

Our Splendry contributors received samples as part of our Color Street reviews, all opinions are our own!

**After some reader feedback, we added one more review at the end to this post!**

Another day, another invitation to try a product one of your friends is selling, right? Whether youre getting inundated with Facebook party invitations or real-life party invitations, it can be pretty tough to know whats good, whats not, and when its time to start turning off your Facebook notifications!

MLMs have gotten a bad reputation over the years, and in some cases its warranted. However, we know there are some good companies and good products out there and were on a mission to find them and test them for you! The first on our list? Color Street reviews!

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