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P Shine Japanese Manicure Kit

The Japanese Manicure Ritual

Japanese manicure – PShine Crystal Nails

If you choose to go to a salon to get a Japanese manicure, expect a fair bit of ritual in the overall experience. It is supposed to be relaxing for the mind and the body, and a hand massage always helps!

The first step is to remove any old nail polish and cleanse and disinfect the nails with a warm fluid that contains beeswax. The nails are then filed and shaped to the desired length. You use a ceramic file for this, not a metal one.

Afterwards, its time to take care of the cuticles. Cuticles are softened using a jojoba oil blend, and pushed gently with a wood or ceramic cuticle pusher. This is much more gentle on the nails than cutting the cuticles.

Afterwards, the green paste is massaged into the nails and buffed firmly into the nail bed. This paste strengthens the nail bed and helps the nail become stronger. Youll use a dedicated deer or calfskin cloth for this, usually green, to avoid mixing it with the one used for the powder.

The second step is buffing the Japanese manicure powder sealer. This prevents the green paste from washing away, and gives the nails a glossy pink color. The powder is buffed with a pink deer or calfskin cloth.

This process can be repeated two or three times, depending on how damaged the nails are and the type of treatment.

To finish, a hand massage with essential oils encourages blood circulation and relaxes the hands. The process usually lasts less than half an hour.

How Soon Afterwards Can I Paint My Nails

If you cant live without color in your nails, worry not. A Japanese manicure is compatible with nail polish. However, you should wait a day or two before painting your nails. After the Japanese manicure your nails will be more oily than usual. Wiping all the nutrients with an acetone soaked cotton ball is not worth it.

As you can see, a Japanese manicure is totally worth your time. Even if you are a fan of acrylic of gel nails, a restoring treatment like this will help them stay in better shape. And if you prefer the natural look youll love the finish of this kind of manicure.

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How Long Does A Japanese Manicure Last

Eventually the cream and powder polish will wash out, particularly if you wet your hands a lot. After a week you may notice the shine starts to dull and it doesnt look like you just painted your nails anymore. If you want, you can just buff and clean your nails and apply another manicure again.

Otherwise, the protective film will stay in your nails for about two weeks. There is no removal process, the Japanese manicure will just slowly wash away with no need for nail polish removers or anything.

It has no side effects, so there is no real reason to wait in between treatments if it has faded. If you wash your hands very often it will go away quicker, so ideally use gloves when doing the dishes to protect your nails.

P Shine Nail Care Kit From Japan With Before & After Photos


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What Is A Japanese Manicure

In the simplest terms, a Japanese manicure consists of applying a special paste onto your bare nails, with a special powder to seal it in. But its actually so much more! There is a whole ritual for a Japanese manicure and its a very relaxing experience.

The products used on a Japanese manicure are all of natural origins. The paste is a mix of vitamins A and E, bee pollen, keratin and silica from the Sea of Japan. It has a characteristic green colour, and also contains different oils such as jojoba, bamboo, ylang-ylang, and red tea.

The other vital component of a Japanese manicure is the p. shine powder, which contains among other things diatomaceous earth and beeswax. Its used to seal the nutrients from the paste in and give the nails a slight pink sheen.

No metal tools or solvents are used at all. Only ceramic nail files and traditional deer skin polishing units and oils. The cuticles are pushed, not cut, and even the desinfecting liquid is made from natural and gentle ingredients such as beeswax. This makes it a very gentle type of manicure designed to make your nails stronger and healthier than before.

The end result is a pearlised shine and healthy and natural looking nails. For best results, you should have several Japanese manicures, about three weeks apart tops.

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I was 19 when I moved to Japan to pursue UC graduate work in Bhuddism. I lived at Ditokuji in Kyoto. Of course I had to shop in Tokyo at the Dimaru department store. My nails & hands & nails were a mess. My Japanese was marginal, but good enough to be shown P Shine system. Compact, great ingredients, a free manicure… I STILL HAVE MY P SHINE KIT. Im 70 now. Ive nearly no powders left I AM THRILLED TO FIND THIS! You must get one its fabulous!

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Outstanding product & value!

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