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Where To Buy Olive And June Nail Polish

Overview Of Olive And June

Olive & June nail polish spring 2021 : worth the money? Or save your money?

The Californian lifestyle entails a lot of stereotypes: incessant veganism, the influencer lifestyle, and the naive aspirations to get into acting. While none may be true, I think we can all agree that Los Angeles is an image-focused community.

From designer-clad avenues of Rodeo Drive to the rise of plastic surgery, clothes, hair, and skincare are considered vital elements in keeping ones reputation.

Surprisingly enough, theres a shortage of high-quality nail salons in Los Angeles. Founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle quickly realized this in the mid-2000s- which especially sucked since she was known as a mani-obesee.

And so, it was only natural that she would establish her own boutique in 2013. Naming the company after her great-grandmother and grandmother, Olive and June sprouted in the heart of Beverly Hills.

In an inspiring quote left by the brand, Olive and June states that itll continue to boost morale by offering its colorful collection of polishes: We believe no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or what you wear, you can have a perfect manicure that makes you feel like your best self. Olive & June is here to make that beautiful feeling happen for everyone.

Before we get into this Olive and June review, lets go over some initial pros and cons:

Olive & June Limited Edition Cupcakes And Cashmere Collaboration

Ive watched Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere share her own at-home mani tips for years and now she has her own Olive & June collection. Its my favorite collection of theirs so far because its so good for starters, with two neutrals, two reds, a bright coral, and a muted mauve for Fall . So, if youve been curious but dont know what shades to pick, this is a REALLY good collection to start with.

Is Olive & June worth it?

The brush for the Olive & June nail polish has a very natural, wide, fan-like shape. Olive & June really excels at these small details. Our nails are rounded at the base, so why arent most polish brushes? The large fan also helps you cover more area in fewer strokes, which helps maintain the longevity of your manicure.

I have found a few of the other shades of Olive & June nail polish, such as the red SC shade, to be just ok. Its not as thick, opaque or glossy, which, in my opinion, is what really gives the salon look.

So, I personally recommend the creamy neutral Olive & June nail polish shades most highly.

I also note that Olive & Junes nail polish chips less than ANY brand I have used, and when it does chip, its usually very minimal at the edges, where I struggle to cap the edges of my short nails with nail polish, as recommended.

So, all in all, I am VERY happy with Olive & June nail polish.

Whats The Deal With Olive And June Nail Polish

Right off the bat I want to say I am not a nail salon kind of a gal. I really dont love paying to get my nails done because its pricey and my nails grow so crazy fast that Id be going weekly. Salon nails just dont make sense for me. I love doing my mani at home, but was super curious when I heard of a new polish brand on the scene and I couldnt find many Olive and June reviews out there.

I took the plunge and ordered a few colors. Ive been painting my nails with exclusively Olive and June nail polish for about a month now and wanted to share my own experience with this lil Olive and June nail polish review.

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Olive And June Review Is It Worth It

Is Olive and June worth the hype? I wondered this for months before seeing for myself! I finally tried out this Instagram-loved at home manicure nail polish to share with you!

Im a nail polish junkie. I go through spurts when I paint my nails a new color a week and am constantly buying ALL the shades of every color! Its so fun trying out new beauty products and Ive had my eye on Olive and June for a while after spotting them on Instagram.

They so sweetly sent over a Treat Yourself box to try out so I wanted to share a full Olive and June review for you!

One thing that immediately caught my eye about Olive & June is their impeccable style. Theyre always showing amazing manicures (that I always thought was done by a pro until I discovered their DIY section on both their blog and Instagram.

Check out what’s in this post!

Olive & June Dry Drops

Pin by Olive &  June on Olive Your Mani

The one thing that I hate the most about painting nails is waiting for them to dry. I also have a toddler girl who LOVES getting her nails painted but unless shes watching a show, she HATES sitting quietly waiting for them to dry.

When Olive & June introduced their dry drops I immediately jumped on them. Just put a drop or 3 on your nails and theyre dry to the touch in 80 seconds and fully dry in half that time. Its easy to use and it actually works!

I still make my daughter wait a little extra before running around and Ive noticed they take a tad bit longer to be dry to the touch if your layers thick . But overall these dry drops are MAGIC!

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Olive And June Promotions & Discounts

This Olive and June review found out that customers can sign up for the brands loyalty program. Not only will you receive surprise gifts with your order, but it also comes with insider pricing for most of the companys products.

They also have a refer-a-friend program, in which buyers can receive a free bottle of nail polish by sharing their affiliate link.

Here Is My Experience With Olive & June Nail Polish:

Olive & Junes claim is that, We believe no matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or what you wear, you can have a perfect manicure that makes you feel like your best self. Essentially, they want you to have that salon manicure feeling at home. How do they do that?

First, they offer a full Mani System for purchase.

This system includes a Poppy , cuticle serum, nail polish remover, cleanup brush, nail buffer, clippers and file, super glossy top coat, and their nail polish. If you get the kit with one color polish it costs $50. If you get it with six colors it costs $80. .)

I dont know about you, but as a busy mom working a full-time job, when I manage to find time to paint my nails, its usually just enough time to file them a bit and paint them. I wouldnt use cuticle serum or a buffer, and I already own clippers, file, and remover. So for me, it made no sense to buy the whole system. So I just purchased a few individual colors. And was hoping that my $8.00 a bottlewas going to be worth it. When I purchased my polish, they were having a special, so I was sent a Poppy for free.

Second, Olive & June offer online tutorials.

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Nail Every #manimonday With Cheap Stick

Quality manicures can be expensive. Throw in some intricate nail art on top of the normal mani bill and a trip to the nail salon can add up to hundreds of dollars. And while it’s definitely cheaper to paint your nails at home, there’s no denying that it’s much messier. Enter: Nail polish strips and stickers.

Nail polish strips and stickers can give you an at-home mani option that skips the hefty price point. They’re mess-free, cheaper, and easy to apply to your own nails yourselfno nail technician required. Nail polish strips and stickers are the easiest and cheapest way to achieve that fancy nail art look you may want but don’t want to pay for. So where can you buy quality nail polish strips and stickers?

As you can probably imagine, is totally a top spot for buying nail polish stickers and strips. The online retailer has a massive variety of brands, colors, and styles, so you can find almost anything you want. Plus, buying on Amazon is significantly more cost-effective than, say, buying one or two sheets at a drug or beauty supply store. That’s because Amazon sells packs of nail polish strip and sticker sheets in bulk for low prices. Why buy one sheet for $5 when you can snag 14 sheets for less than $10?

Buy at Walmart.

What Is Olive And Junes Shipping Policy

An HONEST review of Olive & June Nail Polish | Unboxing, Trying it Out, Wear & Tear

This Olive and June review is happy to report they offer free shipping on orders that total $40 or more. They also provide expedited delivery for a select fee. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number via a confirmation email.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of its products, Olive and June does not offer international shipping at this time.

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How Did I Test Olive & June

The Olive & June Mani System includes six nail polishes and the tools you need for a manicure.

To get a feel for Olive & Junes polish and tool offerings, I opted for The Mani System. At the time of publication, this kit includes six polishes of your choice, a glossy top coat, a handle for the top of the polish brush, cuticle serum, a polish remover, a brush for cleaning when you color outside the lines, a nail buffer, a set of nail clippers, and a nail file. It all cost $80, which the company says is a value of $109. Considering I used to spend $40 per gel manicure, its a steal if it works.

At the time I tested, the polish line included pale colors, medium shades, deep tones, and metallics, all of which range from sheer to opaque in finish. Instead of typical cutesy nail-polish names, these polishes are identified by the initials of someone the owner knows or admires. I chose at least one shade from each of those categories to get a good cross section of the range: HD , GH , BI , CHM , CV , and OJSM . I then used each one at least once over the course of a few months, and tried all of the tools to give myself a manicure. This involved cutting, filing, and buffing my nails and trimming my cuticles. Im used to giving myself manicures but I usually use tools from the drugstore, so I was curious to see how Olive & June could improve my usual routine.

All In Is Olive And June Worth The Hype

I recognize this post is just a rant about a nail polish brand in a world where theres plenty of deeper, richer content that needs space but if you landed on this page for the real deal on the Olive and June hype. YEP. Theyre worth the hype.

The polishes are relatively affordable, give great shine and finish, and do last longer than a standard DIY at home manicure. Im into the entire situation and can confirm Olive and June is worth it.

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And There You Have It It’s Safe To Say These Are Some Of Olive & June’s Best And Most Inspired Shades To Date:

How to shop, you ask? The Hustle Collection polishes went live today on the Olive & June website, where they retail for just $8 a pop. I know! Choose a hue inspired by your personal fave girlboss, and another named after a female founder you need to research ASAP. Or, support them all and buy all six shades â you can never have too many nailpolishes, after all.

Heres How My Manicure Went:

Olive And June Nail Polish Where To Buy

1. I followed their directions on how to do your manicure.

The only steps I did not follow were using the buffer and cuticle serum. Otherwise I followed these steps outlined on their website. I will say that I did like the brush a lot. Its wider than other brands Ive used, so it was easier to spread the polish onto my nail. As for the Poppy, I didnt think it necessarily helped anything. I applied my polish both with and without it, and it really didnt make much difference to me.

2. I went about my normal routine each day.

This includes doing laundry, washing dishes, etc. All the things Id do with my regular $4.00 a bottle brand of nail polish. For the first three days, my manicure was perfect. Then on day four, it looked like this:

Now, they do say on their site that the manicure should last about five days. However, they also say, Aside from top coating every other day, try protecting your polish whenever your hands have do dirty or not so dirty work.Polish can chip from banging on your keyboard or while youre doing the dishes.Take precautions if you know youre going to put your polish in harms way. So I feel like they are saying I need to wear gloves when washing dishes, or type on my keyboard extra carefully. Ummmnot gonna happen. But I was disappointed that my nails started to chip on day four. Especially because all the people who Ive heard raving about Olive and June say that the polish lasts a long time.

Below is what my nails looked like on day five.

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Whats It Like To Use Olive & June Nail Tools

The Olive & June nail polish remover pot makes polish clean-up easier.

The tools in the Mani System make the kit worth it, even if the polishes chip after a few days of wear. Each one felt high quality and worked well for the purpose it was designed for . The main flaw with the tools is that they arent all sold individually. Some are only available in certain bundles with other tools and others you can only get in the Mani, Pedi, or Complete Systems. Here are my thoughts on each tool, ranked in order of how much I liked them:

Olive And June Nail Polish Perfect Home Manicure Experience

As great as it is to visit a nail salon to get a pro to do your manicure you are sure there wont be a mess, you will get exactly what you want or even better, and most importantly a pros guide it is definitely not a very affordable trip. Besides the cost factor, time is another critical deterrent when it comes to visiting a nail salon. Even for the best nail lovers for whom the cost isnt a problem, the time wont always be there. Also, circumstances may not allow such as we saw coronavirus lockdown. Therefore, it becomes important to be able to easily do your manicure at home anytime you want to.

Olive and Junes nail polishes easily come across as the real deal. The rich gloss, the amazing shine, the decent durability, and the cruelty level are all some of the attributes that keep nail lovers stuck to the Olive and June nail polish brand. Above all, being able to easily get a pro-looking manicure done at home with little effort and in a short time is what stands out for most of us that love this brand.

The poppy is the tool that makes this difference regarding home use of Olive and June nail polish. In 15 minutes or less, your nails will look like you just left a salon.

Olive and June Polish Kits and Shades of Nail Polish

How to use Olive and June Nail Polish

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Olive & June Vs Competitors

Before I review in-depth my thoughts on each component part of the Olive & June Manicure Kit, though, I would like to note other products I have unsuccessfully tried over the years in my attempt to attain the perfect at-home manicure:

  • Salon brand products
  • At-home gel manicure kit with UV light
  • So-called holy grail topcoats
  • Press on nails
  • Nail wraps
  • Clear nail glow

Ive always been a person who did my nails once a week and, until I got engaged in 2018, I just accepted that my nails would quickly chip and worsen as each week went on.

However, my now-husband proposed with his grandmothers diamond ring and I felt like I owed it to her to make the ring look its best on my hand. I bit the bullet and began getting regular gel manicures at the salon until the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

Never one to shy away from trying new things I purchased the Olive & June Mani System and have been thrilled with the results! I have no plans to return to the salon based on the quality of this system as well as my newfound joy for performing the steps recommended to create the perfect manicure.

Yes, its important to note that the perfect at-home manicure is a mixture of both quality ingredients and taking the time to self-care the right way. The Olive & June Mani System comes with instructions, and Olive & Junes website and social media have several learning tools as well.

With all that being said, lets dive into a review of the Olive & June Mani System and its component parts.


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