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How Long Do Color Street Nails Last

How Do You Stop Color Street From Chipping

How to make your color street nails last longer!

Color street nails have become the first choice for most women who dont have enough time to go to a manicurist. They can get saloon-like nail art by using color street nail strips without going to a saloon.

The easiest application process and affordable price make it the dearest nail art product for many women. But one downside of this nail manicure method that breaks all womens hearts is the chipping and cracking tendency.

Chipping after 8-10 days is normal but chipping before this time may not be acceptable for everyone.

If you prepare your nail properly before applying color street nails, you can get chipping-free nails for more than one week. Also, avoiding water-related work as much as possible makes the nails chipping free.

How I Get Nail Polish To Last

Since I stopped biting/picking at my nails about 3 months ago, I started to research tips for making nail polish last longer. Lucky for me , Color Streets 100% Nail Polish Strips last up to 14 days and they include a base coat, color/nail art coat, and a top coat. These are some of the other tips that I have found helpful:

Nail Wraps Compared To At

While I was at a family reunion one night, my niece was doing gel nails for all the girls, which was awesome.

They turned out great and they are wearing really well on my daughter.

It had to have taken DOUBLE the amount of time to do that gel nail thing vs the nail wraps because I did my color street set while they did theirs.

Yes, the gel thing is probably cheaper once you have the whole kit and are only buying the polish. But, yipes! The time!

Also, my daughter said it sting-d, I think after they put the top coat on.

A great finished product, just a lot of time. Id guess at least 1/3 an hour, and thats when someone else is painting your nails for you!

No ones nails lasted as long as the strips though, I find the strips to be much easier and longer lasting than at-home gel nails!

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Review Of Luna Nail Wraps

Price: $6ish

BTW use code PULLINGCURLS to save 25% at Luna Nails!

Putting the nail wraps on was a simple process. They feel VERY similar to Color Street and Incoco.

The one issue is that the top part of the nail doesnt tear off. We had to use nail clippers to cut around it. It was also a bit harder to get the backing and the clear sheet to tear off, but nothing too hard to handle.

Also, in comparison with Color Street, I couldnt use my finger nail to tear off the nail strip at my cuticle, it was a bit too thick. That being said Ive had a hard time with that on all the brands.

Wear was pretty good, this Instagram below shows some of the cute glitter ones I have and how they lasted .

A post shared by Hilary Erickson | Blogger on Oct 2, 2020 at 7:09am PDT

Luna Nail Pros

SO many cute colors and patterns and she gets new ones really frequently

Free, fast shipping

Lasted well, very little chipping

Came off easily with mineral nail polish remover.

Small business, which is always awesome to support!

Luna Nail Cons

Feel a bit more rubbery than color street they also seem thicker .

Application process was a bit harder than Color Street doesnt come off the backing and the top clear cover doesnt come-off as easily.

How Long Does Color Street Nails Last

One of the best things about Color Street nail strips is ...

Color street nails last up to 10 days without chipping and peeling off. Its possible to last up to 2 weeks, just need to keep a safe theme. It largely depends on you how long will they stay on your nails without cracking.

Some of your lifestyles may tend to peel off the nail strips earlier than you think. If you have to wash your hands constantly or have to do any work that pressurizes your nails, your nails wont last long more than one weak.

If you can avoid the touch of water as possible, you will surely be able to keep your nails lasting for up to two weeks. Some essential tips can extend the durability of the color street nails that you will find in the main point of the article.

Besides, the lasting time may vary for different brands. A quality-based nail strip will undoubtedly last longer than a low-quality one.

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Who Is Color Street For

Nail polish is great and so are manicures, but both have their downfalls. One is messy and the other expensive. Color Street gives you the best of both worlds, cutting down on the mess and the price while producing a salon-worthy manicure for under $15.

Color Street is an ideal option for those who like their nails to look goodeither all the time or for a special occasion. Because theyre mess-free, you wont need to wait around for them to dry and play around with thick coats of polish, uneven strokes, or shaky hands.

Youll also get to skip out on smudges after waiting 30 minutes for your polish to dry and finding out its still tacky. Thanks to the quick application and affordable price, wed say this brand is perfect for anyone who doesnt have time to mess around with at-home manicures or wants to save a few bucks per month on visits to the salon.

How Do I Make My Color Street Last Longer

This question is like the holy grail of Color Street problems. Everyone wants to know how to make their manicures last longer and its not specific to just Color Street users either. Following all the tips above as well as some others here, youll get good longevity. However, there are always things you can do to even enhance that.

Always make sure your strips are at room temp before application to avoid Color Street problems. If theyre cold they will be brittle and will not want to stick to your nail. Make sure to always push your cuticles back and apply the Color Street strips to the nail ONLY! If you have any of the strip on the skin or cuticle the strip will eventually lift and chip off. If youre using liquid top coat always remember to cap the tip which means to apply nail polish over the tip the nail to seal it all above and below.

Let me know what other Color Street problems you come across! I want to help you get the best out of this amazing nail polish.


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How To Keep Your Nail Strips Fresh

Did you know that Color Street nail strips are 100% nail enamel and will dry out if not stored properly? Color Street is actually intended only for a 1 time use. However, many of us stylists have found if stored properly, your extra nail strips can be used again at a later date! Simply put your strips back in the original plastic sleeve, then reseal tightly with packing tape. Or you can take a lighter and heat the plastic, then without burning your fingers firmly press on the packaging until it completely resealed. You can also use a hair straighter to do this.

Why Are My Color Street Nails Not Sticking

How to Save Color Street Nail Strips

If this is one of your main Color Street problems, let me tell you that youre not alone! Again, this is another huge problem I see from people and most of the time it is a problem with application. Your skin produces a lot of natural oils that keep it hydrated and healthy. You know all those fingerprints you see on windows and stainless appliances? Thats your skin oil. In order for Color Street to stick properly your nail must be free of these oils.

One of the very first steps to Color Street application is using an alcohol prep pad and one is included with every set. However, if after doing this step the strips still arent sticking there are other things you can do to remove that oil.

The next step I recommend is washing hands with soap and water making sure to get into the crevices around the cuticle. This will usually do the trick, but if thats still not good enough or your nails still look shiny you can rub acetone nail polish remover over them. While I dont usually like to recommend acetone remover it is very good at drying things out which is what your nails need if theyre oily.

Another tip that Ive seen other Stylists recommend is a base coat with Color Street. The strips seem to grip better when using one if they have oily nailbeds. Using a base coat in general is a good thing for your nails as well. Ill mention this again later, but when using a strengthening base coat it can help prevent your nails from peeling and breaking due to weakness.

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Help How Do I Get Them To Stay Longer

It may take one or two applications before you become a pro, and if you have trouble please contact me!

First, always follow all the tips and guidelines in this email to ensure proper application. And make sure to check out the application video at the bottom!

*Prep pads come in every set of strips. Make sure to use them before you apply. This will ensure that all excess oils are removed from your nail-beds.

*Make sure to press firmly around ALL edges to assure that the nail enamel is stuck properly to your nail. Otherwise lifting can occur which can cause shipping. The first time I applied I did not press firmly enough around my cuticle and my hair kept getting caught under the nail strips.

*Do not apply any time of lotion or oil 30 minutes before or after application.

*Make sure the strips are not too hot or too cold. I find if they are at room temperature of 70 degrees or so they apply perfectly!

*My new favorite thing is to apply our Clear as Day nail strip over all of my nails. This has made my strips last longer and keeps them looking more beautiful!

Color Street Vs Dashing Diva Nail

  • Ease of application-goes to Color Street but only by a tiny margin.
  • Longevity-there is no contest-Dashing Diva. By the third day the Color Street were starting to show wear. After one week, I replaced the color street nails with the dashing diva strips. It has been two weeks since I put the original DD strips on and they still look great!
  • Cost-Hands down the Dashing Diva were a better bargain. Not only were they less expensive at the outset, they lasted twice as long if not longer.

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Suggestions And Tips For Using Color Street Nails

  • Apply prior to going to bed to avoid getting Color Street strips wet for several hours, and to allow the polish to set.
  • For best results apply at room temperature.
  • When ready to remove, do not peel Color Street off your nails. Use nail polish remover. Mineral Fusion is a good one to try.
  • If you would rather soak off, put some warm water in a bowl and put Mineral Fusion in a plastic baggie and soak.
  • Buff nails in-between applications, and apply cuticle oil.
  • If your nails are dry, instead of using the provided prep pad, simply wash hands in Dawn dish soap.
  • Apply to your pinky finger first and work your way to your thumb. In this manner, you can use your thumb to help apply Color Street polish strips to your other fingers.
  • For stronger adherence, apply your own base coat before applying Color Street.
  • For longer lasting results, apply a clear top coat after Color Street is set, and then reapply every couple of days.
  • Why Would You Choose The Color Street Nails

    How Long Do Color Street Nails Last In Package / And here ...

    Who else doesnt want to get salon-like perfect nails without spending a lot of money or time? Color street nails have become more popular day by day. It has multiple reasons why you would choose these nails.

    The most favorite thing about this nail art method is you dont have to be a professional to use them. You can apply them without having professionals skills.

    Besides, you can get them at a cheap price. How amazing to get a high-quality product at an affordable price is!

    The application process is too easy as you can apply them without spending a lot of time. Another important thing about this nail art product, it lasts easily up to two weeks without chipping and cracking. No need for huge time to do your nails done.

    It has thousands of designs and colors to apply to your nails. You can play with those designs with your preference. The good news is color street nails are not harmful to natural nails.

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    How Do Color Street Nails Work

    Color Street Nails can be confusing at first. For years of using traditional nail polish, even we were boggled by the idea! But it really isnt all that difficult once you learn more about it.

    Color Street Nails come in packs of 16 strips to ensure that each size sticker is able to fit each of your nail sizes. They stick to the nails and then you cut off the excess. From there, you will likely still have some of the sticker hanging over. To get rid of this, you can easily file it off with a nail file!

    The Temperature Of The Color Street Nails

    It should be at a normal temperature. If the strips are too hot, the strips will sticky its too hard to apply excessive sticky nail strips. On the other hand, if the strips are too cold, they will become stiff, and stiff nail strips are cant adhere to nails properly. They tend to come off quickly.

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    Color Street Nail Strips Review: Do They Work

    Now that my nails have become longer and healthier, Im finding joy in at-home manicures again. Ive only recently gotten on board with the whole nail wrap craze after my first ever successful attempt earlier this year. Now that Im not a beginner at the process, Im finally venturing into other brands in hopes of finding more ways to dress up my nails easily.

    Recently, a pile of new designs of Color Street nail strips landed in my lap. These looked particularly interesting, and unique from other nail wraps Ive tried, as theyre made up entirely of actual nail polish theyre not just stickers. The strips are polish thats almost completely dry, but has enough flexibility to stretch a bit before setting completely.

    Something to note: Color Street is a brand that is sold through independent representatives, but they also sell directly on their website if you dont live near a nail stylist or just dont want to deal with in-person sales.

    Since the strips are made out of real nail polish, theyre thin and very delicate. It took a bit of time for me to get used to handling them, as Im used to a thicker plastic feel with the brand I previously used. Because they stretch easily, its also easy to tear them. I tore the first one I tried applying, because it got stuck to my finger and it ripped in half when trying to peel it off my skin. Also, theyre not as forgiving if you need to adjust mid-application, as peeling them off the nail can stretch them out too much.

    How To Cut Off The Nail Wrap

    How to make your Color Street nails last longer!

    With an of them, youll need to cut it off the end of your nail somehow.

    With all of the brands, I preferred clipping the ends off often taking a bit of my nail off with it.

    I know they say to wrap it around your nail and then use the filing board to file it off. But that always left me with jagged ends, I thought.

    I already dont love them for the first 24 hours or so, but using a nail clipper helps a lot.

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    How To Fix Tip Wear On Color Street

    Color Street is made from 100% nail polish and is 95% dry at application. On occasion you will notice that as they cure there is a little bit of shrinkage which can look like wear at the tip of your nail . Here are a few tips to help avoid it happening and how to fix it when it does.

    • When applying the nail strip be sure to fold the polish over the nail and break it away without pulling. You want to score the polish strip with your fingernail or a file first and then remove it.
    • Try leaving a little bit of the polish folded under the nail for at least 30 minutes to prevent the polish from pulling back while it cures. You can then file in a downward motion to remove the extra polish.
    • Apply them at night right before you go to bed so that they can fully cure without the risk of water or heat exposure before they are fully dry.

    What Are Color Street Nails

    Since I hadnt heard of Color Street, I wonder if you havent either. So lets talk about the company for a minute:

    Color Streets birth place is NYC in 1984. Their creator, Fa Pack, saw a woman struggling to polish her nails in a New York City cab. He thought that there has to be an easier way.

    Upon discovering there wasnt, he decided to make a better way. He experimented with lots of different techniques of putting polish on surfaces until he found his formula.

    The Color Street nail strips are made with 100% real nail polish. They are not vinyl like other brands. This means they can be removed with nail polish remover. When done properly Color Street does not damage the nail like acrylics do.

    Fa started his company trying to make direct sales. He eventually realized to get them to the public the way he wanted he was going to have to go to the party sale platform.

    One of the companies goals is to celebrate entrepreneurs. Those that decide to sell the nails are called Stylist. The nails are also manufactured here in the USA.

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