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How To Hang Shelves Without Nails

Surprisingly Brilliant Ways To Use Command Strips

IKEA Lack shelf no drilling no nails on wall UPDATE

Being a renter means you sometimes need to get a little creative with your decor and organizing to ensure you dont damage your rental space and risk losing your security deposit.

While it can seem like your options are limited, there are a lot of damage-free and creative solutions to ensure that your space is looking flawless, incredibly organized, all without upsetting your landlord or taking from your security deposit.

While nearly every renter is familiar with command stripsthe removable damage free hanging devicesand their brand counterpart, knowing as many creative ways to utilize this product as possible is key to creating a stylish and organized rental. These tips for command hooks will have your rental looking fabulous in no time.

How Do You Hang Shelves Without Screws


Things You‘ll NeedAdd decor without putting holes in your walls. Installing these shelves on the wall typically involves drilling holes in the wall — which provides maximum support. But if you want to avoid drilling holes, use an adhesive glue to support your shelf.

Subsequently, question is, can command strips hold up a shelf? To hang up your shelf, you’ll need to get strong adhesive mounting strips designed for pictures or other large objects. Popular adhesive strips include Command picture hanging strips, Scotch reclosable fasteners, and Velcro removable mounting strips.

Similarly, can you use no more nails for shelves?

You can use it on almost all absorbent and non-absorbent materials including brick, ceramic, wood, hardboard, plasterboard, MDF, plywood, stone, concrete, metal, UPVC, glass, tile, plastics, painted surfaces and mirrors. You should wait approximately 24 hours before apply any weight to any mounted objects like shelves.

How do you reinforce shelves?

Alternatively, you can reinforce your shelves by placing some plywood planks between them. If you want them to match the shelves, you can stain and sand them. Once the plywood is ready, insert it vertically between the sagging shelf and the one below it. Then, nail the plywood into the wall at the top and bottom.

Can I Hang A Shelf With Nails

Whenever possible, hang heavy items such as shelves on studs the boards used to frame rooms and hold up the walls. Studs provide a sturdy surface behind the wall for screws or nails to grip when hanging a shelf. If hanging a shelf on studs isnt possible, youll need special wall anchors in most cases.

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Are Floating Shelves Hard To Install

Floating shelves are notoriously hard to put up, but High & Mighty makes shelves you can install in secondswithout help or a single tool. Just place, push, hang. Each shelf comes with a template and a built-in level to show you exactly where to install the hangers. Then easily hang the shelf and start decorating.

How To Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails

How to Hang Shelves Without Nails: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Once upon a time, the best way to hang heavy pictures was to use nails. Sadly, that method leads to holes in the wall, defacing and affecting the walls integrity. Thankfully, there are now nail-free options for hanging heavy pictures.

Each of these alternatives effectively sets up your heavy pictures on walls without any damage. Enough talk already. Lets dive in!


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How To Hang Shelves Without Nails

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If youre living in an apartment, dorm, or similar place, youve probably run up against the dreaded no modifications rule that prevents you from fixing objects to your wall using nails. Never fear, though, as theres an easy way to hang things like shelves without giving up your security deposit.

How To Hang Shelves In An Apartment

Today I am sharing a review of a really fun product that would have come in handy a few years ago when we lived in an apartment: High & Mighty floating shelves! Im installing them with my brothers girlfriend in their apartment.

As many apartment dwellers know, holes in apartment rental walls are sometimes frowned upon. Its one of the things that can make personalizing a rental so difficult. Nail holes are usually fine, but larger holes like screws and drywall anchors are often no-gos.

When I learned about High & Mightys floating shelf options, I immediately thought of my brothers girlfriend. They just moved in to an amazing rental apartment, and she loves to decorate. She has great taste. I thought these shelves would be super helpful for them.

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How To Hang A Shelf Without Drilling Holes

The 3-shelf unit is easy to install and there are no tools required! Simply clip together the black sleeves around the posts and that is it!

This also means that the shelves can be adjusted to different heights!

  • The dimensions of the product are: 14 x 30 x 24 inches
  • The weight of the item is: 10.69 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity: 750 lbs

Throw Away The Free Anchors

IKEA Lack shelf no drilling no nails on wall – 1 year UPDATE

Most of the hollow-wall anchors included with shelves or shelf brackets arent worth using. If you cant attach your shelf to studs and must use hollow-wall anchors, make sure to choose one that will support your shelf in the long run.

For light-duty shelves, we like the type of anchor shown here. Youll find them at any hardware store or home center. Make sure you know how thick your drywall or plaster is before you head to the store. Then match the anchor to the wall thickness.

To install the anchors, check the instructions and drill the right size hole. Then fold the wings so the anchor will fit and press it into the hole. You may have to tap it with a hammer until its fully seated. Finish by pressing the included red tool through the hole to expand the wings behind the drywall or plaster. And make sure to use the screws included with the anchors, or ones that are the same diameter. Buy a variety pack of hollow-wall anchors here.

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Take Up Space On Bookshelves

Yes, bookshelves are for books, but they’re also great for displaying art, too. Your carefully curated frames can be displayed on empty shelves or between sets of groups. Rather than stuffing your bookshelves full of books you haven’t touched in a few years, clean out your collection and make some space for your favorite photographs.

How To Hang Pictures Without Holes

Hanging framed art, photographs, and unframed posters is a significant part of any interior decoration project. To work with the brackets, holes, and hanging wires that are already a part of your frames, there are special command picture hanging hooks exactly for that purpose.

For general purposes, there are a variety of hooks but for picture hanging in particular, you can find stick mounts for sawtooth and/or wire mounted frames to help hang pictures without holes. You can also use the velcro-like kits for less formal art and to mount and move posters many times without ripping them in the re-mounting process

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Hang Pictures With Makeshift Shelves

Our last method of hanging heavy pictures without nails is fast, comfortable and ready for many uses. This way is to use makeshift shelves.

Pallets are a widely available resource which you can use to make almost anything in the home, including bedside tables and other types of furniture. You can also use wood from them to make shelves and stands on which you can place anything you like, including pictures. It isn’t exactly hanging, but you can put them at height and enjoy them. As with the guide rails, you can also change up the pictures whenever you feel like it.

You can also simply use your existing furniture, as you can see in the.

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How Do You Hang The Floating Shelves Without Drilling Holes In The Wall

How to Hang Shelves Without Nails

The Command Display Ledges are simple to hang and of course, require no tools! The shelf makes use of adhesive material in order to install the shelf on the wall.

How to install the shelf?

  • Clean the surface where you want to hang the shelf
  • Use the adhesive strip on the back of the shelf and press it against the wall
  • Perhaps the best feature of the Command Display Ledges is that they are reusable! In fact, you can easily take down the ledge and then rearrange it into a different room or spot as many times as you want!

    This no-drill shelf provides a great alternative to the damaging screws or nails that you would normally use, as the adhesive strips come off cleanly without making any holes or leaving a sticky residue behind.

    The dimensions of the product are: 3.8 x 4.2 x 4 inchesThe weight of the item is: 8.8 ouncesMaximum weight capacity: 2 lbs

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    Create A Command Center:

    Via Command

    Its surprisingly simple to create the perfect spot to sort your mail and organize your household, without creating clutter or damaging your walls. For parents and busy individuals, a command center is an ideal way to visually organize reminders, calendar events, and incoming flyers or cards.

    Use removable strips to hang a corkboard, chalkboard, or whiteboard, and utilize removable adhesive hooks to hang small baskets or containers that serve as storage for writing utensils, cards, coupons and more. Create a more utilitarian layout for your office or hang objects with style in mind by adding small topiaries and colorful designs and put your command center on display in a hallway or living space.

    Embrace The Wall Lean

    This is the simplest solution of all, but it’s totally effective. All of that empty space on top of your giant dresser or media console is open for you to express yourself artistically. Play around with the different pieces you have by overlapping them or clustering them all on one side for asymmetrythe sky’s the limit here. This also goes for larger pieces that can be rested on the floor. Mirrors and bigger canvases can have a huge impact when they are at the same level as your feet.

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    How Are The Boards Reinforced

    Alternatively, you can reinforce your boards by inserting plywood boards in the middle. If you want them to match the boards, you can stain and sand them. When the plywood is ready, place it vertically between the hanging shelf and the shelf below. Then nail the plywood into the wall at the top and bottom.

    Installing A Shelf Without Holes

    IKEA Lack shelf no drilling no nails on wall

    Shelves are tricky but if you remember the basic laws of physics, you can use several mounting strips to put up almost any kind of shelf as long as it doesnt exceed the weight rating of the strips. You can also buy narrow ledge shelves or build your own with sticky-mounted supports. Just remember the strength of the strips you use and dont put anything on the shelves over that weight.

    Mounting strips are, by far, one of the best recent additions to a renters toolbox and give you the freedom to put up almost anything you want on the walls, sides of cabinets, and even on your desk. Because they come up easily, you can try all sorts of things from catwalks to a built-in library.

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    How Effective Is It

    Attaching wood to concrete via glue is effective, and more so than Velcro. Using nails with a drill would be the most effective method, and second to that would be the air-powered nail gun, providing that the concrete doesnt crack, but glue is an effective method for attaching wooden paneling to a wall. Epoxy is designed to last, and so you shouldnt worry about having to replace the paneling after several years. The only thing that could affect the adhesion is dramatic changes in temperature or moisture.

    Will Liquid Nails Hold Wood To Concrete

    Using heavy duty liquid nails is a good adhesive to use when gluing wood to concrete, however it shouldnt be used if the wood needs to take a lot of weight, i.e. shelves. It can be effective when used to attach a framed photo to a wall, or some wood paneling. Epoxy would be preferable still, as it is designed specifically for use between wood and concrete. Before using liquid nails, ensure the concrete and word are dry. Wet or partially set concrete will not work with liquid nails.

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    A Guide On No Damage Wall Shelves: How To Hang A Shelf Without Drilling Holes

    Let me say this straight:

    This is an easy process to install a wall mounting shelf if you know the right process.

    If you ask me the exact time, I would rather say Estimated Time to assemble a floating shelf will be 20 to 30 minites.

    The additional area throughout the floating shelves makes them lighter and creates a more spacious atmosphere for framed photos.

    So lets jump on the process of how to hang a shelf without making a hole in the wall.

    Step 1: Using the self-adhesive tape:

    It is the simplest step when you think of installing floating shelves without drilling. This step is the combination of a few procedures. So, here we go.

    Step 2. Buy a shelf containing lightweight hollow material:

    Sadly, nail clippers are needed to hang hefty boards of dense, hard materials such as oak or steel. But, you can utilize the self-adhesive caps to attach lightweight hollow planks like wood waltzes. As a rule, try hanging shelves that measure no more than 1.4 kg.

    For security reasons, do not hang the boards on tape if it weighs more than 4.5 kg. Go for a hollow floating shelf at fittings stores or light-colored wood shelves at home improvement stores.

    Step 3. Buy scotch tape:

    For hanging the shelf, you will need sturdy adhesive tapes meant for photographs or any other large items.

    Before purchasing a set of ribbons, check their capacity to ensure that it can maintain your shelf also any items you wish to place on it. Now come to the point- hang floating shelves with command strips.


    How To Hang This Floating Shelf

    IKEA Lack shelf no drilling no nails on wall

    The Okomatch shelf works the same way as to hint number 5 as they use the same adhesive technology. Therefore, for detailed installation instruction check out hint #5.

    Quick install guide:

    Clean the area, peel of the film of the suction cups and press it firmly against the wall. Now put the shelf on the suction cups and that is it.

    Only clean and smooth surfaces can be used for this product otherwise it might drop on the ground.

    • The dimensions of the product are: 3.8 x 4.2 x 4 inches
    • The weight of the item is: 8.8 ounces
    • Maximum weight capacity: 2 lbs

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    How To Hang Something On Concrete Ceiling Without Drilling

    The method used to attach something from the ceiling depends on how heavy the object is, or how much weight it needs to be able to hold. If the object needs to take a considerable amount of weight, then drilling is still the preferred option, but sledgehammering nails, or using the air-powered nail gun, can be an effective way to attach a hanging object. You want check the thickness of the concrete ceiling, and make sure it can withstand the aforementioned methods without cracking.

    Alternatively, for decorative purposes, such as wood paneling, epoxy glue or adhesive will work fine, you just need to make sure you put pressure on the wood while it is drying, to ensure the glue adheres the two properly.

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    Ikea Lack Shelf Without Drilling Or Nails

    In this instructable, I’ll show how I mounted some simple IKEA Lack shelves without any nails or drilling. You will require a corner so the shelf can be supported at 2 sides.

    IKEA Lack shelves are great in that they are light so they can be added to your wall without much effort. But do keep in mind that you won’t be able to hold a lot of weight, maybe 5lbs at most. I use it to put up some trinkets or figures. I wouldn’t put glass or other valuable things that could break. Since I’ve put these up, they have never fallen down. It also depends on your wall… if they’re dirty or really porous, they may not adhere well.

    see video for more info:

    Update Video:

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    Hang Wall Art With Adhesive Strips Instead Of Nails

    Adhesive strips attach to the back of the frame and can hold anywhere from three pounds up to 16 pounds. The best part about using adhesive strips to hang wall art is that you can remove them from smooth wall surfaces without damaging the wall. Theyre easy to use, inexpensive to purchase, and once you decide youre ready to move or take the art down, you can do so without removing the paint in a matter of seconds.

    Be cautious using these on textured surfaces as they may remove the finish. You’ll need to do a little prep work to ensure the strips adhere properly.

    If youre not sure which strips to choose, a good rule of thumb is to get strips that hold weight thats more than you think youll need.

    Heres how to use adhesive strips to hang art on the wall:

  • Remove any protruding hardware that’s attached to the back of the picture. This includes any wires, screws, nails, or hanging fasteners. Also, remove any frame stands that will prevent the art from hanging flat against the wall.
  • Clean the frame and wall area with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Allow the surfaces to dry.
  • Press the two sides together for each set of strips.
  • Remove the paper liner and attach the adhesive side to the back of the picture. Hold for 30 seconds. Light-weight artwork should only need a single set of strips positioned at the top center. Medium-weight pieces will require two sets at each top corner and heavy pictures will need four sets positioned at the top corners and on each side.

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