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How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly

Treat Your Nail Care Like Skin Care

Paint Your Nails PERFECTLY At Home!

Ever wonder how those women with long almond nails keep them from breaking? It requires constant care and TLC, says Remark. That obviously sounds like a lot of work, but think of it like this: During your nighttime routine, add a step to take care of your nails. So when youre done with your face, put on cuticle oil after that. It helps to keep a bottle of it right next to your bed.

Apply A Clear Top Coat Over Polished Nails

Once your nails have finished drying, you should apply a clear top coat to your nails. Applying a clear coat to your nails can give your polished look a wonderful shine! Applying a clear coat can also help your manicure last longer!

When you have finished applying a top coat, you can take a few extra minutes for the clear nail coat to dry.

How To Apply Nail Paint Perfectly

A long and shiny nails enhance the beauty of hands. Mostly girls love long nails. The nail colors and different type of beautiful nail arts are applying by every next girl. They also spend a huge amount of money on their nails by doing treatments such as pedicure from the salons. And most of the girls dont know how to apply nail paint perfectly and they visit and spending money just to apply nail paint on their nails from the salons. It is very easy to apply nail paint.

The most important thing is consider that what brand of nail paint you are using, Try to purchase a good brand makeup specially nail polish. In this article I will share some important and easy tips that you should take into consideration while applying nail polish to make it looks perfectly.

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Apply The Nail Polish Perfectly And With Care

As you pull the brush out of the bottle, wipe one side clean and fan it out along the neck. Lightly tap excess polish from the other side of the brush. In one smooth motion, move the brush across the center of the nail, from cuticle to tip. Then, swipe it along the left and right side. Apply one or two more coats to even it out and increase the richness of the color.

How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly For Beginners

How to paint your nails  X

Are you a beginner and new to painting your nails?

Do you want to be able to paint your nails perfectly, knowing exactly what to do using the methods of the professionals? Then you have come to the right place.

Today Im going to show you how to do just that, even if you have no experience of painting your nails and are not quite sure of what to do or where to start.

Im going to walk you through, step by step, so you know exactly how to paint your nails perfectly. Im also going to give you my expert tips and tricks that will help you to create a neater and long-lasting manicure.

This way, you can create your own beautiful nails right from the comfort of your own home, and start saving on those expensive regular professional manicures . Long gone will be the need to visit that expensive salon!

I will first outline what you will need, and the items I recommend, and then will delve into the steps.

So lets get started.


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Use Eyeliner Brushes To Set Your Nail Paint

It is very common that nails become messy when you are painting. So, you need a firm and pointy tool to clean the extra paint. If you notice the eyeliner brush is pointy which can clear the extra paint. When you leave your nails without clearing the extra paint, the nail art or paint look clumsy. The bush is also flexible to use in cleaning the extra paint.

Clip File And Buff Your Natural Nails

After cleaning your nails with polish remover and pushing back your cuticles with a wooden stick, you should clip, file, and buff your natural nails.

Clipping your nails with a nail clipper is an awesome way to prepare and shape your nails before a manicure. Clipping your nails is a great way to keep your nails even in length for painting your nails. Besides, trimming your nails can also maintain the health of them.

You should also file your nails with a nail filer in order to prepare and shape your nails for a manicure. Depending on the length of your natural nails, you can file your nails into an oval, square, or almond shape. Keep in mind, that there are plenty of other shapes you can try and shape your nails. Whichever shape you decide to file your nails into is totally up to you.

To add on, you can also buff your nails with a nail buffer block to give your nails a smooth and sheen look. Buffing your nails can also make painting your nails simple.

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Base And Top Coats Are Key

A base coat helps protect nails and make polish stick, while a top coat keeps color in place. It will pay off in the long run to use them both, especially since a base coat will prevent your nail bed from being dyed the color of the polish. When applying any polish on your nails, use three strokes and then cap the bottle to keep the paint fresh.

How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly

How to paint your nails perfectly!!

Step 1 – Start With Clean Nails

Use a cotton pad soaked in a nail polish remover to gently wipe off existing nail polish, oil or dirt you might be having on your nails. Any kind of residue on your nails will affect the adherence of the polish and make it chip faster.

A bonus tip for your tips: Choose an acetone free nail polish remover because acetone tends to dry out the nails.

Step 2 – Shape Your Nails And Buff Them

With a nail file and a clipper, give your nails the desired shape and length. Avoid using back and forth motion with the nail file as it leads to weakening of the nails. File them from the corners towards the center, in a single direction.

After that, use a nail buffer to make the surface of your nails smooth and give them a healthy shine.A lot of people think that using nail buffers is damaging for their nails, but it is not!

Buffing your nails is kind of like brushing your teeth – it is. brightening, it makes nails look more youthful, and it gets rid of ridges. tells nail artist Rita Remark to Huffington Post.

Never over buff your nails because it makes the nails thinner and damages the nail bed. You can watch a video on YouTube to learn about the right way to buff your nails.

Step 3 – Choose Your Nail Polish Colour

A bonus tip for your tips: Always choose a nail polish colour that suits your skin tone and your personality.

Step 4 – Use A Barrier On Your Cuticles To Make The Cleaning Process Easier

Step 5 – Apply The Nail Polish In Thin Coats

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Enjoy Your Newly Polished Nails

Now since your manicure is finished, you can enjoy any activity that you please! Besides, your nails look spectacular! This is a great time to snap some pictures of your brand new manicure and share them on your social media! Tag some friends and family members who knows, maybe you’ll gain some nail admirers!

Start Painting Your Nails And Allow Time To Dry

Woohoo! Since you have chosen your polish color, it’s time for you to start painting your nails! When painting your nails, you should take your time polishing them. You should also use the right amount of polish when polishing your nails. You don’t want to use way too much polish, or too little. Just the right amount of polish should do the job.

Use light, and gentle strokes. If you paint the outside of your nails, use some nail polish remover to remove the excess polish.

Once you have finished polishing your nails, you should give them at least 10 to 15 minutes to dry. If you want to be cautious, give it an extra 20 minutes.

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Apply Glitter The Right Way

Raise your hand if you’ve ever painted, like, a thousand coats of glitter on to get it to fully cover your nail. Well, consider your mind blown with this trick from nail vlogger Kelli Marissa. Instead of using the polish brush to paint directly on your nail, saturate the edge of a makeup sponge insteadthen press the sponge on over your nail. The sponge soaks up most of the actual nail polish leaving just the glitter behind, so it goes on dense and opaque in one fell swoop.

Clean Your Nails With Polish Remover

How to paint your nails perfectly!!

To get a great manicure at home, do as the pros do by spending as much time prepping your nails as you do polishing them. That means starting with a good nail polish remover. Even if you don’t have polish on, you’ll still want to run a cotton ball of remover over each nail to get rid of any oils or dirt that could warp your polish.

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Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Skin Barrier

You may have heard about using glue to get a perfectly clean manicure, but if you have any reservations about putting it on your skin then this may be the product for you. With hundreds of reviews on and an overall 4/5 star rating, we’re intrigued by this alternative cuticle remover thatbrace yourselfsparkles when it’s dry.

How To Paint Your Nails

This article was co-authored by Mia Rubie. Mia Rubie is a Nail Artist and the Owner of Sparkle San Francisco, a nail studio based in San Francisco, California. She has over eight years of nail artist and management experience and is known for her push-the-envelope designs and artistic eye for colors. Her clients include Sephora, Target, and Vogue. Her work has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and StyleCaster. She holds a BBA focusing on Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from San Francisco State University. You can find her work on her Instagram account @superflynails.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 1,746,093 times.

Perfectly painted nails can express your mood, match your outfit, and reflect your personality, especially now that there are so many amazing colors to choose from. You can go with classic red, happy yellow, creative green, mysterious purple, shiny blue, and much more. With all this excitement, it’s easy to forget the fact that painting your own nails can be tricky. Read on to find out the best way to achieve beautifully polished nails at home, and you may never have to get a professional manicure again!

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How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly Every Single Time

By Ashleigh Bamber | 9th May 2021

Are you fed up of your nail polish looking like a three-year-old has attempted it? Do you want to nail your next DIY application and convince your friends that you trained as a nail technician overnight? Are you feeling inspired by these summer designs we bookmarked? Dont worry, we are feeling the same.

The good news is that this is all possible, but youll need to master the basics first. Weve got all the tips and tricks for an at-home salon-worthy manicure, that wont break the bank or end in frustrated tears.

Keep scrolling for our foolproof tutorial on how to paint your nails perfectly, every single time.


Cut and file your nails to your desired shape with the Sample Beauty Nail File And Buffer Set.

A round shape looks good on shorter nails but if you have a bit of length feel free to go square or round, or a mix of both.

Always file in one direction! Avoid back and forth movements with your file as this can cause damage to the nail.


Apply the Makeup Revolution Prep and Hydrate Base Coat to the nails, this gives a smooth surface for the polish to stick to, making it last longer and helps to protect your nails from stains.

Allow the base coat to dry fully.


Apply your nail polish using the brush that it comes with, pressing it against the cuticle to form a super neat line at the edge.


If your polish isnt opaque enough, feel free to add a third and final thin coat.




Grip + Tip Nail Polish Holder

Paint Your Nails PERFECTLY On The Other Hand!

This gadget is for both our nail painting newbies and novices alike. When you have a bottle of nail polish that’s nearing the end and you’re trying to salvage what’s left, turns out there’s a beauty hack for that. This stand will “grip and tip” your bottle for you so you can get every last drop without having to do a balancing act.

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How Often You Can Paint Your Nails

You cannot wear the nail paint all the time. If you leave your nails with paint for longer time, it may cause the rough white patches. Which is called as Keratin granulation. In case, you are noticing any peeling, dryness or discoloration, then you must understand that you need to free your nails from any nail cosmetics. The acetone content in nail remover also causes the nail damages and dryness.

The important question that needs to be answered is about pregnant women painting their nails. It is nothing harmful in pregnant women painting their nails. But it is crucial to use chemical free nail polishes. The harmful chemicals may irritate yor nose, eyes, throat and lungs.

You can apply nail polish effortless but perfectly using these ways. Perfection is beautiful but should is only possible with some tricks. You can decorate your nails like a pro when you have such handy tricks. Let your interest for beauty be raised with simple and easy ways. Complications are always the game spoilers.

Be a smart beauty with some tips and tricks to paint your nails perfectly.

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Simple Nails Often Make The Biggest Impact

Talk to any pro artist and theyll agree: You dont need a lot of bells and whistles to make a statement. Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff loves creamy pastels, especially soft pinks Rose Velez-Miggins likes a mixture of pale shades and earthy tones that flatter all different skin tones and Choi is all about androgynous colors with a squoval tip. .

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Dont Sleep On Gems Or Crystals

Cant paint your nails? Dont bother. Slick on a shiny topcoat like Sally Hansens Miracle Gel or a sheet nude like Chanel Ballerina, then use a silicone dotting tool or tweezers to place tiny embellishments on your nails. Adding small pearls, gems, or accents is very easy, and you do not need to be very savvy with the paint brush, says Goldstein. She recommends also using nail glue first to secure the stone, then capping it on topalong with a topcoat over thatto ensure it doesnt get caught in your hair.

Sally Hansen Nail Treatment Instant Cuticle Remover

How to paint nails perfectly

Prep the surface of each nail and you’ll have a clean, smooth base for your manicure. Trust us, ignoring dry, overgrown cuticles and painting over them only makes them more apparent, so nip the problem in the bud with cuticle remover. This instant option dissolves excess cuticles within 15 seconds, and with one quick rinse nail beds are soft, primed and ready for polish.

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How To Paint Nails Neatly: 10 Products For An Easy Mani


Liliya Rodnikova / Stocksy

If you’re like me, your fingernails may be one of the first things on your beauty-to-do list that goes by the wayside. Try as I might, I usually end up with chipped nails, paint outside of the nail bed, or endless smudges on the nail polish the next morning after attempting an at-home manicure. My manicure always looks great after a visit to the nail salon, so why I am such a nail noob? Ironically, my toenail polish can last for months at a time, but my fingernails fall prey to being chipped almost immediately. Hence the unpolished nails.

Guess what, it’s time to put an end to being a novice at perfectly polished nails. Who’s game? With all of the foolproof products out there, most of us are just one DIY manicure away from never having to immediately remove nail polish in shame.

Keep scrolling for tips and shop our new favorite products!

Remove Your Nail Polish After A Week Or Two

After a week or two, your fabulous manicure will start to peel off. When this happens, it is an awesome idea to remove your old polish with a nail polish remover. However, you can prevent your nail polish from peeling quickly if you touch up your nails with a clear coat every one or two days.

To conclude, polishing your nails at home is easy and most of all, affordable! Instead of wasting your money and precious time at a Nail Salon, you can give yourself a manicure at home!

As long as you take proper care of your newly polished nails, they will last for quite some time!

With these steps, you can always return and do your manicure at any time!

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