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Where To Find Nail Technicians

How To Get Into The Field


In the past, requirements tended to be more informal, and it was common to simply obtain training on the job. Today, however, most employers prefer to hire nail techs who have a formal education.

In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that all states except Connecticut require certification. This requires completing a state-approved program and successfully passing a state licensing exam. Licensing exams and requirements vary by state, but requirements tend to include being at least 18 years of age and having a high school diploma .

After successfully passing the exam, you will be awarded certification and will be eligible to work in your state.

Helpful Qualities For The Job

Successful nail technicians tend to be:

  • Artistic: In the cosmetology world, nails can literally be an artist’s canvas. The top manicurists in the world are artists who turn nails into beautiful, eye-catching masterpieces.
  • Friendly and Professional: For many people, manicures and pedicures aren’t just about the actual appearance of nails they are a cherished small luxury providing the chance to take time out of a busy schedule to wind down and relax. This means that many clients aren’t just paying for the actual work being done to their nails they are paying for the atmosphere and experience as well.
  • Trendy: The cosmetology industry is driven by change. Trends for hair, makeup, and nails are always evolving, which means that you need to stay on top of what’s new and popular and what’s old and out of fashion. Clients want to go to nail technicians who understand the current trends and are capable of pulling them off.
  • Dexterous: From using a sharp tool to remedy an ingrown nail to using an airbrush to create an intricate nail design, nail technicians need to perform precise techniques on a very tiny area of the body. Therefore, excellent hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and steady hands are a must.

Nail Technician Job Description Template

We are looking to hire a detail-orientated nail technician to provide clients with high-quality manicures, pedicures, and nail treatments. The nail technicians responsibilities include welcoming and greeting clients, ordering new nail supplies as needed, and answering clients nail-related questions. You should also be able to build and maintain relationships with clients to encourage repeat nail appointments.

To be successful as a nail technician, you should maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation at all times. Ultimately, an outstanding nail technician should be able to keep abreast of the latest nail products, trends, and techniques to ensure that clients are satisfied with the services provided.

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Nail Technician Career And Training Information

A nail technician is a specialized professional within the cosmetology industry who is responsible for keeping clients’ nails, hands, and feet looking and feeling their best.

They are generally creative people who enjoy treating nails as an artist’s canvas but also have a strong knowledge of related health issues.

Career Path And Progression

Best Nail Technician Course in Vancouver  New Image College

With experience, you could manage a salon or start your own business.

You could work with photographers, fashion designers or TV companies, preparing nails for photo shoots or fashion shows.

You could take further training to learn other beauty techniques or to teach nail art. You could move into product sales, selling nail equipment and materials to salons and nail bars.

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Can I Request A Specific Nail Polish For My Nail Service

Yes, of course! If you prefer a specific brand, colour, or finish of nail polish, feel free to mention it when posting your task. You can have it matte or glossy, glittery or ombre, or virtually any polish you want! In case you already have your favourite polish on-hand, you can also give it to your nail technician before you mani-pedi session.

How To Pick A Nail Tech Program Near You

Once you decide to pursue a career as a nail technician, review these five tips in order to pick your perfect nail tech program:

AccreditationSome states require nail techs to complete an accredited program to work professionally. Its essential to choose a technician curriculum that matches the requirements for your states license exam.

Financial Aid, Scholarships and LoansNot all programs are eligible for governmental financial aid. If you need financial assistance, review different programs and see what aid and scholarships are available. If you borrow money to complete your studies, make sure you understand the loan-repayment terms.

License Renewal and Continuing EducationBe sure to review the license renewal and continuing education requirements of your state since they can vary. There is a big difference in the costs, schedules, and continuing education rules.

Program StructureChoose a program that fits your lifestyle. Some programs might take place entirely on campus or run Monday through Friday, and that might affect your ability to work while in school.

Job Placement Services and NetworkingSee if your school offers opportunities to connect students with mentors or helps place graduates in jobs.


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Nail Tech Program Costs

Program costs generally depend on curriculum and location. Other factors include:

  • The hours of instruction required by your state
  • Whether you attend part-time or full-time
  • The facilities and equipment available
  • If the school is private, for-profit, or an established brand institute

Programs that focus solely on training nail technicians usually cost several thousand dollars to complete. Listed below are a couple examples from schools across the country. All prices are as of 2019.

Paul Mitchell The School in Logan UT


$4,300 tuition +$500 books and tools

Individual programs usually offer scholarships. You can also visit the federal student aid website to review the loans, grants, and financial aid available to you.



Places Nail Technicians Can Work And Thrive

Can Nail Techs Get An AGENT?!?

If youve been thinking of becoming a nail technician, you might wonder where the career could take you and the answer is, opportunities expand beyond the salon. Once youve finished nail technician school, you can build a glamorous career in any of these exciting spaces:

1. Salon nail technician Most people equate the nail technicians role with salon work, because salons are a great starting point for any nail technicians career. Salons offer a great environment for honing skills, learning about different products and techniques, building up a client base, and gaining referrals.

2. Manicurist at a spa Similar to the salon environment, a spa is a great place to hone nail technician skills and gain experience. Many nail technicians love a spa environment for its focus on relaxing clients, pampering them, and reducing their stress levels.

3. Vacation resort or cruise ship nail technician If you want to feel like youre on vacation every day at work, its hard to beat a position at a vacation resort or on a cruise ship. Working as a nail technician in a resort setting often comes with perks such as discounts on hotel stays, food and beverages, spa services, rental cars, and more.

4. Country club nail tech Similar to a nail technician role at a resort or cruise ship, a job manicuring country club members might secure you perks including access to workout spaces, food and beverages discounts, retail discounts, and even golf privileges.

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Hire A Nail Technician

Self-care can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, self-care may mean reading a book by the fireplace, taking a leisurely walk by the beach, or having a cup of coffee on quiet mornings. It may mean going to a salon or spa for a new haircut and color, having a massage or a manicure or pedicure. No matter what treatment they choose, they can be sure to have a relaxing time.

Nail technicians are skilled individuals who provide nail care services. From a simple manicure, a touch of polish, to intricate nail art, nail technicians can do it all. Nail technicians work in nail art studios, salons, barbershops, and spas on a part-time or full-time arrangement. Their work schedule is typically during the daytime but may extend to evenings depending on the salons business hours.

Nail technicians are alternatively called manicure technicians, manicurists, or pedicurists. To make a job announcement appear on more search results pages, it is good to consider mentioning all these terms in the job posting.

Completing A Nail Technician Program Or Apprenticeship

To achieve licensure as a nail technician in the U.S., candidates must first complete a course of education and training, either through a traditional nail technology program or by participating in a nail technician apprenticeship.

Nail Technology Program

The duration and structure of nail technology programs are typically designed around the state licensing requirements of a particular state. Although each state has similar licensing requirements for nail technicians, the length of the program and the programs curriculum will likely mirror the requirements for licensure in the state in which it is located. Many state boards of cosmetology maintain lists of approved nail technician programs in the state.

It is important that students understand their states requirements for achieving a manicurist license when choosing a program as to ensure the program meets state requirements. For example, candidates for a nail technician license in California must complete a program that is at least 450 hours in duration, while in Pennsylvania candidates need to complete a program that is 200 hours in duration. Some states, like California, require as much as 600 hours of training through a nail technician program, while other states, like Virginia, require as little as 150 hours of training in a nail technology program.

A nail technology program generally consists of two, distinct areas of study: theory study and practical study. Classroom study may involve curriculum such as:

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Passing A Nail Technician Licensure Examination

The second, necessary step to licensure as a nail technician is the completion of a nail technician examination. Depending on specific state requirements, the examination phase of licensure may include a written examination or a written and practical examination. Some states have their own state examination, while others use the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetologys practical and/or written examinations.

To date, 14 states utilize the NICs nail technician practical examination, while 33 states utilize the NICs nail technician written examination.

NICs written nail technology examination assesses candidates in the following areas:

    • Scientific concepts
  • Function of nail equipment and nail implements
  • Nail service preparation
  • Polish

Turn Your Love Of Nails Into A Career

Nail Technician Program

Are you ready to make the move from beauty-lover to beauty professional? Let your passion lead the way as you consider future careers in nail technology. Whether you love working with people or prefer to be your own boss as a licensed professional, the nail tech industry may be in your future.

At Raphaels, we strive to help our students become the professionals they want to be. Take a look at our advanced manicuring program or see if you can add an esthetics or cosmetology program to an existing nail course. Raphaels offers a variety of beauty education courses including esthetics, massage, and barbering. We hope to help our students develop professional-level skills and hone their own natural talents. Become well-rounded in your education with classes that work with your busy schedule and adapt to new trends and modern techniques!

Contact one of our friendly admissions officers today for more information on our manicuring programs or to book a tour of the school. We cant wait to learn more about you and your beauty dreams!

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What Do You Learn In A Nail Tech Program

For the most part, youll learn about the basics of nail care and design, and information on safety and sanitation. Many schools detail their course information online you can also visit in-person, call a program representative, or communicate with a chatbot online to get more clarity on what each program offers.

How To Get Started

To help decide whether or not a career in this field is right for you, it’s a good idea to talk to experienced pros and get a feel for the realities of the job. Offer to take one out to lunch or book a manicure and pick the technician’s brain during your appointment.

And if you’re ready to start right now, find a school using this easy-to-use search tool.

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What You Can Learn In A Training Program

When it comes to training, there are many different options to choose from. Specialized cosmetology and beauty school options exist, but many other vocational schools, trade schools, and colleges offer specialized programs as well.

Alternatively, if you are interested in learning how to become a nail technician online, there are many schools that provide distance learning options, allowing you to train from the comfort of home. The most important thing is to make sure that the program you choose has been accredited by the state board of cosmetology so that you will be eligible to pursue state licensing after you graduate.

Depending on the type of school and program you choose, the curricula for programs can vary quite widely. However, some of the common topics you can expect to learn about include:


  • Entrepreneurship

Many schools will include practical experience through externship or practicum components that take place within local salons. Some schools may even have an on-site, student-run salon that allows students to provide supervised services to actual clients. Most accredited programs will also include preparation for licensing examinations.

Is Nail Technician A Good Career

How to Become an Accredited Nail Technician (From Home) – The Advanced Online Nail Technician Course

First, lets talk about a nail technicians day-to-day activities: A nail technician cleans, files, shapes, polishes, beautifies and decorates their clients fingernails and toenails. Services may include manicures, pedicures, nail artwork, acrylic overlays, UV gel polish designs, and more.

A career as a nail technician can be highly attractive for many beauty specialists because manicure and pedicure services are always in demand. That means that coursework and certification as a result of nail technician school offers unlimited potential for return on investment: Income can be nearly unlimited for nail techs who build robust client bases and love their work. And many nail technicians love what they do because they get to exercise their creativity and because they often build relationships with their clients and co-workers that grow into close friendships.

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Nail Technician Schools / Manicurist Training

These nail technician schools can give you new reasons to look forward to a career that will allow you to feel pride and satisfaction in what you do.

In only a short time from now, you could be working as a qualified nail tech or manicurist, meeting fun new people and enjoying the gratitude you receive for lifting their confidence.

Countless people seek out pedicures and manicures because they love feeling more beautiful and put together. Training at a nail technician/manicure school will provide you with the manicurist training you can use to become a professional who performs these services and helps people feel great.

If you are interested in entering this specific niche of the cosmetology industry, then keep reading below to find out about training, qualifications, average salary rates, job outlook, certification requirements, and much more.

So where will you take your enthusiastic ambitions next? Take a minute to ask some of the cosmetology schools on this page to provide you with more information, so you can learn even more!

How To Get Your Nail Technician Certification

  • To be at least 16 years old
  • To have your GED or high school diploma
  • To graduate from a state-approved training or apprenticeship program
  • A minimum number of hours of practical experience
  • To pass a state board exam or NIC exam, or meet the states requirements for apprenticeship hours

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How To Find The Best Nail Technician Institute In 2020

If you are interested in having a brilliant career in the field of the nail industry, you will have to find a best Nail Technician Institute. However, you should understand that learning to become one does not only assume you learn how to do a best pedicure and a manicure. In fact, this career requires much more skills and information in order to get the sort of training which is required for this kind of a career. So, you will have to find the best institutes in the nearest area or far away from your location if you are prepared to live in the institute campus. If you agree to look for excellent schools you may pay most consideration to the chance to get listed into the course of nail technology training, one of the top places for you to look for a required school is search engines. In fact, there is a countless variety of different recommendations you are going to see when you search via the internet. Typically, these recommendations involve online training universities and institutes, which are located in your nearby area.

Vibrant Salon & Spa

Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 3C1

How Long Does A Nail Service Normally Take

Online Nail Technician Course Diploma

It depends on the inclusions of the nail service that you’re getting. Regular manicures and pedicures, which include nail cleaning, shaping, and cuticle care, only takes an hour or less. Sophisticated nail arts, however, may take a little longer since they need a bit of more work done. For a more accurate estimation, you may directly ask your nail technician upon booking.

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