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How To Do Sns Nails At Home

What Youll Need To Remove Sns Or Gel Nails

How To Remove A SNS Manicure At Home | Step-by-Step Process | Working From Home Edition
  • 100% acetone. You can find this at beauty supply stores, most home stores like Lowes, or online .
  • Paper towel. Just a small piece will do.
  • Scissors to cut paper towel.
  • Timer to time 15 minutes.
  • Small bowls or measuring cups .
  • Cotton pads. I love these DHC silky cotton and am using them in the video.

How To Apply Sns Nails At Home

Wether youre trying to save a buck or just love doing your own nails, applying SNS nails at home is super easy.

We highly recommend getting an SNS Beginners kit like this one by TP NAILS, it basically has everything youll need and comes with step-by-step instructions.

This step-by-step kit will save you a lot of time and money when applying SNS nails at home

Heres What The Kit Contains

  • Nail Prep
  • Silver glitter
  • A Dust brush

Unless youre a professional, this kit will be the easiest way for you to apply SNS nails on your own. Its very easy to follow the instructions they provide, we tried it ourselves.

You will have to follow the same steps they do at the salon, but you will definitely save a lot of money doing it yourself. However, if youre not precise you wont get a good result, so make sure you take your time and follow the instructions.

Heres an example of the beautiful results you can get by using the SNS kit above.

Made with the SNS kit by TP nail care

Sns Vs Acrylics Vs Gel Nails

The questions of all questions. Which one is better, SNS, Acrylics or gel nails?

Lets take a look at the difference in the comparison table below

As you can see, SNS pretty much beats the competition on any parameter. Its healthier, non-allergenic, stronger, more flexible and durable than acrylics and gel nails.

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You Are Over Buffing Your Dip Powder

After youve applied your dip coats, its a good idea to buff the top of your nails to even out the powder if it isnt smooth enough. However, if you buff too roughly, this can later cause your nails to crack. Do not over-buff the top of your powder. Only buff to smooth out any lumps or bumpy areas.

You Are Not Using A Real Dip Powder Brand


Did you know not all dip powders are real dip powder brands? Despite what many people think, dip powder and acrylic powders are made from different ratios of acrylic polymers. Dipping powder also contains a chemical that reacts with activator to cure the powder. There are many different types of acrylic polymers and some work better for dipping than others. Some are also more expensive than others.

Some acrylic powder brands will try and sell you their acrylic powder as a dip powder. Acrylic powder is much cheaper to produce than dip powder because the polymers are less expensive. If you must use more than 3 coats of powder to color your nail, theres a good chance youre trying to use acrylic powder with a dip system, which wont work nearly as well as a true dip powder. Acrylic powder will crack much more than dip powder because it isnt designed to work with the activator liquid needed to cure your powder.

If youve switched dip liquid brands and are still having to apply more then 3 layers of powder, you should try using a different brand of powder and see if that helps.

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Place Hand Into The Zip

If youre wondering why you have to put your hand, thats in a zip-lock bag, into a bowl of warm water, its because the heat acts as an accelerator for the acetone to remove the SNS product from the nails faster. Id suggest sitting on the couch withthe bowl on your lap while watching TV to pass the time.

After Eliminating Makeup The Way To Look After Your Nails

Nourish and you wish to fix your nails When youve eliminated your SNS nails. Exposing your nails into chemicals and solvents can be detrimental, and your palms will appear unhealthy.

What you could do?

Its time help them recover and to show them some love.

Begin by cleaning your hands with water and soap.

Pat them dry and youre now prepared for a repair and replenish remedy.

Being it is a treatment that is great, you may use it in order to provide your hands.

Combine a few olive or coconut oil, and a couple of drops of tea tree oil, then massage your own nails.

Is lavender.

Mix to fight infections and help your skin heal.

And in the event that you dont have essential oils in arms reach massage your nails olive oil or coconut oil.

Your hand lotion will work also.

Its important that you nourish your nails so they are wash and soft.

And if you become aware of your claws have spots, it may be time for you to give them a break of makeup and claws.

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Why Do I Need A Brush Cleaner With My Kit

The liquid brushes will harden when properly cleaned. If you dont have a brush cleaner then after your application you should clean your brushes by rubbing them clean on a paper towel. Additionally, you can rub the top of each container used with acetone on a paper towel during your clean-up process. This will keep you from sticking the lids of your bottles.

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What Are Dip Powder Nails

how i do SNS dip powder nails at home

Also commonly referred to as SNS nails, the dip powder nail technique involves dipping the nail into colored powder , then using a clear sealant on top. The result is a longer-lasting manicure that can remain chip-free for up to a month.

As LeChat Nails Educator Syreeta Aaron points out, dip powder nails are a hybrid between gel nail polish and acrylic extensions. Dipped powder nails give you the flexibility of gel nails and the durability of acrylic nails, she says. I typically like to use the dip powder on natural nails however this system can also be used with extended nails .

Board-certified dermatologist and nail expert Dr. Dana Stern adds to this, noting that dip powder nails, while currently trendy, arent some new-fangled nail technique. Rather, theyve been around since the 80s and are simply comprised of a gentle-yet-effective glue paired with acrylic powder.

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Is Sns Bad For The Nails

Contrary to what some might think, SNS isnt bad for your nails. They have nutrients inside the powder that helps strengthen the natural bed. Theres also no harsh UV light to lock the color in place, so your skin will thank you, too. Of course, the bonding liquid applied can do some damage, so be sure that you go to a certified nail tech so you can get a perfect application every time.

How To Apply Sns Nails

Before you begin, make sure you have a smooth nail bed surface to work on. Apply one coat of clear gel polish to the nails, and slowly dip each finger into the powder. If theres an excess on the end, lightly brush it off. Complete this step three times, and finish the look by dipping the tips into a natural sheer set. Lock in the color using a sealer and proceed to file down the nail, removing any bumps you may have created. Wash and dry your hands, paint a final layer of polish, and voila! You now have a beautiful manicure thats worth showing off!

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At Home Dip Powder Nail Kits

Discover our range of dip nail kits that make nail salon treatments at home a breeze. The dip nail system, you might know as SNS, has become the popular new manicure system that so many have simply fallen in love with. Our DIY nail kits have all the essentials for refreshing the look of your nails including dip powders, primers, resins, and buffer packs.

Remove Your Own Sns Or Gel Nails At Home

Nail Dipping Gains Popularity

It is helpful to know how to remove your own SNS or gel nails at home. As I write this, most states are sheltering in place due to a pandemic. Since all non-essential businesses are closed, this includes hair and nail salons. Some of us had to remove our SNS or gel nails thankfully, it is quick and easy.

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You Are Applying Dip Powder Too Close To Your Skin

This may seem obvious, but if even a small portion of your powder overlaps the skin or presses against your skin, it can cause cracking. When you move around and use your hands on a daily basis, even a small amount of pressure from your powder pressing against the skin can cause damage. Make sure to apply your base and bond around 2mm away from the skin to prevent the powder from touching.

Removing Sns Nails Without Acetone

It is possible to remove SNS nails with regular nail polish remover. This is because regular nail polish does contain acetone, just not usually in the pure form.

Other chemicals, oils, and fragrances may also be found in nail polish removers that are not 100% acetone. These added ingredients are meant to help your nails from drying out. When using regular nail polish remover, you would use the same steps as above. It just takes a longer period of time to dissolve the polish, as it contains less acetone.

TIP: Keep your nail tools cleaned and sanitized with alcohol to avoid any possible infection.

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Make Sure Your Fingers Are Completely Covered By The Acetone

Wriggling helps to get the SNS to separate from your natural nail faster. You can also use your other hand to massage the cotton around your fingers towards the end to remove any stubborn bits. Once the SNS product is dissolved and you can see your naturalnails, the removal process is complete, Vo said.

The Benefits Of Dip Powder Nails

how to do sns nails @ home! *diy*

If youre someone who values their time and loves a long-lasting nail look, dip powder nails will be right up your alley. The benefits of dip powder nails is that they are more durable, last longer than gel polish, and can easily be done at home, Aaron explains. I have found myself telling clients that if you can polish your nails, then you can easily do the dip system.

  • No curing with UV lights: Once you finish your dip powder nails with a layer of top coat, you don’t have to cure your nails with harmful UV lights .
  • Easy to do at home: There are a number of complete at-home gel nail kits available for use at home, and the manicurists we’ve tapped agree that if you can paint your nails with polish at home, you can do dip powder nails at home.
  • Lasts up to a month: Dip powder nails last a long time. When done properly by a professional, you should expect your nails to remain chip-free for up to a month. When you DIY your dip, you can expect your mani to last for about two to three weeks.
  • Endless color choices: With the boom of dip powder nails, companies scrambled to provide a wide array of color choices, just as you would have with traditional nail polish. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding powder shades to replace your favorite lacquers.

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How To Remove Sns Nails With Toothpaste

IMPORTANT: SNS nails are usually caused by having a fungal infection or ringworm. This type of nail fungus starts with white, fuzzy patches and the condition can spread to your fingernails and toenails if not treated.

The best way to remove this type of nail fungus is through an over-the-counter anti-fungal medication such as toothpaste, Lamisil cream, ketoconazole shampoo, or terbinafine cream.

Toothpaste contains potassium nitrate which kills fungi in addition to its antibacterial properties.

Step 1: Take Small Amount Toothpaste:

Firstly, take a small amount of toothpaste and spread it on your nails in circular motions.

Step2: Apply Olive Oil:

Then put a thin layer of olive oil over the nail polish so that it can be removed easily.

Step3: Use Wet Cloth:

Finally, use a wet cloth to wipe off the oil from your nails, and use another wet cloth to clean your hands before washing them thoroughly.

Cracked Dip Nails Are Annoying But Not Impossible To Fix

One small mistake can make all the difference when it comes to applying your dip nail powder properly. Try making small adjustments to narrow down why your dip nails are cracking. Once you find the problem, youll be kicking yourself that you didnt find it sooner!

If you’re looking for a new dip powder brand that won’t leave cracks in your nails, then we suggest trying Fairy Glamor. They’re a U.S. based nail powder with plenty of unique finishes to choose from.

Have you had problems with your dip nails cracking before? What were you doing wrong? How did you fix it? Let us know in the comments!

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You Are Not Using Activator Correctly

Many people unknowingly skip the activator step either because they dont know what its for, or dont think its necessary. Activator is used to cure the powder and harden it. While it may not look like it does much on the surface, when you add activator over your powder a chemical reaction occurs that helps form the powder into one solid mass.

If youre having issues with your at home dip nails cracking, the easiest remedy would be to add more activator and see if that helps. Try adding a generous amount of activator after each layer of powder and see if that helps with the breakage.

The Easy Patch Methods For Cracked Dip Nails

How to Remove SNS Nails at Home?

Let’s say you’re back from the nail salon and you don’t have the matching dip color on hand. No need to fret! You can still fix your crack without the original color.

If you have any nail polish on hand that somewhat matches, you can go ahead and paint over your entire nail. This will mask the crack. Gel is better because it’s thicker and will hide the crack more.

If you don’t have any colors you’d like to use, then bring out that bling! Rhinestones and nail decals are a great way to hide cracks in the nail while adding a little extra style.

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You Are Not Waiting Long Enough Between Dip Coats

Most of the time you will need to apply more than one dip coat to full cover the nail . However, if you apply your dip colors too quickly, the color will not dry or set properly and this will cause the powder to crack. Some dip powders are quick dry, like Fairy Glamor, but some are not. If you’re using a quick dry dip powder you should only need to wait around 5 seconds before dipping again. But if you are not using a quick dry brand you’ll need to wait a minute or two before applying another coat.

When you apply a second coat of powder too quickly, it sits on top of the unfinished first layer that hasn’t set yet. This causes instability. Think about it like trying to build a road over mud–the mud will move under the pressure and the firm bridge will try to compensate, causing cracks.

Take Care Of Your Nails Ter Perform Removing Of Sns Nails

You want to nourish your nails as soon as you have taken off your SNS nails. It can be detrimental to expose your nails to solvents and chemicals and your hands will probably appear unhealthy. It is time they were helped heal.

Press them then rinse and now youre primed for a replenishment and repair treatment.

Combine a few drops of tea tree oil and coconut oil, and rub your fungal infection with your fingers. A combination of lavender and almond oil can be added to your nails and cuticles to combat bacteria and reduce inflammation. You must feed your nails so they are soft and healthy. And if you realize that your nails have white spots, then it may be time to give them a small break of SNS nails.

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How To Remove Sns Nails Yourself

In the video below, i share the process of removing my sns nails and the supplies needed to make it quick and easy.Instead of using acetone, you can use alcohol or vodka to remove sns nails.Instead, place a drenched cotton ball on top of your buffed nail and wrap it in a small square of foil.It is possible to use rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, even vodka from your home bar to remove your nails polish.

Its important that your nails are clean and dry before you seal them with polish or a clear coat.Its important to note this will not damage your natural nails.Much like lash or hair extensions, you really shouldnt remove sns nails yourself as this will cause extreme damage to your natural nails.Next, you can either use foil with acetone or soak the nails in acetone for.

Next, youll need to grab some acetone, cotton pads and aluminium foil to soak your nails.Now soak your nails in alcohol or vodka until you feel the gloss to be soft.Now, about a week in, i.Pure alcohol with maximum concentration can be effective.

Put acetone 15 minutes into a bath soak the hand.Remove nails after 15 minutes.Removing sns nails with alcohol.Run your hands under warm water for at least 30 seconds, rubbing them with your fingers to remove any white powder, called acrylic dust.


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