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How To Use Essie Gel Nail Polish

Designed With The Haute Vision Of Couture The Line Presents 42 Brand New Colors With Staying Power That Introduces Luxury To Your Fingertips

essie Gel Couture 2 Step System TUTORIAL

Essie gel couture nail polish. Pre-Show Jitters from the First Look Collection. Its a stunning sheer pink- perfect if you prefer more natural-looking nails. Apply 1 coat of the platinum grade finish top coat for gel-like shine.

With this 2-step fade resistant formula youll feel like youve just stepped out of the salon. An at-home gel manicure in two ridiculously easy steps. Designed with the haute vision of couture the line presents 42 brand new colors with staying power that introduce luxury to your fingertips.

Enter Essie Gel Couture nail polish and top coat. Couture colour that lasts. Packaging may vary what you receive may not be what is reflected on site.

Apply two coats of gel couture color. Apply two coats of gel couture color. Im pretty sure this stuff is actually magic.

From the house of essie comes gel couture nail polish an extravagantly sophisticated collection crafted to perfection and fashioned to last. Apply gel couture top coat for flawless gel-like shine. Wearing 3 coats here.

Rich opulent color with a touch of brilliance available in more than 100 couture shades. No base coat needed. Apply two coats of gel couture colour.

From the house of Essie comes gel couture nail polish an extravagantly sophisticated collection crafted to perfection and fashioned to last. Removes like regular polish. Show off thats me.

No base coat needed. Why Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Is Worth It. Gel couture product benefits.

Essie Longwear Gel Nail Polish Neutral Gel Couture Take Me To Thread 135ml

New from $5.00FREE Delivery

Item dimensions L x W x H 39 x 39 x 4828030 millimeters
Item weight
  • GEL-LIKE SHINE: 2-step longwear system that delivers impeccable gel-like shine and wear
  • LONGWEARING FORMULA: couture colour and top coat formualted to work exclusively together
  • CURVE-HUGGING BRUSH designed for even colour coverage and smooth finish
  • No base coat needed
  • DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde free

What Gel Nail Kit Is Best

When talking about a gel nail polish kit, people want to know two things:

  • What gel nail kit is best?
  • How long do at home gel nails last?
  • Lucky for you I tested out a variety of products on my quest to find the best at home gel nail kit.

    At first I didnt really find one I truly loved, that also wasnt too expensive, was long-lasting, yet easy to remove the polish.;

    Every time Ive tried to paint my nails on my own, with regular nail polish, Ive either ended up with paint all over my hands, marks in my nails because I was too impatient to let them properly dry or chipped polish the very next day .

    I really wanted to figure out a way to easily get that salon-quality freshly painted look for less money at home.;

    I started to do a little research on long-wearing, gel-like polishes, which is when I discovered Essie gel couture nail polish.

    They have a;wide variety of shades, including my favorite color Make The Cut and it offers;up to 14 days of luxurious wear;and instant gel-like shine, with no UV lamp needed.

    They had me at the no UV nail lamp part, because I really did want to have to buy or use one of those at home.;

    Right after the first time I tested out gel couture, I was hooked!;

    Recently I discovered two new brands that I have been using pretty much weekly now;during this long vacation at home.

    These polishes have also become some of my favorite travel beauty essentials, especially when taking a long weekend getaway.

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    Essie Gel Couture Application

    Step 1: apply gel couture color.

    • Apply two coats of gel couture color of choice to clean, bare nails. Place the brush near the cuticle then pull to the free edge in one long, straight stroke for full and even coverage.
    • Allow at least 1 minute between coats-this will help the formula to fully adhere to the nail.

    How To Apply Essie Gel Couture


    1. For best results, perform waterless nail prep to extend polish wear and save time. Start with a clean, dry base by prepping each nail and removing any residue with acetone.

    2. Apply a thin layer of color with one long, clean stroke. Wait one minute before applying the second coat. Shade used: Pleat & Thank You.

    3. Follow with a second thin layer of color. Wait one minute before applying the top coat.

    4. For a glossy, gel-like shine, apply one coat of Platinum top coat to each nail and seal the free edge.

    For more information, visit www.essie.com.

    For reprint and licensing requests for this article,

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    Is It Worth It To Do Gel Nails At Home

    I am happy to report that this Essie Gel Couture polish plus top coat definitely exceeded my expectations. The polish lasted for almost a solid week, which makes it worth it in my book.;

    When it came time for removing gel nails, I safely and effectively took off the color by using some nail polish remover clips along with nail polish remover.

    A tip to make removal easier is to quickly file the shiny topcoat before you soak them.;

    Now my only problem is figuring out what color to buy next since I want to purchase them all, especially from Olive and June.

    Here are a few nail color options so you can do your own gel nails at home too.

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    Meet Essie Gel Couture, the polish that completely changed my life. Or, at least, the life of my nails. And before you roll your eyes at the fact that this is a gel, and of course a gel polish stays on so long! Its gel! I want to break a few things down for you, because this isnt;like the gels;you get in the salonand I mean that in a good way.;Listen,;I had;tried the in-salon gel manicures, which checked off the chip-free box on my requirements list. But after a few trips, I realized how;infeasible it was for me to shell out so much money each month on gels, and I also really didnt like soaking my nails in acetone each time I got the polish removed. So after three months of dry, damaged nails , I had to say a painful goodbye to my seemingly perfect nail life. Until, of course, I found Essie Gel.

    Since;I wasnt about to go back to regular ol polish, I figured;Id try my hand at at-home gel polishes, which were guaranteed to be less hardcore than in-salon manicures, especially if I ruled out every brand;that required a UV light and couldnt be removed with regular, non-100-percent acetone remover. And, after some trial and error, I found my holy grail, Essie Gel Couture.

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    Where To Get Beetles Gel Nail Polish

    You can get a great Beetles combo set on Amazon, it comes with 20 gel polishes and a gel base and top coat. You can click here to see the current price for the combo set there.

    Now you are also gonna need a UV Lamp to cure your nail polish. I recommend that you get a 48 watt or higher Led UV Lamp which will cure most gel polishes included Beetles in around a minute.

    You can

    How To Apply Essie Couture Non

    Essie Gel Couture Review & Demo | Will it last 2 weeks of wear?
    • Firstly, prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles and then gently buff the sheen off of your nails.
    • Next, clean your nails by wiping them with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol.
    • Then you can apply a coat of your nail polish and let it dry.
    • Now once the first coat has dried you will need to apply a second coat.
    • Finally, you need to apply the top coat and let it dry.

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    Cons Of Beetles Gel Polish

    1- Small Bottles

    Beetles Gel Polishes come in small 5ml bottles that are more like sample bottles than the standard nail polish bottle.

    2- Takes Awhile to Cure

    Beetles Gel Polishes tend to take a bit longer to cure when compared to other premium brands.

    The curing time will vary with the wattage of your lamp but for LED lamps it takes 1-2 minutes whilst with UV lamps it takes 2-4 minutes.

    How To Correctly Apply Gel Nail Polishes

    Even though they are so many different brands of Gel Polishes, they are all applied in the same easy manner.

    You see Gel Polishes are applied in roughly the same way as regular nail polishes with a few differences the main one being that you would need to use a UV Led Lamp to cure them.Citation.

  • Firstly, prep you nails by pushing back your cuticles and gently filing away the sheen from your nails.
  • Now, if you want extra durability I recommend applying a coat of dehydrator and a then a coat of a nail primer onto your nails.
  • Next, apply your Gel Base Coat and then cure it in your UV Led Lamp.
  • Once your base coat is cured you can apply you gel nail polish and then cure them with your UV Led Lamp
  • I recommend using multiple thin coats of gel polishes until your nails look the way that you want them to.
  • Do not apply gel polishes in thick coats they will not cure properly.
  • Just note that each coat of gel polish needs to be cured before applying another coat.
  • Finally, once your gel manicure has the look that you want, you can apply a gel top coat.
  • If you use a regular gel top coat, you would need to use a cotton pad soaked with rubbing alcohol to wipe away the sticky layer from the top coat.
  • 4- Wide Variety of Colors

    Beetles has one of the largest variety of colors to choose from and they are available in large combo sets.

    5- Very Affordable

    Even though they are a high-quality gel polish, they are still pretty affordable.

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    Tips & Trends You Better Shape Up: Filing And Trimming Your Nails

    After youve cleaned nails and created a beautiful working canvas, youll want to file and trim nails for your desired nail shape. Whether square, squavol, stiletto or trending coffin nails, its up to you on how to showcase a manicure. Brush up or should we say file down with these nail care tips.

    Why Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Is Worth It


    An at-home gel manicure in two ridiculously easy steps.

    Obviously you want a shiny, long-lasting manicureespecially during the holiday season. But consider what you’re putting your nails through in the process.

    The lights that manicurists use to set gel polish are basically mini tanning beds, exposing the tops of your hands to damaging rays that can cause wrinkles and dark spots and even increase the risk of skin cancer. Meanwhile, dip powder manicures can be extremely unsanitary. Since the process often involves literally “dipping” each finger into the same pot of powder , you’re picking up germs from any fingers that might have been dipped before you.

    Basically, both options eat away your time and money which is why I’ve officially made the switch to this game-changing, at-home solution: Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish.

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    Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish


    Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish is a long-wearing nail polish collection that features shades for all occassions. The quick-drying and glossy gel formula doesnt require a UV or LED lamp to cure and has been formulated to last for up to 12 days without chipping. The gel colour is the first step in the two-step Gel Couture system, and should be followed with the Gel Couture Top Coat for the most long-lasting results.

    Available in 25 shades.

    Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish is a long-wearing nail polish collection that features shades for all occassions. The quick-drying and glossy gel formula doesnt require a UV or LED lamp to cure and has been formulated to last for up to 12 days without chipping. The gel colour is the first step in the two-step Gel Couture system, and should be followed with the Gel Couture Top Coat for the most long-lasting results.

    Available in 25 shades.

    What Are Gel Nail Polishes

    Gel Nail Polishes are different from regular nail polishes in that they wont dry and harden when exposed to air.

    Instead, they only cure and harden when exposed to UV light which is usually from a UV Led Lamp. Citation.

    So to apply a Gel Polish you would need to use a UV Led Lamp. Now you can check out the video below to see exactly how to apply gel polishes.

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    What I Love About The Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish:

    Its long-lasting: Whether you do your manicure at home, or have it done at the salon, the essie gel couture polish does not chip. They claim that it will last 14 days and it absolutely does. I find that the manicure grows out before it chips, so I take it off after 7-10 days. Im usually tired of the colour at that point, too.

    Beautifully designed: The packaging is gorgeous. Its a twisted bottle, designed to mimic the swirl of a perfect runway gown. The brush has a swirled stem, designed to hug the curvature of your nail. This design ensures a perfect application.

    Awesome coverage: You know when you come across certain nail polishes that just dont cover your nail properly? Well, thats not a concern with these nail polishes! They are highly pigmented, and dont go on streaky. I also find they have an incredible shine, thanks to the top coat.

    Easy to remove: You can remove this nail polish as easily as regular nail polish. Theres no specialsoaking required.

    Cons Of Gel Polishes:

    Essie Gel Couture Application Tutorial
  • Requires a UV Led Lamp to Cure which means you need to invest in a lamp and have access to electricity to apply Gel Polishes.
  • Doesnt have that wide array of colors compared to regular nail polishes the color selection wont be so wide like regular nail polish.
  • Tend to be more expensive Gel Polishes tend to be more pricey compared to regular nail polish.
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    Gel Couture Top Coat Nail Polish

    • Quick drying clear top coat
    • Platinum grade finish

    Sometimes all you need is a helping hand and;essie gel couture Top Coat;is exactly that. Acting as your final protective coat, this quick drying top coat seals and protects your chosen colour. While magnifying;gloss and shine, giving you an;ultra-glossy finish thats sure to catch the light.;

  • Apply 2 coats of selected gel couture colour to clean, bare nails. Using long smooth strokes.
  • No base coat or UV or LED lamp are needed. Allow drying time.
  • Then apply the specialised, quick-drying Top Coat to lock in the couture manicure.;
  • Professional nail expert from the US, since 1981. essie aims to inspire a love for the manicure experience with a wit and style that touches hearts everywhere. As the colour authority, essie is center stage on runways around the world, offering highly-anticipated colour collections that drive trends season after season. The salon-quality formula and catchy, whimsical names has led to the creation of more than 1,000 shades. essie is a leader in nail luxury, committed to high-quality standards with an award-winning line of polishes and nail care products for everyone. Since its introduction by Essie Weingarten, essie has delighted the colour-obsessed with a love shared all over the world.

    How To Remove The Essie Gel

    To remove Essie Gel, begin by lightly buffing the shine on the nails. Saturate an absorbent pad with Gel Polish Remover, place it on the nail wrapped in aluminum foil, and soak for 15 minutes. Remove foil and carefully remove any gel excess with an orangewood stick. Rub the nail with a lint-free nail pad soaked in Gel Polish Remover to remove any residue.

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    How To Apply Gel Couture By Essie

    Making its official debut at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, Gel Couture by Essie is the brands long-lasting lacquer line that offers up to 14 days of staying power. The collection of 42 new shades seamlessly blends technical innovation and incomparable style that is always in season. Follow these steps to see how Essies director of education Gino Trunzo applies the fashionable polish line crafted to last.

    1. Prep the nails for Essie Gel Couture application. File the nails to desired shape.

    2. Apply Essie Apricot Cuticle Peel and push back the cuticles to frame the nails. Remove any residue with a lint-free wipe soaked in water.

    3. Gently buff the nails to remove shine.

    4. Choose desired shade and apply first coat.

    5. Repeat with a second coat for full coverage.

    6. Finish the long-lasting manicure with Essie high-gloss top coat. The quick-drying formula will protect the color and magnify shine for an ultra-glossy finish.

    For more information, visit www.essie.com/pros.

    For reprint and licensing requests for this article,

    Applying The Top Coat

    Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish ⢠Kimberly Michelle Life ...

    Having prior experience with these Step 2 top coats, I knew I needed to let the color set well before applying. I think a lot of people get anxious and they rush the polishing process and then get upset about the results. I get it I like to rush too. Thats half the reason I dont like these types of top coats. I want hard, fast results like the one I get from using the Seche Vite fast dry top coat.

    I wasnt too sure of this one. Essie Gel Couture Step 2 Top Coat honestly reminds me every bit as much of the one from Sally Hansen. Its borderline streaky and I feel like it dulls the color once applied. It takes a very long time to dry. Even once it seemed fully dry, it wasnt. Theres a huge difference between what my nails looked like last night when I polished them and this morning after the curing process as I like to call it, had been completed.

    Dont get me wrong the top coat dries crazy hard and its definitely a gel consistency. It feels like it would last me the week if I wanted it to. But comparing it to my usual top coat, Id rather spend half the price and get faster results that are comparatively about the same. I could see using Essies Step 2 Gel Couture Top Coat if I needed the manicure to last longer, but Im too obsessed with painting my nails to go a whole week with the same polish on my nails. Haha!;

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