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What Is The Best Way To Hang Pictures Without Nails

Hanging Pictures With Tape

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Without Nails or Damaging the Walls

One of the easiest options for hanging pictures or frames on the wall is to use a double sided foam tape. Several brands offer it, most of them supporting pictures of up to 2 pounds. It’s important to thoroughly clean your wall surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol before installing.


Double-sided tape is inexpensive, easy to install and ideal for hanging really light posters, pictures frames or paintings.


Hanging pictures with tape can leave;a small trace or residue once removed from the wall, particularly on painted surfaces, some plastics or wood. Therefore, this is not a sustainable solution, as it can only be used once.

Hang Them Using Adhesive Hooks Or Nails

Now, this option is one of the best ways to get your pictures up on your walls without having to use any regular nails. The thing with self-adhesive hooks and nails is that theyre a simple, effective, and pocket-friendly way to hang heavy pictures without defacing the wall.

They come with adhesive parts designed to stick to walls. That said, you can hang heavy pictures without removing the hardware that was used to hang the picture. The only caveat is that the kind of hardware on the picture would determine if you went for the adhesive hook or nails.

Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the picture. You see, adhesive nails and hooks have specific weights depending on their size. So in some instances, you might need to use more than one hook or nail. It all depends on the size of the adhesives and the weight of the picture. Whatever you do, ensure that you evenly distribute it when hanging the picture.

Once thats settled, the first step to using adhesive hooks and nails is to clean the wall because adhesive hooks and nails need clean surfaces to function right. So you want to clean the wall using some isopropyl alcohol and a clean piece of cloth.

Allow both surfaces to dry. Then, get the adhesive hook or nail ready by removing the liner on the adhesive strip before attaching it to the hook or nail, depending on which you opt for.

Allow the adhesive to stay up for an hour to dry. Once thats done, you can hang up your pictures using the hook or nail you set up.

Use Adhesive Hooks And Strips

There are a wide variety of adhesive hooks and strips available that have the capacity to hold the weight of a framed picture. Well, some framed pictures. If youre hanging a 10-foot by 10-foot Renaissance masterpiece, you might not want to use the same sticky hooks you use for holiday stockings.

But, if you want to hang a light-weight painting, you should be able to find an adhesive solution to meet your needs.

Just be sure that you check the weight rating for any adhesive product you use, and dont be afraid to use multiple hooks or strips. However, until youre a little more confident with your framing adhesives, maybe dont hang your first test directly over your bed or collection of rare porcelain figures.

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Failure To Prepare Surfaces First

Command strips are most effective on dirt-free, smooth walls. Wipe the spot you want to hang your picture using methylated spirits, alcohol, or other effective cleaning agents. Steer clear from using cleaning wipes or surface sprays. These will hinder the effective bonding of the strips to the wall.

Hang Pictures With Velcro Strips

Hang Pictures Without Nails (With images)

Velcro straps are similar to those worn on children’s shoes, but they are more resistant. When you buy them, you should look closely at the packaging because each one supports a different weight. There are those that hold up to more than 7 kilos.

This solution for hanging a picture without nails is straightforward, but if your wall covering is made of delicate wallpaper or paint, it may peel when you try to remove them.

You can use these techniques for hanging more than heavy pictures. When we go on holiday, we may bring back something we want to display proudly. You can learn how to do this in our article on how display travel souvenirs.

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How Much Can Command Strips Hold

As noted earlier, every command strip comes with its own unique size and weight restriction. This information is often listed on the package. The larger strips can handle art or pictures that weigh an excess of 16 pounds. Smaller command strips can only hold up to four pounds.

For hanging anything, its recommended that you buy a size thats a little bigger than the actual weight of your frame or photo. This is worth trying if you doubt whether the strip you purchased can actually handle the weight indicated on the package.;

For best results, steer clear from using two command hooks to hang your frame. Once the adhesives of the two strips are pushed together, they can hold a combined weight of 15 pounds.;The best thing to do is to use a single strip with a better weight capacity. A good example is the Command Jumbo Utility Hook. This strip can hold a whopping seven-and-a-half pounds and stay firmly plastered on the wall for the longest time.;

Step : Creating The Templates

Use a blank piece of paper to create a sketch of the layout, including measurements . Also, number each item.

After, take the painters paper and trace each item onto it, adding the number of the item according to the sketch. Then, cut out the template from the paper.

Once everything is cut out, use painters tape to attach the templates to the wall in the layout of your sketch.

TIP: I would recommend leaving the templates on the wall for a day to make sure you are happy with the layout.

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How To Hang A Heavy Picture Step By Step

Start by taking a pack of VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips . Designed for hanging heavy pictures and mirrors, these large picture hanging strips can hold up to 16lbs per pack.

Attach one half of each set to your picture frame, and the other half to the wall and press down firmly.

Rub the pads for 30 seconds and then wait one hour to allow the adhesive to bond with the wall and the picture frame.

This is an extremely important step giving the adhesive plenty of time to set will ensure your heavy picture stays securely stuck to the wall.

Last but not least, hang your frame on the wall! Make sure to press it firmly against the wall to ensure the picture hanging strips are securely stuck together.

How easy was that?! Such an easy way to hang heavy pictures without one single nail or hole in the wall!

And when youre ready to take your picture down, VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Picture Hanging Strips peel cleanly off the wall without leaving any marks!

Stay on our blog for more clever home decorating hacks!

Hanging Without Nails Step


What to use:;If you dont want to make holes in the wall, then you should hang your picture with;picture hanging strips.;They come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit picture frames, posters and canvases of different sizes and weights, and they can be used on painted drywall, tile, metal, wood and glass. Perfect for renters or anyone who wants to decorate damage-free.

Installation:;Hanging pictures with picture hanging strips instead of nails is a quick and easy process. In fact, it only takes a matter of minutes. Follow these steps to ensure proper installation.

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The Best Way To Hang Pictures Without Nails

So, whats the best way to hang pictures without damaging the wall? We recommend using a special sticky tape applied to the wall, which sticks to the back of the frame or picture. Its quick, easy, and, unlike nails, wont cause permanent damage to the wall. Tape is especially handy for homeowners who like to move things around and redecorate every now and then. As much as you like a picture in a particular position when you first put it up, you may well change your mind.

The UniBond No More Nails range is perfect for any homeowner who wants to hang pictures without the hassle. The product you choose depends on the weight of the picture or frame, and how permanent the bond needs to be.

Use Templates And Tape

Cut out paper patterns and arrange them on the wall with low-adhesive masking tape. The temporary red line from a laser level is helpful for aligning a series of photos level with one another. The laser level is ideal because you get a perfectly straight line without having to mark up the walls. A standard carpenters level will also work. Check out our essential guide for using plumb bobs and levels.

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How To Hang Heavy Frames Without Nails

Nails and hammers are a dangerous mix, especially if youre living in rental accommodation. Lucky for you, there are tons of ways to get those massive frames on the wall without ruining smooth walls. Weve scavenged the internet to provide you with the best, nail-free alternatives that wont take much of your time and energy. These methods are also fun activities, that have the most satisfying results.

Here are three ways to hang heavy frames without damaging your home or office walls:

  • Command strips to hold up the frame
  • Hook-and-loop tapes for textured walls
  • Command hooks for frames that weigh between 50 and 80 pounds;
  • We know youre itching to mount your art or photo frames using these genius ideas. We also know that you need in-depth, step-by-step instructions on how to go about each option. So, keep reading because weve explored all the methods listed above in this post for a clearer understanding. We sure hope it helps!

    The Best Way To Hang A Picture Without Damaging Your Walls

    Hang Art Without Nails

    Whether you’re plotting out an expansive gallery wall or hanging a single piece of affordable artwork, it’s a relatively easy task the average homeowner can take on themselves. There are no power tools necessary typically just a hammer, a nail, and a level.

    But there are a few things you should know before you drive anything into drywall, plaster, or even brick like what kind of hardware to use, how to choose the right height, and how to find a wall stud. The advanced planning is well worth the effort: It will save you from putting unnecessary holes in the wall, a mistake that can cost you both time and money.

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    Choose Your Hanging Hardware

    If you’ve ever looked at the back of a picture frame, you know there are multiple hardware options, including D-rings, sawtooth hangers, and wire. Some frames even come with more than one option. So which one should you choose? The short answer: It depends on what method you’re most comfortable with. Here, a few options:

    • How to hang a picture with a nail: A single nail can likely do the trick and is easiest method if the frame comes with a hook or sawtooth hanger, says Rachel Rothman, chief technologist and director of engineering at the Good Housekeeping Institute. This method also leaves the least amount of damage in its wake, since simple nail holes can be as small as pin dots. Driving the nail into a wall stud will offer the most support, especially for anything above about five pounds. Just be sure to drive the nail in at a degree angle, says Rothman.

    • How to hang a picture with wire: For greater stability, consider hanging your picture with a wire suspended between two D-rings opposite each other, says Rothman. The process is the same as it is when hanging a picture with nails, just two-fold.

    • And how to hang a picture without nails: If you’re hesitant to make any holes in your walls, adhesive-backed picture hooks and strips are great options for lighter frames. These products are also great for plaster and brick surfaces, since these wall materials are more prone to crumbling and cracking.

    Consider The Wall Surface

    • Drywall: If the wall you’re working with is made from drywall, you’re in luck this is the easiest material to work with, since it’s an easy material to penetrate. Just be sure to locate a wall stud, since hanging directly on drywall won’t provide a secure anchor. If a solid stud isn’t available, it’s important to use a drywall anchor to hang pictures.

    • Plaster: These walls are a little trickier, as they have a tendency to crumble. Approach the process same way you would when working with drywall: Look for a wall stud for the most secure anchor. Just note that when hanging pictures on a plaster wall, it’s always a good idea to pre-drill your hole. To prevent crumbling, place a piece of painter’s tape on the wall before drilling.

    • Brick: If your walls are brick, you’ll need to use a wall anchor. And use a masonry bit on your drill to drill into mortar, not the actual brick.

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    How Do I Hang Pictures Up On Textured Wall Without Using Nails

    how do I put pictures up on a texture wall without using nails?

  • Gail Davis McGough on Mar 29, 2019

    will check with my husband. He is an artist and has many painting hung in museums and galleries. don’t know if any of those places had textured walls. Thank you for the info

  • Nancy Turner on Mar 29, 2019

    Not much will stick to textured walls unless it is not textured much. I have minimally textured walls, probably from painting for 64 years on the walls, but I used command strips to hold up our sound system speakers. They are small, but weigh a lot for their size. I purchased the weight that was over the weight of the speakers and used two or more depending on the size of what I was hanging. I have never had one fall off the wall yet, the only time I had to put new ones on was when I had to move two of the speakers due to a larger TV. The other three have stayed in place for going on five years now. I think the strips I got were for about twice the weight of the speakers, I wanted to make sure the strips could handle the weight of the little speakers for the small size. You could do a trial and error and see if it would work if you have a picture you wanted to hang that is a heavier one without glass, that way if it falls, glass won’t break. Make sure to follow the directions on wait times before hanging the pictures. Holes in the walls from nails are easy to repair and usually unnoticeable when filled because they are so small, even on textured walls.

  • Step : Gather Your Picture Frames

    Best way to HANG A MIRROR on the wall | Fast & Easy without nails

    The first step is to gather all the frames or other artwork you want to use.;

    You can buy new ones to add to your collection but you might already have a few items lying around the house, or some that you can create, with fancy chalkboard lettering.

    For unusual or oddly-shaped items, you can create a picture frame to fit it perfectly.

    TIP: It helps to have a theme; mine is travel!

    Collect everything at this point you may not use every item and might decide on something else later.;

    Note the items that you love and must be included other pieces will be fillers. Also, vary the textures and shapes when gathering items for your gallery wall.

    SIDE NOTE: You can always paint a picture frame, see this post on how easy it is to spray paint picture frames.

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    As Hanging Rail Track Or Picture Rail

    A rail track with hanging cables offers a no-nails picture hanging solution that is both flexible and sustainable. Pictures or paintings are attached to a metal cable that is hung from a rail mounted on the wall, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the height and position of your frames. It also provides a stylish and elegant design to your space. See our all-in-one click rail cable hanging kit, and get started!


    Rail tracks make it really easy to replace your picture frames, or change their disposition whenever you like. You just slide the cable on the rail, and voilà! And most importantly, they leave no damage at all on your walls. They’re perfect for schools, cafés, art galleries, museums and stylish homes.


    Installing rails can be a little tricky, but if you’re handy it shouldn’t be too hard.;Watch this video on how to install rail tracks. Rail tracks require some tools for installation: a cordless drill, a step ladder, a spirit level, a pencil, wall plugs and screws. Also, it is a bit more expensive than simple picture hanging strips.

    Perfect: How To Hang Pictures Without Nails

    Knowing how to hang pictures without nails is an invaluable DIY skill. By using the right adhesive tape, you can save yourself the hassle and mess of drilling, and avoid damaging your walls with ugly holes. Our guide will show you how to stick pictures on the wall without ruining the paint, giving you picture perfect results.

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    Hanging Pictures On Brick Walls Without Drilling Yes Its Possible Too

    While wood and drywall are typical interior wall materials, some homes feature exposed brick walls as well. When homeowners want to hang pictures on the latter, their first reaction is typically to drill holes right into the brick. The problem with this approach is that it is permanent and cant be undone without replacing the entire brick. Youll also need a specific drill bit to tackle the job.

    But this isnt the only option. Hanging pictures on brick walls without drilling is easy, even if youre dealing with an oversized photo or irregular-shaped decor. Any brick or masonry work tends to be quite unique, so the last thing you want to do is permanently damage it with holes.

    Now, if youre trying to hang a photo or artwork on a brick or concrete wall, and youre looking for something that provides ultimate strength, then Loctite StikN Seal Extreme Conditions is your solution. This glue is resistant to moisture, UV, ozone, vibration, extreme temperatures, cracking, and peeling. It has a high initial grab, which means it dries very fast and will hold its position. This product will fix your picture on the wall, whether its an interior or exterior surface!


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