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Rolling Manicure Table Nail Desk Workstation

Features To Look For Vents Fans And Dust Collectors

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Many people underestimate the danger of nail products. Acetone, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde are popular chemicals found in nail polish and nail polish remover. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause headaches, nausea, irritated eyes, and even cancer. To help prevent side effects, especially if your work area is not well-ventilated, fans, vents, and dust collectors can be essential options for your manicure table.

Air quality features are critical if you work in a salon. The International Mechanical Code advises a certain level of ventilation on tables used in salons, and your state will have laws regarding air quality in the building. Be sure that your table meets regulation standards before making a purchase.

Understand the difference between air quality features on manicure tables.

  • Vents Vents capture air and exhaust the fumes somewhere else
  • Fans Fans blow air away from the face
  • Dust Collectors Collects dust from nail filing and products

Goujxcy Rolling Manicure Table Nail Desk Workstation Nail Salon Desk With 4 Drawers And Large Cabinet Black

  • ðMaximum Storage Capacity – This manicure nail table has 4 drawers for professional manicurists to store various kinds of polishing products. High-quality drawer rail and damper hinge ensuring smooth and quiet movements
  • ðEasy to move – Our nail station table has wheels, it’s easy to be moved. Also can be locked.
  • ðWidely Used -This Manicure Station can be used for beauty salons, Manicure shops, Nail Techs, spa, etc.
  • ðEasy to install – Features a simple style and easy installation design. Installation instructions are included in the package. Nail Table Dimensions: 42.52″ x29.52″ x 17.72″, Drawer Dimensions :8.66″ x 4.72″ x 11.4″
  • â¤ãCustomer ServiceãOnce you received the item damaged or missing parts, you can offer us pictures of damaged items. Then we will give you a satisfying solution as the way you want

High Quantity Aluminum Professional And Steady


  • Expanded Overall Dimension: 33 1/4″ x 16 1/16″ x 31 1/8″
  • Case Overall Dimension: 15 1/16″ x 12 3/16″ x 27 3/16″
  • Table Expanded Dimension: 22 7/16″ x 15 1/16″ x 27 3/16″
  • Mirror Dimension: 14 1/4″ x 7 1/16″
  • Voltage: 110V to 250V, Power: 2200W
  • Table Capacity: 15.4 Lbs
  • Each Drawer Capacity: 11 Lbs
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy, Fire-Retardant PP, Leather, Metal
  • Net Weight: 35.3 Lbs
  • The manicure table with nail polish organizer is good for beauty salons, manicure shops, nail techs, spa etc.
  • Large capacity design can be a delicate and stable cosmetic case to organize and carry your makeup.
  • 4pcs 360 degree rotated wheels make it easy to travel for display show, street performances, temporary make-up room or accessories stall in flea market.
  • It is also a good choice to upgrade your studio with limit budget.

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What Does Your Budget Look Like

Table prices run a huge gambit from $50 to over $500 and while that may seem intimidating I think it’s great that almost anyone can have access to a place specifically made to make doing nails more enjoyable.

I tried to represent this full range and choose the best manicure station to represent each price point.

Barberpub Manicure Table Nail Desk With Wheels Salon Workstation 2600

YOUTHINK Rolling Manicure Table Nail Desk Workstation with 4 Drawers ...

Select a Color

Item Description

This manicure table is the one you are looking for! It has HUGE working tabletop and plenty of storage space. 8 lockable wheels are fitted enable you to move the station around easily. Smooth surface provides your customer comfortable felling during the nail working process.

Item Features

Item Specifications

  • Material: MFC and PVC edging
  • Overall Size: 42.5”x 19.7”x 31”
  • Tabletop Size: 42.5”x 19.7”
  • Drawer Dimensions : 5.1”x 11”x 3.9”
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 7.3”x 17.5”x 13.2”
  • Wheel Height: 2”
  • Wrist Cushion: 16.1″ x 3.74″ x 2.6″
  • Drawer Quantity: 2

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How Tough Does Your Manicure Station Need To Be

I’m clumsy, y’all. I knock everything over. And when everything includes acetone and heavily tinted lacquers, there are going to be furniture casualties–unless that furniture is designed to withstand inevitable drips and spills.

Acetone dissolves certain chemicals including plastic. That’s why we use it. If your table is plastic or finished wood, you’re going to run into serious issues.

Most manicure stations have acetone-resistant surfaces to handle what you can dish out. Even better, some tables have glass counters making cleaning up much faster and easier.

One note on colors here, some nail technicians have observed that darker surfaces tend to show the dust from filing more than white tables, but they also hide staining better. Just a matter of what your priorities are.

Please Note: The White Is For Pre

Item Description

This manicure table is the one you are looking for! It has HUGE working tabletop and plenty of storage space. 8 lockable wheels are fitted enable you to move the station around easily. Smooth surface provides your customer comfortable felling during the nail working process.

Item Features

  • Maximum utility: Spacious tabletop is ideally for professional salon manicure works. All nail accessories can be placed in order and you can even accommodate more tools in the cabinets.
  • Easy to move: 8 rolling wheels are fitted to manicure table, includes 4 lockable wheels, the table has extraordinary flexibility and utility. The wheels enable you to move the nail desk easily in your salon and workshop. Lockable wheels provide you excellent stability during the nail work.
  • Ergonomic design: This beauty salon workstation comes with elegant wrist rest padding and comfortable arc shape for customer maintain a relaxed gesture during nail work. The huge tabletop and storage room makes it even more easy and handy for you to reach the daily used tools.
  • Easy to clean: You can wipe the table surface with wet cloth, spots can be removed with alcohol or polish remover. Drops or spots caused by manicure stuff can be removed with a cloth with gasoline easily.

Item Specifications

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Do You Want A Stationary Or Portable Nail Table

For in-salon tables, nail techs need to go with stationary. These professional models are sturdier and offer you the options that your services could really benefit from.

If you’re not working in a salon environment, portability is a great feature. It gives you the freedom to travel and see friends, clients in their homes, or work on-site at events.

It’s also ideal for regular nail polish enthusiasts and vloggers because these folding tables are easy to store in a closet or under a bed if you don’t have space for a permanent set up. They do tend to lack storage and aren’t very big, so they won’t be a good fit for all home users.

Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Manicure Table

Transforming a Small Room into My Desk Setup & DIY Wood Slat Studio!
  • Size

Manicure tables come in all sizes but if youre a mobile manicurist or looking to set up a station in your own home, settle for something lightweight. This would mean a smaller table that can be folded to save space or stored away easily. Ideally, the table top shouldnt be so small that it either hinders your work or causes discomfort to your client. Standard manicure tables are around 46 cm wide, 120 cm long, and 76 cm tall. Adjustable height is also an important feature to look out for.

  • Functionality

This category includes all that is required for a comfortable manicure experience.

As a manicure requires multiple tools and bottles of nail polish, look for drawers that can house all your necessities. To keep the table surface neat, one or multiple drawer attachments allow for easy organization that keeps your accessories out of sight.

Wrist pads are a great feature that can be removed in most cases. They are filled with foam or sponge and allow you or your client to use them as armrests. As a long manicure session can put stress on your wrists and hands, this cushion helps you rest.

When there is a sudden power outage or you happen to be working in poor lighting, bendable LED lamps can be attached to the manicure table. They not only give you a clear view of your work, but also protect your eyes.

  • Style

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Portable Manicure Table Buyers Guide

The features youll need in a manicure table depend on factors like whether youre using your table for individual or professional use, the number of supplies you want your table to store, and the amount of space you have.

Think about what features will best suit your business if youre using your table for client work. If youre visiting others homes to do your job, a lightweight and foldable table might be your best option so you can easily store your table in your car.

If youre buying your table for a nail salon, you may want to purchase a model with more drawer space to store your supplies. A lock is essential if you are an independent contractor who leaves their supplies at work.

For anyone looking to buy a manicure table, durability should be your most significant concern. Manicure tables are expensive, so you want one made of rigid material that wont easily be damaged by nail chemicals or break apart. Steel and high-density fibreboard are good things to look for when searching for a long-lasting table.

Manicure Table Nail Beauty Spa Salon Desk Workstation Iron Frame With Electric Downdraft Vent Cabinet Side Basket Wrist Rest Casters And Led Lamp Black

  • EASY MOBILITY: With 6 rolling casters, the nail table can be moved around easily. You can change its position to satisfy your own needs. And 3 of the casters are lockable. You can lock the casters to make it stay in place.
  • SIDE STORAGE CABINET: The manicure table is designed with a lockable side cabinet which has 5 removable plastic drawers. Single side cabinet design gives you space for placing manicure tools, nail polish and other manicure necessities.
  • ELECTRIC DOWNDRAFT VENT INCLUDED: With electric downdraft vent on it, the manicure table can collect the nail dust while manicure and keep the table clean to some degree. And a wrist rest is included. Putting hands on it while manicure can bring more comfort and convenience.
  • FAIR WORKING SPACE: The dimension of the tabletop is approx. 35.4” x 16.9”, providing enough space for you to shape and file nails for yourself or your client. And there is a side storage basket for placing tiny items as well.
  • LED LAMP FOR CLEAR VIEW: The manicure table is equipped with an LED lamp, which can offer you a clear view when you shape and file nails. And the clip-on design makes it easy for you to adjust its position to meet your specific needs. Besides, the adjustable lamp neck allows you to change its angle as well.

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Rolling Manicure Table Nail Desk Workstation With 4 Drawers Mirror Speaker Makeup Salon Travel Cosmetic Trolley Storage Organizer Black Tbbk01

Out of stock


Portable Nail Art Studio 33x16x31 Portable Manicure Makeup Workstation with nail polish organizer, 4 drawers, an expandable floor-standing table. Moreover the lid covers mirror, radio music speaker and USB port. Foldable Workstation22 7/16 x 15 1/16 x 27 3/16 expandable free-standing table provides you with additional workspace. When not in use, it can be folded and stored to save space. Music RelaxationBuilt-in music speakers to play music on your phone via Bluetooth, SD card, USB port for relaxation Suitable for outdoor use, such as street performances, temporary make-up room or accessories stall in flea market. 4 Rolling Wheels4 360 Degree Rotated Wheels make it easily travel outdoor, 2 of wheels can be locked when you are working. Made of high quality materials, it can withstand up to 55Lbs . Security ProtectionLockable latches with keys on cover and password-lock on door keep cosmetics & other valuable safe Latches on the side to lock table firmly Aluminum frame and fire-retardant exterior for better protection Certificated with UL Power cord replacement also sold by us, search Power cord replacement .

Out of stock

Do You Want A Nail Dust Vacuum

New Wooden Rolling Salon Manicure Nail Table WorkStation w/ Storage ...

Between nail polish fumes and filing enhancements, doing nails involves a lot of stuff you’d really rather not inhale. According to OSHA, ventilation is key to preventing health issues caused by nail dust and chemical fumes.

If you use a nail drill at all, you should consider getting a table with a dust vacuum or purchasing a separate one.

Many higher-end tables offer built-in vents with attached bags that capture dust and particulates from filing and grinding. Some even use activated charcoal filters to remove unpleasant odors.

While vents can’t completely eliminate the strong smell of nail polish products, these fumes, particularly from gel polish, are denser than the air around us. This means that a vent in the table will pull the cloud of fumes down beneath you and it’s less likely to rise up again. It’s a plus all around. The only thing is that it will need to be plugged in.

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