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Where Is Orly Nail Polish Made

What Is The Cleanest Nail Polish

How ORLY Nail Polish Is Made
  • Best Overall: Zoya Nail Polish. …
  • Best Drugstore: Sally Hansen Good. …
  • Best No-Chip: Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro. …
  • Best Cruelty-Free: Ella & Mila Nail Polish. …
  • Best Shades: JINSoon Nail Lacquer. …
  • Best Shades, Runner-Up: OOO Nail Lacquers. …
  • Best Multi-Tasker: Orly Breathable Treatment + Color. …
  • Best Splurge: Huella Nail Lacquer.

Many People Would No Doubt Be Surprised To Learn That Not Only Is The French Manicure Nearly 30 Years Old Its Actually American And Was Invented By A Gentleman We Sat Down With Its Creator Jeff Pink The Founder Of Orly International Nail Care To Get The Inside Track

Jeff Pink, the owner of Orly International and the creator of the French manicure. Ringo Chiu /

The last time Jeff Pink stepped foot on UAE soil was close to two decades ago. Like the countrys landscape, Pinks business has evolved greatly in that time. His story is fascinating one that starts on the sets of classic Hollywood movies and continues in beauty salons across the world today.

How does it feel to be back in the UAE?

Im thrilled to be here. I came here first for the first Beauty World Show 18 years ago. The change and growth in Dubai is amazing it has grown to be a very sophisticated and cosmopolitan city.

The UAE has a very strong mani-pedi culture does that distinguish us much from other markets?

I think the mani-pedi culture is universal to women who understand that nails are the ultimate expression of personal style and impeccable grooming. So women of the UAE are not different in that respect.

Has Orly developed any colours specifically for the region?

Not specifically, but we launch seasonal colour collections each year that are on-trend in the beauty and fashion world. We work with top trending colour houses and tailor collections for each season so that well have an offering even for our most discerning customer.

If you were to develop a range just for the region what might it look like?

It might be a beautiful selection of deep reds.

The story of how the brand came to be is a fascinating one tell us more.

Can I Use Clear Nail Polish Instead Of A Top Coat Polish

A. Generally speaking, no you cant. Clear nail polish is usually used to provide some kind of finish, usually a shine, to your uncolored nails for a wholly natural look. Topcoats are designed to go on top of your chosen polish to help set it, making it last longer than it normally would. Some clear nail polishes can be used as both a polish and a top coat, but these options will typically state this ability outright.

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Is Orly Nail Polish Nontoxic

ORLY is an innovative company that makes nail polish nontoxic for everyone. Orlys products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and 12 free from harmful ingredients to make them safe on your skin.

The Orly cruelty-free nail polish is made with a few key ingredients, including argan oil, vitamin C and pro-vitamin B5.

These ingredients help strengthen nails in addition to providing hydration for weak or damaged nails when removing acrylics, ones fingers can be left feeling brittle, which makes them prone to cracking, so you must use products like these if this has happened.

Nontoxic nail polish is a rare find, but it does exist.

Most nontoxic polishes are three-free, meaning they dont contain formaldehyde or toluene in the product itself as well as dibutyl phthalate which gives off harsh fumes when heated and has been linked to several cancers by some studies.


Which Orly Nail Polish Is Best

Orly Nail Polish in Orange Sorbet

One of the smallest touches to a look one can make is using good nail polish. The various colors, finishes and styles can be a subtle underscoring to your style or be the biggest, flashiest element. Orly nail polishes are some of the most affordable available while still maintaining high quality.

One of the best Orly nail polishes is the Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond Nail Polish. This multifaceted nail polish is subtle enough to be professional but flashy enough to still be fun.

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The Original French Manicure

In 1975, Jeff Pink created a natural nail look to help screen actresses speed up the time between wardrobe changes. Simple, classic and femininem time time saving manicure accentuated the nails without ever upstaging the outfit. Stylists and stars loved the new look that quickly spread through the fashion world. Once it hit the runways of Paris, Jeff knew he had the perfect name…The French Manicure.

Does Orly Nail Polish Last Long

Orly is a great, long-lasting option for those who wash their hands often, which should be all of us.

Its water-permeable so that the polish wont crack, and it has breathability technology to keep your nail looking fresh!

Its fast-drying, but not too much that you cant fix a mistake before it gets tacky.

In my experience with this polish so far, Ive had no smudging or chipping yet!

It also levels out nicely and smoothly, giving me beautiful nails in record time without having to worry about flaws from other nail polishes messing up the design on my hands- which is always nice because we all know how quickly they can chip.

Orlys nail polish is a great option for those who wash their hands often. It has water permeability, breathability technology, and fast-drying properties that will keep your nails looking fresh!

Ive had no smudging or chipping yet in my experience with this product so far it really does seem to be the perfect all-day wear formula.

Give it a try if youre struggling with keeping your manicure intact.

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Mixing The Pigment With Nitrocellulose And Plasticizer

  • 1 The pigments are mixed with nitrocellulose and plasticizer using a”two-roll” differential speed mill. This mill grinds the pigment between a pair of rollers that are able to work with increasing speed as the pigment is ground down. The goal is to produce fine dispersion of the color. A variation of this mill is the Banbury Mixer .
  • 2 When properly and fully milled, the mixture is removed from the mill in sheet form and then broken up into small chips for mixing with the solvent. The mixing is performed in kettles that can hold anywhere from 5 to 2,000 gallons. Stainless steel must be used because the nitrocellulose is extremely reactive in the presence of iron. The kettles are jacketed so that the mixture can be cooled by circulating cold water or another liquid around the outside of the kettle. The temperature of the kettle, and the rate of cooling, are controlled by both computers and technicians.

    This step is performed in a special room or area designed to control the hazards of fire and explosion. Most modern factories perform this step in an area with walls that will close in if an alarm sounds and, in the event of explosion, with ceilings that will safely blow off without endangering the rest of the structure.

What Ingredients Are In Orly Nail Polish

How Nail Polish Is Made How Stuff Is Made – Orly

The ingredients in Orly nail polish are Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Isopropyl Alcohol, Tosylamide/Epoxy Resin, Triphenyl Phosphate, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Propyl Acetate, Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate.

When it comes to cosmetics, the term nontoxic can be difficult to decipher.

With regard to nail polish, a commonly used five free refers meaning they do not contain formaldehyde or any other chemicals that may harm your skin and nails over time, such as dibutyl phthalate , camphor is toxic in large doses.

You should check all of the ingredients before you buy a nail polish bottle to ensure your nail polish is toxic-free.

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Jeff Pink Founder Of Iconic Beauty Brand Launches Best

Los Angeles, CA | July 08, 2021 08:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

It All Started With Pink–written by Jeff Pink has just concluded a successful book launch on with the book ranked as a #1 Best Seller in multiple categories.

As ORLY marked its 45th anniversary in 2020, Jeff Pink, CEO and Founder of ORLY International, shares his rich history in this honest and passionate memoir. Detailing his journey as an immigrant who grew a small beauty supply shop in Tarzana, Los Angeles, to an internationally renowned beauty brand with a 135,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory and headquarters in Los Angeles, Jeff recounts his storied career and its impact on the nail polish industry.

The memoir provides behind-the-scenes documentation of moments in beauty history. Jeff details the origin of the iconic Original French Manicure from its beginnings in Hollywood studios to Paris Runways, as well as creating the first color collection for nail polishes in the late â70s, The Winery Collection.

Between these nuggets of beauty history, Jeff imparts lessons he has learned along the way of establishing and growing a brand, being an effective leader, and more importantly, the definition of success. Readers will learn about humility, reaching out for help, taking chances on people and ideas, and the need to constantly evolve in order to stay on top.

– Deborah Carver, President and CEO of NAILPRO Magazine

– John Servatius, CPA

The book, marketed by BCG Publishing is available on

About ORLY

Gel Vs Traditional Polishes

Gel and traditional Orly nail polishes each have their pros and cons.

  • Gel: A more recent nail polishing technique, gel polishes are known for their hyper-longevity. When properly applied they can last for weeks instead of a handful of days like traditional polishes. They do require a handful of tools and a considerable amount of time to apply, plus theyre a pain to remove before or during their end-of-life stage.
  • Traditional: Traditional polishes are what you can pluck from a store shelf and apply as soon as you get home. Theyre available in a wider range of colors and finishes than gels and come in a variety of formulas that achieve different goals like aiding the health of your nails or being vegan.

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Orly International Made In Hollywood

Jeff Pink, founder and CEO of Orly International, tells NAILS Magazine how his company grew out of a beauty supply house in Southern California to become a major manufacturer of nail strengthener, polishes, and hand treatments.

Orly International is a success story straight from Hollywood literally. From supplying Tinsel Towns movie studios to developing nail products when the industry was in its infancy, Orly has a long history to be proud of.

Jeff Pink, Orlys founder and CEO, explains how Orly started, how he steered his company , and where he sees Orly, and the entire nail industry, going in the future.

Q. How did you get into the beauty business, and how did Orly International come into being?

A Originally, I was in the beauty chemical business with my family, and I owned a beauty supply store in the Los Angeles area. I used to call on nail salons and I found that manicurists fell neglected by the dominant nail companies at the time. I heard for myself what the manicurist wore saying they needed.

We introduced our first products, Romeo and Ridgefiller nail strengthener with fibers, in 1974. The nail industry was in its infancy then, but I saw the potential for growth. It inspired me to search for new products.

This check was the first Jeff Pink received on behalf of Orly International. At the time, the company was called Orly Cosmetics.

Q How has the industry changed in the last 20 years?

Memo Exclusive: An Interview With Jeff Pink Founder And President Of Orly

Orly BB Creme Collection

Jeff Pink, founder and president of Orly, creators of professional nail color and treatments, celebrated 40 years of business success in 2015. He attributes his longevity to a true passion for his work. Im very lucky because every day that I walk into this office, I feel like its my first day, Pink says. This business excites me, and I love working with my team. Its a family- owned business that is a family.

Every product Orly sells is manufactured in their state-of-the-art, fully automated production facility in Los Angeles, CA. If we see a trend emerging, we are very nimble and able to move quickly and if we create the trend, we are able to act quickly.

MS: Please talk about how you started in the beauty industry.

JP: My career in the beauty business started with me working for my mentor and dear friend, Jack Sperling. I made an arrangement to work for Jack and I paid him to learn the business. At first I wasnt sure, and told my wife, Its not for me. But Jack insisted I give it at least 90 days. And, after 90 days, I started to like it. In 1975, I opened Jeff Pink Beauty Supply. We sold beauty products not only to beauty professionals, but to Hollywood studios.

MS: What are some of your career highlights?

MS: You have seen tremendous change in the beauty industry, specifically regarding nails. What are some of the improvements and innovations youve seen?

MS: And what would you like to see change?

MS: How has being in LA influenced your branding?

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All You Need To Know About The Orly Nail Polish Color Pass 21

In my search for a Halal Nail polish, I discovered Orly a few years back. They actually have a line of Breathable Treatment + Color that is Wudu-Friendly. So I tried it, and fell in love with the wide brushes and vivid colors. My nail bed is wide and Essie is typically not as easy to apply with the very narrow brush it comes with. *Please note that Essie turned Vegan and 8-free recently in 2020.*

So heres a little info about the brand Orly and what you need to know about their subscription box.**

Orlys Breathable line, as well as Nail Lacquer come in a massive variety of colors. I especially admire the non-chalky and highly pigmented shades they offer. Being a mom of 3, I rarely have time to sit and wait between applications for each coat to dry. Therefore, its a huge plus for me. A couple of coats and youre good to go. All the pictures of my nails in this post have 2-3 coats of lacquer . No extra coats under or over the nail.

Is Orly Better Than Opi

After i got bored in researching on OPI i decided to research on my next favourite nail polish brand , Orly , and i found out some really cool stuff.In my previous post i said that OPI contains toluene and formaldehyde . However , Orly seems to be toluene , DPB and formaldehyde free!

At first i thought OPI was a good brand , but after finding out about what other brands can do , they seem better in lots of ways , but today let us compare Orly to OPI .

Why is Orly better?

1) It has a thin brush and since people are not used to using brushes which are thick they tend to go for thinner brushes and a good example would be Orly.

2) It is cheaper OPI:18 Orly:7.50

3) OPI chips like in a few days but orly can stay on for 2 weeks , and on the OPI website they stated that theyre nail polish could last for a whole two weeks

4) Orly and OPI have similar colours , so if you find that you have an Orly or OPI colour which looks very the same then just test it , if you dont then juts drop by a nail store selling both brands and compare .

For more information on orly , please go to

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Is It Possible To Use Traditional And Gel Polishes Together

A. Yes, its perfectly normal to use traditional polishes and gel polishes together. A common nail polishing technique is even to use a traditional base coat and traditional polish combined with a gel topcoat. This makes the design last less long than fully gel designs and makes them easier to remove once they start to chip. This is perfect for those who like to change their looks up faster than all-gel designs would allow.

Is Orly Nail Polish Safe During Pregnancy

Learn how nail polish is made with Orly in 360

Orly nail polish is safe to use during pregnancy in normal amounts because it doesnt contain harmful chemicals.

The skin around your nails is very delicate during pregnancy. For this reason, you should be careful with what products are applied to them as they can potentially harm the area and cause discomfort for both mother-to-bes hands or feet.

The sensitive nature of pregnant womens digits makes it all the more important that we care when using any nail polishincluding remover!

The chemicals inside certain varieties contain ingredients that may not be safe in larger doses.

Even if used sparingly every now again only due to its proximity near an unventilated space like a car on hot days where there isnt enough airflow coming through windows since cars dont usually have A/C installed within themselves.

Your nails are only half the story. The other important aspect of your hands is their skin, which needs special care during pregnancy because it becomes much more sensitive to chemicals and toxins in various


Therefore, always choose products that are mild and pregnancy-friendly while you are pregnant.

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Does Orly Nail Polish Need A Topcoat

Skipping a base coat or topcoat in your at-home mani can really affect how long it lasts.

A good application of the product will save you from going back and forth between coats by giving durable protection for up to two weeks with just one application!

The benefits dont stop there, though, as many people also use them as an opportunity to fix any imperfections before applying color, like removing pesky scratches on their nails caused by cuticles biting too far inward during other activities such as gardening, etc


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