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How To Clip Thick Nails

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Trimming your toenails is a fundamental part of normal hygiene, but complications such as fungal infections can make the task much more difficult. This doesnt even factor in dangers such as diabetes, infections risks, and more.

If you ever have questions about how to best trim your toenailsfungal or notwe are more than happy to offer advice and help. We can also help you take care of fungal infections, ingrown nails, and other problems at the source to avoid further problems down the road.

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How To Soften Toenails

Many people try to cut thick toenails and end up breaking them. Instead of chipping away at them using a nail clipper, you should first soften toenails and then cut them carefully. Here is what you can do about it.

  • Start by preparing the tub. You can simply pour a gallon of warm water into the deep basin, bathtub, or dishpan. Mix about 2 ½ tablespoons of salt in it.
  • Soak your feet into the solution for half an hour. You should soak them for more than 30 minutes if your toenails are very thick.
  • Get your feet out of the tub and pat them dry using a soft towel.
  • Take a softening cream and apply it on your toenails. Cut your toenails right away.

Your toenails are likely to become soft after you soak them in the solution, but the treatment may not always work. If soaking and softening cream do not work, you may want to try the following:

Bestope Nail Clippers Set Fingernail And Toenail Clipper Cutter

Bestope is well-known for stocking a range of quality beauty and personal care products.

This is quite a good clipper as it is suitable for both men and women. It is built of a sturdy zinc alloy stainless steel that makes it strong and durable.

It has an ergonomic shape that naturally follows the shape of the nails and makes the trimming process easier.

The sharp blades give a clean trim the first time. The precise and sharp trimming does not require much effort from you. The clipper was designed with your health in mind. It is suitable and ideal for thick nails.

  • Ideal for men and women
  • Narrow clipper opening

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The Yellow Nail Syndrome

Yellow nail syndrome is one of the least likely causes of thick toenails.

Still, it can be one of the primary reasons why someone has unusually thick toenails.

The yellow nail syndrome causes the nails to be thick, yellow, and excessively curved.

Patients suffering from yellow nail syndrome often have issues with their respiratory system, swelling in the legs and arms.

This is because of the excess fluid build-up they experience in the limbs and around the lungs.

Although doctors still dont know the exact cause of yellow nail syndrome, most people believe this is a condition that might strongly connect to someones genetics.

Meaning it can be inherited from your parents.

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Top 10 Thick Toenail Clippers

Toenail clippers can be a great way of effectively clipping toenails before they become ugly and uncomfortable. However, not every toenail clipper can do the job very well.

You need to find the best clipper to use otherwise you might make the situation worse. We have compiled the best bet 10 clippers for you to choose from.

Why Are My Toenails Thick

Youre probably not staring at your feet every day, especially during frigid seasons when they go from one pair of socks to another. Which is why thickened nails can come as a surprise. Chances are, you noticed the change when attempting to clip them. Thickened toenails are often just a fun part of aging, like getting skin tags, dark spots, and wrinkles.

But what if your toenails are thick and come with other issues, like a yellow tint and curve of the nail, or redness and swelling of the surrounding skin? Toenails can give clues to your overall health status. And thickening toenails might be trying to tell you something is amiss.

Here are some reasons why you might have thick toenails, the other signs that show up with them, and what you can do about them.

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Risks Associated With Long Poodle Nails

We want to detail the risks associated with keeping your poodles nails too long so that you stay on top of it. Failing to cut their nails regularly can result in some painful outcomes for your dog.

These are issues that can be easily avoided with regular nail care:

  • Pain and difficulty walking: When the nails are too long and make consistent contact with the ground, they can become irritated and push the nail up into the bed or toes. This can be incredibly uncomfortable for your poodle.
  • Lead to permanent changes in walking gait: The orientation of the nail to the ground can actually change the way the bones in the feet are positioned, and this can put more pressure on their joints. This may lead to permanent hinderances to walking and running. This graphic provides a great visual of how nail length impacts skeletal structure.
  • Infections: If long nails are broken, snagged, or torn, this can expose underlying skin and leave your poodle prone to infections. This is especially true if you do not notice the damage right away.

Keeping your poodles nails cut on a regular basis is important for their health and comfort. It also will keep them looking in top shape, and you will not have to hear them clicking all over the house.

Give The Nails A Final Filing


Even if your cuts were smooth, it doesnt hurt to file down each nail at the end for optimal smoothness. Diabetics can have a harder time healing from a wound, and should a jagged nail snag, it could rip off part of their nail. Plus, the uneven edge could accidentally scratch their legs while sleeping.

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How To Cut Thickened Toenails

Thickened toenails can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Even when trimming them, you need to be very careful in order not cause yourself some pain or discomfort. You are sure to get things right if you follow these steps:

Prepare your toenails

  • Make sure you have your clippers ready
  • Use warm water to soak your feet this helps in softening the toenails
  • Dry the toenails using a towel

Clip methodically

  • It is best to start trimming the corners of the toenails.
  • Do not try to clip the nails at once. Small cuts are the best way to go
  • Clip your entire toenail in small cuts

Finishing the trim

  • Take the time to check if you have trimmed yourself correctly
  • Use a nail file to file your toenail edges
  • Dispose of the clipped nails

Thickened toenails are not pleasant. However, having the right tool to trim them regularly and comfortably will go a long way in ensuring that they dont have a negative effect on your life. Take your time to choose the best clipper for you.


Harperton Nail Clipper Set Fingernail And Toenail Clipper

This is a versatile clipper as it can be used for both toenails and fingernails. The nail clipper is manufactured by Harperton, a company dedicated to change the way you take care of yourself or others. This is reassuring as it allows us to trust them and their products.

The clipper is manufactured using quality surgical stainless steel that allowed the design of the clipper to be perfected with great precision.

The clipper was ergonomically designed so that it could fit seamlessly in your fingers and allow to clip easily.

The reinforced handles are not a coincidence. The purpose is to let you clip even the thickest of nails without applying too much effort. The clipping is just effortless.

What we like:

  • It is durable as it was designed to last
  • Sharpened blades to allow precision clipping
  • It comes in several different sizes
  • Lifetime warranty

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Wash Your Toes With Clean Water And Soap

The first step is to wash with clean water and soap.

Cleaning the toes enables the nerves within the toes to relax, which facilitates easier nail cutting.

Soaking both feet in a basin of warm water for a few minutes helps relax the nerves.

After cleaning, dry the feet with a clean, dry towel. Keep in mind that it is possible to cut nails when wet or dry.

How To Trim Even The Thickest Toenails

How to Soften Toenails

One of the questions we get asked a lot in our Seattle podiatry clinic is how to trim thick nails. The very best way to clip thick toenails to help the nails look normal and thin is explained below.

By following the instructions in our podiatrists guide to cutting thick and / or fungal nails you can have a nearly normal thickness toenail. Please read this important disclosure about the products recommended in this article.

If you have diabetes, poor circulation or are prone to not healing or bleeding see a medical professional to have your nails debrided.

If you have nail problems not relieved by the suggestions below, call or use our Patient Portal to schedule an appointment to get conservative treatment options that will relieve your pain.

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Failing To Moisturize The Nails

You keep your hands and the soles of your feet moisturized, so why wouldnt you moisturize the nails? Moisturizing after youve trimmed the nails helps to keep them flexible. This is particularly important when the air is dry, because dry nails split more easily and can cause a cut or a tear.

Want to learn more about how to trim your nails to ensure better foot health? Give PMC Foot and Ankle Clinic a call or schedule a consultation online with us today.

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    Can Ingrown Toenails Cause Curling

    Ingrown toenails can cause curving. As ingrown toenails press into the side of the toe, they can cause the nail to curve. The best treatment is to fix the ingrown toenail, whether with a home remedy or a trip to the podiatrist.

    Have an ingrown toenail? If so, you may be in danger of having curled toenails.

    Because ingrown nails are defined by their habit of growing into the skin to the side of the nail, they may cause noticeable curving of the nail itself.

    There are ways to combat this, though!

    First, you can try to avoid getting ingrown toenails in the first place.

    Wear shoes that fit properly, clip your toenails straight across, dont clip a curve into the edge of your nails, and dont cut them too short.

    Keeping these tips in mind, you can avoid the problem before it begins.

    Too late for that? If you already have an ingrown nail, you have two options: Do it yourself, or ask a podiatrist for help.

    If your ingrown toenail isnt bad or infected, you can probably solve it with the well-known dental floss trick, a home remedy that uses dental floss slid beneath the nail to ease it out of the skin.

    If your toenail is too much to handle at home, or if it is infected, let a podiatrist worry about it.

    They can fix an ingrown nail, no matter how bad it has become.

    Theyll also be able to provide something for any kind of infection you may have.

    Garlic And White Vinegar

    How cut Thick Toenails? Artistic Toenails

    You can administer raw cloves of garlic for the natural treatment of thick white toenails that possess a brittle and crumbly texture.

    How to use?

    • Chop the garlic cloves and pound the pieces into a paste
    • Add 2-3 tablespoons of plain white vinegar to the garlic paste in the jar
    • Apply the mixture to the thick, discolored toenails
    • Wrap the toenails with a sterile gauze
    • Let the mixture seep into your skin for about 3-4 hours
    • Do this twice or thrice a day for the natural treatment of hard thick toenails

    Benefits of using garlic and white vinegar

    Garlic is incredibly beneficial for the cure the inflammation and pain of the thick brown toenails. Garlic contains phytochemical compounds such as ajoene and allicin that are highly effective in the natural inhibition of thick toenails fungus. The topical application of the mixture helps in the alleviation of pain and enhance the healthy circulation of blood in the affected areas.


    Conduct a patch test on the skin to ascertain that the paste is not too harsh for your skin.

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    What Are The Best Clippers For Thick Nails

    Even if you have hard toenails, there are special nail clippers you can use to work with them. Keeping your nails clean and trimmed isnt just for looks. If you have a problem like a toenail fungus, it can help to keep the fungus from spreading. It can also keep your nails from cracking and crumbling.

    Like softening the nails, though, there is a process to consider in clipping hard nails. It starts with finding the best tools.

    Once you have the right tools, use the following process to trim your hard nails:

    • Soften the toenails using one of the methods listed above.
    • Start with the big toenail. You may have to use a toenail grinder to get it to a manageable thickness. Do this while its still softened.
    • Work from the top to the sides with each toenail, first clipping at the top, and then trimming around.
    • Repeat the process with the smaller nails.
    • Shorten your nails as much as possible. Keeping them closely trimmed will help to prevent them cracking and splitting if theyre brittle.

    Softening Toenails that Are Too Hard to Cut

    Thick toenails can be unsightly and inconvenient. If they are overgrown, they can also become painful. Whether you have a health condition or are more susceptible to hard nails, its important to get them soft enough to trim.

    Knowing how to make the toenails softer for cutting is important. It can be a great defense against toenail fungus. It can also keep your nails healthy and they will look much better.

    Repeat Process Each Month

    Every 3-4 weeks depending on how quickly the nails are growing, you will need to cut their nails. We recommend setting a reminder so that you can check on their nails after this amount of time passes. While it may not end up being time to cut, setting up this consistency will get you in a good routine of checking their nails.

    The 3 to 4-week time range is best for maintaining the current length of the nails. If you want to shorten the nails and train them, you should consider cutting them more often . You will need to be careful, though, as you risk cutting into the quick or pulp much more easily with less to work with.

    From this point, you will need to physically check their nails to determine if they actually need to be cut. Especially because of the brittleness, you want to stay on top of this. You should also be trying to strengthen and maintain their nails to combat the brittle problem. This will make it easier to cut in the future and lead to less potential risks of breaking

    If your poodle has brittle nails, you should try these things:

    The most effective way to take care of brittle nails is to cut and groom them regularly. If you do this, you should not run into many issues with their overall nail health. If you are on top of nail care, there is little risk of cracking and breaking.

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    Clipping Nails While Wet

    Its tempting to wait until you get out of the bath or shower to cut your nails, as theyll be softer. The trouble is, your nails are likely to bend or tear when you try to cut them, and you run the risk of injury.

    Unless you have thick toenails, which soften in the bath, you should cut them when theyre dry to ensure a clean cut.


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