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How To Apply Color Street Nail Strips

How Do I Make My Color Street Last Longer

3 Tips On How To Apply Color Street Nail Strips

This question is like the holy grail of Color Street problems. Everyone wants to know how to make their manicures last longer and its not specific to just Color Street users either. Following all the tips above as well as some others here, youll get good longevity. However, there are always things you can do to even enhance that.

Always make sure your strips are at room temp before application to avoid Color Street problems. If theyre cold they will be brittle and will not want to stick to your nail. Make sure to always push your cuticles back and apply the Color Street strips to the nail ONLY! If you have any of the strip on the skin or cuticle the strip will eventually lift and chip off. If youre using liquid top coat always remember to cap the tip which means to apply nail polish over the tip the nail to seal it all above and below.

Let me know what other Color Street problems you come across! I want to help you get the best out of this amazing nail polish.


What Do You Get In A Color Street Nail Package

Each package of Color Street nail strips contains 16 sealed strips, a alcohol prep pad, and a cute nail file. The files are different in each package so its fun to collect them all!

Why 16 strips when we only have 10 fingernails? Well, the thoughtful folks at Color Street corporate realize that one size does not fit all. You get extra strips so that you can find the ones that fit your nails best! For example, there are two sizes that could fit on your thumb, but for me, one of them is too big So before you apply, hold each strip up to your nails to figure out which one is going to fit each nail best. And, each end of the nail strip is shaped slightly different, and you can choose which side should go up towards your cuticle based on the shape of your nail.

So what do you do with the extras? Many people will tell you that if you re-seal them in the bag they came in, you can use them at a later time for a mixed mani or accent nail. Yes, you can do this, but truthfully once you take them out of the original sealed package, they do start to dry out. So there is no guarantee that they will work as well as fresh nail strips.

Another option for the extras is to use them to do a pedicure! One strip easily covers two toenails, so if you use them right, you can get a manicure and a pedicure out of those 16 strips!

Seal Unused Strips With A Flat Iron

This is one of my favorite tips.

Once you have the nails back in their original plastic package, you can seal them right up to keep them fresh as a daisy!

Heres how:

Take a flat iron and gently close it over the top part. Thats it! Great idea huh?

If you dont have a flat iron, you can try an iron that youd use for clothes or even a lighter .

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How Do I Expose The Nail Polish Strip

Open the package by tearing where the perforation is on the side and take the sheets out of the package. Find which strip is the best fit for each of your nails by pulling the strips apart and, without removing them from the backing, laying them on the nail wrapping them over the nail bed to see if the fit is right.

Once you have the correct size you will remove the top plastic protective layer. To do this hold the orange tab at the top and gently pull the layer off. Next, you will remove the nail polish strip by holding the silver tab and gently pulling the strip away from the backing.

How Do They Work

Look at how easy it is to apply Color Street nail strips ...

Each pack of Color Street nail stickers contains sixteen strips so that youre guaranteed to find the best fit for your nails. Simply select the strip size that best fits each nail, peel off the backing paper, and smooth the strip onto your nail from the cuticle to the tip. Once you reach the tip, youll likely have overhang. To address this, use the file that comes included in the kit and file off any excess. While doing so may make you worry about snagging the polish, rest assured, these strips are designed to be filed.

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Color Street Application Tips

Color Street application is easy, but the beginners guide to Color Street will teach you a couple Color Street tips that will make your experience with it better! These are general tips for all Color Street designs, but there are slightly different tips for french tip Color Street nails.

What to DO

  • DO wash your hands with soap and water or use the alcohol pads on your fingers before touching the strips. If you have any oil on your hands just like on your nail beds, it will affect the application and your strips will not last as long.
  • DO push your cuticles back before you apply Color Street. You can use a cuticle pusher or simply use your nail.
  • DO hold the strip in the middle for more control when applying to your nail. Dont be afraid to touch the strip if youve washed your hands/nails properly.
  • DO apply strips to your pinky fingers first. If you start with your thumbs and then use them to break the strips off at the tips, you risk ripping the strips or chipping them.
  • DO file in a downward motion to remove any excess nail strip at the tip.

What NOT to do

  • DO NOT file from left to right. This can tear your strips at the tip as it has not had a chance to set completely yet.
  • DO NOT get the strip on the cuticle. This will allow for lifting at the edge of the strip which can lead to chipping.

When applying any type of nail polish strip, the prep before is always the most important step.

How To Save Color Street Nails

To save the color street nail for reusing it, the flat iron method is popular. The switch on the flat iron puts your iron clips there and seals the tip. The second method is using iron and placing it gently at the cover tip and it will look a sealed tip. The third one is the tape method. Just take a big tape for the tip. Place it halfway on the top corner of the tip then fold the tape. You can use another tape for better sealing. The fourth one is using the freezer.

Just keep try edge in the freezer. It means the color sheet. You can use the nails after a month. It will not spoil. The strength will remain the same after a month. Thus, you can use the color street nails for a long time.

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How Do I Put Them On

Now that you have the strip removed you can carefully break away the silver tab from the strip. Line the strip up at the base of your nail as close to your cuticle as you can. Do try to avoid going onto the cuticle. Lightly tack the strip in place in the center and gently shape it to cover your nail. Make sure the nail polish strip is fully adhered to the nail bed by giving the nail a thorough rub once you have the strip in the right position.

Next, gently fold the excess strip over the top of the nail and either using your thumb or a file score the strip so that it breaks away. To use your thumb hold the excess with your index or middle finger and gently push your thumbnail under the nail bed until the strip breaks away. When using a file you will file in a downward direction until the strip breaks away.

Here is a video showing how to apply using the thumb :

Here is another video that goes into a bit more detail on how to apply Color Street, including how to size the strips, and shows both the thumb and file techniques for removing the excess.

Nail Polish Strip Application

How to Apply Color Street Nail Strips!

Since this is a nail polish strip you should focus on its application before you get to the restoring the color. Once placing these nail strips, make sure that they are applied immediately after opening the strip pack. The longer you expose them to air, the sooner & quicker they will dry out.

Always start at the pinky as well as at the base and work your way upwards. If they are impossible and uneven to place down, follow the next steps!

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Color Street Tips For Easiest Removal

Nail strips can do damage to your nails if not removed in the right way. Here are our Color Street tips for the easiest, healthiest removal.

  • Use an acetone free nail polish remover. Color Street nail strips are made well, and made to stay put, so it can take a lot of remover to get them off. Nail polish remover with acetone can be very drying to your nails. We recommend you go acetone free. Mineral Fusion would be our first choice.
  • Nail clips are awesome. Using nail clips can save the skin on your finger tips, and your nail polish remover. They hold remover in place right on the nail, so you dont have to sit with your nails in a whole bowl of remover, or so you dont have to spend your precious time holding remover on one nail at a time.
  • White felt sheets work great with nail clips. Why pay for nail polish remover pads? White felt sheets can be cut to size, and work great for holding your polish remover with your nail clips. You can get individual sheets at craft store, or get a set of sheets that will last you a LONG time here.
  • NEVER peel off your nail strips! As stated above, Color Street nail polish strips are made well, and made to really stick to your nail. This means you never want to just peel it off. If you do this, you will most likely pull off some of the nail as well, and your nails will get brittle.

A Cue Tip Soaked In Remover Smooths Rough Edges

After a day or 2, you may notice that the edges of your nails are a little rough.

This can be so annoying because they get caught in your hair and it just feels bad.

You can smooth out the edges of your nails to stop them from getting caught by using this great trick.

Take a cue tip and dip it in nail polish remover.

Then, very gently and slowly, run it around the rough edges of each nail.

Voila! no more annoying hair pulls!

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Color Street Nail Strips

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

As a mom, I have very little time to devote to myself but take full advantage of every single opportunity. I am a big advocate of self care and believe that a happy mom makes for happy kids. In the last few years I have slowly added in little ways I take better care of myself and my body, from going to the doctor more to better skin care and learning new makeup techniques. I even had my amazing niece teach me to use false eye lashes because I wanted to add a little something for my rare date nights. Guess whatit ALL makes me feel better and I love putting in a little effort for ME!

One thing I would love to do is have bi-weekly mani/pedi days because I just cant get enough of a beautifully manicured nail! Nail salons are time consuming though, and the cost adds up. In years past I have used nail strips and only one brand has ever impressed me but they no longer make them! All the others just didnt compare.

Imagine my glee when a good friend contacted me to let me know she was selling Color Street Nail Strips! She described them to me and I was willing to try them out and see if they held up.

After using these many times now, I can say with great confidence that these are stellar. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Because they are so simple and dry, these are perfect for kids too!

What Are Color Street Nails

Color Street Application Instructions

Color Street is a company that offers dozens of different nail stickers made of 100 percent nail polish. These stickers are meant to fit your exact nail shape and mimic the appearance of a salon-quality manicure without the actual painting of nails. You just peel, stick, and file away the excess.

Color Street is real nail polish thats been dried down onto a strip for an easy, mess-free manicure with no dry time, says Hannah Parks, the brands marketing coordinator. Its a salon-quality manicurebase coat, color coat, and topcoatthat you apply in one step without worrying about streaks or smudges.

Pretty game-changing, right?

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Color Street Tips For Application

There are things you can do even after your prep to make the application process smooth. Here are our Color Street tips for great application.

  • Dont open your Color Street strips until you are ready to apply them. Make sure you have enough time to finish your manicure before you open that air tight seal on your nail strips. The more air that gets to your nail strips before application, the more brittle and dried out they become.
  • Make sure you have enough cure time. Not only do you want enough time to put on your nails, but you want to leave enough time after application for them to cure properly. One way to do this is to put them on before bed. But if this timeline doesnt work for you, then make sure you are staying away from lotions, oils, and hot water for at least a few hours after you put on your strips.
  • Give your strips a little stretch. Make sure you stretch your nails downward a little before pulling off the excess. This makes it so you are less likely to pull or file off too much.
  • File Downward. Once you have removed the excess strip, if you need to file any ragged edges, make sure to file in a downward motion, never upwards or from side to side. This will help keep the nail file from catching part of the adhesive and pulling the strip up off the nail.

Mistake #: Water Or Lotion After Applying

Moisturizing your hands is an important step in hand and nail care but it is important to not do it immediately after applying Color Street. It is also necessary to wait at least 30 minutes and ideally overnight before submerging your hands in water .

Quick Fix:

For these reasons, you should consider applying Color Street at night. I often apply my manicure right before I go to bed. Unlike with traditional polish, there is no strong smell and no worries about smudging your nails or spilling polish on your sheets. You should also find that overnight, your Color Street manicure will harden and cure making it even more durable.

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How To Remove Color Street Nails

Where similarly long-lasting nail techniques can be a real pain to remove, Color Street nails are a cinch to take off. Since theyre made with real nail polish, they only require classic acetone or nail polish remover to swipe off. We always recommend this instead of peeling or picking off the polish to prevent any damage to your nails, Parks says.

Use 2 Strips Per Nail For Solid Colors

How do I apply Color Street nail polish strips to wide nails?

With glitter strips, one is usually enough. But a lot of people have noticed that the strips with solid colors dont last as long.

This is because they are a little thinner generally speaking.

You can make your plain manicures last longer by doubling up on the layers.

So apply 2 strips to each nail instead of just one and youll be good to go.

Obviously, this uses up more stickers, so its not quite as economical.

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Mistake #: Skipping Hand Care

If you have used Color Street before, you may have seen its almost magical ability to cover up a myriad of nail sins. Small nicks or other imperfections are usually covered over with no issue- especially if you choose a glitter shade of Color Street. But that doesnt mean you can ignore your hands entirely.

Quick Fix:

Moisturize regularly I like this one in particular. Gently file your nails and if you buff, do so with care, not force. Drink enough water. Push dont trim your cuticles back. Here are few more nail care tips to keep in mind.

How Do You Apply Color Street Nails

  • Clean and prep your nails. Before applying any Color Street strips to your nails, its essential that you clean and prime your nail beds, first. To do so, remove any polish that remains on your nails, use the included Prep Pad to remove any oils from your nails, push your cuticles back, and file all edges for a clean, smooth base.
  • Select your strips. Once your nails are prepped, select the correct nail strip sizes for each nail.
  • Peel and apply. Remove the backing from one nail strip at a time and apply immediately. This is crucial because if you wait to apply, the adhesive can dry out and your Color Street nails wont last as long. When applying, Parks says to align the rounded end against your cuticle, making sure to not adhere the sticker on top of your cuticle. Once placed, she says to smooth the sticker out toward the tip of your nail, removing any little air bubbles as you go. If you find that the stickers dont fit perfectly, Parks says that you can gently stretch them for the ideal fit.
  • Fold the excess strip over and file. After smoothing the sticker onto the nail, fold the excess strip over the edge and gently file downward to cut it off without disrupting the appearance of your polish.
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