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How To Do Gel Nails At Home Without Uv Light

Essie Gel Couture Sew Me Rose Pink Nail Polish

Gel Nail Tutorial without a UV Light!

Light pink, dark pink or any shade of pink, you may love all pinks because of their soft trendy rich color and shine provided by the gel nail polish system. This rose pink nail polish provided by the Essie gel couture assure glass-like shine and rich color giving your nails the best touch for perfect protection against damages and make sure to provide a lasting gloss for 1-2 weeks.

It is always better to look for easy to apply, hassle-free nail polishes. Though it seems hard to find a quality gel nail polish system that allows smooth and shiny finish without using the curing light, it is possible to find some with a little help and knowledge as provided by us. You can now pick the color or your choice from the above-mentioned UV free gel nail polish system offering easy, quick application and lasting results that most people would need to get the perfect look on their beloved nails.

With this kind of nail polish system you just have to take care of the right color and correct application ration, rest assured you will get the strong, glass-like finishing within seconds. No matter if these are not cured by the UV lamps, they still stay strong and bonded properly with the nails for lasting color and smooth shine on the nails.

So now, you can enjoy the best gel nail polish application on the nails without getting into much hassle for curing them properly and making use of the UV lamps which is not a part of these gel nail polishes mentioned above.

Types Of Gel Polishes

  • Insensitive gel polish. It dries perfectly in the usual way with only one clarification. Some types of insensitive gel polishes require a special cyanoacrylate monomer. The drug promotes accelerated polymerization, is available in gel form and in liquid form. If you first decided to cover your nails at home with gel polish,prefer the creamy monomer. It is easier to apply, the product is quite economical, even with weekly use. Before buying gel polish, make sure that it is not sensitive to light. Such a move will make it clear about the feasibility of using the composition without auxiliary monomers. Evaluate the tube, find the label Gel No-Light.
  • Light sensitive gel polish. It is difficult for it to dry without an ultraviolet lamp, therefore using this product at home becomes difficult. If you for some reason did not notice the mark and acquired a gel that is sensitive to light, do not worry. Dry it in the sun, leaving your fingers under direct UV for 20-45 minutes.
  • Aqueous gel polish. Not many people know, but on the market there is another option gel polishes. It is this type of coating loved by many girls who want to dry the composition without a lamp. After applying the gel onto the plate, it is enough to dip the fingertips into ice or cold water for a quarter of an hour. The cold cycle will start the polymerization, as a result of which the crystals will harden .
  • What Are Todays Most Popular Gel Nail Polish Without Uv Light Models

    There are many gel nail polish without uv light items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every gel nail polish without uv light model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

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    Is It Worth Doing Gel Nails At Home

    Well, that depends on what youre looking to get out of the process. One of the best things about doing your own gel nails at home is that its cheaper than going to the salonespecially if you get them regularly. Professional gel manicures usually start at $35 , whereas DIY kits start can cost anywhere from $30 to $80 and can be used as frequently as you like.

    That said, if youre a total newb when it comes to painting and filing your nails, you might want to leave your gel manis to the pros, since the process does require a steady hand and a decent amount of patience.

    How To Cure Gel Nails Without A Uv Light

    How to Get a Perfect Gel Manicure at Home (Without UV ...

    This article was co-authored by Lindsay Yoshitomi. Lindsay Yoshitomi is the nail artist behind the blog, Lacquered Lawyer. She was featured as one of Nail It! magazines Bloggers You Should Know, and has been on the cover of Nail Art Gallery Magazine. She has been practicing nail art for over 15 years.There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 166,274 times.

    Gel nail polishes have become increasingly popular for their quick drying time and long-lasting wear. While gel polish can keep your nails looking great for weeks, curing the polish with a UV light can be dangerous for your health. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to cure gel polish with less UV exposure. While only an LED lamp can cure your polish as quickly and effectively as a UV light, using a non-UV gel polish, applying a drying agent, or soaking your nails in ice water could work as well.XResearch source

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    How To Do Gel Nails At Home For Beginners The Step By Step Guide

    Please note: For each of the below steps, I would recommend that you go through them one hand at a time doing 5 nails on one hand first. You can then simply repeat the process for your other hand.

    Step One: To begin your gel manicure, you should first make sure that your nails are clean and free of old polish and any dirt.

    You want to ensure that they are well-groomed. This includes pushing your cuticles back following the shape and giving the nail plate a very light buff.

    This is going to add a little texture for the gel to grab onto and to take hold. Just make sure you stop once your nail starts to turn whitish

    Step Two: After you have prepped and cleaned each and every one of your nails, use a lint-free wipe and rubbing alcohol to cleanse the nail.

    This is going to remove any debris and oils from your nail which are things that cause your Mani to not last as long.

    If you have particularly oily nails, or if you often have trouble with polish or Gel lasting, I recommend using a Nail Primer. This particular one dries sticky which really helps the gel grab onto the natural nail.

    With the primer, I like to just apply it in the areas of concern like around the cuticle, the sides, and the tip.

    Now a quick warning from my experience if your primer is heavy-duty, if youre wanting to remove your gel sooner than a week maybe skip this step because it seems like the longer its on, the harder the removal process is.

    Step Five: So now its time to apply your color gel.

    Kinetics Solar Gel Nail Polish

    I also discovered a brand recently called Kinetics, they use solar gel and the finish is truly amazing. After using it at the salon, both their polish and top coat together, I found my manicure lasted a long time and stayed looking fresh and shiny. I bought two of their polishes and top coats and I now use them at home on my own. I did find, however, that their top coat doesn’t work as well with other nail polishes, which they did specify that they are best used together.

    Image Credits: Kinetics

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    How To Use Gel Nail Polish Without A Uv Light

    If you still want to try applying gel polish without a UV light, you can follow any of these methods:

    • Using an ice bath will help freeze and dry gel polish.
    • Air drying it under the sun may work but will take longer.
    • Invest in products such as quick drying spray. You can also try cooking spray if you need a home remedy.
    • Thinner coats will help cover the polish and let it settle.

    Should You Use Uv Light To Dry Your Gel Nail Polish


    Are you preparing for a big event, dont have time for trial-and-error, or simply cant abide by sloppy results? Then, yes. Youll get the best results from UV light. If youre willing to deal with the downsides and dont mind not using your hands for a while, then have fun trying things out! But know what youre getting into before you start.

    In general, its always a good idea to follow the instructions that come with the product.

    Thats how they were designed to be used, so thats how youre going to get the best results.

    And most gel polish is designed to be used with a UV light.

    If you can buy one, get one. If you cant, try to get an LED light, instead. Its not the same, but its similar enough to work.

    None of that appeal to you? Or do you have some gel polish you want to put on, but dont want to wait to buy a light?

    Then home remedies might be for you.

    Its a long, often boring drying process, but it can be done.

    So just expect the unexpected when preparing to do it yourself. There are bounds to be some twists, turns, and surprises along the way.

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    Does It Have A Good Color Offering

    Finally, Aaron recommends looking for a kit that comes with colors youll actually want to wear. Some kits will only come with one or two shades, while pricier ones may contain an entire set. Theres no need to invest in a larger kit if you wont wear most of the shades, so look for one that contains a variety of colors you love.

    Meet the Expert

    Syreeta Aaron is a nail artist and LeChat Nails educator based in Montgomery, Alabama.

    Provide Your Skin Some Tlc After The Gel Manicure Is Removed

    Its extremely crucial that the surrounding skin and also cuticle, along with the nail plate itself, be rehydrated with a thick emollient such as Aquaphor or an overnight mask-like Nails Inc.s Overnight Detox Nail Mask post-removal in order to rehydrate and also fix the surrounding skin, cuticle, and also nails, Dr. Adigun states.

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    Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish

    The perfect nude color for the daily wear for anyone who needs neat, shiny gel nails for days. This gel nail polish comes with a smooth consistency that stays on the nail without creating chipping or cracking problems and would not lose its shine for days to come.

    It is easy to apply and gives a smooth, glossy finish within seconds as there is no need to use UV or LED light for curing the gel nail polish on your nails. It is strong on nails but extremely easy to take off when required. You can enjoy two weeks of shiny, rich color on your nails without getting into any issues.

    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

    How to Get a Perfect Gel Manicure at Home (Without UV ...

    Sally Hansen miracle gel is the ultimate chip-resistant nail polish. Miracle Gel is the original no UV light at-home gel polish. Lasts up to 14 days. Easy removal.

    Product review

    The Sally Hansen miracle gel is probably the number one best-selling gel polish in the US. With this long-lasting gel-like polish, you can get a great manicure at home in two steps.

    The miracle gel comes in 79 different colors. This polishes color applies directly on the nail, meaning there is no need to apply a base coat. The color gel applies well, is easy to use and has a good consistency to it.

    How does it work?

    To use, prepare the nail. Make sure the nail is clean and dry. Then, apply two coats of color gel miracle for darker shades and three layers for lighter shades.

    After applying the color coats, let them dry for five minutes. The miracle gel top coat is shiny and will protect the nail polish from chipping. After the colored polish dries, apply one layer of the gel miracle top coat, then let it dry in natural light.

    Dry time

    The Miracle Gel polish dries to touch in about 8-10 minutes and will dry completely in about 15 minutes.

    How long does it last on the nails?

    The Sally Hansen Gel Miracle started chipping on day seven, so it will last about 7-8 days.


    Any nail polish remover will work well.

    Bottom line

    We really liked the Sally Hansen miracle gel, and you can get a perfect result in only two simple steps.

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    Orly’s Gel Kit Is Compact So It Saves You Space And Portable For Manis On

    Pros: Compact, portable, includes top and base coat, easy to remove, works on other brands’ nail polishes

    Cons: Expensive for a miniature lamp

    Orly introduced its mini gel lamp back in September of 2020. It’s compact and portable, and can be plugged into any USB power source. In addition to the lamp, the complete bundle includes the brand’s Easy-Off Basecoat, No-Cleanse Top Coat, as well as a nourishing cuticle oil so you can give your nails the real spa treatment.

    Orly’s gel lamp is ready to use when you first take it out of the box. It needs to either be charged or plugged into a USB power source like a USB power adapter you can plug into the wall, or laptop . The convenience of this feature really depends on whether or not you’re tech savvy.

    Once it’s plugged in, hold the button down for the UV light to come on. The light works on a timer, and cures each coat in 60 seconds. However, the instructions do suggest curing the final top coat for up to 90 seconds to ensure a longer wear.

    Why We Love Gel

    Let us count the ways. For starters, you dont have to book an appointment each time you want a new shade. In fact, you could just go ahead and try a fresh colour right, uh, now. Not only does a gel-look polish save time, but it also saves money, hassle, damage – the list goes on and it doesnt cause peeling and dryness every time you take it off. Were completely hooked.

    1. Find Your Formula

    Doing gel nails without a UV lamp means finding a high-shine, chip-resistant nail polish.Super Gel is our favourite for the look of a pro manicure without the major time commitment. Not only does it come in 25 shades from barely-there nudes to on-trend blues but it also lasts for up to 14 days, just like a salon polish.

    2. Glide it On

    The Super Gel brush means one swipe should be enough to cover your whole nail bed, so give it a glide from cuticle to tip, before painting a horizontal line along the free edge of your nail. Make sure you apply in thin coats only, as this will help your colour dry quicker and more evenly, meaning youll be less likely to cause any pesky smudges.

    3. Cure the Colour

    4. Switch Your Shade

    Forget covering your fingertips in foil and waiting. When youre ready to switch up your Super Gel shade, simply remove with your usual nail polish remover, then get painting on a fresh coat. Its that easy.

    Top Tips for Your Tips

    Looking for more ways to get a pro-level manicure? Try these quick fixes

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    How To Get Gel Nails Without A Uv Light

    Can we talk about gel nails for a second? We love the plump look and long-lasting finish they give, but theres something about going to the salon, baking your fingertips under a UV lamp, and then heading back again to get them removed that feels like such a hassle. The good news is, there are DIY, UV-free options available. But how do they work? And will they still look as flawless? Weve got the full lowdown on ditching the lamp

    How To Protect Your Nails From Uv Light

    fake gel nails without uv lamp at home

    Both doctors suggest that sunscreen and fingerless gloves can help to lessen any risk. According to Marchbein, if you must get a gel mani, you can protect yourself by applying a broad spectrum SPF 30-plus prior to manicures and wearing a UPF glove with the fingertips cut off.

    If the thought of sitting for a gel manicure still makes you uneasy, Marchbein suggests you skip the gel and get a regular manicure. She adds that a gel alternative, such as Gel Couture by Essie, definitely lasts longer than a regular manicure and doesnt require the same upkeep as gels.

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    Push Cuticles Down And Apply Cuticle Oil

    Source: Pexels

    Hydration is key for nail health. You should be using cuticle oil daily, but particularly in combination with gel polish.

    Use a cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back and make more of your nail visible. Use it to also remove dead skin from your nail plate and to help maintain even cuticles.

    Then, apply cuticle oil to nourish the skin surrounding your nails.One thing to be careful of is not to apply oil too late in the process. If there is any oily residue still on your nails when you apply polish, the base coat will have trouble adhering.

    Diy Gel Nails Perfected

    Gel Nail DIY tutorial on haha.definitelyBEST TIPS

    First, use SPF on your hands if you purchase a UV lamp.Years ago when I bought a lamp, LED lamps were just coming out and I decided to play it safe with the traditional UV lamp. My light has long been discontinued!

    I recommend buying an LED lamp for 2 reasons: 1. LED is safer on your skin 2. LED lamps will dry the polish in nearly 1/4 the time! This will save you a significant amount of time. Trust me! Also, snag THIS KIT for the polishes + acetone + alcohol. Youll need it all!

  • PREPARE NAIL. Start out with a clean set of nails. Gently push cuticles back. Use 180 grit file to roughen surface of nail.
  • CLEAN NAIL. Use a lint-free cloth soaked with 90% alcohol to clean the nail and cuticle from oil and debris.
  • FOUNDATION COAT. Apply a thin coat of foundation gel, being careful to not make this coat too thick. Applying too thick of a foundation coat can lead to the polish peeling and lifting. Clean any excess that gets on the skin or cuticle by brushing it off with a brush dipped in 90% alcohol. It is important to make sure that none of the product bakes to your skin since your skin will slough off those cells that are bonded to the product, and this will cause the polish to lift off the nail and chip.
  • UV LAMP. Cure for 2 minutes. Follow the directions on your lamp. UV lamps take longer to full cure the polish compared to LED lamps. Here, Im using a UV light. I really need to upgrade!
  • UV LAMP. Cure for 2 minutes.
  • TIPS:

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