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Who Sells Orly Breathable Nail Polish

Orly Lacquer Summer Layered Confetti

Orly Breathable Nail Polish Review – Halal Certified?

Step 1: Apply one coat of ORLY Warm It Up over ORLY Bonder Basecoat.

Fun fact: ORLY Warm It Up is a thermochromic shadethe coral confetti will shift to white when exposed to heat. Warm it up to see this special effect in action!

Step 3: Apply a second coat of ORLY Warm It Up.

Step 4: Finish with a coat of ORLY Polishield Topcoat.

Purchasing Orly Breathable Treatment And Color

Orly Breathable Treatment and Color nail polishes are available for sale on the Orly Beauty website , as well as at select retail locations. For those who dont want to wait for Orly Breathable to ship to them, they can check out the stores listed below to get instant access to the polishes.

The retail locations where Orly Breathable is sold include:

  • Target
  • Meijer
  • Kohls

On the Orly Beauty website, the Orly Breathable nail polishes sell for $8.99 each, not including shipping and handling.

Orly Lacquer Two Tone

Step 1: Apply one coat of ORLY Positive Coral-ation to the entire nail over the ORLY Bonder Basecoat.

Step 2: Apply a second coat of color to the entire nail.

Step 3: Using the thin side of the Genius Brush, apply one coat of ORLY Glass Half Full.

Pro tip: The ORLY Genius Brush is flat and wide, so turn your brush at an angle to use the thin side of the brush to create thin lines.

Step 4: Apply a second coat of ORLY Glass Half Full for an opaque finish.

Step 5: Clean up where necessary using ORLY Genius Remover and a small brush or cotton swab. Finish with a layer of ORLY Polishield Topcoat.

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The Best Breathable Nail Polishes

ORLY launched the Breathable range in 2016, and it has since expanded to offer more than 70 shades, with more arriving each season.

Inglot’s 02M Breathable line credits its ability to allow water and air to pass through thanks to a highly advanced polymer. This line of polishes pairs perfectly with their Breathable Top Coat.

This three-piece set by 786 allows you to select your three favorite shades, inspired by cities across the world. This brand is PETA verified as cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

This brand’s nail lacquers are certified 100% breathable, water permeable, vegan, cruelty-free and Halal. They’re also 9-Free and available in over 30 beautiful shades.

If you’re looking to try something new for your nails, give breathable nail polish a try. With the potential for improved nail health, endless color options, and a simple application process, it’s something we can totally get behind.

What Is Halal Nail Polish

Orly Breathable Nail polish Nail Superfood .6 fl oz 20919 ...

Also referred to as breathable nail polish, Halal nail polish is permeable, allowing water and air molecules to pass through. Nail experts argue this is better for the health of the nails.

Pink explains that in the nail industry, “the name ‘breathable’ was initially met with skepticism since nails get all the nutrients and oxygen they need from the bloodstream,;not the air,;but the inspiration behind the name is more nuanced.” For a polish or nail lacquer to be considered breathable, there is a bit of chemistry involved. A breathable polish’s molecular structure allows for microscopic water and air molecules to pass on through, which contribute to improved nail health. According to Pink, permeable polish allows oxygen and excess moisture to travel through the polish;more easily, “which helps the;nail to maintain;its natural integrity and therefore minimize chipping and peeling.” Halal nail polish is also commonly used in the Islamic faith, as its porousness allows those who wear nail polish to participate in Wudu, a pre-prayer cleansing ritual.

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Quo By Orly Breathable Polish Swatches & Review

Quo by Orly Breathable Nail Polish Nourishing Nude

Right now you’re thinking that nails don’t breathe. And you’re absolutely right. They ain’t got lungs, so they don’t breathe.;

But this isn’t about that, this is about a nail polish that apparently allows air and hydration to get through the polish and to your natural nail plate. It’s supposed to help heal damaged nails.;

Quo by Orly Breathable Nail Polish Barely There

This is billed as a treatment + color nail polish. Yes, treatment nail polish is now a big thing.;

The idea behind it is that companies jam oils or H2O or vitamins into their polish formulas and then market them as a way to healthify your nails while you wear your chosen colour.;

Its kind of a great idea, right? Know how you choose a shampoo that has keratin and argan oil and feel like youve been good to your hair when you use it? Same thing with these types of treatment polishes.

Quo by Orly Breathable Nail Polish Light as a Feather

Here, let me give you the exact wordage so you can see for yourself:

The Nails by the Numbers* part is interesting; 500 women is actually a decent sample size but I have to read between the lines.;

When I see things like 50% of the testers reported that the Breathable formula lasted longer on their nails when tested against traditional nail polish, I kinda want to know what brand of traditional nail polish they used. And if they used a light shade or a dark shade, that matters too. And how long was that wear test?;

Orly Breathable With Gold Stud

Step 1: After prepping your nail, use a striper brush, and paint the outline of a triangle at the free edge of the nail. Color used here is Dive Deep.

Step 2: Using the included Genius Brush, fill in the triangle. Use the striper brush to fill in the point.

Step 3: Apply a small dot of nail glue, and apply the small stone or metallic accent of your choosing.

Step 4: Let dry and clean up using a small brush or cotton swab and ORLY Genius Remover. Voilà!

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The Benefits Of Breathable Nail Polish

  • Combats Waterlogged Nails: One of the goals of Orly’s unique breathable line was to combat waterlogged nails. “Nail cells;expand and contract as they absorb and hold moisture, which makes;nail polish split, chip, and peel, so we created the Breathable;formula to be more permeable than our traditional nail lacquer,” Pink says.
  • Healthier For Your Nails: By now you’ve probably heard the recommendation to let your nails “breathe” or take an au naturale vacation in between frequent manicures. But by using these water-permeable polishes, your nails have the potential to stay more hydrated and moisturized, even with product on top.
  • Less Harsh Chemicals: Unfortunately, all polishes contain chemicalssome more than others. While lacquers and polishes that are 5- or 7- or 9-Free are widely considered to be the most “safe” and non-toxic, breathable polishes tend to contain fewer harsh chemicals when compared with their more-traditional counterparts.
  • It Dries Faster: Because oxygen can permeate through the polish as it dries, you’re likely to experience a shorter wait time for your nails to dry completely.
  • It Lasts Longer: Breathable polish just might be more durable than regular polish. How? The oils that build up underneath traditional polishes can cause chips since polish won’t properly bind with oil present. But with breathable polish, your nail’s natural oils can move through, and eventually, off of your nails, which can make your manicure more durable and last longer.

Orly Breathable Nail Color Nourishing Nude


This semi sheer nude creme is the perfect subtle tint for any skin tone. Even out the appearance of your nails as for a flawless, put together look. This polish is also great as a neutral base color for Breathable nail art.

How to Use:

  • Breathable 1-Step nail polish eliminates the need for basecoat and topcoat.
  • Start with clean, bare nails. Apply 2 coats of Breathable Nourishing Nude and let dry.
  • For Stronger, Healthier Looking Nails Breathable Formula Prevents Chipping and Peeling
  • Infused w/Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 + Vitamin C

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Orly Lacquer Triangle French

The colors shown in this video are ORLY Jealous, Much? and ORLY Its Brittney, Beach. You can make this look your own by switching up the colors depending on the season or occasion.

Step 1: After prepping the nail, apply ORLY Bonder Basecoat to the entire nail.

Step 2: Using your first color, apply a single coat on the diagonal to the free edge of the nail and let dry for up to a minute.

Step 3: Apply a second coat of color for opaque coverage.

Step 4: Using a small brush or cotton swab and ORLY Genius Remover, clean up wherever necessary.

Step 5: Apply a coat of a second color to the other side of the free edge and let dry for up to a minute.

Step 6: Apply a second coat of color for even coverage.

Step 7: Using a small brush or cotton swab and ORLY Genius Remover, clean up wherever necessary.

Step 8: Finish the look with a coat of ORLY Polishield Topcoat for a high-shine finish.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $75

Limited time only and cannot be combined with other coupon codes. Free Shipping offer is valid on all orders of $75 or more shipped within the continental US. Free shipping only applies to Standard Shipping and excludes shipping rates over $12.99. Taxes and additional shipping and handling and the purchase of gift certificates and gift cards do not count toward the qualifying amount. The total order amount after any discounts are applied must be at least $75 to qualify. Not valid for cash. Previous purchases are not eligible for adjustments. If you choose to ship Standard and are shipping to multiple addresses, you will receive free shipping only to those shipping destinations receiving more than $75 of merchandise. If an address is receiving less than $75 in merchandise, you will be charged for shipping accordingly. Some restrictions on shipping offer apply. Void where prohibited by law.

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Orly Breathable Nail Polish By Quo Swatches And Review

Orly Breathable Nail Polish / Quo by Orly Breathable Treatment Color Polish

Ooooh! Lookit! Orly Breathable Nail Polish made for Quo! . That means here in Canada, its exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart. Its launching soon word on the street is late July or early August 2016. Youre curious now, right? Lets look and Ill tell you what I know and what I don’t.

Benefits Of Orly Breathable Treatment And Color

Orly Breathable Nail polish Beauty Essential .6 fl oz ...

Many people who use lacquer nail polishes have gotten into the habit of taking time off from wearing polish, allowing their nails to recuperate. While this is necessary for the health of the nails, no nail polish lover likes to have their nails bare. Now, with Orly Breathable treatments, there will never be the need for another break again. One of the biggest benefits of Orly Breathable is that these nail polishes are able to strengthen and nourish nails while still looking gorgeous.

The key to all the benefits that come with Orly Breathable is found in the technology used to keep oxygen and hydration accessing the nails even when covered. Called the Advanced Oxygen Technology, this advancement in nail care works very much like a contact lens. Even though the nails are covered, like the eye is covered with a contact, the formula used to make the polish allows oxygen and hydration through, so the nails are still getting what they need to be strong and healthy. The end results is that when the polish comes off, the nails arent thinned or brittle, but stronger and better than ever.

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Orly Breathable With Metallic Tip

Step 1: Apply one coat of ORLY Kiss Me, Im Kind to the entire nail. Using a sheer shade as the base for this look gives a clean finish.

Step 2: Using ORLY Elixir and the thin side of the Genius Brush, apply color to the side and free edge of the nail.

Pro tip: The ORLY Genius Brush is flat and wide, so turn your brush at an angle to use the thin side of the brush to create thin lines.

Step 3: Clean up wherever necessary using a small brush or cotton swab with ORLY Genius Remover and let dry.

Introducing Orly Breathable Treatment + Colour

ORLYs Breathable Treatment + Colour Polishes are 13 Free, one of the highest rating of any nail polish on the market, meaning its free from any harmful, nasty ingredients that other brands may contain.

ORLY Breathable polishes arent just 13 Free, theyre also Vegan, cruelty free, Leaping Bunny Certified AND Halal Certified! Is there anything this polish cant do?! ORLY Breathable Polishes are also suitable for new and expecting mums who can be assured the polish is kind to both them and their babies.

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How Is It Different From Regular Nail Polish

Orly Breathable “Love at Frost Sight” Nail Polish Review|| KELLI MARISSA

From a technical standpoint, Pink explains that, “creating a one-step, permeable;nail color;required;the use of;more porous film formers compared to traditional nail lacquers.”

Orly’s line is created as a one-step product, as it has “added special agents to give it a high-shine finish without a topcoat,” while other lines, like Inglot’s 02M Breathable Nail Enamel offers polishes as well as a Breathable Base and Breathable Top Coat, for a more “traditional” 3-step manicure.

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Applying Breathable Nail Polish

Brittney Boyce, consulting nail artist for ORLY explains that before applying breathable polish , “always file, buff, and cleanse your nails with alcohol to remove any natural oils,” for a longer-lasting manicure. Orly’s formulation is a 1-step application, so if you’re using the product, all you’ll need are two coats. For other breathable polishes, they’re typically applied just as you would “normal” polishjust be sure to follow any instructions or recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

What Is Orly Breathable Treatment And Color

In an effort to give lovers of nail polish a way to strengthen and support their nail health, Orly Beauty created Orly Breathable Treatment and Color. This product line offers 18 different shades of nail polish, from clear to sparkly red, that look bright and rich in color when applied. Despite looking like a lacquer, these nail polishes are actually beneficial for another reason: The work as a nail treatment.

The problem with so many nail lacquers on the market is that they deprive the nails of air and hydration, basically causing the nails to starve. The result of long term deprivation to hydration and air causes the nails to become thin and brittle. Anyone who has worn nail polish for a long period of time knows that brittle, thin nails arent just unattractive, but they also break easily.

Because Orly Beauty understood that its customers wanted to wear nail polish all the time, but without sacrificing their nail health, the company came up with a treatment option in the form of Orly Breathable. These nail polishes go on easily, not needing a base or topcoat, and look gorgeous. However, unlike other options, Orly Breathable nail polishes use an advanced oxygen technology to allow the nails access to hydration and oxygen.

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Orly Lacquer Summer Peach Confetti

Step 1: Apply the first coat of ORLY Rosé All Day over ORLY Bonder Basecoat.

Step 2: Apply a second coat of color to the entire nail.

Step 3: Using ORLY Warm It Up, apply one to two coats, depending on desired amount of confetti.

Fun fact: ORLY Warm It Up is a thermochromic shade, so the coral confetti will shift to white when exposed to heat. Warm it up to see this special effect in action!

Step 4: Apply a coat of ORLY Polishield Topcoat and let dry.

Skip that last-minute dash to the salon the next time youre looking to polish up, and prep your spring and summer nail color collection with ORLY. For a limited time, get a free gift with purchase. Just add your desired polish to your cart, and youll see that nice surprise at checkout!

Why Use Orly Breathable Treatment + Colour

Orly Breathable Nail polish Astral Flaire .6 fl oz 2060004 ...

One bottle really does do it all! In every ORLY Breathable Treatment + Colour you get a basecoat, colour polish, nail treatment and nail topcoat.

We know what you’re thinking – Nails don’t breathe. You’re right they don’t but ORLY Breathable Polish does! ORLY Breathable is the first ever professional nail treatment and colour polish that has new oxygen technology. This unique ORLY Breathable formula is a permeable nail polish, meaning oxygen and water can get through the polish to condition your nail plate to prevent your nail polish chipping or peeling.;

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