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How Do You Do Gel Nails At Home

All The Products And Equipment You Need For An At

DIY Gel Nails! how to do gel nails at home

Below is the full list of products you need for your in-home gel experience. And please note that these are salon-quality products. These are not dumbed-down amateur products that are going to lead to nails that chip off in two days. These are the exact products and tools used by salons so the result is a manicure thats just as amazing.

1. Nail Clippers 11. Cuticle Oil12. LED lamp 13. Disposable Changing Pad to protect your surface 14. Gel Polish Remover Clips

Many of the above products you likely already own, but even if you were to buy everything brand new , were talking less than $150 in startup costs to give yourself a near-infinite number of gel manicures and pedicures. Not bad when you consider this is basically the cost of ONE trip to a salon for both a gel manicure and pedicure .

How Do I Get Nail Polish To Stick To My Nails

You can make nail polish stick to your nails better by following a few simple tips. Store nail polish in a cool place, such as the fridge. Clean your nails thoroughly before applying polish. Get rid of any traces of old polish with nail polish remover. Soak your nails briefly in apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Drugstore Favorite Sally Hansendesigned A Diy Gel Manicure System Perfect For Novice Nail Artists

Pros: Easy to use, quick process, compatible with gel nail polish from other brands

Cons: Color doesn’t last very long

Sally Hansen’s Salon Pro Gel Nail Polish kit is my top pick for beginner nail artists looking to channel a true salon experience at home. The kit contains everything you need for a traditional, no-frills gel manicure: a base coat, color, and topcoat, acetone remover, and LED light. It also comes with application accessories, including a cuticle stick and buffer to prep the nails, plus alcohol cleansing pads to wipe any tacky residue sticking to the nails after they’ve been cured.

The Salon Pro Gel Nail Polish Kit was the first I tested, and the first traditional gel manicure I’d ever had. As a beginner, I appreciated that each bottle was labeled one through three to specify which order to use them in. Directions on how to use the kit were also written on the box, as well as in an instructional pamphlet, so the margin of error was slim.

Overall, my experience with the kit was a positive one, but there are some cons worth mentioning. For starters, I applied Sally Hansen gel polish on one hand, and a Butter London polish on the other, to test whether or not the lamp worked on other formulas , and to compare the quality of nail polishes. Unfortunately, Sally Hansen chipped after just four days of wear, while the Butter London polish held up for a solid week.

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Preparing The Gel Nails For The Infill

As you can see in the picture below, these are my nails 2 weeks old after my last infill. They have grown quite a bit, I usually leave them until week three but I got some new nail goodies and wanted to try them out. The part just above my cuticle, which is a bit darker is my outgrown nail.

The first step is to file the nail. Starting with a corse file you remove all the shine from the gel. You can use an electric nail file if you want to. I usually start off with the electric nail file and then move on to my hand file one. Make sure you only file the gel and not your natural nail. You dont have to remove all the product just the top coat and some of the bulk. Thats it for now.

Shaping the nail. As you removed the topcoat and some of the gel, you move on to a softer file. Gently go over your natural nail to remove the shine and remove any product that is lifting. The lifting often occurs right at the bottom of the nail where the gel meets the new natural nail. I cant show you how it looks here as I didnt have any lifting. When I go over my nail with the soft file, I usually make sure that there is a seemingness transition from natural nail to gel. And I will make sure, that I have a nice C curve. Often I shorten my nails too in this process, as I just wanna keep the length but dont want it to be any longer. If youre just starting out, you might not wanna shorten the nails at all and thats fine too.

Diy Gel Nails Perfected

How to Do Gel Nails at Home

Gel Nail DIY tutorial on haha.definitelyBEST TIPS

First, use SPF on your hands if you purchase a UV lamp.Years ago when I bought a lamp, LED lamps were just coming out and I decided to play it safe with the traditional UV lamp. My light has long been discontinued!

I recommend buying an LED lamp for 2 reasons: 1. LED is safer on your skin 2. LED lamps will dry the polish in nearly 1/4 the time! This will save you a significant amount of time. Trust me! Also, snag THIS KIT for the polishes + acetone + alcohol. Youll need it all!

  • PREPARE NAIL. Start out with a clean set of nails. Gently push cuticles back. Use 180 grit file to roughen surface of nail.
  • CLEAN NAIL. Use a lint-free cloth soaked with 90% alcohol to clean the nail and cuticle from oil and debris.
  • FOUNDATION COAT. Apply a thin coat of foundation gel, being careful to not make this coat too thick. Applying too thick of a foundation coat can lead to the polish peeling and lifting. Clean any excess that gets on the skin or cuticle by brushing it off with a brush dipped in 90% alcohol. It is important to make sure that none of the product bakes to your skin since your skin will slough off those cells that are bonded to the product, and this will cause the polish to lift off the nail and chip.
  • UV LAMP. Cure for 2 minutes. Follow the directions on your lamp. UV lamps take longer to full cure the polish compared to LED lamps. Here, Im using a UV light. I really need to upgrade!
  • UV LAMP. Cure for 2 minutes.
  • TIPS:

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    How To Apply Gel Nails

    1) Paint on a thin base coat of primer gel from your cuticle to the free edge. 2) Allow the primer gel to cure under a UV or LED nail lamp. Place your primed nails under the drying lamp. 3) Pick up a bead of gel and place it down onto your nail with a brush. 4) Spread the gel across your entire nail to complete the first coat. Gently push the gel back towards your cuticle to fill in around the cuticle. 5) Cure the first coat of gel under the lamp. Once youve applied the first coat of gel to each nail, place the nails under the UV or LED nail 6) Apply a thinner second coat over the first and allow it to cure. Scoop up another small bead of gel with the brush. 7) Wipe away the tacky dispersion layer with gel cleanser. Once the first and second coats have cured, youll be left with a sticky top layer. 8) File and dust off the gel nail to smooth out any imperfections. 9) Paint on a topcoat of finishing gel and allow it to cure.

    How To Do An Infill On Gel Nails At Home

    Its been a while since I did my last nail blog post but the one that seems to be the most popular so far was my how to do a gel-overlay on your nails and so I thought what better way to second this with my how to do an infill on your gel nails blog post.

    You might not have seen my other nail posts, so here are some facts about my gel nails. I do my nails myself. They are all my real nails with a coating of gel on top. I usually go for a natural look and if I feel like it, I will add a regular nail polish on top or do an accent nail with gel. Also, I have to address that I am not a professional. This is just how I do it at home and what works best for me. So without further or do, lets get right into it. Oh and recently I also got into gel nail art, so you might be seeing more of gen nail art on here too.

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    Growing Your Nails Offers A Safe Alternative

    Dr. Lipner says the best way to remove gel nail polish is to let your nails grow out. Clipping them once a week will remove the gel nail polish and help prevent the nails from catching on clothing and other objects. If you choose this option, you need to resist the urge to pick at your gel nail polish. Picking and scraping off the polish can damage your nails.

    Letting your nails grow is a slow process. Dr. Lipner says, It takes about six months to grow out your fingernails. Toenails need 12 to 18 months to grow out.

    To properly trim your nails, follow these tips from board-certified dermatologists: How to trim your nails.

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    Cut And File Your Nails


    Before you apply any polish, you need to make sure your nails are prepped and ready to go. Start by cutting your nailsyoull want them all equal lengthsand then file to smooth out any rough edges. Pro tip: Glass nail files are great for getting a smooth finish, since theyre a bit more gentle than traditional emery boards .

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    How To Remove A Gel Manicure

    Its super easy! So dont pick at them.

  • Gently file the top layer of the polish so it looks matte and a little rough
  • Either cut tin foil into 10 small squares or use these
  • Cut a few of your lint free wipes into nail-sized squares
  • Soak the lint wipe in acetone and place on top of your nail
  • Wrap in foil
  • Do all 10 then wait ten minutes or so!
  • Use a manicure tool to gently remove any remaining polish from the nail
  • Four: Choose Your Polish

    I went with Orly’s GelFX Kiss the Bride shade, a soft baby pink. Using the same steps Boyce suggested above, I started off painting one thin layer on my thumb, curing it for 30 seconds this time, then moving onto my other fingers. Once I was finished, I layered on a second coat and repeated these same steps for curing.

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    Whats A Gel Manicure And How Does It Differ From Regular Polish

    So, what am I actually talking about? Im talking about gel manicures using gel polish thats cured with an LED light. I use gel or shellac products for manicures because even a good quality regular polish will only last me a maximum of four days. And thats provided its an incredible manicure and I avoid doing the dishes or anything overly strenuous with my hands for that period of time. By contrast, a good gel or shellac manicure can last me a full three weeks without chippingseriouslyand I can do all the dishes I want. In many cases, I only replace my gel manicure at the three week mark not because its chipped, but because my nails have grown out.

    How To Do Gel Nails With Tips

    Gel nails at home what do you need

    This article was co-authored by Lindsay Yoshitomi. Lindsay Yoshitomi is the nail artist behind the blog, Lacquered Lawyer. She was featured as one of Nail It! magazines Bloggers You Should Know, and has been on the cover of Nail Art Gallery Magazine. She has been practicing nail art for over 15 years.There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 67,567 times.

    Stylish and sturdy, gel nails take quite a bit of work to apply. With the right tools and techniques, youll be able to create a professional-looking gel manicure. To add length and drama, glue on a set of nail tips before applying the gel. Youll need to use a buffing block to roughen up the shiny surface from both your natural nails and the tips, but once you do this you can apply all of the gel layers from your cuticle to the free edge of the fake nail tip. Cure the gel under a UV or LED nail lamp and dont forget to fix up the edges with a nail file before finishing off your manicure.

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    These At Home Gel Nail Kits Are Totally Foolproof

    When it comes to a manicure, gel nails are by far the best option in terms of durability. They resist the chips and loss of shine unlike your average paint job. A good one can last as long as three weeks. In a nutshell: they’re what everyone wants from a manicure. However, regular gel manis in-salon can leave you and your bank balance on bad terms. So, a DIY gel nail kit could be the way to go if youre in need of a little pick-me-up.

    But how do you get that perma-shine effect without the expertise of a technician? You can opt for a gel topcoat or gel nail polish, which tend to be thicker in consistency and more hardwearing than your average polish. Or, you can invest in an LED kit for a pro mani at home like the popular Mylee Gel LED Kit, or the Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Set. We asked session manicurist, Jenni Draper gel manicure-lover and beauty blogger Josie Fear of Fashion Mumblr for all their top tips.

    How Do You Apply Gel Nails At

    Here is how you can easily do a salon-perfect gel nail manicure at home:

    • Clean your nails with nail polish remover, if any – and prepare them to get started for the gel manicure
    • Clip your nails – if required, file, and buff them to create a smooth, perfectly shaped surface
    • Push your cuticles back and moisturize the area
    • Remove the dust and dead skin using a lint-free alcohol wipe
    • Apply the base coat and be very gentle and patient with it
    • Ensure the base coat is as thin and smooth as possible
    • Do not let the base coat touch the cuticles or your skin or else it can dehydrate or irritate your skin and make your manicure less durable
    • Cure the polish in an 80 Watt LED nail lamp for 60 seconds
    • Apply the gel polish color of your choice and do whatever nail art you feel like doing
    • Cure the polish again this time just for 15 to 30 seconds
    • Seal your gel polish with a top coat and achieve that salon-like shine
    • Cure the polish one last time again for a minute
    • Wipe away any tackiness with a lint-free alcohol wipe
    • Voila! You are done!

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    It Prevents Infections And Irritations

    We use our fingers and nails for a lot of tasks throughout the day. That means theyre exposed to germs and pathogens all the time. This can be particularly troubling if were prone to biting or picking at the nail, which can cause damage around the nail and nail bed.

    When you trim and file your nails properly, you reduce the risk of damaging the nail or the skin around it. That means youre less likely to experience any kind of inflammation or irritation on or around the nail, which is essential for long-term nail health.

    Glass Or Crystal Files

    DIY Gel Manicure at Home | How to Gel Nails

    There are numerous types of nail files like emery board, glass, or crystal files. We recommend glass or crystal as they last longer. They have the file pattern etched into the glass or crystal, hence the longevity.

    Good to note cheap glass files have patterns that are glued to the surface rather than etched, which can wear off quickly. Glass or crystal are also best for your natural nails, as they smooth the nail tip to seal it rather than shredding the nail tip.

    If you have a durable glass or crystal file, it can serve you many years since the pattern is etched on the glass and will not wear. They’re perfect for personal use so minimize sharing. Also, make sure to clean them after a while to keep them safe for use. It’s a tool you can’t miss if you want to start your journey to do home gel nails.

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    Dont You Ever Get Manicures In A Salon

    But wait a second, Mary, Ive seen you on instastories getting your nails done before! Absolutely. Im not saying I never get my nails done. Youre all well aware of how much I love Glamsquad, and having their in-home offerings every month or two is one of my favorite treats. I actually love these appointments as a way of maintaining proper cuticle maintenance with a professional trimming, which isnt necessary for me every single time, but rather just every 2nd or 3rd manicure. Also, getting your nails done is always a fun, relaxing self-care moment and certainly something I like to indulge in every now and then.

    Right now, however, with the coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone at home, going to the nail salon is absolutely not an option. But, outside of global health crises putting all of us on lockdown, there are also times when you simply cant make it to the salon. When you have a busy schedule, work full-time and/or have kids, regular nail salon appointments arent always realistic. You also maybe just dont feel like dropping $100+ on your nails every few weeks. Whatever your reasoning, learning to do your own gel manicures is a skill that will pay off.


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