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How Much Is Clear Nails Plus

Ingredients Of Urgent Fungus Destroyer

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It has the following effective ingredients which will aid removal of the fungus fast & effectively when combined in the proper way.

1) Fungus fighting probiotic with 40 billion CFU

When I recommend this to people, many of them ask me Does Urgent Fungus Destroyer contain probiotics?. So, the answer is Yes.

If you still remember your biology class, you can recall that probiotics are those chemicals that will kill and inhibit the production of many microorganisms.

Why is ProBiotic important?

Probiotics are the most effective type of fungus killers ever made, and they work like miracles. We humans are a wonder of nature, and we contain the micro floras in our body and blood.

These micro floras are responsible for the inhibition of fungal and bacterial growth. The probiotic will do the following functions along with the immune system and the micro floras.

  • The probiotic along with the immune system, will rearrange the bacteria in the blood, that can solve the issue by stopping the growth of fungus.
  • The probiotics will blend with your blood and get the right proportions of chemicals to stop the growth of fungus.
  • It has the 40 billion colony forming units, which means that the probiotic will work like a massive immune system boost camp.

2) Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a miracle chemical for your skin, especially for the regeneration and the maintenance of the skin providing the antioxidants needed to redevelop the skin.

3) Lactobacillus Acidophilus

4) Bifidobacterium lactis

A Comprehensive And In

Theres no denying how common fungal infections are, especially in the nail areas. But as ordinary as this might be, fungal infections can do more than simply give your nails a sickly yellowish color or thicken their texture if left unchecked and untreated, these types of infections can also cause a significant amount of pain and even be potentially deadly as well if it spreads.

This is where Clear Nail Plus by Integrated Health comes into play. On this article we will have a comprehensive and in-depth look into the product and see whether the manufacturers claims on its effectivity holds true and is worth the investment.

What Our Happy Customers Have To Say

We are very thankful for the early arrival of your fine product. My sister, in less than 24 hours, is now completely Pain free. Very, very grateful.*

Jennifer C.hands down the best product I have ever boughtAngela V.

This product is amazing. This is our 2nd order and both my husband and myself are using it. What a difference it has made. Our toes are starting to look like normal. Product is Emuaid Max. Stuff works!!*

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Is Clear Nails Plus Legitimate

4.5/5Clear Nails Plus

Also question is, what are the side effects of clear nails plus?

Burning, stinging, swelling, irritation, redness, pimple-like bumps, tenderness, or flaking of the treated skin may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

One may also ask, what are the ingredients in clear nail plus? All the ingredients, Bacillus Subtilis, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Casei, Bifidobacterium Breve, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, and Turmeric Curcumin have potent anti-fungal properties covered by many studies.

Then, what is clear nails plus?

Clear Nails Plus is a probiotic pill that targets fungus and bacterial infections. It is made of all-natural ingredients. It focuses on enhancing your immune system with a healing for a healing from within.

Who is Roy Williams Clear Nails Plus?

Roy Williams is the brains behind Clear Nail Plus, the man with the plan when it comes to tackling the underlying root and ensuring that fungi sufferers are able to get rid of their miserable condition completely.

Reviewed What Are The Pros Of Clear Nails Plus

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The advantages are that they treat your fungal infection immediately and at the root. It prevents things from escalating like entering your blood stream and lungs.

Since these ailments can be chronic, your life expectancy and quality of life can be affected. They claim that with immediate treatment the medication can save up to fifteen years of your life.

As well as improve your quality of life with new found confidence in your body without the external infection. It also improves dryness in your skin and scalp which improves your overall appearance.

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How Do Your Reach Integrated Health Customer Support

There are three ways you can forward your questions and concerns. You can fill out their contact form on their website: for a reply within the next 48 hours.

You can also reach them at for email correspondences.

Another way you can forward your questions are to call their toll-free number 855-701-2018. Take note that the company is based in the USA, so call from 9 AM-5:30 PM during Monday to Friday and 9AM-1Pm PST.

The Symptoms Of Toenail Fungus

Many people say that they do not have any toe fungus, when in fact it is the fungus eating their nails. Here are a few common symptoms of toenail fungus.

  • If you feel that your toenail is getting thick day by day, then you are at the very initial stage of fungal infection and the Urgent fungus destroyer can save your toenails within a few days at this stage.
  • The discoloration of your toenail is also a very common symptom of the fungus infection. You will see that the nails are turning white or yellow.
  • Filing and cutting your nails is of no use, because your nail is getting out of shape.
  • A foul smell coming off your feet.
  • The black debris creeping under your nails.

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Benefits Of Clear Nails Plus

  • Relief from fungus

If you have ever had fungus infection, you will understand what this means. It comes with certain degrees of pain and discomfort. Clear Naiks Plus helps to relieve any pain or discomfort.

  • Repairs nail damage

A fungus infected nail is usually all shades of ugliness. It hinders you from wearing any kind of footwear you want because you are not proud of your toenails. Clear Nails Plus perfectly restores the nails to their clear and healthy state.

  • Faster recovery

Because Clear Nails Plus is able to infiltrate the bloodstream easily and work on the target cells, it works much faster in the treatment of fungus infections. This is particularly good news because the treatment of nail fungus usually takes a few months, during which you can get complacent. Clear Nails Plus gets in the bloodstream easily, focuses on the target cells, destroys the fungus, and finally delivers external improvements. It works faster than any topical ointment or cream.

  • Improves natural immunity

One of the key causes of fungus infections is a weakened or suppressed immune system. Clear Nails Plus boosts the bodys immune system hence enhance its ability to fight infections and protect itself.

  • Prevents future fungal infections

Like it has been said a few times already, nail fungus has a very high rate of happening again after previous treatment. Clear Nails Plus improves the body immunity which helps it protect itself against future fungal infection.

Disadvantages Of Urgent Fungus Destroyer

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Just like all other medicines the Urgent Fungus Destroyer also comes with a few down sides. But do not worry they are all limited to certain circumstances and wont be an issue in most cases.

Will not diagnose other diseases

You cannot use this medicine to diagnose the underlying diseases for instance, if you are having a toe fungal growth as a result of some other diseases such as diabetes, or any other immunity or skin concern. It is solely for the cure of fungal growth on toes/ nails, hair and skin fungus.

The long list of ingredients

As there are more than six natural ingredients in the tablets, there is a risk of a little more reactions. As the incorporated components may react with the body if ones body is very very sensitive to one or the other ingredients. But it is safe for about 98 percent of people .

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The End To Toe Nail Fungus

Looking for help to end embarrassing toe nail fungus?

Are you experiencing pain from stubborn fungus that just won’t go away?

We know how you feel

Toe nail fungus doesn’t go away on its own.

And seeking a toe nail fungus treatment QUICKLY is the key to getting back to a comfortable way of living!

Our unique formula Kills 99% of Bacteria and Fungus on Contact

In LESS than ONE Minute.

Clear Nails Plus Reviews: Is Clear Nails Plus Legitimate

Clear Nails Plus Carly Murray Review

Clear Nails Plus is an all-natural treatment for toe fungus that combines probiotics that have been used by the primitive Asaro Mudmen from the jungles of Papua New Guinea for over 1,800 years to prevent skin infections. This oral supplement will destroy any type of fungus within 14 days, making it more effective than topical treatments and commonly prescribed antibiotics. By the time you are experiencing a skin or nail fungal infection, you are probably much sicker than you realize, and it is critical that you fix the problem as fast as possible. While it is commonly believed that the only way to contract a fungal infection is by coming in contact with a warm, moist surface, fungus is actually everywhere, just like bacteria. Clear Nails Plus helps to overcome these type of fungal infections by strengthening the immune system naturally.

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  • Clear Nails Plus Review

    Clear Nails Plus ensures that each capsule contains the highest quality, purity, and bioavailability of each ingredient. The ingredients go to work immediately, but because there is likely already a build-up of fungus inside your body, doctors recommend taking one pill daily for at least 30 days. For the highest level of protection, take one pill daily for 90 days to ensure that every part of your body is rid of fungal infection.

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    What Does Clear Nails Work

  • Penetrates the system
  • One of the big challenges faced in the treatment of nail fungus is the ability of the solution to get to the source of the problem. If the treatment option is not able to reach deep into the tissue, there isnt much that can be achieved. This is a key demerit of over-the-counter ointments and creams as well as topical home remedies. Clear Nails Plus is taken orally and easily finds its way into the bloodstream, from where it gets to work on the target cells.

    • Eradicates fungus buildup

    Once in the bloodstream, Clear Nails Plus releases its powerful ingredients which then focuses on cleansing the body of toxins. Beta-glucan, Japanese mushroom, and ARA-6 are the main ingredients that work for this purpose. They effectively any buildup of fungus in the body, a process called cleansing. Therefore, the body system becomes sanitized.

    • Purifies the bloodstream

    Following proper cleansing of the body by Japanese mushroom and its cohorts, garlic, curcumin, and cats claw get to work. They do the work of reversing any damage that has been caused by the fungus infection, a process called blood purification. They do this very quickly. They also leave you feeling better and healthy by improving the oxygenation levels of the blood.

    • Repairs dry skin
    • Rejuvenates the nail
    • Shields the lung
    • Prevents fungal infection

    When Do The Results Of Clear Nails Plus Show According To Testimonials


    The results vary depending on the individual. If you have been suffering from fungal infections, it could take a while to go through the backlog.

    They claim that it can take twelve days to see a difference with the external infection. It is encouraged to go more than the twelve days, up to a month or so, to fully address the internal infection.

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    Refunds And Guarantees: Clear Nails Plus Probiotics

    Refunds and Guarantee options are quite easier and more effective here. All of the packaging of Clear Nails Plus is free of cost. The product is being featured with 180 days of the refunding policy. It means that you can now easily return the product if you dont feel satisfied with the results provided.

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    Costumer Reviews Of Urgent Fungus Destroyer

    Here is what more consumers said in their reviews, who used Phytage Fungus Destroyer.

    One of the users Kelly says that this probiotic is one of the most effective ones. She concluded:

    Working good after 1st week

    Michelle is also satisfied with the results for her husband. She concluded:

    That the medicine works great

    Moira Sykstus gives some honest reviews along with some more tips to treat the fungus faster. She concluded:

    It works if you work it

    Lisas parents are also loving it. She says:

    It is clear

    Additional Important information for you!

    Pricing Guarantee And Freebies

    Clear Nail Designs | Mia Secret | Young Nails

    Clear Nails Plus doesnt only come as a single bottle but in more economically priced packages as well which ensures that people who want to buy in bulk have better pricing options. Heres a look at the three deals available to choose from:

    • A single jar of this supplement is priced at $69
    • A package of 3 jars takes price per jar down to $59. Shipping and handling costs are on the company
    • A package of 6 jars takes the price per jar further down to $49. Again, shipping and handling are free of cost

    The product comes with a solid money back guarantee as well that lasts for 180 days. This refund policy ensures that the buyers money is not at risk and that his investment doesnt prove to be fruitless. If someone is not satisfied with the products results during this time, he can contact the customer support team and get his cash back.

    Moreover, when you buy Clear Nails Plus, you get two freebie e-books. Both of these, detail one on how to naturally prevent toenail fungal infections. One of them concentrates particularly on the diabetics who have this condition. Both books are individually priced at $49 but they come for free with this product. These bonus materials are:

    • 24-Hour Fungal Flush
    • The Diabetic Fungus Fighting Handbook

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    Does Clear Nails Plus Scam

    Clear Nails Plus is an effective solution to get Overall health, stronger, shiny, and crack-free nails always. The product boosts up your immune health system and prevents you from future fungal infections.

    The product is being featured with antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidants features that remove the harmful fungal-causing toxins out of your body.

    Case Study Of Using Urgent Fungus Destroyer

    After I suggested it to one of my patients with toenail fungus, I told him to keep visiting me regularly. Also, I told him to keep writing about the changes he is seeing and going through. At the end here is what Michael has to tell you:


    The Urgent Fungus Destroyer works fine, but you need to wait for it. If you are expecting to get a result within a week you would be disappointed.

    For me, I started from here, as you can see in the picture. My toenail was completely ripped from the front, and a slight pressure would make it hurt.

    This was the condition before the use of this amazing Urgent Fungus Destroyer by Phytage labs.

    After using it for 30 days it healed a bit. But the results were not very apparent and I was apprehensive.

    The Effects of Fungus Destroyer on my digestion

    As the toenail fungus can sometimes affect the digestive system. I also had to suffer for the initial 15 days.

    After that, I did not feel any digestive complications, and now I know why. It is because the ingredients of the Urgent Fungus Destroyer help to heal the immune system and the digestive system.

    Effects on my immunity

    With the continuous use of Urgent Fungus Destroyer, I felt more powerful.

    I am a middle aged person, so flus and coughs are a very common thing. Especially when the weather is about to change.

    However, this time, when I had done the urgent fungus destroyer for 45 days, I did not get a cough. In fact, I felt more immune and tough.

    The Main: Effect on my toenails

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    Clear Nails Plus Review Legit Toenail Fungus Probiotic

    What is Clear Nails Plus? Clear Nails Plus is a probiotic pill that targets fungus and bacterial infections. It is made of all-natural ingredients. It focuses on enhancing your immune system with a healing for a healing from within. It addresses ailments like athletes foot, toe fungus, dandruff, and rashes.

    What is Roy Williams Clear Nail Plus Dietary Supplement? Are the Ingredients Safe? Read our in-depth review to know its benefits & side effects before buying.

    Lets face it, no-one is happy when they end up with a fungal infection, perhaps more so than most other physical conditions. There is just something non-hygien

    Clear Nails Plus Supplement Review – Are ingredients natural? How does these pills recover your skin from fungus infection? Read this depth review to get answers.

    What If It Does Not Work For Me

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    After you have tried Clear Nails Plus for more than thirty days, but for any reason are not satisfied, you can have the product refunded. They have a money back guarantee for 180 days after your purchase.

    They do not have a short list of reasons for valid refunds. They have a no-questions asked policy should the product not work for you.

    Contact their customer service to have it processed.

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