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How To Dry Nail Polish Quickly

Place Your Hands In The Freezer

How to dry your nails FAST!!! (1 minute)

Cold air is really the most effective way to solidify the polish faster. If you dont have a cool setting on your electric fans or blow dryer, try holding your hands in the freezer. I know its cold but its a great trick and TBH well take any chance to avoid smearing our nails before theyre dry. Hold it in for only around 2 minutes. The cold air will at least help harden the top layer of a polish quicky. Just remember the layers underneath might not be a hundred per cent set so be careful with your tips.

Know That Drying Time Varies

Mimi says that drying time depends on a number of things: how many coats you apply, how thick each coat is, and what type of polish you choose. If you consider all these aspects, she says you can expect drying time to take anywhere from five minutes to an hour. If you don’t have an hour to wait, Bannon says you want to at least wait 20 minutes before doing anything with your hands, which will allow for the top layer to start drying. This method isn’t foolproof, but it will at the very least minimize any chance of smudging.

Utilize Nail Polish Dryer Spray

Speaking of preventing mess, a nail polish drying spray is a great alternative. Perfect for reducing your drying time, you can count on getting the perfect manicure with every use. Simply wait about a minute after painting your nails, hold the can a few inches away from your hands, and spray evenly over each nail. Now you have an-ready mani!

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Dry Nail Polish Faster: 8 Most Sustainable Options

Painting your nails is a fun and relaxing activity that leaves you feeling cute and ready to conquer the world. But waiting for your nails to dry can be frustrating. Below, weve ranked the most eco-friendly ways to dry your nail polish fast.

You may have already heard of some methods to dry your nails. While there are options like quick-dry polish, drops and sprays these are filled with chemicals, making them far from sustainable. Using our sustainable tips and tricks, you can dry your nail polish quickly, easily and affordably by using things you already have around the house.

Dip Your Nails In Cold Water

How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly: 7 Steps (with Pictures ...

It sounds strange, but it is true! After youve completed your mani or pedi let it sit from a few minutes so that the nail polish can settle after application, then put your nails into a bowl or container of ice water and leave them in the water for around 4-5 minutes. This will surprisingly cut down your dry time down, although may leave you a bit chilly.

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How Do I Know When My Nails Are Actually Dry

When you think your nails are just about done drying and you can touch the tops, very gently touch your pinky nails together in the smallest spot you can find. If the nails stick together or you feel a small tug, then they are not quite dry yet and you need to give it a few more minutes.

Remember not to try this out until you are positive that the polish has set. If nails are still too damp, this test will leave a dent in your nail polish.

There is nothing worse than painting your nails, only to smudge them five minutes later. Any of these methods above should help to solve the problem of how to dry nails fast so that you can go on with your day looking fabulous.

Does Cold Air Dry Nail Polish Faster

Gibson Tuttle says that cold air from a fan or blow dryer can help polish harden faster, regardless of whether it is at home or in a salon. When you blowdry, you should press the cool shot button continuously while drying to ensure that the product dries evenly. You might actually melt your polish if you dont do so and use warm air accidentally.

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Use Ice Water Instead Of Regular Water

Although it may appear stupid, it is the most practiced trick in the book. As previously said, chilly surroundings assist in the curing process and putting your hands in chilled waterworks in the same way.

Fill a bowl halfway with crushed ice and top it off with cold water. Hang on a minute after youve finished applying your nail polish for the polish to rest and settle.

Then, for around a minute, carefully soak your nails in. The mixture will be jolted into position by the ice water.

Allow the ice to melt somewhat or discard any extra chunks so your fingernails dont come into contact with them.

Or Blast Your Wet Nails With Cold Air

How To Dry Your Nail Polish Faster | Hacks

“Whether you’re at a salon or at-home, cold air from a fan or blowdryer will help the polish harden faster,” Gibson Tuttle says. If you go the blowdryer route, just be sure to press the cool shot button continuously while drying. Forgetting to do so and accidentally using warm air could actually melt your polish.

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How To Dry Nail Polish Fast At Home

If you are looking for a tip on how to dry nail polish fast at home, here is a list of simple DIY hacks that you can easily do:

  • Dipping your nails in cold water, with or without ice
  • Covering your nails in oils such as olive oil or baby oil
  • Using a hair dryer to blow dry them
  • Using hairspray
  • Using drying drops

We spend a lot of time adding nail polish to our hands, and it helps to have a quick method of getting our manicure done.

But whats the best way to get nail polish dry quickly so that we can show off our nail art?

In the nail industry, the common answer most nail technicians give is simply to put your hands under a fan or blow dryer but this is not always the best solution.

You should first try with the most simple ones, like dipping in cold water or covering your nailpolish with olive oil.

These fast-drying methods are considered the safest for your skin and nails. If these dont work out for you, then try blowdrying them.

In the end you can always choose some drying drops from your local nail shop. These nail products can help nail polishes dry faster, and they usually dont have bad substances in them.

Some nailpolish dries out completely in just 30 seconds while others may take more than 5 minutes to get dry.


Does Hot Water Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

No,hot water will increase nail polish evaporation, and it is usually used for removing nail polish.

You dont have to eliminate water yet, you can try using cold water instead.

Icy water baths are the best way to keep your polish fresh and chip-free! Just fill up a mixing bowl with ice cubes, then run cold water over it.

The next time you finish painting, dip all of the tips into this mixture for about 1 minute before removing excess liquid from underneath each individual nail using paper towels or spare washcloths.

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Allow Each Layer To Dry For Two Minutes

Two minutes is the goal, but don’t feel obligated to time yourself to the very second: According to Lim, two minutes is typically the time it takes to paint your nails, pinkie to thumb. “You can go ahead and start the second coat after you’re done with the last finger,” she says. If you’re an especially speedy polish painter, you may want to give it a few seconds before starting the second coat.

*brilliant* Tricks To Make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly: 8 Steps (with Pictures ...

Trust me: Being a little impatient or a full-blown procrastinator isn’t really ideal when you prefer to do your own nails at homebut it definitely isn’t impossible to make it work. During those times when you can’t wait for your nail polish to set but you also can’t skip your mani or pedi, all you really need is a few tips and tricks to speed up the process. And to make it extra easy for you, I got NYC-based editorial nail artist Miss Pop to drop all her secrets for getting a smudge-free, fast-drying manicure.

So the next time you find yourself scrambling to get your nails done, pull up these seven tips for how to dry nails fast. And just a suggestion: It’s never a bad idea to keep some press-ons on standby.

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Plunging Polished Nails Into Ice Water Dries Them Faster

Does it work? No, this doesn’t work. If it did, don’t you think every nail tech out there would be doing it? Think about it: Nail polish is a polymer, formed . Lowering the temperature lowers the rate of the chemical reaction, plus it actually slows the evaporation of the solvents in the polish.

So, while the icy water may thicken the polish so it seems to dry more quickly, the only way to get a hard coat of polish is to let it dry. The cold water won’t hurt anything, but it won’t speed the process upunless you dry your hands under an air dryer afterward.

Still not convinced? Consider how much time you spend with your hands submerged in ice water, and compare that against normal drying. Or, conduct your own science experiment and put one hand in the ice water and leave the other to dry on its own.

Apply Thin Coats Of Polish

If youve been applying thick coats of paint to your nails, consider this your sign to stop. Thick coats of nail polish take much longer to dry, which can lead to smudges and nicks. Instead, opt for thin coats to allow the paint to dry faster. Start with a base coat, follow up with two coats of your nail color, seal the deal with a top coat, and youll be good to go.

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Three: Use A Hairdryer

This is another very useful method, particularly as you probably have a Hairdryer laying around and you may be out of Ice Cubes .

Here is the process of using a hairdryer:

Step One: Firstly, you will want to paint all of your nails on one hand with your Base Coat/Color Polish .

Step Two: Now, use the cool air setting on your hair dry for roughly 1-2 minutes directly over your wet nails. The cool air will quickly dry your nails and as the air is cool it will prevent the polish from drying out.

Step Three: Simply repeat the process for your top coat and second hand.

Word of warning: If you decide to go with this method, first check that your dryer is set on the cool air setting before you start. You will want to roughly hold it around 10 inches away from your nails so that you dont come into contact or smudge your polish accidentally.

Using warm air, or by holding your dry too close will cause your nail polish not to set right, or cause potential damage or irritation to your skin.

Check For Nail Infections

Nail Polish Tutorial Video: How to Dry Quick Nail Polish Quickly Orly Sunset Strip Collection

Another reason why is my nail polish still soft, can be that you have an infection on your nails.

You may already know about fungal infections, or nail fungus.

These types of infections are caused by a fungus that eats through the protective layer of your nail.

It is not too difficult to get rid of an infection if you know how, so make sure that you keep your nails trimmed neatly and regularly, and take care of your nails.

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How To Dry Nail Polish Fast In 2 Minutes Or Less

As someone who paints her nails a lot, theres nothing more irritating than the dry time. Waiting and waiting and waiting to have dry nails just makes me want to not paint them altogether! But then the nail polish wins and I have naked nails for another week which isnt fun either. Keep reading if you want to learn how to dry nail polish fast!

This post contains affiliate links for products that I personally use or believe you will love based on quality. If you click on a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission . This helps support my rainbow to continue to make great content for you!

Here are a couple tricks Ive learned that make my nails dry fast in 2 minutes or less!

Why Is My Nail Polish Dry But Still Soft

Its not uncommon for some polish to be a bit sticky and waxy when you first get it.

Sometimes the polish has a strange smell, or it just feels really good on your hands.

You immediately put a coat of it on your nails, and viola!

Your nails turn out great!

Unfortunately, this wonderful effect wears off, and you have to go back for more.

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Beauty Lookshow To Dry Nails Fast

There is no better way to get some me-time than getting or giving yourself a gorgeous manicure. Whether youve been eyeing various beauty trends or prefer to keep things simple with a French manicure, nothing beats a chic set of nails. However, all the fun comes to a halt once its time to dry your nails. If you dont wait long enough, you run the risk of ruining your manicure. And of course, waiting too long is out of the question with a busy schedule. So, youre probably asking yourself how to dry nails fast. If youre totally over dealing with a smudged manicure, look no further. Below, were sharing tips on how to make nail polish dry faster, including using a fast-drying nail polish. But first, lets explore how long it should take for nail polish to dry.

Hate Waiting For Your Nails To Dry 10 Hacks To Make Your Polish Dry Faster

Dry nails quickly

Image courtesy – Unsplash

Everyone loves to flash those gorgeous digits! With an array of colours and nail art to choose from you are always spoilt for choice. Picture this youve got a fresh manicure, your favourite hue looks fabulous on your nails, and you cant wait to take a picture. But, the wait is long because you cant move your fingers till your nail polish dries. Probably one of the biggest issues of a fresh manicure is the wait time and if youre not patient, you risk the chances of smudging and ruining your beautiful nails. Scroll down to see how to dry nail polish faster, so that you avoid a messy manicure.

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Run Your Nails Under Cold Water

Running your nails under cold water helps the thickeners in polish settle faster, says Boyce. If you’re choosing this method, be careful as it may not be the best solution for drying the bottom layers of polish, and can cause your manicure to look uneven or chip faster later on. If you’re in a pinch, however, this hack is a quick and easy solution.

Wait For The Polish To Completely Dry

Sometimes, your manicure will take a few hours while the polish dries so its important to be patient.

One way to know when your nails are already dry is to feel them.

Apply some pressure to your fingers and to your fingertips.

If you feel some resistance, this means that the remover isnt as effective as it claims to be.

If you are able to manipulate your nails with your fingers and fingertips, it means that the liquid isnt too sticky.

And if the remover seems to be more sticky than your nails, this means that the nail polish remover is too thick.

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Dry Each Coat Thoroughly

In between each of the three super thin coats of polish, let each later dry completely. I do just like my favorite manicurist when Im at the salon.

Fan Put a household fan on a high setting, hold your hands up and let the fan blow for about two minutes.

Nail Spray If you dont have a fan, use a quick-dry nail spray. I bought the Target store brand and it works fine.

Nail Polish Dryer To really step up your perfect at-home manicure, invest in an electric nail polish dryer. When we moved, I found a dryer Id bought years before and packed away.

The Best Nail Hacks To Dry And Remove Polish Quick

Quick Tip for How to Dry Nail Polish Fast

How to Dry Your Nails Fast Without Nail Polish Remover

If you want to get your nails to dry fast, these great hacks will help cut drying time in half so you can get out the door and be on with your day.

Ice Water Prior to painting your nails, fill a bowl with water and ice cubes. Once youve finished painting your nails, dip them in the water for a minute, then remove. The cold makes the nail polish dry faster and also helps keeps your polish smooth when setting.

Blow Dryer Use the cool setting on your blow dryer, and zap them dry. Who needs to go to the salon now?

PAM sprayPam, which is used for cooking, is a great substitute if you dont want to buy pricy nail drying spray at the beauty supply store. Simply spray your nails after your top coat.

Freezer If you dont have time to do the ice water method, you can just stick your nails in the freezer briefly to make the polish dry faster. The cold temperature will do the trick.

Top Coat A top coat is made especially to speed up the drying process of nail polish. Try Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat by Sally Hansen, which makes any nail polish die within 30 seconds.

Remove Polish Quickly

Make a mistake or just tired of your nail polish, but dont have the time to use nail polish remover? Here are easy ways to remove your nail polish in a few minutes.

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