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How To Apply Nail Polish

How To Apply Gel Nail Polish

How to apply colour nail polish professionally

What is gel nail polish? OPIs gel nail polish is officially called GelColor Soak-off Gel Lacquer and in short, a gel manicure is a thin brush-on formula, designed for high performance and a glossier finish regular nail polish.

When it comes to the question of “How long do gel nails last?” In fact, an OPI GelColor manicure lasts for up to 3 weeks. Read our blog on What is gel nail polish to learn more.

Before you get started, you’ll need the following products:

  • OPI GelColor Base Coat
  • N.A.S. 99 Nail Cleansing Solution
  • Nail and Cuticle Oil
  • Step 1

    Start with properly prepped nails, and shake GelColor Base Coat vigorously for 1 minute to ensure the product is fully dispersed.

  • Step 2Step 2

    Apply 1 thin coat evenly without flooding the cuticle area, be sure to cap the free edge.

  • Step 3

    Cure for 30 seconds in the Dual Cure LED Light.

  • Step 4Step 4

    Shake GelColor shade of choice vigorously for 1 minute. Shown here is OPI GelColor Cajun Shrimp.

  • Step 5Step 5

    Apply 2 thin coats leaving a tiny margin around the cuticle area. Cap the free edge to prevent shrinkage. Cure each coat 30 seconds in the Dual Cure LED Light.

  • Step 6

    Shake GelColor Top Coat vigorously for 1 minute.

  • Step 7Step 7

    Apply 1 thin coat leaving a tiny margin around the cuticle area. Cap the free edge to seal in GelColor. Cure 30 seconds in the Dual Cure LED Light.

  • Step 8

    Remove gel residue with a Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S. 99.

  • Dont Forget The Base And Top Coat Of The Nails

    A professional nail technician doesnt skip this step and neither should you! Residue and oils on your fingernails can cause polish to chip or peel, so you need a solid base. Base coats also help protect your nails and cuticles from common problems such as breaking, splitting, and peeling.

    The top coat will lock in the color, prevent chipping, and add shine for a nicely polished look. For long lasting polish, choose a fast drying, shiny top coat so that you can be on your way without smudges.

    Apply Glitter The Right Way

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever painted, like, a thousand coats of glitter on to get it to fully cover your nail. Well, consider your mind blown with this trick from nail vlogger Kelli Marissa. Instead of using the polish brush to paint directly on your nail, saturate the edge of a makeup sponge insteadthen press the sponge on over your nail. The sponge soaks up most of the actual nail polish leaving just the glitter behind, so it goes on dense and opaque in one fell swoop.

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    Invest In Some Drying Drops Or Sprays

    Waiting for your nail polish to dry can seem like ages, and this is exactly why we have brought to you some tips and tricks on how to apply nail polish and make it dry faster. Investing in some commercial drying sprays or drops can reduce your wait time in half and will also nourish and condition your nails and your cuticles. These products not only dry up your nails a lot faster, but they also make your nails super glossy and shiny.

    How To Get Perfect Nail Polish Every Time


    Want to know how you can apply nail polish without getting it on your skin? We all love a good life hack and this is one of my favorites.

    Weve all been there, you get one hand polished and looking great, then try to polish your other hand and oops polish gets on your hand or cuticle.

    Its especially hard when youre painting your own hands! You can always leave the polish on your hand and use nail polish remover later to remove it, but what if I told you there was an easier way?

    Its very simple, you only need two things!

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    How To Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro

    Having painted nails doesnt mean you have to spend a bundle on a professional manicure. By following the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial. With a few simple tools, you can learn how to paint your nails like a pro.

    If you have some tips on how to put on nail polish like a pro, then wed love to hear them! Add your thoughts in the comment box below, and dont forget to share this article with your friends!

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    An Edgier Look Is As Easy As Applying A Topcoat

    I love applying a matte topcoat to my designs lately, says nail artist Betina Goldstein, whos Insta-famous for her minimalbut stunningtake on nail art. It adds a bit of edge and sophistication to any minimal design or polish. A simple black dot on a nail with a matte topcoat transforms what could be childish into a more chic look.

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    Remove The Petroleum Using A Cotton

    If you applied a thin coat of petroleum jelly around the edge of your nails, allow your nails to dry completely before you remove the petroleum jelly. Once the top coat is dry, trace the edges of your nails with a clean cotton-bud or ball and remove the petroleum jelly from your skin around each nail, you will also wipe away any polish sitting on top of the oily substance leaving your nails neatly done.

    How To Apply Glitter Nail Polish The Right Way

    Paint Your Nails Perfectly: How-to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro

    Glitter nail polish may be a fun way to inject some sparkle into our beauty routines, but between the removal process and the fact that it never quite seems to be as glittery enough, it always seems to be tricky to get right. However, we’ve found a hack that answers the age-old question, “how to apply glitter nail polish?” and makes getting off-the-charts levels of shine factor easier and quicker than ever.

    This game-changing method comes courtesy of YouTuber Kelli Marissas tutorials, as reported by Lipstick, and will seriously make you forget everything you know about applying glitter nail polishes. Long story short? Instead of applying your polish with a brush the way you would any other hue this process requires using another beauty product that you likely already have in your beauty drawer: A makeup sponge.

    Virtually every nail brand on the market carries tons of glitter options to get in on the trend, so lucky for you, shining bright like a diamond is one affordable beauty trend we can seriously get behind.

    Read on for exactly how to make it happen.

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    Wipe Off Old Polish From Your Nails

    If you want to produce a neat manicure with an even finish, then removing old polish from your nails is a must. You can do this using an acetone-free nail polish remover. Why? Acetone-free nail polish removers are great for gently removing nail polish without drying out your nails and cuticle.

    How to clean off old nail polish.

    • Place a small chunk of cotton ball over the opening of your nail polish remover .
    • Bend the polish remover bottle downwards to enable the cotton absorb the liquid.
    • Rub the soaked cotton ball over your nails to wipe off the polish.
    • Re-soak your cotton ball as needed and continue cleaning off the old polish until its properly cleaned.

    Push Cuticles Down And Apply Cuticle Oil

    Source: Pexels

    Hydration is key for nail health. You should be using cuticle oil daily, but particularly in combination with gel polish.

    Use a cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back and make more of your nail visible. Use it to also remove dead skin from your nail plate and to help maintain even cuticles.

    Then, apply cuticle oil to nourish the skin surrounding your nails.One thing to be careful of is not to apply oil too late in the process. If there is any oily residue still on your nails when you apply polish, the base coat will have trouble adhering.

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    The Only 5 Tips You Need To Apply Nail Polish Without Streaks

    With a few tips and tricks, any woman can flawlessly apply nail polish at home! I know that we’ve previously shared with you several hacks to get a perfect manicure at home, but this time, I’ll tell you how to apply nail polish without streaks.

    If you like to keep them natural…here’s how to naturally whiten underneath your nails.

    If you want to apply white or pastel nail polish, it usually tends to appear with streaks, but don’t you worry, because you can easily fix this issue. So how can you get a streak-free nail polish?

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    Just Three Strokes Are Enough

    How to Apply Nail Polish Like a Pro (Step

    The third step of our how to apply nail polish guide brings us the amount of how much nail polish should be used. Technically, just three strokes are all you need.

    Nail artists recommend that it is best if you only use three coats to paint your nails. All you need to do is dip the brush into the polish, take out a generous amount of nail polish and place it as a dot on your nails. Then you would want to spread it out by striking it once on the left then to the right and lastly on the center.

    You will be surprised to see how beautifully the nail polish spreads without being messy or gloppy.

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    Final Step: Clean Up Excess Polish

    No one is perfect, there must be excess polish stains exceeding your nails. You can carefully remove any excess polish with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover. This will leave you with a pristine manicure.

    • Simply dip the cotton bud in a polish remover.
    • Swipe the soaked cotton bud next to your untidy nail polish line.
    • Without applying any pressure slightly swipe the cotton bud along your nail polish line. Repeat on each nail polish line.
    • Use the cotton bud to remove nail polish that dried on your skin.
    • You can dip your cotton bud in the remover and wipe as needed till its completely done.

    Apply A Thin Layer Of Petroleum Jelly Around Each Nail Before Painting Them

    This trick keeps your polish neat.

    Before painting your nails, you can take measures to prevent the polish from drying outside the lines of your nails. You can achieve a perfectly neat polish every time by placing a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the edge of your nail. The oil from the vaseline will serve as a barrier between your skin and the nail polish.

    How to do it.

    • Dab a cotton bud into a jar of petroleum jelly. If you dont have vaseline, you can use sheabutter or a lotion.
    • Swipe the cotton bud around the edges of each nailkeep the cotton bud and petroleum jelly on your skin Do not let either touch your nail.
    • Pick out your polish and get ready to paint your nails.


    The petroleum jelly helps serve as a barrier between your skin and the nail polish to prevent the nail polish from touching the skin around your nails and even when that happens you can easily clean if off using a dry cotton ball because the skin around the nails is already protected with petroleum jelly.

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    Use Hair Spray Or Cooking Oil

    Using some spritz of your favorite hair spray or cooking oil can really cut down the time of your nail polish drying. This trick for how to put on nail polish and dry it faster can really come in handy when you are in a hurry. Once you are done applying your nail polish spritz your nails with hairspray or cooking oil. And make sure to hold your cans about 30 cm away from your nails so that you do not smudge them. Wait for a few minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

    How To Apply Nail Polish Without Getting It On Your Skin

    How to Properly Apply Nail Polish

    It only takes two things to help you apply the perfect nail polish. Whats great is you probably already have these items in your house!

    What you need is a very thick gel lotion such as Aquaphor and a Q-tip.

    Before you begin painting your nails, use a Q-tip to spread Aquaphor around your cuticle. Make sure to not get any lotion on your finger nails.

    Next, begin to polish your nails. If you get polish on your fingers, you will be able to wipe it off along with the lotion.

    Use a Q-tip to remove any excess nail polish from your fingers. Now you will always be able to have the perfect polish!

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    Clean Your Nails With Polish Remover

    To get a great manicure at home, do as the pros do by spending as much time prepping your nails as you do polishing them. That means starting with a good nail polish remover. Even if you don’t have polish on, you’ll still want to run a cotton ball of remover over each nail to get rid of any oils or dirt that could warp your polish.

    Dont Sleep On Gems Or Crystals

    Cant paint your nails? Dont bother. Slick on a shiny topcoat like Sally Hansens Miracle Gel or a sheet nude like Chanel Ballerina, then use a silicone dotting tool or tweezers to place tiny embellishments on your nails. Adding small pearls, gems, or accents is very easy, and you do not need to be very savvy with the paint brush, says Goldstein. She recommends also using nail glue first to secure the stone, then capping it on topalong with a topcoat over thatto ensure it doesnt get caught in your hair.

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    Use A Specialized Base Coat

    Speaking of glitter, did you know there are now peel-off base coats that work wonders for removing tough-to-get-off textures? They’re particularly game-changing if you want a little sparkle on the weekends but can’t show up to the office on Monday with your nails looking like a Katy Perry concert. Try UNT Ready for Takeoff Peelable Base Coat.

    Apply Your Second Coat

    Here is a tip on how to apply your GelMoment gel polish ...

    Not everybody chooses to add a second coat. However, two coats of color application ensure the true color comes through and offers the ultimate coverage. It also serves as a second layer of protection to prevent your polish from chipping. Apply this coat in the same way as the first, using three strokes of the brush to evenly coat a thin layer.

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    How Long Does Nail Polish Last Without Chipping

    Before we jump right into our list of tips for long-lasting nail polish, we have to answer the obvious questionhow long does nail polish last without chipping? The truth is, it really depends. Because there are numerous variables, it will vary from person to person and manicure to manicure. Traditional nail polish can last a few days without any chipping. However, if you opt for long-wear formulas such as no-chip options or gel polish, your manicure may last for up to two weeks before you see any chipping.

    Soak Your Nails In Warm Water

    After you must have clipped, shaped, and filed your nails, then you need to pamper them by soaking them in warm water with a mild facial cleanser. While your nails are dipped in warm water, use a soft toothbrush to scrub your nails. This is to exfoliate your hands sloughing away dead skin cells and get rid of particles.

    • Get a basin of warm water .
    • Pour in some amount of facial cleanser.
    • Dip your nails in the basin using a soft toothbrush scrub your nails gently.
    • Dry your nails with a clean towel.

    This will also keep your cuticles soft.

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    File Your Nail In The Right Direction

    After trimming your nails to your desired length, then you need to smoothen the edges of your nails with an emery board nail file to give it that smooth texture while will encourage an even polish finish

    How to File Your Nails.

    • File your nails into a round, square, or rounded-square shape.
    • Run over each nail with a slightly abrasive buffer to even out the surface of your nails.

    Preparing Your Nails For Polish

    How to Apply Nail Polish
  • 1Remove old polish from your nails. In order to produce a neat and even manicure, you must first remove any old polish from your nails. Acetone nail polish removers dry out your nail, and cuticle. If possible, use a non-acetone nail polish remover over an acetone nail polish remover.XExpert SourceMia RubieNail ArtistExpert Interview. 23 April 2020.
  • Place a cotton swab or ball over the opening of your nail polish remover. Make sure it is completely covering the opening of the bottle.
  • Tip the bottle upside down and wait a few seconds for the cotton swab or ball to become saturated with the remover.
  • Rub the saturated cotton swab or ball over your nails to remove the polish.
  • Re-saturate your cotton swab or ball as needed.XResearch source
  • 2Trim, file and smooth your nails. After removing your old nail polish, devote some time to clipping, shaping and buffing your nails. Locate nail clippers, emery board and a gentle buffer.XExpert SourceNail ArtistExpert Interview. 23 April 2020.
  • Use the clippers to trim your nails, if needed.
  • Smooth the edges of your nails with an emery board nail file. File your nails into a round, square, or rounded-square shape.
  • Run over each nail with a slightly abrasive buffer to even out the surface of your nails.XResearch source
  • After soaking your hands, your cuticles will be soft and easier to push back.XResearch source
  • Use a cuticle pusher to carefully push the cuticle back towards your nail bed.
  • Push in the sides of the cuticle as well.
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