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How To Apply Impress Press On Nails

What Are The Best Impress Nail Colors

How to Apply Impress Nails | Press on Nails that Last 2 Weeks

There are SO many Kiss Impress Nails available its really up to you on which colors you like best! You can shop them at places like Target, or online at their site directly for even more options.

Keep in mind that if you go for the Coutoure set, as I have here, that the faux diamonds are super chunky. I still havent gotten used to the feeling of something on my nails So if you get easily distracted by things like that, go for a flat/plain set of nails.

Properly Prepping Your Nails Before Applying Press

You’ve probably heard that dehydrated nails lead to damaged nails, but too much moisture are fake nails’ worst enemy. After pushing your cuticles back, the next step is removing any excess moisture from your nail beds. Edwards says taking off any oil on your natural nails will make press-ons adhere better. While some fake nail kits like KISS’ Impress Manicure come with an alcohol prep pad, if you don’t have any handy, a cotton round soaked in alcohol also does the trick.

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Get Some Nail Glue So You Can Reuse A Nail That Pops Off

Ok I know I just said theres no glue required, and thats true, but one trick Ive been doing lately is using nail glue to reuse a nail that pops off.

and works great. Sometimes a nail will get snagged on something and come off, or a nail will start to lift at the base .

If it pops off Ill just put it back on with nail glue and that way Im not having to use a brand new nail that I can use instead for a future mani.

And if a nail starts to lift at the bottom Ill just add a drop of nail glue and that solves the issue!

Ive also started using nail glue right off the bat when I apply my imPRESS nails in addition to the adhesive already on the nails, and this also helps your mani last longer.

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Do Impress Press On Nails Work

Yes! Absolutely. And, at $5.99-$11.99 a pack from which I can get two sets its a steal compared to a gel manicure. Plus, the longest Ive had mine on is 15 days which is about what Id expect from a $35+ tip gel manicure. However, the key is in the application and the upkeep, so Im going to run through the dos and donts of press on nails.

  • The nails come with an alcohol prep pad. Do not forget to use this! It cleans your nails pre-application. On the second set that youll get from the pack, use nail polish remover for the same result.
  • Press on each nail, thumbs last . Press each nail on, rolling across the nail to get every edge stuck.
  • As someone who prefers shorter nails, even the shortest length is too long. Its easy, however, once the nails are on to clip and file them. Every once in a while, Ill go crazy with long nails and just slightly file them, but, typically, I cut them to the length youll see in the photo below .
  • I realized early on that its not unusual to get one caught and it flips off or to have not applied one correctly, so I invested the $4 to get a bottle of brush-on nail glue. This way, if one nail pops off and the rest are still going strong, Ill just glue it back on and have the set for a few more days.
  • So, how do I get them off? Eventually, the glue will start to wear off and theyll just pop off. Youll see the edges towards your nail bed start to separate and thats when you can pop them off.

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How To Apply Impress Press On Nails So They Last

Press-on nails have come a long way since I last used them in middle school. So Im sharing an imPRESS nails review, with all the deets on where I buy them and tips for how I get them to last up to two weeks.

Ive never had great nails. I have girlfriends who can grow these gorgeous, long nails that they just paint themselves and it looks like a freaking salon manicure. That is just not my truth. No matter how much collagen I consume, my nails always break.

And I hate going to nail salons .

I know some people love going to get their nails done and its like a treat for them, and if thats you, good for you girl. Treat yourself to a mani after quarantine is over.

But for me, it just drives me crazy how long it takes to sit there and I cant even multitask. It feels like such a waste of time to me. Plus, going to nail salons is a really expensive habit!

Doing my own nails at home with an imPRESS manicure solves both of these issues for me because its cheapyou can find them on sale at Target for $6, and current styles on imPRESS site range from $8 11, depending on if they have embellishments or not.

And each set includes 30 nails, so I can get two full manicures from one box. Depending on the size of your fingers, you may end up with some odd sizing leftover .

But do the maththats ~$3 a manicure.

And its so quick and easy. Start to finish, it takes me 10 minutes to apply my imPRESS nails! Such a time saver.

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File And Prep Your Nails

Prepping your nails for press-ons doesnt differ much from what you would do for a regular polish mani. Pushing back your cuticles, cutting your nails down and giving them a gentle buff to create a rough surface so that the glue can bond well is recommended for a better hold, says Andrews. You also want to get your nails as clean as possible. Edwards advises washing your hands before getting started and swiping an acetone-based remover over your nail beds to get an extra-clean surface, which will help with adherence.

Removing Sticky Tabs And Nail Glue

To remove either sticky tabs or nail glue, you just need to soak your hands in warm soapy water. Others also choose to add a bit of oil to the soak.

The sticky tabs are easier to remove and you just might need a 5-minute soak to remove them.

For nail glue, you may have to soak it for abt 10-15 minutes. After soaking, you can feel the adhesive loosening.

You can help further remove the press-on nails by using an orange stick from the sides. Do this gently and dont force it! Dont just rip it off or youll damage your nails and the press on nails in the process.

If it feels difficult to remove, soak your nails for a few more minutes in warm water.

Alternatively, you can also use acetone as a soak. Just be warned that acetone may damage press-on nails. Some arent built to withstand pure acetone, but some better quality ones wont fade even when it is used.

See this article for more information.

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How Can You Reuse Press

The key in reusing press on nails is making sure that you take care of the nails well while using them. Just like how you would take care of your acrylic or natural nails, dont use them haphazardly.

That would not only damage the press on the nail, but potentially your natural nail as well. Press-ons have a reputation for ruining your nails, but that is really due to improper application, rather than anything with the press-on nail itself.

Remember that they are secured on your nails. The adhesive you used could be so sticky that you could also snag your natural nail when the press-on nails are snagged.

Another thing that could potentially damage the press on nails is the way you remove them. After the even you need to go to, you may not want to wear the press on nails all day all week and just reserve it for special occasions.

That is perfectly fine too as long as you carefully remove them.

The method you remove your press-on nails depends on how you attached them.

How To Apply Impress Press On Nails So They Last


Hi everyone!

For todays post I really wanted to talk about press on nails as theyre so convenient but so many people dont use them or dont know about them.

Ive been using them for years and theyre also great for when you want to give your nails a break from nail polish/shellac/gel.

I personally hate having plain, naked nails haha. I love having painted nails but my nails are so fragile that they chip so easily and get weak very easily. When I need a break from polish, I love putting press ons.

There so easy to put on and have no drying time haha!

How To Make Them Last

Kiss Impress Nails: get the ones that already come with the sticker attached to them. Having the sticker already manufactured on the nail is the best for the nails sticking on your natural nail.

Rub your nails with the prep pad or rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad

Press the nail on your natural nail and hold it and press it on your nail for it to stick.

Voila! It should last you a few days

Ive also tried this type of Kiss Nails but unfortunately they pop off very easily :

These dont come with the stickers already stuck onto them. They come with stickers in the box and glue.

These nails are stunning and I wished they came with the stickers manufactured on because it makes such a big difference.

These would always pop off or fly off haha.

But, even impress has super pretty styles these are some of the new ones I purchased recently

On their website they also have pedicure options.

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Spring 2020 Nail Trends To Try

One of the golden rules of nail art is to have fun, and press-ons are no different. There are *so* many options now, from nude to OTT glitter to intricate designs, that you truly are spoiled for choice. If you want to hit on a spring trend with your next application, Edwards is all about light peach and terracotta hues right now, and Andrews is obsessed with pastels and metallics. Both call-out the double French manicuretwo stripes of colour on the tipas the nail art style du jour. Just remember: Anything goes. Try something fresh, like a nail colour or design that is new to your style and step outside your comfort level, says Edwards.

Can You Reuse Press

If your press-ons are in good shape after removal , they can be worn again. Some brands, like Static Nails, even carry styles that are specifically made to be worn again and again. But before you pop them back on, Andrews recommends wiping down the inside of the nail with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab to remove any residual glue. If theres still glue hanging on post wipe down, she says you can gently buff it off with a file or buffer. Editors note: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it might be best to refrain from reusing nails for the time being.

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Kiss Acrylic Fill Kit

Details: All the tools you need to do your own fill-in! Suitable for use with all KISS Professional Acrylic kits. A flawless finish with an enhanced powder that wont trap air. New bubble free acrylic formula.

Contents:Acrylic Powder NET WT 7.5 g Acrylic Liquid 14 mlSculpting BrushNail File. How To Use: Preparation: Clean nails with acetone-based nail polish remover. Gently buff area of new nail growth with the fine side of file, blending existing acrylic overlay.

How to Apply:Apply KISS® Acrylic Primer to the growth area of natural nail only. Do not get on skin or cuticles. Let dry. Place a small bead of acrylic mixture onto growth area where the natural nail meets the overlay. Allow to level then pull down to blend with the entire nail surface and pat down until smooth. Allow acrylic to harden for 3 5 minutes. Tap the nail surface with a manicure stick. A sharp clicking sound means the overlay is dry.File entire nail surface to smooth and even overlay surface. Use fine side of file or a KISS® White Buff Block to smooth and finish.Apply clear polish for a glossy finish.

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Wheres The Best Place To Buy Impress Nails

How to Apply Impress Nails and Why I Love Them in 2021 ...

You can find these great nails in most grocery, drugstores, and big-box retailers.

  • I usually pick them up at my local grocery store Frys for around $5-6.
  • Walgreens sells them, and sometimes you can catch a great BOGO 50% off sale.

Check out why my sidekick Emily prefers a manicure using Kiss Nails!

Lina has a Bachelor’s Degree from Northern Arizona University with 10 years of blogging and photography experience having work featured in, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Fox News, Buzzfeed, and HGTV.

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Always Start With Clean Nails

As with any surface that you put an adhesive on, your nails need to be polish-, oil-, and dirt-free to ensure your press on set lasts. After removing any traces of nail polish with polish remover or acetone, be sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water thoroughly. Also, use an alcohol pad to remove any excess oil present on your nail beds.

Pro Tip: Gently buff the surface of your nail for an extra-smooth surface your press-on can actually stick to.

Mika Robinson.

Why I Love Press

If you cant grow your nails or if, like me, you want to elongate short stubby fingers with uneven nails, the imPRESS press-on manis are the most affordable and easiest way to experiment with fake nails. They come in a wide variety of lengths, patterns, and shapes, so you can pick whatever looks the most natural on you.

I honestly didnt think the imPRESS press-on manicures would work for me because my fingers are crooked and fake nails have never, ever worked for me before, but the almond-shaped pre-glued nails I tried were a perfect fit. I really loved Next Wave* , though Symphony* wasnt a big hit due to the square shape that doesnt flatter my hands.

My biggest worry was that I wouldnt be able to figure out how to apply them, but I promise you, it could not be easier. The glue tabs are completely mess-free and foolproof, and I say that as someone who is more accident-prone than most. The patented SuperHold adhesive worked like a charm, but it was still easy to remove without damaging my natural nails when the time came. Once you figure out how to apply press-on nails for the first time, youll never want to go back to your natural nails.

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Impress Nails Review 2022

I never thought Id be a person who could even use fake nails. My natural nails are short and brittle no matter how much collagen I use, how many vitamins I take or even strengthening nail polish, they just cant get long.

Regular nail polish just doesnt cut it for me and I have tried and failed HARD to do my own gel manicure at home with at-home gel polish. I was going to a salon for a while to get gel nails applied professionally at a nail salon, but that was $65-70 a visit here in San Francisco, so I stopped making monthly return visits.

Enter: imPRESS press nails that are supposedly easy to apply to your own nails and come in hot at a super affordable price of around $10 a pack. Their nail collection is HUGE and rumors have it that these nails last a really long time.

I first tried out the Lavish Couture set, filmed the process of applying them and then sat down to write this imPRESS nails review post one week later to see if theyve held up. UPDATE: Since writing this in 2020, I have been using imPRESS nails all the time. This post is now updated with even more tips!

How Long Do Impress Nails Last

ðð?¼ How to Apply Press-On Nails | The New Generation of imPRESS Manicure

Impress Nails typically stay on for about 5-7 days. After a week, I am ready to change colors and styles anyways so this works fine for me. You may have varying results depending on how hard you are on your nails. For some people Ive noticed the length can be longer or shorter.

Make sure to still wash your hands well, getting underneath nails to avoid any germs and bacteria. Even though these nails arent super long, I still spend extra time washing around the sides and underneath.

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Impress Press On Nails

During my research, a lot of brands were already available, but the Impress ones seem to be topping the search results. I thought why not stick to this particular brand first and see what they have to offer before branching out to the other ones. After all, it will be my first time to try this nail innovation. And with that thought, I also decided to write a review for a handful of these Impress gel manicure press-on. You know me, I like to get down with all the details and of course share them with all of you.


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