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How To Apply Kiss Impress Nails

How To Apply Impress Nails

How to apply KISS IMPRESS Press On Nails | Honest Review, Removal and Care

The box makes it seem really easy to apply these nails. Clean, Peel, Stick!

BUTTT theres a little more that goes into applying imPRESS nails correctly and of course, the upkeep of maintaining them.

First, trim and file down your nails so they are smooth and at your desired length. My thumbnail was brittle so I filed it down to be more smooth so the fake nail could adhere better. Then, clean your nail with the wipe that comes in.

When it comes time to apply a nail, use the size that fits best. There are little numbers on each nail to signal which size they are but I found it much easier to just hold up an imPRESS nail to my own to see what one fits the best. When in doubt, go with the smaller size.

Then, stick em on! Start by pressing down in the middle of the nail and then rolling your finger to the edges to really make sure its stuck on. Do this for both of your hands and make sure to have fun with the patterns!

When all the nails are applied, take a clear gel polish and coat the underside of each nail. This is SUPER important for helping the fake nail adhere to your own and maintaining this underside coat of clear polish helps the nails stay on longer.

Wait an hour and then use a nail clipper to trim down the fake nails, as theyll be really long. The pack does come with a small nail file but I found it kind of useless, so I used my own. After about 10 minutes of trimming and sculpting, my nails were ready! Woohoo!

How To Apply Press On Nails With Gel

Gently peel off from each side.Grab colors that inspire you and lets get our nails on !I use the glue that comes with the kit and apply a small drop on both the press on nail and my natural nail.If its a flexible wrap, slightly stretch it over the top of your nail to make sure it lies smooth.

If needed, apply nail polish remover to edges & wait 1 minute to peel off.If needed, nudge nails from, sides using manicure stick.If the nails do not come with an adhesive backing, this is the time to dab on the glue.If you are worried about any nails coming off, be sure to apply the glue at the tip of your own nail and near the base of the.

Keep your fake nails clean from oil, dirt, or any other substances that may reduce the appearance of the nails.Luxury full sets in minutes.Make sure you let the nails dry for 20 to 30 minutes at least.Next, hold the nail straight and lay it.

Once you have your nail sizes picked out and set in front of you in order, its time to apply the press on nails.Or, use kiss glue off instant false nail remover.Peel off the adhesive on the back of the nail and apply a little bit of pressure to ensure it sticks.Place the curved end as close as possible to the cuticle without touching it.

Press down on the nail, starting in the middle and moving to the sides.Saturate a cotton pad with a gel cleanser and rub it across the surface of each nail.Shop custom press on nails in a variety of styles, shapes and lengths.Simply stick them on and youre good to go.

How To Apply Impress Nails & How To Keep Them On Longer


  • First, choose your nails. ImPRESS has tons of styles and shapes to choose from. I personally love the almond shape nails. They have a couture collection set that has been a favorite recently.
  • Start with clean hands and nails. If you wash your hands, make sure none of your nails are wet- 30-60 minutes before applying. Your natural nails should not be longer than the adhesive on the back of the press on nails, so adjust as needed.
  • Lay out all of the press on nails and size them to your nails.
  • I start with a clear base coat or nail strengthener. Wait for that to dry and then use the included file to rough up the tops of your nails. Then use the alcohol wipe included.
  • Next, apply the press on nails, starting with the outside pinky nails first and working your way in. Do you thumbs LAST! You will want your natural thumb nail available to peel the backing off of the press on nails ad apply to your nails.
  • PRESS those nails on good! Give them a good press for about 30-60 seconds.



  • Once youve gone as long as you can with the nails on, some of them are easy to peel off. Honestly, this is how I remove them, but the directions say to use a little drop of nail polish remover and put it between the press on and your nail and it will come off.
  • Use a nail polish remover to remove any extra adhesive.

Thank you so much for reading/watching!



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How To Use Impress Nails

  • Plan out which nails fit yours. They say to size down rather than up if you cant find one that fits exactly. As I found each one that fit I would lay them all out in front of me.
  • Next, wash your hands and then use the cleaning wipe that is provided and wipe down each nail bed. A friend gave me a tip and said that you should also clean your fingers with alcohol as well. It will help the adhesive really stick to the nail. If you have anything on your nail bed then it will prevent the adhesive from sticking and they wont stay on as long.
  • You can also push back your cuticle a bit and kind of tuck the nail in it to help it stay. I think this also helps make it look very natural.
  • Apply the nails by peeling back the tab. Press and hold in the center and then press the edges. The firmer you press, the better they will stick!
  • You can file the nails, but you have to wait at least an hour after applying. I didnt know this beforehand either! I think I would have gotten more use out of them if I had waited at least an hour.
  • You are also able to cut them! I was afraid to, but I tried and it stayed on fine and then I filed the nail down smooth.
  • All Done!
  • Choose Your Press On Nail Sizes

    kiss impress " kiss &  tell"  by broadway press

    Press on nail kits came with an array of shapes and sizes to fit different nail beds. Through lots of trial and error I have found that press on nail sizes that are JUST a fraction smaller than my natural nail bed work the best. In the pics below you can see the difference between a good size nail on the left and a too big nail on the right.

    When I find one that fits exactly, they tend to look a little big on the nail bed and in turn, more fake. They also tend to pop off easier if they are too big. When I choose a size a bit smaller, it mimics the small spaces left when you apply normal nail polish and hence, looks most natural on me. Itâs my personal preference and I find it works really well for me. You also donât want to go TOO small either. Its a delicate balance but hopefully these pictures can help you see what I mean.

    Pro Tip: most press on nail kits have teeny tiny numbers printed on the under side of the nail with the size written out on it. You can use this as a guide when finding the right fit for your left and right hand. Sometimes they donât match between both hands exactly since each finger can be a little different but itâs a good way to get close to the right size for each side.

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    Which Press On Nails Are The Best

    I have 2 brands that I LOVE out of all the ones Ive tested. One is the Kiss Nails brand. You can find these all over drugstores and places like Target, Walmart and Ulta. They are everywhere. This brand also makes a type called Impress Nails but those ones are not my favorite. The Impress ones tend to pop up easier due to the adhesive and my hair gets stuck underneath a lot which I dont love.

    When I get Kiss Nails, I specifically get the ones without adhesive on them. They adhere to my nail better and lay flush to my nail bed which creates a more natural look and in my experience, lasts longer.

    Another brand that I swear by is Static Nails. These ones are a little pricier than the Kiss Nails but I find they are a bit longer lasting. They also claim they can be re-worn if popped off correctly. I havenât tried that yet but I will update this when I do! They have an amazing color selection and look so natural! PS: I reached out to them and they offered me an affiliate code! âJENLOPEZ10â will get you a discount on their site!

    For both press on nail brands, I go for the square shaped, shorter nails. Both Kiss and Static Nails have other options like oval, coffin, or almond nails but I typically prefer the shortest possible. But its good to know there is something for everyone.

    Shop My Favorite Styles Below:

    Ok, thats my imPRESS nails review, plus all my tips for how I make my imPRESS manicure last!

    I like to buy mine from the imPRESS website, Walmart, Target, Ulta, and . I check all of these sites because they tend to all have different designs and styles available. Here are a few of my current favorite styles!

    P.S. If you try these out, tag me in an Insta Story or pic, Id love to see!!

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    Buy From Recent Nail Collections

    imPRESS comes out with new collections on a pretty regular basismaybe even monthly, Im not 100% sure. I just know its April now and I see some of the same styles on their site from March, with a few new ones.

    And when I first started buying press-on nails from them back in November they had all the cute holiday styles available. Anyways, my point is that since theyre constantly coming out with new designs, sometimes popular designs go out of stock fast.

    Ive also tried ordering some designs on eBay when theyre no longer available on the imPRESS website, Walmart, Target, Ulta, etc. Ive found some really cute ones on eBay like these hot pink with leopard accent nails .

    However, I will say that Ive noticed their older designs chip easier, and the newer designs from more recent collections last a lot longer. That doesnt mean you shouldnt buy the older designs if theres a style you really love, but just manage your expectations and know that older ones may only last you a week, rather than two weeks.

    Which again is not necessarily a bad thingsometimes after a week Im ready to pop my nails off and try a new style.

    How Much Money Can You Save With An At

    KISS IMPRESS PRESS ON NAILS APPLICATION AND REVIEW | *i cant believe they lasted this LONG*

    For a while, I was including the cost of gel nails at the salon into my monthly budget.

    1 month of salon gel nails: $80 $120

    After about a week my nails had grown out bad enough to no longer look nice. I would do my best to try getting to the salon every 2 weeks even though my nails would be grown out and chipping.

    If I were to get my nails done as often as I would have wanted to, the cost would have been closer to that $120 mark.

    I have been doing the Kiss Impress press on nails at home for 1 month now, which is why I felt like it was time to do a review.

    1 month of Kiss Impress press on nails: $12 $24

    You can see that theres already a potential savings of over $100 just by doing your manicure at home with these press on nails.

    This price, I have noticed is what you are going to find in local stores. I got mine at Target.

    Want to keep budgeting simple? Use coupon code BUNDLE20 to save 20% on my Fun Sized Budget Bundle.

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    Get Some Nail Glue So You Can Reuse A Nail That Pops Off

    Ok I know I just said theres no glue required, and thats true, but one trick Ive been doing lately is using nail glue to reuse a nail that pops off.

    and works great. Sometimes a nail will get snagged on something and come off, or a nail will start to lift at the base .

    If it pops off Ill just put it back on with nail glue and that way Im not having to use a brand new nail that I can use instead for a future mani.

    And if a nail starts to lift at the bottom Ill just add a drop of nail glue and that solves the issue!

    Ive also started using nail glue right off the bat when I apply my imPRESS nails in addition to the adhesive already on the nails, and this also helps your mani last longer.

    How To Apply Press On Nails

    Published: by Jen Lopez

    The day has finally come for me to do a full blog post on how to apply press on nails! I had so much fun with my everyday makeup pictorial that I thought I would do another for these press on nails. I talk about this on my all the time, but now all my tips and tricks will be in one place. I am OBSESSED with press on nails. Theyâre quick. Theyâre easy and they look just like the real thing. I prefer them over regular polish since regular polish lasts all of 3 minutes on me before I chip it somehow. Press on nails are also better than gels in my opinion. No spending $40 on a gel manicure or having to go to the salon every few weeks. Hopefully this tutorial will help guide you how to apply press on nails for a salon look for much cheaper!

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    Which Is Better Impress Or Kiss

    The imPress nails are more reliable as you dont have a problem with the nails falling off. For daily wear I would choose these and pick the KISS ones for an event. I would say try them both and let me know which one you prefer! They both have awesome colors, shapes and lengths.

    Are Kiss Impress Nails Good

    KISS imPRESS Press

    Closing Argument: Oh yeah, the KISS imPRESS Press-On Manicure is totally worth it, but I would definitely reinforce them with nail glue. These press-on nails are a great option for anyone whos trying to quit biting their nails, looking to skip the expensive weekly manicure, or just trying to change up their look.

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    No Time For A Manicure No Worries Try These Impress Press On Nails For An Instant Manicure

    No time or money for a manicure? I have a solution for you! Have you seen the Impress Nails yet? Ive passed by these so many times in the drugstore wondering if they actually worked. Maybe youre wondering how long Impress press on nails last and if they are worth it? Scroll down for my Impress Nails review!

    Ive heard talk of them on social media recently so I decided to take the leap and try them. For about $6 I thought it was worth the try!

    I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! I thought they looked amazing. I absolutely loved the color.

    They are sooooo easy to put on.

    I have used fake nails in the past for special occasions. If you have, you know how much of a pain it is to glue each nail one.

    The nice thing about these is that you just have to press them on! NO glue required.

    These fit in perfectly with my lifestyle. I don t have a lot of time to sit and paint my nails and let them dry. The only time I have is later at night when the kids are sleeping and most of the time Im just not interested in painting my nails that late!

    This was so easy to do and took no time.

    So heres the nails I chose. I love the neutral look of these. They have a matte finish. I didnt use the sparkly nails, but a lot of them seem to come with a different type of nail finish if you want to change things up.

    Kiss Acrylic Fill Kit

    Details: All the tools you need to do your own fill-in! Suitable for use with all KISS Professional Acrylic kits. A flawless finish with an enhanced powder that wont trap air. New bubble free acrylic formula.

    Contents:Acrylic Powder NET WT 7.5 g Acrylic Liquid 14 mlSculpting BrushNail File. How To Use: Preparation: Clean nails with acetone-based nail polish remover. Gently buff area of new nail growth with the fine side of file, blending existing acrylic overlay.

    How to Apply:Apply KISS® Acrylic Primer to the growth area of natural nail only. Do not get on skin or cuticles. Let dry. Place a small bead of acrylic mixture onto growth area where the natural nail meets the overlay. Allow to level then pull down to blend with the entire nail surface and pat down until smooth. Allow acrylic to harden for 3 5 minutes. Tap the nail surface with a manicure stick. A sharp clicking sound means the overlay is dry.File entire nail surface to smooth and even overlay surface. Use fine side of file or a KISS® White Buff Block to smooth and finish.Apply clear polish for a glossy finish.

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