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How To Dry Gel Nails Without Uv Light

Can I Dry My Gel Nails Using A Sunbed


UV light has been the main method used to cure nail products for over 30 years.

While in theory, the technology in a sunbed and gel UV lamp are quite similar, its not advisable to use a sunbed to dry gel nail polish. There are many scientific reasons for this relating to wavelengths and light intensity.

The specific wavelength and intensity required to cure gel nail polish can vary between different gel nail products. I experienced this when I try to use an Essie product with my lamp. The formula must not have been compatible with my lamp because my nails didnt cure at all.

Nail lamps are specifically designed to be the correct wavelength and the correct distance away In order to produce the best results. This is very difficult to replicate with a sunbed.

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Is A Uv Or Led Lamp Better For Curing Gel Polish

Traditionally UV lamps have been used for years and are extremely reasonably priced compared to their LED counterparts. But are they being overtaken in popularity by LED? And does it really matter which type of lamp you use?

It all comes down to personal preference! Nail lamps are classified as being either LED or UV, which refers to the type of bulbs inside and the light they emit, but there are several functional differences which distinguish them.

Can Gel Polish Dry By Itself

The brief reply isnt any. Oxygen will get in the way in which of curing gel nails. Air prevents the gel molecules from forming collectively to harden, which explains why your gel polish wont ever dry within the air. I do not absolutely perceive the science, however gel nail polish wont ever air dry regardless of how lengthy you allow it.

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How To Purchase The Best Gel Nail Polish


Do you want to apply gel nail polish yourself? Purchasing the best gel nail polish isn’t the most difficult of things, but it may be confusing for those who know nothing about nail polish! Here are some things to consider when purchasing a gel polish kit:

Type of Polish

Gel nail polish come in kits with mini UV lights. They also come in just the polish itself, if you have your UV light or use other methods to dry it out. Look for a nail polish that comes in a complete set to get you started, especially if you haven’t done it before.


The design is a major factor, as you will want to have a beautiful set of nails! Search for polish shades and designs that suit your skin tone and style.

Reputation and Customer Review

Its best to find gel polish from the brands you completely trust as you are assured that you have quality and safety prioritized. Also, search for customer reviews, since you may end up with similar experiences. The more positive reviews, the better!


Gel nail polish can come at steep prices because of its inclusions. Don’t break the bank looking for the most expensive, but don’t scrimp on low-quality gel polishes either. Create a budget based on average prices and start from there.

Buy A Gel Specific Base And Topcoat For An At


Generally, people keep searching for ways to how to dry gel nail polish fast so this tip might be suitable for you. Without using a UV or LED lamp you still can mimic the colour and durability like a salon manicure with the help of different products. However, you have to specifically buy a base and topcoat that would give your nails a gel-like finish, be extremely picky while buying. Always check out the directions given at the back of the product to be sure of the thing that you dont need any additional products.

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Do Gel Manicures Age Your Hands

So while these tiny UV gel nail light boxes are only used for 10-20 minutes at a time, the cumulative effect of bimonthly UV gel nails and focused UV radiation exposure can lead to premature aging of the hands with the appearance of fine lines, brown spots, age spots, and possibly increase your risk of developing skin

Is There A Way To Dry Gel Polish Without A Lamp

As weve discussed, air-drying gel polish simply does not work. In fact, oxygen gets in the way of curing. So, is there any other way to dry your nail gel nail polish without using a lamp?

It is possible to do your own gel nail extensions at home without using a lamp. To do this you would need a special system that contains an activator such as nailenes ultra quick brush on gel kit.

However, these no-lamp systems use false nails as a base and are designed to give you natural looking gel nails. They dont include any coloured gel polish.

You can get gel nail polishes that dont require a base coat or a top coat. But the lamp is always essential to dry gel nail polish.

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The Difference Between Uv And Led Lights When Drying Gel Nail Polish

You may be wondering whether you should choose an LED or UV lamp. There are not many differences between the two, yet LED lamps do tend to be a bit quicker when it comes to drying gel nail polish.

We will help you to understand how they both dry gel nail polish so that you can get a better understanding. The UV light is the active product in both the LED and UV light source. It is this light that will start the drying process and will ensure your nails are hardened without any chipping or smudging.

Traditionally, UV wavelengths are used to cure gel nail polish. A range of UV wavelengths, which are known as photoinitiators, are emitted by the light, which will compound in the gel. This is then converted into the energy that is needed so that the process known as polymerisation begins. This is when molecules within the gel are attracted together, making the gel harder and creating the coating that we are all familiar with.

So, what about LED lights? Well, they work in a very similar way. The only real difference is that the wavelengths they give off are much narrower and have more energy, and this is why the drying process can be activated quicker with an LED lamp.

Why Does Gel Overlay Burn


The science behind gel heat spikes is well understood. Jim McConnell, president at gel manufacturer Light Elegance, says, The heat spike is a result of chemical bonds being formed during the curing process this is called an exothermic reaction. Every time a bond is formed, heat is given off during the curing process.

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How Do You Dry Gel Polish

Sorry girls and boys, but no amount of flapping your hands around will get your nail polish to dry in the air.

When talking about gel polish, it is better to use the term cure rather than dry. Curing is a term used in chemistry for the process of hardening or toughening a material. Gel nail polish can be cured using a UV lamp or an LED lamp.

Curing your gel nail polish is easy. All you need to do is apply the polish, put your hand under the lamp and press start. Keep your hand still and wait for the light to go out on your lamp, simple!

You can cure your whole hand at once with some lamps, or you can do the fingers and thumbs separately .

Stay Away From Water If You Want Them To Last

A gel manicures worst opponent is hot water, states Rita, therefore why soaking them is one of the most effective means to obtain them off. Long baths, showers or time spent in the jacuzzi can create training, so try your best to prevent these or maintain them to a minimum and also always put on rubber handwear covers when you do the meals! Properly kept in mind.

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Can I Do My Personal Gel Nails

DOING YOUR OWN GEL NAILS AT HOME: A COMPLETE GUIDE. STEP 1: You probably have gel polish on already, you might want to minimize your cotton pads into 4 items, and soak every of them with acetone. Buff the highest of every nail, then cowl your nail with the cotton pad after which apply the nail polish soak off clip to carry it in place.

Is It Cheaper To Do Your Own Gel Nails

Easy Ways to Dry Gel Nails Without an Led Lamp (with Pictures)

Why you should try DIY gel nails using an at home gel nail kit. Its durable: Gel nails last double the time normal polishes do. Cost effective: Gel manicures at a salon can cost anywhere between $30 and $80 each time you go. An at home gel nail kit falls within the same price range as one trip to the salon.

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Can I Fill My Own Gel Nails

If your nails are growing out but you dont want to go to the salon for a while, fill your nails at home! Purchase a nail fill kit from the beauty supply store or pick up the tools you need to fill your own acrylic or gel nails. Remove the top layer of acrylic paint or gel before you buff or file the nails.

Exactly How Does How To Dry Gel Nails Without A Uv Light Work

There is a distinction in between a gel manicure and also an acrylic manicure. Polymer nails are made with a powder dipped in solvent, which solidifies over the initial nail as well as could be formed as preferred. Furthermore, acrylic nails are likewise normally just include clear or all-natural tones. On the various other hands, gel nail gloss consists of a chemical, butylated hydroxyanisole , which is after that solidified or baked on with ultraviolet light after the gloss is used. Gels likewise can be found in an unlimited variety of lively tones and also shades. Just what is the very best Gel Polish Brands? So which gel gloss brand names are the most effective? We have actually assembled an extensive listing of the leading 10 ideal brand how to dry gel nails without a uv light names that have actually been examined by consumers, beauty salons, and also nail experts. So prior to you go with your following manicure, have a look at these leading 10 essential gel gloss brand names.

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Get Your Self A Led Lamp

Luckily, that is inexpensive than a UV gentle and in addition cures quicker.

The excellent news is, particularly for individuals who do common manicure is that LED gentle is much less damaging to the pores and skin than a UV gentle and its one thing you possibly can simply get from a great magnificence store. You possibly can all the time use it instead of a UV gentle to remedy it.

Earlier than we proceed additional, I believe you would wish to listen to my confession. Aside from LED gentle, I dont suppose theres one other method you possibly can truly remedy your gel nail with out UV gentle. However this doesnt imply you possibly cant put on your gel nails with out visiting a salon or investing some cash on a nail lamp.

Its essential know that theyd require numerous time to dry out and would provide you with a flawless seem like a UV LED lamp would have. That doesnt imply its best to quit with out exploring different prospects.

Does An Led Lamp Cure Uv Gel Or Can You Cure Uv Gel With A Led Lamp


Some gel polishes have been formulated to be used with UV nail lamps only, so an LED lamp will not work in this case.

You should always check whether the brand of gel polish you are using is compatible with an LED lamp. All gel polishes will be compatible with a UV lamp, as they emit a wider spectrum of wavelengths that can cure all types of gel polish. It will indicate on the bottle what type of lamp can be used with the product.

Some gel polish brands recommend you use their own specially developed lamp for their particular formulas this often is to ensure you are using the right wattage to avoid over curing the polish.

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Why Wont Gel Polish Air Dry

Oxygen is the enemy of curing gel nails. Air actually stops the gel molecules from forming together to harden, which explains why your gel polish will never dry in the air.

In order to dry or cure, gel nail polish needs to be exposed to either ultraviolet or LED light. The gel polish absorbs the light, which is what makes it harden.

The way the curing process works is that the top layers of the gel will absorb the most light. This means that if you apply the polish too thickly, the underneath layers will not dry. You always need to apply the coats thinly if you want a successful cure.

Exposing your hands to UV light for short periods is perfectly safe. It is comparable to being in normal sunlight.

Do You Wipe Gel Nails Between Coats

So, essentially every layer you use in a gel manicure will remain sticky until youve either wiped it over to remove the residue, or youve cleverly skipped that stage and use a gel top designed to leave your choke gel manicure smooth, glossy without any stickiness. A no wipe top coat is exactly what it says it is.

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Can I Cure My Gel Without Uv Light

Yes, you can. Luckily, that is why I am here. I am going to show you 6 non-bullshit ways to do it without exposing your body to any health risk. Ready?

Here are the 6 ways to cure gel nails without a UV light:

Fortunately, this is less expensive than a UV light and also cures faster.

The good news is, especially for those who do regular manicure is that LED light is less damaging to the skin than a UV light and it is something you can easily get from a good beauty shop. You can always use it in place of a UV light to cure it.

Before we proceed further, I think you would need to hear my confession. Apart from LED light, I dont think there is another way you can actually cure your gel nail without UV light. But this doesnt mean you cant wear your gel nails without visiting a salon or investing some money on a nail lamp.

You need to know that they would require a lot of time to dry out and would give you a flawless look like a UV LED lamp would have. That doesnt mean you should give up without exploring other possibilities.

Can You Let Gel Nails Air Dry

How To Dry Gel Nail Polish Fast Without Uv Light ...

The short answer is no. Oxygen gets in the way of curing gel nails. Air prevents the gel molecules from forming together to harden, which explains why your gel polish will never dry in the air. I don’t fully understand the science, but gel nail polish will never air dry no matter how long you leave it.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen miracle gel is the ultimate chip-resistant nail polish. Miracle Gel is the original no UV light at-home gel polish. Lasts up to 14 days. Easy removal.

Product review

The Sally Hansen miracle gel is probably the number one best-selling gel polish in the US. With this long-lasting gel-like polish, you can get a great manicure at home in two steps.

The miracle gel comes in 79 different colors. This polishes color applies directly on the nail, meaning there is no need to apply a base coat. The color gel applies well, is easy to use and has a good consistency to it.

How does it work?

To use, prepare the nail. Make sure the nail is clean and dry. Then, apply two coats of color gel miracle for darker shades and three layers for lighter shades.

After applying the color coats, let them dry for five minutes. The miracle gel top coat is shiny and will protect the nail polish from chipping. After the colored polish dries, apply one layer of the gel miracle top coat, then let it dry in natural light.

Dry time

The Miracle Gel polish dries to touch in about 8-10 minutes and will dry completely in about 15 minutes.

How long does it last on the nails?

The Sally Hansen Gel Miracle started chipping on day seven, so it will last about 7-8 days.


Any nail polish remover will work well.

Bottom line

We really liked the Sally Hansen miracle gel, and you can get a perfect result in only two simple steps.

Can A Led Light Dry Gel Nails

For one thing, using an LED light to cure your gel will speed up the process significantly. I do not use the UV so much anymore because I dont have time to wait for the two-minute light, she said. UV is almost obsolete at this point. In comparison, LED lights take anywhere from 5 to 45 seconds to harden polish.

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How To Dry Soak Off Gel Polish Without Uv Light

Each coat of soak-off gel nail paint is cured under an LED light for 30 seconds or 2 minutes under standard UV lamps, in the same manner as you apply ordinary nail polish. It implies that the nails are exposed to the sun before applying another coat to dry.

Unlike conventional nail polish, you wont have to wait long for your soak-off gel paints to dry. Plus, it lasts up to three weeks without cracking or flaking! It has a natural feel because of its lightweight composition, applied in thin layers, making the gel polish exceptionally durable and chip-free.

The gel formula adds strength to your nails and keeps them from ripping or breaking, helping them to grow longer and more robust. Soak-off gel nail polish, unlike artificial nails, does not have a strong odor and is chemical-free.


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