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How To Get My Child To Stop Biting Nails

How To Stop Kids From Biting Their Nails For Good

How Can You Help Your Child Stop Biting Their Nails? (Raising Children #25)

Just like adults mindlessly chew at their fingernails, so do kids. It might be a nervous habit or a grooming activity they turn to in moments of boredom. More often than not, they dont even realize when they are doing it.

It could be an unconscious go-to if they are worried about taking a test, thinking about a situation with a friend, or just watching a brain-numbing video on YouTube.

Generally speaking, nail-biting is no big deal and fairly harmless you might consider having some patience and wait to see if this phase passes. However, if finger-chomping hangs in for the long haul , youll want to take some simple steps to nip this habit in the bud. Heres what you can and should do.

How To Get Kids To Stop Biting Their Nails

Some bad habits start early, including nail-biting. Here’s how to help your kid cut it out.

Astrid Van Den BroekMay 1, 2018

Im a nail-biter. Ive hid my fingertips since my early school-aged years. So, imagine my reaction when my seven-year-old daughter started biting her nails: ashamed, guilty, upset take your pick. I fully admit that my embarrassment about my own nail-biting influences how Im handling this situation. I tend to admonish or nag her about what this gross habit looks like to others.

My daughter started when most kids begin nail-nibbling, in grade one. And while theres no nail-biting gene passed between parents and children, she probably started doing it after observing me chewing away, notes Michael Dickinson, chief of paediatrics for Miramichi Regional Hospital in Miramichi, NB. Dickinson estimates that 20 to 25 percent of children are chronic nail-biters.

So whats a mom to do? While Ive all but kicked the habit myself, I should ease up on calling out my daughters nail-biting, says Dickinson. You need parental finesse to handle a habit like this. You want to discourage your childs biting, but not in a way that embarrasses or punishes them, he says.

Dickinson also encourages early intervention. Its a tough habit to break once its established, he says. My advice is as soon as you notice that your child is biting her nails repeatedly, gently intervene. The longer she does it, the harder it is to stop.

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Trim Their Nails Regularly

Trimming their nails is a good way to minimize their urge to bite them. Clip and file their nails every week, so there are no rough edges that tempt them to gnaw at it. Girls can have their nails done at a salon, so it looks all shiny and pretty. The attention and pampering her nails get can keep her from biting them again.

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Simple Steps To Kicking The Habit

Comprehensive daily steps outlined in our e-book, and here is a brief excerpt:

Day 1: The decision is made!

Apply Magique NoBite treatment to only nine of your nails, leaving the little finger on one of your hands free. If the urge to bite your nails is overpowering, you still have your unprotected little fingernail to satisfy your need and limit the damage. This ânakedâ finger is your safety net!

Day 2: Reapply Magique NoBite daily

Reinforce the bitterness of Magique NoBite every day by applying a fresh coat. The bitterness will last effectively up to a week, but why take any chances. Reapplication is most important in the early weeks, but it will be helpful throughout the first 30 days. Besides, you got a large bottle of Magique NoBite polish, so you may as well use itâ¦right?

Day 6: Results begin to appear

You should be starting to see results, but you will need to STOP chomping on those cuticles. We would have put this first, since it is important, but the order of things demand that you get all the grunginess that is going to tempt you into biting taken care of first. You are going to have to push your cuticles back daily.

Causes Of Nail Biting In Kids

Things To Help Stop Biting Nails

Children may bite their nails for various reasons like anxiety, stress, boredom and comfort. Here are a few of the common reasons:

  • Comfort

Biting nails is often a self-soothing action for toddlers and infants which is a natural action. It gives them comfort when they are on their own. In a way, its a step up from thumb-sucking that develops with age.

  • Boredom

Kids also bite nails when they are bored or engaged in a monotonous activity. They can also do this if they are not engaged in an activity and when their hands are free like when watching television.

  • Relief action from anxiety and stress

Nail biting is also triggered by situations of stress and anxiety at home or in school.

  • Imitation

Children imitate action quickly. They could pick up nail biting watching a classmate, sibling or family member.

  • Genetics

There is a possibility that the habits of parents pass on to kids through genes. If a parent was a nail biter as a kid, there are chances that the kid might be one too.

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What To Avoid Saying To Your Toddler

On the bad days when your toddler seems to be biting their nails nonstop, you might be tempted to do something that could make things worse.

Endless reprimands, long lectures, yelling, and punishments wont encourage your child to stop biting their nails. In fact, the negative attention may just make your child more determined to show you whos the boss of those nails.

Between the ages of 2 and 3 years old, your toddler is at the developmental stage of autonomy versus shame or doubt. At this me-do-it stage, your child is working toward independence. Toddlers who arent given the opportunity to behave with age-appropriate independence could begin to doubt their abilities, and this could lead to low self-esteem and feelings of shame.

Fear About Nail Trimming

After having worked our way down a list of reasons that could contribute to our sons new-found habit of nipping at his fingertips, we discovered that the whole thing stemmed from an incident where we had trimmed his nails a bit too close to the cuticle. That minor incident had given birth to a reluctance to trim nails, and eventually to his reasoning that if he trimmed them himself, we wouldnt have to.

The solution: Over the following months, we took great care not to hurt him while trimming nails after bath time. We slowly eased him into the trimming process by involving all the kids. We even tried to make nail care fun and fascinating. We sat them all down and explained to them how their nails worked what was the cuticle, what we trimmed, where we should cut the nail away, and showed them how to do it themselves.

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Ways To Get Kids To Stop Nail Biting

Looking for methods to try when navigating how to get kids to stop biting their nails? These ideas are proven winnersgive a few of them a try and see which work best for your child. Remember, it will take more than a day for these methods to work, so give them some time.

1) One effective way to dissuade children from chewing on their nails is to apply a bitter solution to their fingernails and cuticles. Each time their mouth touches the area, they will have a mouthful of bitter, which is enough to help move them along the process quickly. This method should not be used on young children, so make sure to read the age guidelines on each product. Those who want a more natural solution can try using aloe vera on the nails as that is also bitter, but be forewarned that it will not last as long as the solution.

2) For young children, one of the most effective ways to stop nail biting is for you to physically touch them and remove the finger from their mouth. This will help them notice they are chewing and help them stop. This works especially well if you can put something else in their hands and mouth to distractlike a lollypop or teething toy.

3) A bandaid applied to the ends of the fingers can completely hide nails and make it much harder for children to chew. If you are desperate for ideas to help you figure out how to get kids to stop biting their nails, this is an inexpensive and easy solution.

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Age Features Of This Habit

How To Stop Your Child From Nail Biting

Experts do not note clear age parameters that determine when children begin to bite their nails on their hands. This can happen at 3 years old or at 10 years old. It all depends on why he started doing it. And if older guys at least sometimes try to control this process, then for little crumbs it is an overwhelming task.

However, it should be said that most often the problem begins to manifest itself at about 5-6 years. It is at this age that the baby goes to preparatory courses or goes to school. A child who until that time played in the playground, went to kindergarten, had fun with friends or was resting in the village with his grandmother, now has to sit motionless for 30-40 minutes in one place.

Such a load, both psychological and physical, is a real stress for his body, and therefore the baby is trying to somehow express his protest. In addition, the habit of biting your nails becomes a kind of protective barrier against anxiety.

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Do Not Scold Or Punish The Child

If you notice that your child bites his nails in no case show aggression, showing how you dislike it. Roughly yanking and slapping his bail will not solve this problem. At the same time, the baby himself will very quickly understand that this cannot be done with his parents, but alone, when no one sees, it is very possible.

The most important thing in this case is to try as early as possible to find out the reason why your child is constantly nibbling marigolds, and then act in accordance with the recommendations of specialists.

How To Stop Kids From Biting Their Nails

The last thing you want to do is hope that your child grows out of this habit. If you dont take care of it while theyre young, its a habit your child may carry into their teens and adult life. Understanding why children bite their nails and how to address the habit will allow you to take the appropriate action at the appropriate time.

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Try Not To Make The Nail Biting Worse For Kids

Since you want to learn how to get your child to stop biting their nails, its natural to bring it up time after time. The problem with this is that it may cause more harm than good. Just because you want to talk about it doesnt mean your child feels the same way. In fact, they may want to avoid the conversation altogether.

There are a few things you should avoid:

  • Dont yell stop or thats gross every time your child bites their nails
  • Dont punish your child
  • Dont embarrass your child, such as by telling them to stop in front of their friends

The more you read about how to get kids to stop biting nails, the more youll realize how important it is to take a cautious approach.

Find Out The Underlying Cause Of Nail Biting

How to Get Kids to Stop Biting Their Nails: 14 Tips for ...

Understand what is causing your child to bite nails. If you know the reason , the talk about it. Address your childs concerns and help her distress. If you do not know the reason , then patiently ask your child about what is eating her. The little one might not open immediately, but with time, she would. Unless you identify and address the root cause of your childs nail biting, it will be difficult to break it

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Why Your Child Bites Their Nails And How To Help Them Stop

Nail biting is unsightly, and it can lead to skin damage, infections, and other health risks. Heres how to help your child stop the bad habit once and for all.

Nail biting is a common habit during childhood. But although it can be frustrating for parents, itâs often harmless, and kids usually outgrow it over time. âA lot of kids stop biting their nails as they age and start to look around and see that other people arenât doing it,â says David Hill, M.D., adjunct assistant professor of pediatrics at University of North Carolina School of Medicine and author of Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro and Co-Parenting Through Separation and Divorce.

That said, excessive nail biting can be problematic for kidsâ health, causing infection or damage to the skin, nails, and cuticles. We spoke with three pediatricians to better understand why kids bite their nails and how to help them stop.

Should I Worry About The Nail Biting Habit Are There Any Complications

In some cases, nail biting can be a sign of an underlying psychological disorder. This is rare, but not unheard of. It might point to excessive anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Oppositional Defiant Disorder . Talk to your childs doctor if nail biting is accompanied by constant worry/tension and other habits like pinching his own skin or plucking hair or eyelashes.

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When To Seek Medical Advice

For some people, nail biting may be a sign of a more serious psychological or emotional problem.

If you have tried to stop biting your nails and the problem persists, or if you begin to develop skin or nail infections, you may want to consult a doctor.

The advice in this article is for information only and should not replace medical care. Please check with your GP or healthcare professional before trying any supplements, treatments or remedies. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

25 August 2021

Avoid Making It Worse

How to stop biting your nails!

Calling too much attention to your childs bad habits is likely to backfire and their nail-biting may get even worse. Punishing your child or embarrassing them for biting their nails also wont be effective in helping them change his habits.

Help your child manage their nail-biting but dont get too wrapped up in making them stop. Yelling or telling them that they’re gross wont help.

Skip the lengthy lectures about all the reasons why putting their fingers in their mouth is disgustingthat isn’t likely to work either.

Helping your child put an end to biting their nails will be much more effective if they’re on board with the plan. If they’re not particularly motivated to quit, your efforts aren’t likely to be successful. So, be patient with them and if they’re not interested in stopping, you may need to wait until they are.

You might broach the subject from time to time by saying something like, “I notice you bite your nails a lot. Do kids at school ever seem to notice?” Mentioning that other people might see them doing this might make them a bit more aware of others perceive them.

Similarly, you might ask them, “It looks like your fingers get sore sometimes when you bite your nails so much. Do you ever wish you didn’t do that?”

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Most Importantly Be Positive

Making a big deal out of your childs nail biting, shouting at them or punishing them might cause your child to bite their nails even more.

Skip the its gross lecture shaming them wont make it better. Instead, try and get your child on board using rewards, an encouraging attitude, etc. and be patient.

Its hard enough for adults to kick a habit, so a child may find it even harder.

Just keep at it and find a way that suits you and your child in helping them give up nail biting once and for all!

How To Stop Child Biting Nails

How To Stop Child Biting Nails Do you ignore the habit of chewing childrens nails thinking that it will automatically disappear over time? If so, be careful. Childrens habit of Biting Nails is inviting unwanted diseases.

If children are not stopped in time, this habit is not lost even when they grow up and it can have serious consequences. This is why we are telling you in this article of Made Me Perfect

How children get used to Biting Nails and how to get rid of this habit. Also, we will give information about the loss and risk of it.

In this article, we will give you full information about How To Stop Child Biting Nails so lets start reading this article.

First of all, we will tell when and when children start chewing nails.

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Create A New Healthier Habit

Like every habit, nail biting is a tough one to quit, so replacing it with a healthy one can be a good tactic!

Try introducing regular snacks of crunchy carrot, cucumber and apple sticks as they can replicate the crunch they get when biting their nails.

A small stress ball or some silly putty can work in the same way, giving your child something else to focus on when theyre feeling fidgety or worried.


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