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What Is The Best Treatment For Weak Peeling Nails

Use A Cuticle Cream Like Its Your Job

TIPS Nail Conditioner treats weak, splitting, peeling, brittle nails!

A soothing cuticle cream like Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme helps nourish dry cuticles and brittle, damaged nails with vitamin E. Massage the cream into and around your nails nightly before going to bed.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, founder and director of Capital Laser & Skin Care and Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Dermatology at the George Washington University Medical Center, advises, Cuticles can dry out from repetitive hand washing and manicures, so if they are not given extra protection with a nourishing cuticle cream, they will crack and split, increasing risk of nail infection.

Nail Tek Nail Strengthener

Whatever the condition of your nails, the Nail Tek has a solution for it. It follows a treat by type system and gives you personalized treatment depending on your area of concern, making it one of the favorite nail strengtheners. Right from regular nails to soft, peeling nails, to hard, brittle nails, to weak and damaged nails, it has an answer to all your nail woes. This nail strengthening polish promises to be the ultimate treatment for weak, damaged nails as this unique base coat is a special blend of strengtheners, conditioners, microfibres, and natural fillers. Its especially good for treating nails that are damaged due to gel nail polish or acrylic nails. This nail coat is not only therapeutic but is also a unique blend of essential oils and moisturizers combined with natural ingredients including calcium, which are effective in restoring, protecting, and maintaining healthy cuticles and nails. Definitely worth a try!






With the various products available in the market, its often extremely difficult to know which one to choose. Even if we read the ingredients we often dont really know what we are looking at. These are a few pointers to make the buying process easier for you.

Mavala Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener 1650

This trusty hardener is a bestseller across various stores for a good reason. Launched by Mavala over 60 years ago, it was reformulated in 2018 to include extra keratin for intense nourishment to make nails tougher than ever. It can be used up to three times a week on its own or underneath a base coat and colour.

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Cuccio Revitalize Cuticle Oil Milk And Honey

Looking for a product that is good at your workplace? This cuticle oil is your confidant.

The convenience of this product is highly loved by the buyers for it can be used just by rubbing it into your hands. Though it is oily, it can easily be absorbed after applying it. Because of the oil, it contains it gives nourishment to the cuticle and also heals cracked cuticles in a short period of time.

Cuticle oil with a honey-scented smell will give you the desired comfort and an extra care to your hands as it helps in moisturizing it.

Silica For Brittle Nails

Weak, brittle, cracking, splitting nails and ragged ...

Silica is the organically bound, soluble form of silicon and, in its soluble form, is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails. Silica is needed for the function of an enzyme involved in collagen formation, and also contributes to tissue elasticity. The silica content of skin, hair and nails decreases with age as they become increasingly inelastic and brittle.

Dietary sources of silica include unrefined grains, green leaves, nuts, seeds, alfalfa bean sprouts and kelp. The silica found in supplements may be derived from algae, bamboo or a herb known as horsetail.

Taking silica supplements for 20 weeks was found to significantly improve skin, nails and hair, with reduced brittleness in women with photodamaged skin.

When 47 women aged 38 to 64 years with aged skin, fragile or thin hair or brittle nails took 10ml soluble silicic acid per day for 90 days, and applied it to their face as a mask for 10 minutes, twice a day, significant improvements in the thickness and turgor of skin, wrinkles, and in the condition of hair and nails were seen within 30 days. Ultrasound also showed a significant increase in the thickness of the underlying skin dermis.

Silica supplements aimed at improving hair, skin and nails may also include MSM which supplies organic sulphur needed for keratin cross linking.

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Nail Strenghtener Buying Guide

Well all need to strengthen our nails at some point. No matter what your nail issues are, nothing is more annoying than nails that keep on breaking even if youve been extra careful.

There are different remedies to weak nails. You can whip up your own nail strengthener homemade recipe, for instance. Mixing olive oil with lemon juice then nuking it for 15 seconds will give you an excellent formula that will strengthen and whiten your nails.

But if youre like most people and youre not exactly keen on making your own recipes, just buy the best nail hardener for weak nails.

There are plenty of nail hardener that really work and they are accessible on the market today. These products are easy to apply and you can see results in a matter of weeks. The complicated part is to choose which product to buy. Luckily for you, weve crafted this nail strengthener buyers guide so youll know exactly what to look for.

Causes Of Brittle Nails

Some health conditions can cause brittle nails. They include:

  • Raynauds syndrome: This disorder causes circulation problems in the extremities, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. When the smaller arteries in the hands and feet narrow, those extremities might feel numb or cold. Not surprisingly, this can affect nail health.
  • Hypothyroidism: Low thyroid levels can cause more than just brittle nails. You might also notice fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, thinning hair, memory problems, depression, and constipation, according to Harvard Health Publishing.
  • Anemia: Low iron levels can cause your nails to be brittle, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. You also may experience fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, cracks in the side of your mouth, or frequent infections. If blood work shows low iron, your doctor may recommend iron supplements.
  • Cancer treatment: Brittle nails can be a side effect of cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy and other targeted therapies. If youre undergoing cancer treatment, talk to your oncology team about how to keep your nails and skin healthy and moisturized.

Irregular nails of all kinds also can reveal other health problems. If youre experiencing other nail problems, make an appointment with your doctor to check it out.

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Got Thin Peeling Or Cracked Nails Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Getting a manicure is one of the best ways to pamper yourself but if your nails are thin, peeling, and cracked, one of the most enjoyable experiences becomes anything but. After all, nails that arent in tip-top shape arent exactly #ManiMonday worthy. Or, if youre a guy or the naked nail type it can be frustrating, or even embarrassing, to have nails that look so distraught. And youre not alone! According to medical research, nearly 20% of the world population suffers from weak, brittle nails. But why the heck are your nails breaking so easily?

Soak Your Hands In Beer

Peeling Nails Treatment & Prevention

Yes, you read right. Beer is an unlikely home remedy for weak fingernails but some people will swear it works.

It contains vital minerals for strong nails e.g. such as selenium, phosphorus and potassium, not to mention that it is a rich source of biotin. These are thought to help strengthen nails but there is still no scientific evidence.

The guideline below outlines how to fix weak fingernails with beer:

  • Warm ¼ cup of olive oil under low heat to make it warm to the touch.
  • Pour in ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar followed by ½ cup of beer.
  • Dip your nails in the mixture for 10-15 minutes.
  • Allow the nails to dry naturally, then rinse off with water.
  • Use this at-home treatment for thin, soft fingernails one to two times every day until the condition heals.
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    Nailtek Xtra Strengthener Best For Severe Nail Problems

    If you think your nails are unsalvageable, think again. With the Nailtek Xtra Strengthener, you can still save your nails from several nail problems. It offers a more concentrated formulation with extra strength to effectively correct your problem.

    If you have very bad peeling or splitting nails, for example, you should start off with this extra-strength bottle for faster results. When you get to the point of satisfying improvements, you can switch to a milder Nailtek formula.

    With its stronger formula, this Nailtek Xtra is also recommended if youve previously worn acrylic nails and now you have little to no nails left.

    When used according to the product directions, this could be the best nail strengthener after acrylic nails, you can buy.

    The best part is that the bottle is also incredibly affordable compared to other high-end brands. Just make sure to be extra cautious when applying this nail strengthener as it contains chemicals and formaldehyde.

    What We Liked

    • Extra strength formula for faster results
    • Suitable for severe nail problems

    What We Didnt Like

    • Contains formaldehyde

    Orly Breathable Treatment + Color

    This ORLY nail polish eliminates the need for a base coat or topcoat with its strengthening formula. Argan oil plus Vitamins B5 and C help to nourish nails, and you can still rock your favorite color. We thought this pastel color “Kiss Me, I’m Kind” was especially appropriate for a subtle nail recovery color.

    BUY IT: $9.99

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    Hydration Will Strengthen Your Nails

    Now that the gel-dip-acrylic is off, the key is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. “Prolonged use of gel manis and acrylics dehydrates your nails, making them dry, brittle, and fragile,” says manicurist Jin Soon Choi, founder of JINSoon nail polish and salons.

    A cuticle oil is your BFF for imparting deep hydration. Focus on slathering it not only on the nail itself, but also massaging it well into the cuticle the cuticle is where new, healthy nail growth will start so it’s important to nourish and hydrate this area, says Choi.

    One best-seller to try: CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner. Holford also likes using straight up jojoba oil, which can strengthen nail beds and boost healthy nail growth. She recommends applying it three times per day for five days for the best results.

    Top Six Peeling Nail Treatment In 2019

    Got Wimpy, Weak, Splitting, Peeling Nails? The Product ...

    See Prices, Color Variants and User Rated Reviews

    Manufacturer: PerfaNails Product Dimensions: 4.7 inches x 0.4 inches x 0.4 inches Weight: 0.800 ounces

    Topping the list is one product that offers your more than the price you pay to get it. Perfanails treatment is more than the beauty, strength and attractive look it adds to your nails it helps you change your attitude for better.

    Yes, you heard me right! This product is a must-have for everyone who cant do without nail-biting or thumbs-licking because it contains natural formulas that will discourage you from biting your nails or sucking your thumbs.

    How is this possible? The product is characterized by healthy but unpleasant taste that will make you feel uneasy whenever you bite your nail, or you lick your thumb. The more you feel uncomfortable, the faster you learn to restrain from the bad habit until you completely put an end to it. Meanwhile, Perfanails is rich in natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera and chondroitin, which ensures that your nails enjoy healthy growth, and massive strength to overcome peeling problems.

    ProsSee Prices, Color Variants and User Rated Reviews

    Are you someone who hates putting flashy or multi-colored polish on your fingernails? Do you want to treat your peeling nails in a discreet way without calling the attention of the public?


    • It is safe for everyones usage.
    • Quick and effective action against peeling nails.

    ConsSee Prices, Color Variants and User Rated Reviews ProsPros

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    Nail Peeling At The Base Or From The Nail Bed

    If you start to notice a significant change in both appearance and texture or quality of the fingernails they will start to peel from the cuticle. Peeling at the base or the beds can cause pain and will start bleeding if you are involved in activities that involve the use of hands.

    The common causes for this kind of peeling include fungal infections, skin conditions such as psoriasis can make them to begin splitting from their beds.

    Gena Healthy Hoof Cream

    This product is the best cuticle care product with high reviews from the buyers. It has a moisturizing power that helps to strengthen your nails from peeling and cracking for it contains Caster Oil, Lanolin and Aloe Vera which comprises a high level of natural oils that is useful in nourishing and moisturizing your nails as well as the hands and feet. Also, it has a high protein, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to repair damaged nails.

    Gena Healthy Hoof Cream is cruelty-free for it did not harm animals in testing this treatment and is safe for humans.

    The product is very effective in pampering those working hands and feet and it can give you a relaxing feeling.

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    Deborah Lippman The Cure: 18 Amazon

    Celebrity manicurist to the stars and go-to nail expert for magazines including Vogue, InStyle, and Elle, Deborah knows her stuff when it comes to keeping nails healthy and gorgeous. Say goodbye to dry skin around the nails with her soothing, repairing cuticle cream. Packed with antioxidant vitamins, we found it transformed delicate skin around the nails leaving skin ultra-nourished and hydrated. The nails themselves also looked healthier and felt more resilient to breakage.

    Essie Treat Love & Colour: Best Nail Strengthener With Colour

    How to Cure Peeling Nails: Nailtiques Formula 2 Review

    Price: £8 |

    Perk up lacklustre nails with US manicure brand Essies Treat, Love & Colour nail strengtheners. The nourishing one-step care and colour product is available in semi-sheer shades, like peachy Tinted Love, pretty-in-pink Sheers To You, and chic Laven-dearly. It gives a healthy glow to your nails, and your digits will feel as good as they look thanks to a detoxing formula that promises to repair, hydrate and strengthen. If youre looking for a pretty polish with added nail-care benefits, the Essie Treat, Love & Colour collection will be just the job.

    Key specs – Pack size: 5ml

    Price: £13 |

    Your morning smoothie benefits from a dose of kale, and so will your nails. The Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood nail strengthener is all you need for healthier-looking nails that dont break or chip. Thanks to its potent blend of kale extract and Nails Incs patented Regenerating Complex, vitamins A, C and K immediately increase the keratin production in your nails for ultimate hydration and nourishment. Dont be alarmed by the sheer pale-green colour of the bottle: Nailkale dries to a clear and glossy finish. Apply a base coat of Nailkale Superfood on bare nails and then top it up every couple of days for stronger and smoother nails in a couple of weeks.

    Key specs – Pack size: 14ml

    Price: £11 | Buy now from Typology

    Key specs – Pack size: 15ml

    Price: £4 |

    Key specs – Pack size: 13.3ml

    Price: £9 |

    Key specs – pack size: 15ml

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    Biotin 5000mcg Per Veggie Softgel Best Supplement For Strong Nails

    If youre looking for a supplement instead of the usual nail polish strengthener, we recommend the High Potency Biotin 5000mcg Per Veggie Softgel. Not just for strengthening nails but this biotin supplement is also great for your hair and skin. There are 120 gels per bottle with 5000mcg of high potency per liquid softgel.

    Each gel is enhanced coconut oil for added support.

    If you dont want to bother with applying nail polish on every nail, taking the Biotin supplement is a great option. For best results, take 1 soft gel daily with a meal. The gel is small and easy to swallow.

    Just keep in mind that there may be side effects because of the high dosage. One of the most common side effects is stomach discomfort. Some people have reported suffering from breakouts. With regular intake, you should see improvements in terms of nail strength and nail growth as well as improve hair density.

    What We Liked

    • Results in about 2 months
    • Includes organic coconut oil for enhanced absorption

    What We Didnt Like

    • May have side effects like stomach discomfort
    • May result in breakouts

    Cuccio Cuticle Oil With Milk & Honey

    Much like our skin and hair, damaged nail beds are just begging for added hydration, which makes adding a cuticle oil to your routine an absolute must. This cult-favorite cuticle oil has over 1,100 five-star reviews on Amazon alone. Honey helps to naturally soothe and moisturize, and lactic acid from milk works to refresh and stimulate the skin.

    BUY IT: $11.01

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    Nutritional Approaches For Brittle Nails

    Increase your intake of silica, a mineral needed to cross-link proteins in the nail, increasing their strength and overcoming brittleness. As well as strengthening nails, silica also improves skin elasticity and bone mineralisation. Dietary sources of silica include unrefined wholegrains, oatmeal, rice bran, green leafy vegetables, carrots, alfalfa bean sprouts, nuts, seeds and cucumber rind.

    Berries and citrus fruit are excellent sources of vitamin C and bioflavonoids that improve collagen formation and help prevent brittle nails. Watercress also provides vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin E which are needed to build keratin.

    While calcium only makes around 0.2% of the nail plate by weight, it contributes to nail strength through an effect on protein cross-linkages, so include dairy products in your diet.

    Eliminate foods containing gluten for a month to see if your brittle nails are linked with gluten intolerance. If this does help, seek medical advice to confirm the diagnosis.

    Supplements designed to improve brittle nails tend to include biotin and/or silica. I advise trying a high dose biotin supplement first.


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