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Where To Buy Pedicure Chairs

What Are The Best Pedicure Chairs On The Market

How To Assemble Your Mayakoba Pedicure Spa Chair (Featuring Siena Pedi-Chair)

J& A USA pedicure chairs have been named among the top pedicure chairs in the United States. The Lenox LX is the winner of the American Spa Professionals Choice Award two years in a row, for 2017 and 2018. The entire Lenox line of pedicure chairs have been recognized worldwide for their modern design, contemporary style, and luxurious comfort.

These chairs are some of the most popular best sellers, chosen because they represent the best design and manufacturing processes in the industry. The brand of chair you choose for your salon makes a big difference in terms of quality, functionality, longevity, and the reputation of your salon or spa. Dont accept anything less than the best. The success of your business could depend on it.

The Weight Limit Must Always Be Observed For A Number Of Reasons:


If someone exceeding the weight limit of the pedicure chair sits down inside of it, that could be putting undue stress and strain on the chair, especially along the frame. That could significantly damage the product. This damage could be very expensive to repair and you may be left facing a replacement cost of your pedicure chair.


If the individual seated in the chair is over the suggested weight limit, the chair could collapse can injure the client. This could occur when the overweight client is seated in the chair or when another clients sits inside of it after the overweight client has left. This is due to the damage caused to the frame, which would no longer be stable.


Many pedicure chair manufacturers will choose not to honor the warranty provided with the chair should you choose to allow clients who are over the recommended weight limit to sit inside the product. Always be cognizant of the weight limit recommendations that come with your J& A USA pedicure chair to avoid all of these concerns.

Ja Usa Pedicure Chairs

Here at J& A USA Pedicure Chairs Inc. we have always paid special some might say obsessive attention to pedicure chairs, seeing them not merely as furniture but as a symbol or reflection of the salon in which they reside. This is the inspiration for every high quality pedicure chair that bears the J& A USA name. Our chairs have been chosen for use in four and five diamond hotels and resorts and countless cruise lines. The Lenox line in particular stands out as a premiere example of the current trends that keep todays salons relevant and ahead of the curve with features such as pipe-less and liner friendly jets, Hard Roc durable glass bowls, adjustable foot rests, and full Shiatsu massage mechanisms.

We hope the following pages will expand your knowledge of pedicure chairs:

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Rated Pedicure Chairs & Salon Furniture

There is a direct relationship between the amount of money spent on spa image and the type of clientele that will walk in your salon’s doors. The way your spa or salon welcomes visitors aesthetically is very important. As your salon hits various benchmarks in service, we will help you hit the benchmarks in spa image. From pedicure chairs to salon furniture, we will help your salon work towards a competitive pristine image. In business since 2007, Pedicure Spa Superstore has been focused on customer service and freight forwarding for your pedicure chairs, salon furniture, beauty equipment, and pedicure chair parts from a global focus to a local luxury. Call us now to ask us questions on our entire product line.

What Are Plumbed Pedicure Units

Spa Pedicure Chair

These are the traditional units that need to be installed by a professional plumber. The pro of this type of chair is that the water is as easy to fill and drain as a sink.

The downside is that you do need a professional to install it which can get pricey if you don’t have existing hook-ups where you plan to put your stations. They can also be louder if your chair needs a pump to move water instead of using gravity, like if your pipes run uphill.

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Which Chair Will Fit In Your Pedicure Salon

It’s a boring and practical topic to consider, but also one of the most important. The last thing you want to do is drop money on a set of chairs only to get them in your space and realize they’re too big for your salon.

Make sure you’re double-checking your measurements when shopping around. Use masking or painter’s tape on the floor of your salon to block out the size of the chairs so you can see how far from the wall they’ll stick out. You want to ensure there is plenty of walking space for your employees and clients to avoid feeling too crowded.

Your space also determines whether you could benefit from module pedicure stations that fit together in one long, sleek-looking bench, or if all you can fit are portable, rolling units to bring out as needed.

Give Your Spa A Professional Look With A Pedicure Chair

A pedicure chair facilitates spa-based foot-care treatments. The chair is designed in a way that the customer is at ease resting on the chair and the technician has easy and complete access to the customer’s foot. Thanks to the availability of these highly specialised chairs, you can find them outside of salon settings. Buy a pedicure chair on eBay if you’re serious about your spa.

What basic elements make the pedicure chair special?

Though different pedicure chairs differ widely in their appearance, they share three basic elements. There’s the seat where the client sits a foot-sized container/sink/bowl to facilitate foot-washing and a footrest. The bigger chairs tend to have a pedestal-style dedicated base that bears the entire chair. However, this style isn’t something that’s common across all large pedicure chairs.

What are the different types of pedicure chairs?

There are three types of pedicure chairs.

What are the features to look for in a pedicure chair?

Though pedicure chairs are not available in many different types, they still offer quite a few variations or choices. The below-mentioned features and their combinations make for the several variations out there.

Are there pedicure chairs specially made for kids?

Some companies do make kid-sized, brightly coloured pedicure chairs. These chairs are equipped with DVD players that keeps kid busy while their feet are being taken care of.

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What Is A Pipe

The use of pipes in most pedicure chairs requires a pump to create jets of water. But a pipe-less chair relies on a propeller to create those jets of water inside the bowl. The pipe-less option cuts down on the growth of bacteria in the water. This is because the pipes are tough to clean properly and the salon needs to dismantle the chairs in order to do that work. Unfortunately, most salons cannot or will not take them apart so as to clean the pipes in a manner that meets state health board standards.

More salons are going with pipe-less chairs because they are cleaner and more sanitary for the client as the water remains fresher. When the pedicure is finished, the water is drained properly and the chair is ready for the next client reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

What Else Can You Do To Prevent Pedicure Infections

Best Pedicure Chair in âPresentation & Formationâ? from Belava and Footnanny (p.1)

Being identified as an infection vector is not only bad for all the usual reasons–it’s bad press. Other than always following the state and manufacturers’ guidelines on cleaning, the best thing you can do is be sure the rest of your salon is also clean to prevent contamination. Proper autoclave sterilizers are needed to keep tools clean and nail dust extractors remove floating nail dust which could contain fungal particles.

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What’s The Difference Between Piped

Piped-in pedicure stations refers to the whirlpool action of the foot spa itself. In piped-in models, the whirlpool is created by jets of forced water just like in a Jacuzzi. These jets require pipes that move water from inside the bowl to outside of the bowl and then back in.

This results in clean foot spa water moving through pipes that have carried the used and possibly bacteria-carrying, water from the clients before and returning the water the bowl not so clean anymore.

This can lead to serious bacterial and fungal outbreaks. According to a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, the biggest offenders are mycobacteria. California’s Department of Consumer Affairs traced an outbreak of boils to one spa with whirlpool pedicure stations. In this California outbreak, the bacteria were likely introduced through tap water and the improperly cleaned tubs allowed the bacteria to multiply to dangerous levels.

These pipes are notoriously difficult to clean and most salons in the industry are upgrading pipeless models.

Pipeless pedicure stations do away with the jetted water and instead contain all the water within the bowl. The massaging water action is accomplished by one or more propellers set inside the basin, but don’t worry, they’re encased so no toes are in danger.

What Is A Discharge Pump

This is the pump that you depend on to move dirty water from the footspa to a drain so you can discard it properly and prep the chair for your next client. This drain can be located just about anywhere you wish, be it in the wall behind your chair or somewhere across the salon.

The pump does all the work of moving the water from the chair to the drain. So if you do not have a floor drain, a discharge pump is mandatory. A spa or salon with drains installed will usually have them placed next to each pedicure chair in the establishment, at which point gravity moves the dirty water from the footspa into the drain.

But lets say you cant install those drains in the floor, you will need to have them placed in the wall behind each of your chairs instead. Since water can only flow downward, the water has no place to go when the drain is in the wall. So the discharge pump is there to move the water from the chair into the drain.

If you dont have the floor drain in place and you dont get the discharge pump, its going to be very difficult to move the dirty water from the footspa to the drain. In fact, it may not drain at all or it could drain very slowly.

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What Does Your Budget Look Like

Pedicure chairs don’t come cheap, and that makes sense. Think about how much a good massage chair, or even just a quality armchair costs–now add a tiny Jacuzzi! You should be prepared to spend anywhere from $400 to $6000 on a chair–but be aware that anything under $1000 is going to be on the low-end of the quality spectrum and not likely to last you long.

Whether or not it makes more sense to buy fewer high-quality chairs or several cheaper chairs depends on how you want to run your business. If your operation focuses on quantity and moving clients in and out, then more chairs may be the smarter move.

If the clientele you’re courting is looking for a more luxurious, higher-cost service, then you can’t skimp on a lower-end chair and it may be better in the long run to buy fewer luxury chairs.

How Much Weight Can A Pedicure Chair Hold

Cheap Salon Equipment Spa Joy Pedicure Chair Durable Spa Massage ...

Most pedicure chairs have a weight limit of up to 350 pounds. Every J& A USA pedicure chair has a similar weight limit threshold. Knowing the restrictions on your pedicure chair is important because exceeding that limit could result in damage to the chair. This can make the chair inoperable and result in fewer profits for the salon.

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Does My Pedicure Chair Need A Discharge Pump

The rule of thumb is if you need to push the water out above 3 feet then you need a discharge pump. Also, if youre in the basement you will need a discharge pump.Considering the purpose the pump serves, answering this question is essential before you purchase the right pedicure chair for your salon. Without the proper drainage apparatus in place, you could be facing major challenges from health and safety inspectors.

How Do No

No plumbing chairs are free-standing units where the only installation needed is to plug it in. These chairs are great for spas that don’t have the necessary plumbing or need their pedicure units to be portable. With these units, the foot spa is generally manually filled and emptied, which allows for a more thorough cleaning of the bowl.

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