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Best Dipping Nail Starter Kit

Best Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit: Modelones Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit

5 Best Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit

If you are dip powder nail curious, wed suggest a starter kit. After trying 11 different kits, we think Modelones starter kit is the best bet. We liked the overall quality compared to others we tried.

Here are a few tips and truths about dip nail powder kits we learned from our testing:

Less odor. Note we didnt say NO odor, like some nail kits promise! Our testers liken the adhesive base coat smell to that of krazy glue. Yes, that is much less intense than regular nail polish , but not exactly odor free.

You must be precise in your application. Or else you end with powder stuck to other parts of your finger.

Make each coat thin or the end results may be overly thick nails, which can be annoying.

Why did we pick this particular kit as the best starter kit for newbies? Heres more:

How To Choose The Best Nail Dip Powder Kit

When buying a nail dip powder kit, look for the following things:

  • An assortment of non-toxic dip powders in different colors.
  • The dip powders should be more or less odor-free.
  • The dip powder should be a fine powder, not a grainy one.
  • The kit should include an activator, base and top gels, and a brush saver.
  • Additional accessories like a nail file, a nail buff, and a dipping tray are also helpful.

Cost Of Dip Powder Nails

If youre going to a beauty salon, you can expect to spend roughly around $30 to $50, which is about the same as a gel manicure. Whereas, a best dip powder kit will save you money, because you can get a kit for around $20 and upwards . In the long run, dip powder manicures at home are more cost-effective.

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Are Dipping Powders Safe To Use

Regardless of whether youve been doing nails for years or youve just recently gotten into the world of doing it yourself nails, then youre more than likely going to be interested in trying to use the safest method while doing your nails.

Especially as acrylics have quite the reputation of incorporating harsh chemicals and fumes, particularly when done via the traditional methods.

So much so, that besides giving off harmful fumes when applying the liquid monomer, the harsh chemicals that then get applied to your nails can also damage your natural nail beds.

Which is why it is so common for your natural nails to become damaged when repeatedly getting your acrylic nails done from the traditional method.

Luckily enough, this is where dipping powder comes into the mix! If you werent already aware, nail dipping powders were specifically designed to serve as a safer alternative to the traditional method of getting your nails done via the traditional acrylic method.

As we have already mentioned in a previous point above, using dipping powders is a much safer alternative to getting your nails done because dipping powders do not contain any nasty chemicals or harsh fumes.

On the contrary, dipping powders are typically odorless and are bonded to your nails with glue, and do not need you to use any liquid monomer that will release harmful fumes and chemicals.

Can I Do Dip Powder On My Own Nails

9 Best dip powder starter kit for beginners 2020

Yes! In fact, it’s easier than you probably think. First you need to prep your nails: clean and sanitize your nail area, groom your cuticles, shape and file your nails, and then gently buff them. Next, depending on the kit, you may need to apply a bonder and then a base coat. Then you quickly ~dip~ each nail into the powder at a 45-degree angle, stop to tap the excess off, then dip again.

You dip as many times as you need to get the pigment and color payoff you want . Then you add a top layer and activator/sealantagain, this depends on the kit, which should give you step-by-step instructions. Voila. Gorgeous dip powder nails!!

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What Are Some Nail Dipping Tips For Beginners

  • Between dips, you’ll need to remove the excess powder stuck on your nails or the layers can become too thick. You can do this by tapping your nail but don’t be afraid to give it a good dusting with a nail brush.

I like this multicolor brush by Anself because it’s fun and soft.

  • Brush off the excess over a clean piece of paper or paper towel so you can return the extra back into the pot for less waste. A nail mat can also help keep things tidy.

Figure Out What You Want From Your Kit

Whether you love a sheer, neutral mani or a vibrant neon-colored one, there’s a nail dip powder kit for you. Be sure to choose a kit that has colors that fit your vibe and aesthetic, and then scan the customer reviews for real-life pics! Do the colors in the pots look like the color on testers’ nails? If so, you can expect true color payoff from your kit.

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How Do You Apply Dip Powder Nail Polish At Home

Step 1: Start with a clean slate always. Wipe away nail polish or other such residues from your nails properly.Step 2: Push your cuticles back to prep your nails.Step 3: Buff your nails for a smooth surface.Step 4: File your nails until you have achieved your desired shape.Step 5: Wipe off dust and oils from your nails.Step 6: Apply a base coat.Step 7: Dip your nails into the powder.Step 8: Dust the excess powder off with a brush.Step 9: Double dip if necessary.Step 10: Apply a coat of activator to bond the powder into a gloss.Step 11: Seal it with a top coat.

Determine How Many Extras You Need

DIY Dip Powder Nails | Best Starter Kit?

Here’s the thing: it’s all about how much money you want to spend and what type of kit you want. If you want one that’s easier for beginners, pick a package that involves fewer steps and tools. If you’re a pro at nail art or design, a kit that has more of a color range might be the best for you to get the most bang for your buck.

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Nailboo Starter Dip Kit

Key selling points: This dip powder nail starter kit has everything you need to get started, including a builder base, one color of polish, bonder, remover, a file, a brush, and even clips for removal. Unlike many kits, this lets you choose your polish color from an extensive list of on-trend shades, and you even have the option to bundle up to six colors. Its a little more expensive than other kits but boasts over 2,500 five-star reviewsjust saying.

What customers say: Im not going to lie, I was super skeptical at first. But within the first few minutes I was in LOVE! Im an ICU nurse and mom to a six-month-old. So my gel nails chip easythen they are a pain to get off. Regular polish isnt worth the time. I did these from start to finish for the first time while my baby was napping. Im definitely hooked!! Side note: Im not one who normally does my nails because Im not great at them. And these truly are so easy! Brittany M, reviewer on

Does It Cater To Your Skill Level

While deciding which nail dip kit system to opt for, making sure that the nail dip kit system that you ultimately decide to buy matches your skills will be one of the most important considerations that you make.

Even though it would be all good and well to purchase the flashiest nail dip system that you come across, if it doesnt align with your ability level at the time of purchase, then you might very well discover that you are unable to make the most out of your nail dip system, while also potentially impacting the quality of the acrylic manicures that you attempt to do yourself.

Instead, you should make sure that you are taking the time to consider what your level of experience and skills are prior to making your decision, otherwise, you might find yourself stuck with a nail dip kit system that you simply cant use.

For the most part, the majority of nail dip system kits are specifically designed to be suitable for all levels of ability and experience to use, although this is still something that we strongly recommend that you take the time to check.

As the last thing you want it to accidentally purchase a nail dip kit that you simply cant use properly or with enjoyment.

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Kiara Sky Dipping Powders Essentials Kit

The best nail dip kit worth the splurge

Brand: Kiara Sky | Colors: 6 | Application System: 4-Step | Accessories: Brush saver, cuticle oil | Price:

This Kiara Sky Essentials kit will give you phenomenal results every time.

This kit comes with five pots of dip powder and their four-step application system. They also include cuticle oil and a brush saver.

Two of the five colors are clear and natural, so they make a great base powder coat to combine with other less expensive color powders to make sure to avoid nail staining. Getting a quality application system and base can make a combo with cheaper powders much more effective.

Reviewers Like

  • Recommended by professional nail technicians
  • Thorough and detailed instructions for perfect results

Reviewers Dislike

  • Issues with shipping and damaged bottles
  • Has a tendency to get thick if not carefully applied

How Do You Remove A Dip Powder Manicure

Best At Home Nail Dipping Powder Kit

Removing dip nails is a little harder than removing gel nail polish, but if you follow the right steps and have patience, they can be removed without damaging your natural nails underneath.

The first step is to take either a nail drill machine or rough grit nail file and file off the top layer of the dip powder. You want to remove any shine of the top coat from the nail which gives the acetone better access to the powder underneath. If the dip on the nails is fairly thick you can file down more of the powder if you’re confident you won’t hit your natural nails

Then you want to soak your nails in 100 percent pure acetone for a minimum of 20 minutes, 30 minutes is a safer bet.

You can soak them in a bowl, with cotton balls wrapped in foil, with nail clips, or whatever gel polish remover tools and method you prefer. The important part is that you wait.

At the end of your soaking time, the dip powder should slide off cleanly. If it can’t be wiped off with a cotton ball or gently moved with a cuticle pusher, don’t scrape at it. This stuff will take a layer of your nail with it if you force it.

If there’s still dip on your nails after the first soak, repeat the soak for another 20 to 30 minutes. You may want to do a second light filing of the surface before your second soak.

You’ll know when it’s ready to come off because it slips off with zero resistance at all.

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How To Remove Dip Powder Nails

This part is simple as well: Soak each nail in an acetone-based remover, unless the kit specifically mentions another method. The best way to do this is to take a cotton ball, soak it in the acetone, wrap the cotton around your nails, and seal it with a layer of aluminum foil around each finger. After 15-20 minutes the polish will begin to peel off for easy removal. If youre still confused, weve got you covered with our intensive guide on how to remove dip nails.

Rednee Dip Powder Starter Kit

The best nail dip kit overall

Brand: Rednee | Colors: 12 | Application System: 4-Step | Accessories: File, brush, buffer, cuticle trimmer and pusher, cosmetic bag | Price:

This Rednee Kit comes with everything you need to do a manicure the moment it comes to your doorstep. There are no additional tools or anything else you need to buy. You even get a bag to keep all your accessories organized!

The colors are extremely versatile and give you a lot of options and combinations, including accent glitters.

Reviewers Like

  • More cost-effective than going to the salon

Reviewers Dislike

  • Some say the smell is strong
  • The glitter colors are more sheer than full coverage

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How To Pick The Best Nail Dip Kit Buyers Guide

The fashion industry has been growing at a steady 7.5% rate since 2014, and makeup-related innovations are not an insignificant part of this growth. Although gel polish kits have dominated the market for a while, there is a new at-home manicure technique dip powder nail kits. Well explain everything you need to know about the best nail dip kits in the following sections.

How Do You Choose A Nail Dipping Powder Kit

Dip Powder Nails Starter Kit – A Pro Review

Even though were sure that you have already come across a nail dip powder kit that has caught your eye from our roundup above, we are still going to be taking a few moments to talk you through some of the key considerations to make when deciding which nail powder kit to buy.

So, no matter what your budget or preferences might be, we strongly recommend that you take the time to read through the following list below.

As it will help to ensure that you are not only able to make the best choice for you and what youre looking to get out of a nail dip kit, but will also help to make sure that you make a wiser spending decision.

So, without further ado, whenever youre ready – just read on to discover some of the key factors to take into account when making your choice:

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How Do You Use The Best At Home Nail Dip Kit

Giving yourself a professional manicure with the best dip powder nail kit is a fantastic way to decompress and an activity you can easily squeeze on your monthly pamper self-care routine. With a lot of research and by this, I mean YouTube videos, patience and a few trial and errors, you will not be going back to your Salonist once you nail this technique.

Below are a few steps on how to give yourself an at-home dip powder manicure.

  • Prepare your natural nails- This is by removing any present cuticles, smoothening out ridges with a nail file and ensuring that your nails are ready for application. You can use a cleanser to remove any dirt and oils hiding on the nail bed. Applying dip powder on unkempt nails will result in uneven layers and bad-looking nails.
  • Apply a base coat- Once you have your clean and dried, freshly buffed nails, go ahead and lather them in a base coat. This helps to create a smooth bed for the powder to coat your nail.
  • Dip your nail into dip powder color- Having selected the nail dip powder color of your choice, dip your nails one by one, ensuring that your nail is evenly coated with pigmentation. This step is similar to the traditional method of using a brush to paint the nail color. In addition, you can use a buff brush to get rid of excess powder.
  • Repeat step three- Dip your nails into the nail dip powder at least twice to ensure that you get full coverage. This step also helps to get a strong finish and long-lasting manicure.
  • Modelones Starter Dip Powder Kit

    The best nail dip kit package deal

    Brand: Modelones | Colors: 6 | Application System: 3-Step | Accessories: Brush, extra nail brushes | Price:

    This kit gets you off on the right foot with the inclusion of a brush, two extra nail brushes, an application system, and six versatile colors to complete a variety of different looks.

    Not only is Modelones known for the quality of the powder, but their customer service is top-notch, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Reviewers Like

    • Base is thin and can be hard to work with
    • Lifting can occur without proper nail prep

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    Best At Home Dip Nail Kit For Awesome Manicure

    Eric Tries It

    Well done nails have a special way of making you feel like you’ve got your life together. The ever-evolving designs and color ranges allow you to morph into a different version of yourself with each salon appointment. But, unfortunately, some techniques like acrylics could have long-lasting damage to your nails.

    Dip powder manicure is often overlooked in favor of other popular methods like a gel manicure. However, the benefits of dip powders outnumber those of acrylics and gel techniques. For starters, the best dip powder nails last between three to four weeks without chipping. This is longer than the traditional nail lacquers that chip days after application.

    Nail appointments at the salon often eat up much of your time as the nails take their sweet time to dry. For this reason, many beauty brands have come up with the best at-home nail dip powder kits, which make it easy for you to do your nails at your convenience. This article will help you get started on your dip powder nails journey by sharing with you our best at-home dip powder nail kits, along with a buying guide. So, stick around.

    Dipwell Dip Nail Starter Kit Dip Naturale Collection Ceciliaay Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit of 5 Color, Dip ...

    Key selling points: You cant go wrong with a classic nude polish, and this powder set combines two of the brands most popular nude dip powder colors with everything else you need for a flawless at-home manicure. P.S.: All of Dipwells products are also vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

    What customers say: I got tired of going to get my nails done and never being fully satisfied, so I decided to give this set a go and do my nails myself. It definitely takes some time, but with a little patience and following the steps, you cant go wrong! I feel like a pro! They really came out beautiful and have lasted me just like if I had gone to get them done! I definitely recommend this kit. You have everything you need to get a perfect manicure at home. Laura B, reviewer on

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