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Can You Reuse Press On Nails

How Do You Make Press On Nails Last Longer

Reusable Press On Nails Demo & How To Keep It On For 3 Weeks!!!!!

Here are some general tips:

  • 1Rub down your nail beds with rubbing alcohol before layering the adhesive. This helps remove any oils, products, or residues, which allows for the adhesive to stick better to your nail or base coat.
  • 2If using glue, try using thin layers to both your natural nail and the press ons. This allows the adhesive to dry evenly, creating a stronger bond.
  • 3Avoid getting your hands wet for at least 2 hours afterward. This allows the glue or adhesive to completely dry, which helps them stay on longer.
  • 4Avoid using your nails for damaging tasks that involve motions like picking and prying. For example, when opening a pop can use the side of your finger rather than your nails.
  • How Can You Reuse Press

    The key in reusing press on nails is making sure that you take care of the nails well while using them. Just like how you would take care of your acrylic or natural nails, dont use them haphazardly.

    That would not only damage the press on the nail, but potentially your natural nail as well. Press-ons have a reputation for ruining your nails, but that is really due to improper application, rather than anything with the press-on nail itself.

    Remember that they are secured on your nails. The adhesive you used could be so sticky that you could also snag your natural nail when the press-on nails are snagged.

    Another thing that could potentially damage the press on nails is the way you remove them. After the even you need to go to, you may not want to wear the press on nails all day all week and just reserve it for special occasions.

    That is perfectly fine too as long as you carefully remove them.

    The method you remove your press-on nails depends on how you attached them.

    From Customers Like You

    I’ve worn over 60 sets of Static Nails. I’m super rough on my hands, but these have never failed me. I love the wear time flexibility and how classy and beautiful they look on.

    Andrea F., Customer since 2018

    I love Static Nails so much. I love that they are so easy to apply that I can do these at home or as a passenger in a car. They are so affordable and fun to mix and match.

    Nani S., Customer since 2014

    Static’s lacquer lasts me 8-14 days without a single chip through cleaning the house, gardening, doing laundry, working, and taking care of my 3 children. It drys super fast, has helped repair my nails, and always makes my hands look incredible.

    Rose K., Customer since 2014

    When on set, time is always of the essence. Static Nails is the only brand we trust to get beautiful manicures in minutes. The quality of their products is unparalleled. We love using Static in all of our photoshoots!

    Lily & Lilac, Fashion + Beauty Photographers

    Static Nails have been an absolute lifesaver. I use them on models, which has saved me so much precious time. The gorgeous colors and styles are always on trend, adding the perfect finishing touch to each look.

    Clare Mac, Creative Makeup Artist of The Year

    Absolutely love using the nails for editorial shoots. They are easy and quick to apply and remove. The only tough part is telling models they can’t keep them. My favorite is their classic oval shape. It elongates the hands and always looks elegant.

    Steven Turpin, Editorial Makeup Artist

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    Tips On How To Easily Reuse Your Press On Nails

    Most brands of Press on Nails can easily be reused and yet still look as if they were brand new. But they are certain things that you need to do so that you can properly reuse them

    So in this article I am gonna guide you step by step with some tips on how to correctly reuse your press on nails.

    Table Of Content

    How To Remove Press On Nails

    Summer Night Press on Nails with Rhinestones

    Check out this video below to find out how to safely take off your press on nails and save them to wear again!


    1. Fill your bowl with water as warm as you can stand, and soak one hand in the bowl for 15-20 minutes.

    2. The glue will begin to break down, and you can start to gently press your natural nail down and away from the press on.

    Never force your press ons off, as this could damage your natural nail. Just gently push your natural nail until you feel resistance, and then soak for another 5 minutes before you try again.

    Check out Brittany’s video below for more tips! And join our Facebook Community to chat with our artists and other press on nail lovers.

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    How To Care For Your Press On Nails

    If you are looking to reuse your press on nails, you need to care for them while youre wearing them! Just like a regular manicure, there are just some things you shouldnt do with press on nails if youre looking to preserve them.

    • Keep your cuticles moisturized with cuticle oil and your hands nourished with lotion to provide a solid base for your press on nails.
    • Apply a top coat to your press on nails to better protect them from everyday wear and tear.
    • Wear gloves when you are doing dishes, using cleaning products, gardening, or handling hot water that may end up softening the glue or damaging your nails.
    • Dont apply too much force on your press on nails or they might pop off or even break. It may be tempting since you have long nails that are able to open things or reach things that you normally couldnt, but this could end up damaging your nails and make it impossible for you to reuse them.
    • Apply an extra touch of glue if you notice that one side of your nail is starting to come up, and press down for 30 seconds to one minute.

    The 6 Most Popular Press

    No appointment? No problem.

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    Press-on nails arent new in the world of nail artistry. Many have flocked to them over the years as a way to quickly and easily transform their nails from drab to salon-fresh. When salons were forced to close, many acrylic and gel devotees turned back to press-ons to achieve beautiful manicures for a fraction of the price. Before you try the trend, heres what you need to know about choosing press-on nails.

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    How To Make Press

    You can make your press-on nails last longer by following these 4 simple tips:

    • Tip 1: Whether using clear polish under the glue or not, always make sure to use rubbing alcohol to clean off any remaining residue and natural oils before applying.
    • Tip 2: Use a strong adhesive nail glue by applying it both to the back of the press-on nail and your natural nail.
    • Tip 3: Put pressure on every nail for 30 seconds as you are applying. This lets the adhesive spread across the full surface thus ensuring a stronger bond. This will, in turn, make press-on nails stick better.
    • Tip 4: Do not wash your hands or come in contact with water for at least 2 hours after application to help your press-on nails stay on longer. I find that doing this overnight is the easiest .
    • Tip 5: Use a top hardener coat to make your nails look polished and help them stick better. This also has the added benefit of hardening the actual nail surface which makes it more durable.

    Can You Use Press On Nails Again

    How to Remove Press On Nails Without Damage | REMOVE GLUE ON NAILS

    There are several reasons why press on nails are now one of the most popular nail products on the market. Despite popular belief, todays press-on nails are nothing like the bright pink version you adored as a teenager.

    Press-on nails may now have the appearance and feel of a professionally placed acrylic nail in a salon! With so many various styles to choose from, its easy to find something you like and that fits your life and style.

    We realize you undoubtedly have a lot of questions regarding press on nails and were here to answer them! As it turns out, press-on nails are the product to use if you want to get the most bang for your money.

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    Can You Reuse Press On Nails

    There are so many reasons why press on nails are one of the hottest nail products on the market right now. Despite what you may think, todays press on nails are totally different from the hot pink variety that you loved as a teenager.

    These days, press on nails can have the look and feel of a professional salon-applied acrylic nail! With tons of different styles, its not hard to find a variety that you love and that works for your life and style.

    We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about press on nails and we are here to answer them! As it turns out, press on nails are the product that you need to use if you are looking to get the best bang for your buck.

    What Are The Best Press

    The best press-on nail sets depend on what style you’re going for and how well you want the fake nails to actually “stick” to your real nails. If you’re looking for a non-committal option and easy removal, a glue-less nail that comes with an adhesive back is a great option. However, I’d be remiss not to warn you that these kinds of press-on nails can easily fall off. So, if you don’t necessarily want to walk around with half a set of nails, I’d purchase the ones that require nail glue.

    If you go the glue nail route, you should understand that the removal process can damage your nails, similar to the acrylics, dip, and gel you get at the salon. When it’s time to remove them, follow these steps to prevent as much damage as possible:

  • Soak your nails in warm soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes. If they are reusable nails, avoid acetone, it can destroy them.
  • Take a wood cuticle pusher if you want to reuse the nails, or a metal cuticle pusher if they’re for one-time use, and gently lift the press-on up from around your nailbed and cuticles.
  • If they are not budging, soak the nails for a bit longer. Continue this process until they all come offbuff off any excess glue leftover.
  • Finish your nails off with cuticle oil and an optional nail strengthener.
  • So, since we covered the basics, and Ive become the unofficial expert on all things fake nails in 2021, let’s get to the fun part: Here are the 18 best press-on nails ranging from drugstore to expensive.

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    Short Wear With Adhesive Tabs

    If your job doesnt allow nails, but your would love to have perfect manicure for a special occasion, adhesive tabs are just the right solution for you. Pop on nails used with adhesive tabs last up to 48 hours, which is just more than enough for you to rock that wedding party, corporate event, date night or simply a nice hang out with friends. You can remove them as easily as you apply them on and save your false nails until your next big event. Keep your nails safe in the original pack as you can reuse them minimum five times.

    In the original pack of LÓA NAILS press on mani you get one set of adhesive tabs, but dont worry, you can buy yourself a pack of 10 sets of adhesive tabs on our official online store if you are adhesive tabs fan and would like to reuse fake nails over and over again.

    Learn how to apply nails with sticky tabs following a step by step tutorial HERE.

    For Flashy Designs: Static Nails

    Pink Mirror Press on Nails with Rhinestones and Patterns ...

    Static nails are made for shoppers who want to achieve short, glue-on manicures with fun prints and patterns.

    Static Nails are made for anyone who wants a glue-on manicure or pedicure that makes a design statement, such as a tortoiseshell print, a holographic design, and a cheetah print french mani. The various designs come in square, coffin, stiletto, almond, and round shapes and the kit includes 24 nails in 12 sizes, a nail glue, a buffer, and a nail file. Depending on how much glue you apply, Static Nails can last from a few days to two or three weeks. To remove the nails, Static recommends soaking your fingertips in the hottest water you can stand for a few minutes to soften the glue before gently lifting the nails off. You can re-use the nails themselves, so keep your glue and stash the nails away for when you want a last-minute mani.

    One Static Nail shopper gushes: These are the best pop-on nails I’ve ever used! So cute and lasts so long. I highly recommend these!

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    How To Remove Press On Nails To Reuse Them

    Even though you can reuse press on nails in theory, it requires a little bit of work on your end. Thankfully, some caution and patience on your end will be well worth it when you are able to reuse your favorite press on nails. This is especially true when it comes to the removal process. Not only do you have to be careful not to damage your natural nails, but you also have to be careful in order to avoid damaging your press on nails as well if you want to reuse them.

    So, here are some tips and tricks on how to properly remove press on nails that will leave them in good enough shape for you to use again:

    • Perhaps the gentlest method of removing press on nails is to use warm water with a little bit of soap. You will need to soak your nails in the water for 20 or so minutes, or until your nails start to loosen up. From there, you can gently pull off the fake nails, clean them off, and store them for later use.
    • If you are looking for a quick and easy way to remove your press on nails and arent afraid of some chemicals, then you might want to try the acetone method. This is how most fake nails and nail polishes are removed. This method works best if the acetone is slightly warm. You can then soak your nails in the solution for five to ten minutes before the press on nails either fall right off or you are easily able to take them off.

    It Makes The Adhesive Stronger

    If youre planning on applying a new set of press-on nails, youll want to have a smooth surface to do so. When you tear or chip away at your press-on nails, it can cause damage and roughness to the surface of the skin. That can make it difficult to get the smooth connection you need to keep your nails on. Protect your current set and ensure the next manicure really sticks with proper removal.

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    Are Press On Nails Damaging

    The good news is that with press on nails, you dont have to ruin your real nails just to rock a beautiful pair of fake ones! However, since press on nails just use adhesive or a bit of nail glue , they are much easier on your real nails and will not damage them so long as you apply and remove them properly.

    How To Find Reusable Press On Nails

    How to reuse your press on nails

    When youre looking for reusable press on nails, you need to go with a reputable company that specializes in nails. While it might be tempting to buy fake nails from general beauty companies that also sell products like nail polish, makeup, brushes, etc., dedicated press on nail companies like Clutch Nails are completely committed to producing the highest quality press on nails. Thats because the entire company depends on it, so if they werent good at it, they wouldnt still be in business. Before you buy, make sure to browse the website and read product reviews to make sure that they are worth the buy. Clutch Nails is hard to beat though–just look at that !

    The best reusable press on nails will come in avariety of different shapes, lengths, styles, and finishes that can please all sorts of people from stay-at-home moms, to CEOs, to retirees!

    Clutch Nails has an easy-to-use website that allows you to browse tons of different press on nails by shape , finish , or length .

    More than that, you can easily view best-sellers like pastel rainbow oval nails, tiffany blue oval nails, electric blue coffin nails, andmatte black stiletto nails with dazzling jewel accents. If you prefer a more natural style, there are still plenty of options like pink ombre coffin nails, natural nude square nails, orglitter pink coffin nails.

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    What Makes A Press On Nail Reusable

    As weve mentioned, press-on nails are produced by many different manufacturers. They also come in a variety of price points. Although we are not saying you have to choose the expensive ones, more often than not, those that are of better quality are more expensive than the cheapest ones.


    However, even if you bought the cheapest ones, you can still reuse the nail as long as it still looks good and isnt damaged. You certainly wouldnt want to use nails that looked chipped or peeling.

    As long as they look presentable, you can still use them. In case you were using long nails and only tips got damaged, you may use them again as long as you file off the damaged area so it wont be that obvious.

    If you want to improve your chances of being able to reuse your press on nails, it is best to buy high-quality ones in the first place. They are less likely to get damaged because they are more durable.

    Most of the time, they also look better and feel more comfortable on the nails.


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