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Do It Yourself Gel Nail Kit

These At Home Gel Nail Kits Are Totally Foolproof

DIY Gel Manicure!

When it comes to a manicure, gel nails are by far the best option in terms of durability. They resist the chips and loss of shine unlike your average paint job. A good one can last as long as three weeks. In a nutshell: they’re what everyone wants from a manicure. However, regular gel manis in-salon can leave you and your bank balance on bad terms. So, a DIY gel nail kit could be the way to go, especially while the salons are closed and if youre in need of a little pick-me-up.

But how do you get that perma-shine effect without the expertise of a technician? You can opt for a gel topcoat or gel nail polish, which tend to be thicker in consistency and more hardwearing than your average polish. Or, you can invest in an LED kit for a pro mani at home like the popular Mylee Gel LED Kit, £70, or the Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Set, £60. We asked session manicurist, Jenni Draper gel manicure-lover and beauty blogger Josie Fear of Fashion Mumblr for all their top tips.

Drugstore Favorite Sally Hansendesigned A Diy Gel Manicure System Perfect For Novice Nail Artists

Pros: Easy to use, quick process, compatible with gel nail polish from other brands

Cons: Color doesn’t last very long

Sally Hansen’s Salon Pro Gel Nail Polish kit is my top pick for beginner nail artists looking to channel a true salon experience at home. The kit contains everything you need for a traditional, no-frills gel manicure: a base coat, color, and topcoat, acetone remover, and LED light. It also comes with application accessories, including a cuticle stick and buffer to prep the nails, plus alcohol cleansing pads to wipe any tacky residue sticking to the nails after they’ve been cured.

The Salon Pro Gel Nail Polish Kit was the first I tested, and the first traditional gel manicure I’d ever had. As a beginner, I appreciated that each bottle was labeled one through three to specify which order to use them in. Directions on how to use the kit were also written on the box, as well as in an instructional pamphlet, so the margin of error was slim.

Overall, my experience with the kit was a positive one, but there are some cons worth mentioning. For starters, I applied Sally Hansen gel polish on one hand, and a Butter London polish on the other, to test whether or not the lamp worked on other formulas , and to compare the quality of nail polishes. Unfortunately, Sally Hansen chipped after just four days of wear, while the Butter London polish held up for a solid week.

Are Powder Dipped Nails Better Than Gel

The biggest difference between gel and dip powder is longevity. Dip powder manicures can last up to a month, which is twice as long as gel nail polish. Also, dip powder manicures don’t require light curing lamps. That means you won’t have a bulky nail lamp taking up space in your closets or drawers, and you won’t have to deal with UV exposure.

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Diy Acrylic Nail Kit Priceline

Ad find deals on products in beauty on amazon.Ad find deals on products in beauty on amazon.Au $27.95 to au $45.95.Best acrylic nail kit for beginners.

Best starter acrylic nail kit with brush #8.Canb matte nails art accessories long false nail tips full cover coffin nail decoration fashion acrylic press on nail french diy nails for party and salons $20.57 $ 20.Complete nail art kit acrylic liquid clear white pink powder primer diy set au au $17.99 new electric engraver grinder pen nail drill bit set manicure shaper engraving toolDelivers exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility.

From $10 a week learn more.Gel nail polish starter kit.Gelish polygel master kit contains:Gift message available free gift messaging for home delivery items.

If you want a little something extra with your gel manicure, this is the kit for you.Kiss french acrylic nail sculpture kit.Mini colour gels $19.95 each.Mini pro led curing light

Morovan acrylic nail kit glitter powder and monomer acrylic nail liquid set 78 colored powders to nail tips for acrylic nails nail art tools acrylic nail brush kit.Next, brush on the activator to bond the color.Opallac gel base coat 7.5 ml.Opallac gel top coat 7.5 ml.

Out of stock online find in your local store.Out of stock online find in your local store.Saviland poly nail rainbow kit.See more ideas about nail kit, nails, acrylic nail kit.

How To Do Diy Gel Nails:

  • Clean nails with rubbing alcohol to remove any lotions or soaps
  • Use a file to buff nails a bit.
  • Apply base coat and cure each hand under the LED for 30 seconds. I use the bare minimum of light to be on the safer side, and it seems to work fine.
  • Apply color and cure for 30 seconds. If you’re using a saturated color you probably want to do two coats, but to save polish, time, and money I just do one coat of my sparkly polish.
  • Apply top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

Id say the polish lasts a good week looking great, and then days 7-10 it starts to wear down, chip a little or peel up a little. By day 14 I definitely need to re-do my nails.

I think this photo is around day seven:

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How To Do Gel Nails At Home With A Diy Gel Nail Kit

If youve ever had a professional gel manicure, the process of doing gel nails at home will probably be pretty familiar to you, but for those who havent, heres how to do it


First things first: before getting started with your gel nail kit, youll want to prepare your nails by making sure theyre clean, free of any polish, and filed into the shape you want. Once youve done that, give each nail a quick wipe over with a lint-free pad soaked in the Prep+Wipe solution.


Once your nails are prepped, its time to apply the base coat. Youll be applying quite a few coats of polish, so make the base coat as thin as possible, and try to paint all the way up to the tip of the nail, to help seal in the polish and make it harder to chip off. Its also best to do one hand at a time, because as soon as you have that first coat done, youll be moving straight to step three


The most important step of the process, and the thing which makes gel manicures different than regular ones is the part when you cure the polish by placing your hand under your LED lamp. My lamp has three buttons on the top, allowing you to set the length of time itll remain switched on for. I give each coat two minutes to cure, and Ill sometimes do my thumb separate from the rest of my fingers, purely because its a little easier to position it that way, but you can easily do all five fingers at once.

Zoya’s Gel Kit Prioritizes Nail And Cuticle Health Which Sets It Apart From Other Gel Manicure Kits

Pros: Can create a naked or color manicure, easy to remove

Cons: Only available on the retailer’s website, colors sold separately

The Zoya Gelie-Cure Foundation Pro Kit makes nail health a priority. The kit comes with a slew of products to help strengthen and nourish nails, including a hydrating rescue serum and a repair base to smooth any ridges or separations.

The kit also includes the brand’s Gelie-Cure Naked Gelie coat, the first demi-gel multipurpose gel formula of its kind to hit the market. You apply it directly over Zoya’s Repair Base before curing, and it adheres to the base coat, as well as the rescue serum, in order to ensure “high shine, flexible, fileable and damage free results,” per the product’s description. Naked Gelie is the last step in achieving a “naked manicure,” aka a manicure void of color, enhancing your natural nails, and also only takes two minutes to remove, without acetone, scraping, or pushing at the nail.

What sets Zoya’s DIY gel manicure kit from its competitors, is its versatility. You can create a gorgeous naked mani, or opt for traditional, colorful tips. Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t come with color polish, but you can apply your favorite hue over the foundation, top it with Naked Manicure Glossy Seal Topcoat, and follow up with a drop of the Zoya Fast Drops to accelerate your drying time.

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Best Gel Nail Kits And Gel Polishes 2021

Summary: Super cute, this maxi macaron is in fact an LED light that will cure your gel polish in 30 seconds flat. Speedy!Details: Kit includes a four finger LED lamp, mini gel polish in Honey Ginger , mini gel polish in Black Cherry , nail file, cuticle stick and 20 remover wraps.

Summary: Achieve a salon mani in the comfort of your own home with this brilliant red carpet kit. Remember to apply thin layers and build them up for the best, most even finish.Details: Set Includes an LED lamp , Prep Max Adhesion Sanitiser, Base Coat Gel, Brilliance Seal & Shine Top Coat Gel, Erase Gel Nail Polish Remover, Revitalize Nourishing Cuticle Oil and the LED Gel Polish in Red Carpet Reddy.

Summary: As you can see from the pic, this kit has literally everything you could possibly need to do an at-home mani.Details: With prep+prime wipes, cuticle oil, nail file, top and base coat and 8 polishes to choose from – you won’t be leaving the house in a hurry.

Summary: This kit receives rave reviews and it’s currently on offer for just £39.95. Promising up to two weeks of chip-free polish, it’s a total no brainer.Details: Inside you’ll find the Sensationail LED Lamp with USB lead, Gel cleanser, Sensationail strip gel base coat, Sensationail gel top coat, Gel polish x 4, Lint free wipes, Buffer and Manicure stick.

Gel Nails At Home: A Simple Diy Guide For Beginners

DIY NAIL EXTENSIONS [Trying Polygel Nail Kit at home]

Looking to do gel nails at home to avoid a trip to the nail salon?

Doing gel nails at home isnt so different from the nail salons. So long as you have the right equipment and have the patience to learn, youre going to find this to be rather enjoyable to do.

Will it work? Yes, perfectly but only if you know how to do it right!

In this guide, youll learn:

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Give Yourself A Manicure With Our Glamnetic Press

Forget the nail salon visits. Its time to pamper yourself at home with a Glamnetic manicure using our press-on nails. Acrylic nails are nice and gel nails can look lovely, but nothing beats the ease of a press-on mani.

We will walk you through the entire manicure process so that your hands and nails will look their bestno salon necessary.

How Do You Get Gel Nail Polish Off Without Acetone

Don’t have acetone? There are ways to remove your gel nail varnish without acetone but these often require soaking and peeling off the varnish. This can cause damage to your natural nail, so isn’t advised. The best way to remove gel nail polish is to buff, soak and scrape away the gel using an acetone-based remover.

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More About Opi Gel Nail Kit:

While giving yourself an at-home gel manicure may appear to be a difficult DIY beauty project, it isnt as difficult as you might think. Especially when there are a plethora of gel nail kits on the market that can greatly simplify the process. According to Syreeta Aaron, a manicurist and salon owner who is also a LeChat Nails trainer, you practically have everything you need for a gel manicure at your fingertips, and you dont have to leave the comfort of your own home. Its a little pricey at first, but once you have the kit and any extra supplies you need, it becomes more cost-effective over time, she says. To get you started, good manicure kits include simple instructions, necessary tools, and a variety of nail color hues and base/top coats. If you dont want to spend a lot of time DIYing, look for home kits with larger lamps that allow you to cure more than one or two nails at a time. What about the option of choosing between LED and UV lighting? When it comes to getting a smooth mani, neither is superior. More informations about OPI gel nail kit can be read on this webpage.

Diy Gel Manicure At Home

Best Do It Yourself Nail Kit / 13 Best Poly Gel Nail Kits ...

I am not one of those gals who always has perfect nails. I tend to chip a classic manicure within 10 minutes of leaving the salon. And I am absolutely terrible at painting my nails at home. Once I took a long time to paint all 10 nails a dark shade but it looked so sloppy that I immediately took it all off and just went nail naked.

Earlier this year I had my first gel manicure. I could not believe for how long my nails looked great and that I could carry on with regular life without treating my nails like they were breakable glass.

But gel manis are expensive $45 with tip at my favorite salon and thats not something I can justify spending on a regular basis long term.

A friend of mine had an at-home kit and did my nails for me once, and it worked quite well! Not quite as long-lasting as the salon, but pretty darn close. I researched what it would cost to buy my own, and I got everything for about $125. Therefore, DIY gel nails would pay for themselves in three manicures.

I bought the essentials on Amazon and have been SO happy with the results!! Here are all the details of my DIY gel nails.

Disclaimer: I am not a nail expert, and this is all just based on my experience doing this for a few months, so if I am inaccurate in any way, feel free to politely chime in to the comments : )

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One Of My Christmas Presents From Terry This Year Was A Diy Gel Nail Kit Which Ive Been Getting Plenty Of Use Out Of Over The Festive Season And Beyond

A gel nail kit is something Id been considering for absolutely ages. As some of you may know, my nails and particularly my cuticles are the bane of my life, and I always feel a bit embarrassed by the state of them. A bit of polish makes them look much better, but it always chips so quickly on me, that even with a decent topcoat, I find myself having to remove it and re-do it more often than I can really be bothered with.

I have, however, had a few professional gel manicures, and have always loved the fact that they allow me to just completely forget about my nails for a couple of weeks at a time, so when I opened up my own little gel nail kit, I was really exited to try it. Heres how I got on

Best Home Gel Nail Polish

1. Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish + Topcoat Kit

By Essie

Essie nail polish has been a longtime favorite of mine shout out to my go-to shade Muchi Muchi!

These polishes are not technically gel polishes, as they dont require a UV lamp in order to set. They are a regular nail polish with a gel-like finish. They have the natural shine and durability people choose gel manicures for. Ive chosen this double set for anyone out there who wants a gel-like salon manicure for their big day, without having to purchase and use a UV lamp.

Definitely a good choice for brides who want to allocate only a small chunk of time to their nails. Simply brush on two coats of color, then use the top coat. Done.

The color Inside Scoop, which comes with this set, is exceptionally beautiful for lovers of pale, delicate pink.

2. Gel Lab Pro

by Deborah Lipman

Another gel-like nail polish that doesnt require a UV lamp. The Deborah Lipman Gel Lab Pro polish won a Best of Beauty Award in 2018 from Allure, who truly know their stuff. We love it because it means you can slap it on quickly, at home, without having to buy extra equipment.

We recommend using a base and top coat to help with longevity. A notable feature is that this brand is completely vegan! Our top colour pick is Love Hangover. A fitting shade name for a bride, no?

3. Gellen Gel Polish Set

By Gellen

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Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit Is A Salon

Pros: Last up to 21 days, comes with all the tools you need for a salon-quality manicure

Cons: Longer time commitment, removal process is very messy

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit not only has rave reviews from customers, but their queue of UV lamps look like something you’d find at a professional nail salon. I’m pleased to report it performs like salon equipment, too.

The Pro Kit includes a pre- and post-application cleanser, remover, base coat, top coat, one gel nail polish, cuticle oil, adhesion sanitizer , a UV lamp, and prepping utensils. While the multi-step manicure can feel overwhelming, each serves a purpose and adds to gorgeous nails, so I don’t recommend skipping them.

This UV lamp also works on a timer, and cures nails in about 45 seconds. The entire process takes about 20 minutes. It’s a longer time commitment than other UV lamps on our list, but the end result is unparalleled, so I really appreciate Red Carpet Manicure’s attention to detail.


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