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How Long Do Dashing Diva Nails Last

My Thoughts Which Is Better

How To: Dashing Diva Press On Nails + Tips For Long Lasting Nails

When it comes to doing my own gel manicure at home, Ill be reaching for my Dashing Diva gel nails!

Even with the extra curing step, I found they looked better, fit great, and lasted.

Again, I want to point out that I may have had a better experience with one brand over another, but that certainly doesnt mean you will too!

Ive seen so many people try ManiMe and love their nails.

Im not sure howbut Im at least glad I tried them out so I know they arent the right fit for me.

Have you tried these brands? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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Dashing Diva Gel Nail Strip Review + Application

September 4, 2019 by

I have gnarly nails. They are always peeling and chipping and I keep them really short so I can play piano without the click clackingof long nails.

For the past few years, I have done gel or powder dip manicures almost all of the time. I love how they look and they last forever. However, they are not without major drawbacks. I was dropping $40-50 every time I got them done, taking an hour at a nail salon, and removing them always absolutely shredded my nails. They would be paper thin and fragile afterwards, which led me to getting them done again, and the cycle would continue.

So I decided to let my nails heal. I tried a few different polishes that promised long wear, but none of them delivered on their promises. Also, there is nothing like having wet nail polish that makes me need to go pee more. Weve all done that dance, trying to get our pants buttoned with wet nail polish. It never works.

And then these Dashing Diva Gel Nail Strips entered my life. I was very skeptical. The gal at the beauty supply store assured me that hers last 2 weeks, but I was unconvinced.

But after trying them out for myself, Im a true convert! They really do last at least 2 weeks, they are super easy to put on, easy and harmless to take off, and so FUN! I get compliments on my nails every time Im out.

In the gel nails vs strip nails competition, these are no contest. Dashing Diva Gel Nail Strips win in cost, time, nail integrity, design, and ease.

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What Is The Application Process Like

It literally took me 10 minutes, and it couldn’t have been easier.

Following the instructions on the pack, I used the ‘wood stick’ to gently push back my nail cuticle, before cleaning my natural nails with the supplied prep pad .

I then sized each finger with a Magic Press nail, peeled off the plastic tab and pressed them into each nail, applying pressure for 20 seconds. The size of the press-on is clearly outlined on the plastic tab, so you can easily pair up your left and right hand with the same nail.

To achieve a more natural look, you want the end of the press-on to sit just slightly under your cuticle bed, but do this gently. If you can feel the fake nail, then you’ve pushed too far.

After that, you’re good to go. The instructions advise you to avoid getting your fingers wet for the next hour.

The removal process is a breeze too. Just saturate the same ‘wood stick’ with an acetone polish remover, and you can gently ease the fake nail off your natural nail.

On the nail, I thought they looked SO convincing. For the most part I wasn’t even aware that I had them on. I’ve had gel extensions before, and the Magic Press nails gave a similar result. I forced my Mamamia colleagues to look at my nails, and unanimously, they couldn’t tell the difference between my $17 press-ons, and a manicure that could have cost me up to $100.

What Has Happened To Jamberry

Dashing Diva Magic Press Nails (Mani)

It’s official, Jamberry is in foreclosure and is shutting down. Here is the email sent out to consultants today: … Additionally, as Jamberry is unable to fulfill other contracts, the 2019 Incentive Trips to Costa Rica and Thailand are cancelled. To secure a future for you and your businesses moving forward, M.

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Are Color Street Nails Worth The Cost

Not in my opinion unless you just really want the specific design offered by that company.

They are still a nice option and I am all about supporting other women who are trying to make some money for their family with this side hustle.

I hope you enjoyed this review and find some useful information! Here is a link to my review of Rent the Runway Unlimited Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


How Long Do Dashing Diva Nails Last

Dashing Diva state their Magic Press nails should last from three to seven days and don’t recommend wear beyond the seventh day.

I did notice the nails on my index finger felt a bit less secure. That was in-part because my natural nail curves slightly inwards, so there’s less nail for the press-on to stick to. After four days of wear, I had one index press-on fall off, but all the others still felt firmly attached to the nail.

Normally a gel manicure only lasts about seven to nine days max on my nails, so I was pretty impressed with the wear of the Magic Press nails. That and they pretty much still looked as good as when I first applied them, four days after.

Let’s just say, that next time I feel the need to get a $30+ manicure before an event or wedding – or ‘just because’ – I’ll just treat myself to one of these kits instead.

Like I said: they’re a game-changer.

Feature image: Instagram/. This post was originally published in December, 2019.

Would you try the Dashing Diva Magic Press nails? Tell us in a comment below.

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Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Strips

After my disappointing experience with Etude House, I discovered Dashing Diva and was so surprised by the difference in quality. These gel strips were much thicker than Etude Houses version and they lasted so long! I put them through the test and they survived cooking, cleaning, baking, gardening, crafting, etc. They did not budge! I got a solid 2 weeks of wear out of them and they couldve lasted longer, but my nails were getting too long. I absolutely love these!

Select Best Size Strip

Dashing Diva Press On | TIPS & TRICKS | Everything You Need to Know & How to Apply Press-On Nails

The second step in this Dashing Diva nail strips review and tutorial is to select the best size strip for each nail. Since they come on a clear plastic backing, you can hold them over your nails. If you are in between sizes, the best thing to do is to size down. Any part of the strip that overlaps onto your skin will end up not sticking on your nail.

If you are a small woman like me, you may find that you need to custom fit some strips. I accomplish this by cutting them with cuticle cutters.

Once I have all 10 strips selected, I like to lay them on my work space in order of application to prevent confusion. I even take mine one step further by cutting each strip into individual pieces, but you do not need to do that.

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How Long Does It Take For Nails To Grow

If youre trying to grow out your nails, you may think it takes forever! And you would be partially right. Fingernails grow very slowly, usually about one-tenth of an inch every month. That means that if you completely lost your fingernail, it would take about 6 months for it to grow back completely!

Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up your nail growth because it is based on genetics and how our bodies work. But there are many ways you can make your natural nails, cuticle, and nail beds stronger, which means they can grow out longer without breaking or chipping. Lets look at some ways to grow longer, healthier nails.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Your nails are a reflection of your overall health, so eating healthy is key for growing strong, healthy nails. Your nails are made out of keratin, a type of protein . By incorporating a diet high in protein, you can jumpstart this keratin growth and enjoys long, shiny hair and strong nails.

A balanced, healthy diet will help you look and feel better and in turn, your nails will be nice and strong.

Take Good Care of Your Nails

Like anything, your nails will benefit from regular maintenance and as little damage as possible. When considering your nail care, make sure to do the following:

These tips are easy to do at home and will keep your nails happy and healthy. Lastly, consider supplements as a great way to boost your nail growth.

Supplements and Vitamins

  • Biotin
  • Vitamins B6, B9, B12 and Folic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc

Are The Beautiful Dashing Diva Nail Strips Worth The Hype

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Lately I have been seeing a lot of ads on for gel nail strips. They all look super beautiful and they look like they are easy to apply. So when I saw that Target had some Dashing Diva Nail Strips I decided to buy some and try them out.

This is my review of the Dashing Diva Nail Strips

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Are Nail Wraps Easy To Remove

Apply oil to the flat end of the wooden cuticle stick and gently shimmy it underneath the edges to loosen the nail wrap, OR wipe clean with acetone-free nail polish remover. Will they damage my nails? No! Our nail polish wraps can be easily removed without damaging your nails or using harsh chemicals!

How I Apply Them:

Dashing Diva Gloss Nail Gel Nail Strips (Mani)

Step 1: Prep Basically, just push back your cuticles and use the alcohol wipe

Step 2: Size I can get 2 sets out of these packs if I am willing to file down a couple of the nails to fit better. If J Lo does it, why not us?

Step 3: Press

Add custom details when youre done! Here are some of my top picks.

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Is Dashing Diva Korean

Established in New York in 2001, Dashing Diva entered the Korean market in 2015 and is currently the No. 1 player in the self-decorating nail art market here. The brand, which offers various nail care products ranging from nail polishes to artificial nails, previously had singer-actress Suzy as its face.

They Come Ready To Apply And Take Five Minutes

Once, before I jetted off on a weekend trip, I did a whole set in the back of a moving car on the way to the airport. The kit comes with a prep pad, mini cuticle pusher, and tiny file to help the press-ons fit your natural nail bed. There is no separate glue required because the press-ons I use have acrylate-based adhesive tabs already attached on the back to pop on. The more pressure you apply, the longer they stick on.

“The advantage here is that the acrylate is theoretically only coming into contact with the nail and not the surrounding skin,” Dr. Stern says. While an allergic reaction to acrylate is possible if it has to be cured with a UV light, “these stickers are low-risk because they dont require curing. And because they are pressed against the nail, not the skin.”

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How To Apply The Nail Strips:

1. Read the package instructions. The first thing to do is clean your nails with alcohol. THIS IS THE STEP I SKIPPED THE FIRST TIME. Dont do that. It really made a HUGE difference on my next application.

2. Choose the size that fits your nails best. There are 34 strips in a package so youve got plenty to choose from.

3. Apply the nail and press/hold down to secure and smooth.

4. Use one side of the file to trim the excess. Use the other side of the file to smooth.

Thats it!

Here are my nails after applying them:

There were a few tiny places that I didnt get smoothed perfectly but I didnt mind.

Its now been two weeks since I put them on and while there is a bit of wear and tear they still look pretty great!

After two weeks:

On a few nails there are places the strips has pulled up or chipped but it wouldnt be enough for me to remove them or even notice if I wasnt looking so closely.

Up close:

I kind of want to change them out just to try something new but feel like I shouldnt waste good nails still. 🙂

Which Press On Nails Are The Best

How I do my nails using Dashing Diva (STICKERS)!

Check out our picks of the best press-on nails, here.

  • Best Overall: Static Nails. …
  • Best Budget: Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails. …
  • Best Strips: Color Street. …
  • Best for a Natural Mani: Dashing Diva Magic Press Press On in Buffy. …
  • Best Range of Finishes: Marmalade. …
  • Best Fast Fix: imPRESS Press-On Manicure.

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Dashing Diva Nailsreview: Are They Worth It

MIDWEST, USA December, 5

First things first, happy December everyone! I hope that everyones holiday plans and traditions are well underway. But, today, lets talk about nails. If youre like me, you love to have your nails done. But if youre also like me, you hate the whopping price tag of salon nails and are yet to find success in DIY nail polish. If you relate to any of these statements, then Dashing Diva nails are the perfect fit for you!

If you read my Thanksgiving GRWM post, then you may remember my mention of Dashing Diva Nails. For the holiday, I wanted to have nice nails but I didnt have the time for a salon grade manicure. So, I decided to use these amazing nail stickers instead.

Dashing Diva features three lines of nail stickers, Magic Press , Gloss , and Glaze . Im yet to try the Magic Press and Glaze lines, so this post is focused solely on Dashing Divas Gloss nails.

When I Dont Use Them:

These arent a 1-second manicure. Though I would consider doing them in an Uber because they dont smell like anything and there isnt a dry time, they still take about 15-20 minutes to do well and arent quite as fool-proof as the Magic Press . I like to apply these when Im relaxing before bed because they look amazing after Ive slept in them. I also prefer to use their other products if my nails are peeling so I dont risk additional damage.

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Cons Of Dashing Diva Nail Strips

I really don’t have too many cons to list. Here are a few if I’m being knit picky!

  • Some sticky residue can stay on your nail once you peel these off. I can easily remove this with a nail buffer.
  • I don’t always use all sizes in the package, so it feels wasteful. A friend suggested cutting them down and using them on their child which I am going to try!

Dashing Diva Gel Strips Review

Dashing Diva Magic Press Nails (Mani)

Since finding Dashing Diva Gel Strips 2 years ago, I have completely stopped getting nail salon manicures! I don’t get much time without kids, so I don’t have a ton of extra time to sit at the nail salon every other week. If you’re looking for a great solution for a fraction of the cost, I have you covered with Dashing Diva gel strips! Seriously, they work so well and I can’t believe how long they stay on. I wanted to share a Dashing Diva gel strips review with you and share some tips that I’ve learned while applying them. I also have a discount code that will save you 10% off your purchase. Use code CHELSEA10 for 10% off!

The answer is YES! They work really well, but you need a few times to practice and you’ll get the hang of it. I was always skeptical of the nail stickers I have seen around. I have been getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks for years and it adds up! Not to mention the time it takes, finding childcare, etc. Dashing Diva Nails make several different colors and styles. They also make press on nails which I haven’t yet tried. I’m so glad I tried Dashing Diva and I’m not sure I’ll go back to regular gel nails.

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