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How To Cut Baby Nails

Ok So How Do I Cut My Babys Nails

How to cut your baby’s nails

A lot of parents find the idea of cutting a newborns nails low-key terrifying. But there are a few tips and tricks that can help make the process easier.

  • Make sure there is plenty of light and that you are in a stable position. No good can come from cutting your babys nails in the dark.
  • Get someone to help either hold the baby while you cut their nails or vice versa. For the first time around, its a good idea to get a more experienced person to help, like your parents or grandparents.
  • Baby nail files and emery boards are your best friends. Theyre great for finishing touches, especially if you dont want to get too close to the nail bed with scissors. Theyre usually not efficient enough to work by themselves, but they can do the job while you build up the courage to use the clippers.
  • Scissors and clippers are always a good bet. Baby nail scissors and clippers are designed for your babys tiny and adorable fingers. They have safety features that help make completing this task a little less scary.
  • Before you cut,gently push the pad of each fingertip away from the nail to make sure youre only cutting the nail.
  • Dont cut too close! You probably know this from your own experience, but cutting your nails too close can be painful. Its better to leave a little bit of nail and finish off the sharp edges with an emery board.

How To Trim Baby Nails Safely

1. Wait It is very tempting to try to cut the nails to help the baby. Wait a few weeks though. The skin on the fingertips is delicate and there is a risk to cause infections if you trim the nails too early.

2. Peel them off You can, however, peel off the ends of the nail already from the beginning. Do this as soon as you see any loose ends. Babies nails tend to break now and then a good opportunity to peel them off. But be careful, so you dont peel off too much and hurt your baby!

3. Regular trimming After the first few weeks, you might have to trim the nails several times a week. Use a pair of scissors that are aimed for trimming baby nails. Adult scissors are way too sharp. A baby nail clipper, like this one from Safety 1st, is a great choice.

4. Light & pace Make sure you have a lot of light when you cut the nails to prevent accidents. Also take your time to trim the baby nails slowly. Take breaks if your baby protests!

5. While asleep If your baby gets too interested in the scissors, it might be a good idea to trim the baby nails while your baby is asleep. Or have someone else distract him/her.

6. Dont bite! I know some people recommend biting off the babys nails. Dont do it! As you cant feel what youre doing, you might bite your baby. Not worth a try in my view! You might also bite off more of the nails than you actually want to.

7. How to cut Cut fingernails following the curve of the fingertip. Toenails should be cut straight across.

What Should I Do If I Cut The Skin

Accidents happen baby nails are tiny and babies are squirmy. If you accidentally cut your little one, dont feel too bad youre not alone.

Heres what to do:

  • Stay calm: Dont panic theres no need to rush to the emergency room.
  • Rinse the finger: Take your baby to the bathroom and rinse the finger under cold, gently running water. This will stop the bleeding.
  • Wrap with a tissue: Wrap the finger with a tissue and apply a little pressure. The bleeding should stop within a few minutes. Remove the tissue after bleeding stops.
  • Dont put a bandage on: Theres no need for a bandage, and it could become a choking hazard .

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Tips For Trimming Baby Toenails

Baby toenails grow more slowly than fingernails and dont need trimming quite as often. Although toenails arent as soft as babys fingernails, the same basic principles apply.

  • Ensure you and baby are in a comfortable position
  • Hold the pad of the toe away from the nail and gently trim straight across.This will helpto prevent ingrown toenails.
  • How To File Babys Nails

    Cutting Baby

    Every pediatrician is different, but I generally recommend families exclusively file a newborns nails for the first few months of life, Slack says. Even the most careful parent can accidentally snip a babys fingertip with scissors or clippers.

    First, get your hands on a baby nail file , says Gina Posner, MD, a pediatrician at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California. Then file babys nails to shorten them, rounding the edges so the corners arent sharp. Its often easier to file baby nails after bathing, when theyre softer than usual, or while baby is sleeping, when theyre more still than usual, Slack says. Same goes for baby toenails.

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    How To Cut Your Babys Nails

    Try to cut baby nails when your newborn is asleep, very calm or drowsy. For older children, you can use a high chair or car seat where you can strap your child in.

    These tips for cutting nails can make things easier:

    • Make sure you have plenty of light, so you can see well.
    • Work with someone else if it helps one holds your baby as the other trims the nails.
    • Gently pull your babys finger pad away from the nail to avoid cutting the skin.
    • Trim toenails straight across to prevent ingrown nails.

    And here are some tips to keep your baby happy as you cut nails:

    • Talk calmly or sing to your baby.
    • Try distracting your baby with a toy or activity. This often works well with older babies.
    • Involve your baby in the activity by making a game of it.
    • Praise your baby for helping you finish. This can help you both feel good about getting the job done.

    If you accidentally cut your babys skin and it bleeds, gently press a soft cloth pad onto the cut until the bleeding stops. Dont put on a dressing because your baby might suck it off.

    If youre worried about the cut, take your baby to see your GP.

    Young babies tend to scratch themselves accidentally because they dont have a lot of control over their hands and legs. You can stop babies from scratching by covering their hands with a pair of soft cotton mittens or socks. But make sure your baby has some mitten-free time to explore and play with their hands.

    How To Trim Baby Nails With An Electric Baby Nail File Or Emery Board

  • Pick the Best Time and Place: A drowsy or sleeping baby is the best customer, so pick a time when your baby is drowsy, relaxed or asleep.
  • Gather Your Equipment: Use a baby-size emery board or electric nail file with the correctly-sized tip for your babys age.
  • Position Your Baby: If your baby is awake, sit baby on your lap facing outwards for the best nail trimming angle.
  • Hold babys finger firmly but not too tight.
  • Press fingertip pad away from the nail.
  • Gently file across the top of the nail, then smooth the corners.
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    Be Prepared For Any Accidents

    As frightening as the prospect might be, there’s a good chance you’ll cut a little too close sometime. So keep a tissue or some gauze on hand.

    If there is any bleeding, hold the tissue or gauze along the cut for a few minutes or until the bleeding stops. But don’t put a bandaid on your baby’s finger. If your baby puts their fingers in their mouth, the bandaid can come off and pose a choking hazard.

    While these accidents can cause you to feel awful about injuring your baby, try not to beat yourself up. You are not the first parent to trim too close. With practice, and by going slow, you will get the hang of trimming your baby’s nails.

    Know When Its Time To Cut


    Its helpful to know when to cut babys nails and when to avoid the practice altogether. If your newborn is hungry, tired or needs a diaper change, theyll probably be too fussy for a trimming. Offer them a feeding, nap or dry diaper before you grab your tools. The calmer your child feels, the less theyll move around and cause you more anxiety.

    You can also try to trim nails after bathtime, when baby is soothed and their nails are at their softest. Apply a mild or unscented lotion to their hands and feet to keep their skin healthy and smooth. If socks make your child more comfortable, you can put them on right after you use the moisturizer. This will help keep their feet extra soft.

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    What To Do If You Nip The Skin Accidently

    Even the most careful parent can accidentally nip or cut the skin while clipping or cutting a newborns nails. If this happens, do not panic.

    • Clean the wound with cool or room temperature water.
    • Wipe the wound with clean and sterile cloth or gauze.
    • Press down gently till the bleeding stops .
    • Apply antiseptic and antibacterial creams provided by your paediatrician to prevent any infections.

    Grooming your newborn begins with cutting their nails. Learning how to do that in a clean and safe manner is important. Remember to discuss any concerns you may have regarding this with your doctor. Try creating a grooming schedule to organize your babys grooming needs. It is recommended that initially, you take the assistance of another adult while clipping the newborns nails.

    Even Though Your Baby’s Nails Are Softer And More Pliable Than Yours They Still Can Cause Scratches And Need Trimming Regularly Here Are Some Tips

    Are you scared of clipping your baby’s teeny-tiny nails? Even though your baby’s nails are softer and more pliable than yours, they still can cause scratches and need trimming regularly.

    A baby’s fingernails grow fast, so you may have to trim them weekly or even more frequently. Toenails don’t need cutting quite as often.

    Here’s how to do it safely and easily:

    File them down Filing your baby’s nails with an emery board is the least difficult, safest way to do it, but it takes more time. And you must be careful not to file the tender skin under the nail bed. Don’t use a metal nail file, which may be too rough for baby’s skin.

    Use a baby nail clipper Clip your baby’s nails as you would your own, gently pushing back the fingertip from the nail to allow space for the clipper. This helps prevent clipping your baby’s finger. Short little clips above the white nail line will help prevent clipping too close. For toenails, clip straight across. Keep a firm hold on your child’s hand as you clip. You can also use scissor-shaped clippers or manicure scissors. Smooth rough edges with an emery board.

    Clip while baby sleeps Wait until your baby is sleeping to clip her nails. If you’re lucky, she will sleep right through it. And she won’t wiggle and squirm. Even if you’re clipping while baby sleeps, make sure you have adequate light for the task.

    If you still don’t have the courage to clip your little one’s nails, here are some alternatives:

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    Buy The Right Baby Nail Supplies

    Before you ever begin trimming, youll need the right nail supplies. Add everything you need to cut babys nails to your registry or buy the items ahead of your due date. If you wait until your little one arrives, buying your nail supplies is just one more thing to think about. It sounds like no big deal now, but with little sleep and a lot of time spent feeding baby, youll want to cut down on trips to the store as much as possible.

    Lets cover what to add to the list. According to the experts at Nemours Childrens Health, your supply kit should include a pair of baby nail clippers and an emery board made especially for infants. Many of the most popular brands sell these tools as a set. Dont buy clippers or a filing board made for older children or adults. The National Institute of Healths MedlinePlus says theyre too large and rigid for a newborns pliable fingernails and toenails. Some stores sell baby clippers with safety guards and special sights so its easier to see your childs nail while you cut. If youre curious about the best types of trimmers and tools, ask your pediatrician for their most trusted options.

    What If You Accidentally Cut Your Baby

    Cutting baby nails &  baby nail care

    Hi. Welcome to the club. While its totally understandable that your first inclination might be to panic, know that this happens. Just apply pressure to the wound and follow up with some antibiotic cream and perhaps a small bandaid. Of course, if your baby seems to be in great distress or you cant get the bleeding to stop, go ahead and give their doctor a call. But for real, Mama, this little oopsie is more common than you think. So, forgive yourself and move forward.

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    How To Cut Babys Nails

    Filing lowers the odds of accidentally cutting babys finger, but sometimes baby nails are bendable, so its hard to file them, Posner says.

    To cut babys nails, get a baby nail clipper . You probably wont be able to get a rounded nail corner with clippers, so its often helpful to file down sharp corners afterward, if you can, Slack says. Were not going to lie: That first baby mani-pedi can bring on heart palpitations. But youll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

    It can be tempting to skip cutting those baby nails altogether and bite them down insteadbut resist the urge. Parents shouldnt use their teeth to avoid risk of infection and create a more controlled trimming process, Snyder says. Youll also want to take a pass on tearing off the nails. Definitely dont tear, Posner says. You can tear too low and injure your child.

    What To Do If You Cut Babys Finger

    No matter how careful you are, pinching babys skin is a distinct possibility. If you do happen to cut babys finger, youll probably feel terriblebut you definitely wouldnt be the first parent to do it.

    First things first: Dont freak out. Instead, try to assess the wound. If you cut a lot, go to the ER, Posner says. If it doesnt look severe, Slack recommends applying pressure with a clean towel until the bleeding stops, then gently clean the area with soap and water. If the cut continues to bleed after a few minutes, call your pediatrician for advice, she says. You should also call your pediatrician if you see any redness, swelling or pus-like discharge from the injury or nailbed.

    You can apply Neosporin to the cut twice a day until a scab formsbut skip the Band-Aid, since it can be a choking hazard. If a bandage is necessary, youll need to tape or securely cover the area to prevent any pieces from coming loose, Slack says. Also, dont suck on the wound with your mouth, since you dont want to introduce any bacteria.

    If you cut babys finger, rest assured its likely no big deal. Most people just cut a tiny bit of skin, which is terrifying, Posner says. But the reality is, its going to heal just fine.

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    Do I Need To Cut My Baby’s Nails

    You may not need to cut your baby’s nails for the first few months. Newborns’ nails are very soft and will probably be worn down by their clothing.

    However, babies can’t control their arm or leg movements for the first 6 weeks. If their nails are sharp or jagged, they may scratch themselves. If you notice your baby’s nails need to be smoothed, you may need to trim them.

    Babies nails grow very fast, so keep an eye on them and trim them when necessary.

    Cutting Your Babys Nails: When Is The Right Time To Start

    How to Cut Baby Nails – How to use The Nail Snail –

    When a baby is born, their nails adhere closely to the skin, making them difficult to cut. Most parents wait three to four weeks after birth to cut them.

    Unless you can easily see the separation between nail and flesh, avoid using nail scissors.

    Another option is to use a special nail file designed for babies. This will help to prevent any possible scratches and stop sharp edges catching on clothing. Babies nails can be surprisingly sharp.

    Another thing to take into account is how frequently you should be cutting your babys nails. Its difficult to establish a routine, because babies nails can grow very quickly.

    There are some children who will need their nails cut up to twice a week. The best thing is to keep an eye on their growth. Remember this also applies to toenails.

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    Learn The Proper Nail Cutting Technique

    Now that you have the right trimming tools, its time to learn the proper way to cut your childs nails. By memorizing a safe and reliable technique, you will trim quicker over time. Most importantly, youll avoid discomfort and injuries to the soft skin around the nail.

    Begin by holding your babys finger with a gentle yet firm grip, say the health and parenting professionals at VeryWell Family. Press down on the pad of their finger so their nail is up and away from the skin. As you cut the first nail, follow the natural curve of your childs finger. Do the same with all of the fingers, including the thumb. This technique will keep them looking neat and tidy as they grow. Work quickly, but dont go too fast. Youll want to take enough time to inspect and see the nail as you learn how to cut without poking the skin.


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