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How Many Hours Is Nail Tech School

What Our Students Are Saying

How to become a nail technician: I Can’t Afford to go to School
  • The educators will go above and beyond for you while teaching you the years of knowledge they have acquired.

    – Bekah S.

  • I cannot explain how glad I was to choose Evergreen Beauty College. They have always been there for me, always supporting me. They showed me the way to be a great artist.

    – Brianna G.

  • Evergreen truly cares about me. The educators shaped me into the professional and the woman I am today and Im forever going to be in their debt.

    – Amanda J.

Maintain Your Registration As A Nail Specialist In Florida

To maintain your nail specialist registration in Florida, you must renew it biennially through the Departments online portal and pay the renewal fee of $55. You must first activate a personal account through

All nail specialists in Florida must complete at least 16 hours of Board-approved continuing education credits during each renewal period. You can find a list of approved continuing education providers and their courses here. The Bureau of Education and Testing is responsible for all continuing education providers and courses.

If You Want To Get Your License Quickly

If you dont have other commitments, like a full-time job or children to consider, it can be tempting to try and graduate as a nail tech as quickly as possible.

After all, the sooner you qualify, the sooner you can do a job that you love.

So, whats the quickest you can qualify? Generally speaking, the quickest youll graduate from a reputable school is around 3 months .

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As you can see from the from the small sample in the table below they can range anywhere from about $1,100 up to more than $3,400, but schools can go as high as $6,000. Aspiring nail technicians will need to complete a certificate in cosmetology.most states require potential licensees to be at least 16 years of age and have a high school diploma or ged.

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Pin by glizzyglamourous on claw in 2020 nails glam. Cosmetology licensing requirements vary from state to state.

Pin by glizzyglamourous on claw in 2020 nails glam. Courses required for a nail tech license in tx 320 hours:

Licenses Certifications And Registrations

Nail Technician Courses in WA

State licensing requirements vary. However, applicants need to be at least 16 years old and have a high school diploma or the equivalent. After completing a state-approved cosmetology or nail technician program, manicurists and pedicurists must take a written exam and a practical exam to get a license through their state board. Mobile manicure and pedicure services require a separate license.

The NationalInterstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology provides information on state examinations for licensing, with sample questions. The Professional Beauty Association and the American Association of Cosmetology Schools also provide information on state examinations, as well as offering other professional links.

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How Long Does The Al Nail Tech Training Take

To become a nail tech in Alabama you must attend a school for 750 hours or longer or complete an apprenticeship that is at least 1,200 hours. Nail technician programs in AL will teach technical skills, tool use and maintenance. Youll also get a good knowledge of health and safety and even salon management.

There are obviously not as many nail tech schools as there are in California, but nevertheless you can get a high quality education in AL.

Where Do I Get The Training I Need

Hands on training is a large part of your curriculum at an accredited beauty school. You will learn as you work on clients nails under the supervision of your nail tech instructor. The hands-on experience, under the watchful eye of your teacher, will help you refine your techniques as a nail tech.

Friends can always lend a hand too! The more you can practice and refine your techniques, the more confident you will be. With your effort, your work will continually improve and soon enough, youll have your own clientele.

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Scam Alert Fake Tdlr Letters Demand Money With Green Dot Moneypak Cards

TDLR received reports of a scammer mailing fake TDLR letters to license holders. The scammer is targeting people with previous TDLR violations and will likely mention those violations. He may also say he is from the sheriffs office or OSHA and may indicate he is trying to help the business owner.

This sophisticated scam includes falsely telling business owners their license is suspended and instructing them to get a Business Surety Bond. The scammer also demands money or payment with Green Dot MoneyPak cards.

It appears the scam targets Vietnamese and Spanish speakers by providing false TDLR phone numbers for these languages.

Please see the attached example of one type of scam letter we have seen recently.


  • TDLR will never ask you to pay a penalty or fine without first sending a Notice of Alleged Violation to you by certified mail.
  • TDLR will never request or accept money or gift cards under any circumstances while visiting your business.
  • TDLR does not request or accept payments via Green Dot MoneyPak cards.

If you receive a suspicious call or email like this, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. Please also call TDLR at 800-803-9202 to verify we did not contact you.

Scams like this one can happen anywhere. Please use the information above to identify any suspicious or potentially illegal activity. Impersonating a public servant is a third-degree felony under the Texas Penal Code.

Commission Adopts Administrative Rules

Is it Possible to Make $100 an Hour as a Nail Tech?

The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation adopted amendments to an existing rule at 16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 83, §83.72, regarding the Cosmetology program. The adopted rule amends §83.72 in a manner identical to the June 30, 2020, emergency rulemaking, and corrects errors in the text of §83.72-, reverting the requirements for Beauty Culture Schools offering the esthetician and manicurist curriculum standards to those in place prior to the March 15, 2020, changes to this section.

The adoption justification was published in the October 16, 2020, issue of the Texas Register . The updated rule chapter will be made available upon its effective date of October 20, 2020.

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What Is A Nail Tech

A nail technician is a beauty industry professional who uses creativity to improve nails on a client’s feet and hands. These specialists focus on trimming, cleaning and polishing client’s nails. They may also assess the client’s nails and determine what services to provide, including:

  • Trimming nails
  • Applying a coat of nail polish
  • Choosing the number of coats of polish
  • Applying a topcoat

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What Classes Do I Need To Take To Become A Nail Tech

The first step to starting your career as a nail technician is choosing an accredited beauty school. Many cosmetology schools will include the materials necessary for the course, along with the tuition. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the school for you: flexibility of the schedule, location, tuition costs, payment plans, as well as, the attention and care of the students. If you are considering a local school, tour the campus to meet the teachers and students and learn more about the payment plans offered.

During your beauty school classes, you will learn how to treat and beautify hands and feet. You will also learn general skin anatomy, gel manicures, nail art, airbrushing, sculptured nails, manicure and pedicure.

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Class Schedules For Manicuring

20 Hours Per Week Night Program: 7.5 MonthsMonday Friday 5:30pm 9:30pm

30 Hours Per Week Night Program: 5 MonthsMonday Friday 3:00pm 9:30pm

Consumer Information:The U.S. Department of Labors Standard Occupational Classification name and code for Cosmetology is: 39-5092.00 Manicurists and Pedicurists. Please visit the Department of Labors website at the following link to obtain information on this field of occupation.

Physical Demands of this profession are:Long work shifts on your feet. Work hours include weekends and evenings.You may not get a break or lunch hour. Because of the repetitiveness of some movements, Carpel Tunnel is a possibility.You work with hazardous materials such as: cleaning products, perms, bleaches, color and other chemicals.Also, while you are in school, it will make a financial demand such as: Lunches, Child care, & Fuel for transportation.

And How Do You Find A Program That Works Around Your Commitments

How to Become a Nail Technician

The process of finding a part-time nail technician course is the same as when looking for full-time options. Simply start with a google search, and narrow down your options from there.

However, if the reason your studying part-time is because of existing commitments, its essential that you speak to the school to ensure that the days and times youll need to attend work for you.

But dont worry, schools that offer part-time courses are used to people having commitments. This means that they should be happy to help you work out whether their schedule fits your needs.

So far, weve only looked at training as a nail tech in cosmetology schools. But in some states, there is another way to qualify as a nail technician.

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Complete The Manicurist School Requirements In Texas

To legally do nails in Texas you will need to complete a nail technician program consisting of at least 600 hours of coursework and training. Enroll in one of the licensed cosmetology schools in Texas that offers nail technician courses.

  • 320 hours covering procedures manicure, pedicure, oil manicure, hand/arm massage, application of polish, buffering, nail extensions, nail repair work, and removal of stains
  • 100 hours covering bacteriology, sanitation, and safety rules, laws, methods, hazardous chemicals, safety procedures, and ventilation
  • 80 hours covering professional practices professional behavior, ethics, salon procedures, hygiene, grooming, and public relations
  • 70 hours covering arms and hands major bone functions, skin structure, growth, regeneration, muscles, nerves, and types of afflictions or diseases
  • 15 hours covering manicurist orientation, laws, and rules
  • 15 hours covering manicurist supplies, tools, and implements

Complete An Approved Nail Specialty Program

To become a registered nail specialist in Florida, you must first complete a nail specialty program through a Florida school of cosmetology. An approved nail specialist program consists of at least 240 hours of education.

The minimum curriculum for nail specialty training in Florida includes the following:

  • Florida cosmetology laws and rules: 5 hours
  • HIV/AIDS: 4 hours
  • Artificial nail removal: 5 hours
  • Polishing and nail art: 5 hours

Once you have successfully completed all educational requirements, the school will issue you a certificate of completion, provided you have achieved a score of 75 percent or better on a final examination.

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What Do You Learn In A Nail Tech Program

For the most part, youll learn about the basics of nail care and design, and information on safety and sanitation. Many schools detail their course information online you can also visit in-person, call a program representative, or communicate with a chatbot online to get more clarity on what each program offers.

How Do I Begin

How to become a Nail Tech – 5 NEED TO KNOW’S!

Start today by contacting a local accredited beauty school with a nail program! In the Miami area, La Belle Beauty has been in the beauty education for over 40 years. As a long standing local business, La Belle Beauty has three modern locations in South Miami, Hialeah and Flagler area. Also, the school offers interest-free payment plans and financial aid for those who qualify in certain programs.

Check out these sites for more information:

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Important Updates Regarding Instructor Courses And Students

ATTENTION Schools and Students: House Bill 1560 was passed during the 87th Texas Legislative Session and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott on June 15, 2021. Section 3 of the bill eliminates the barber and cosmetology instructor license.

Schools are required to continue reporting hours for students currently enrolled in a barber or cosmetology instructor course, until further notice. If a student does not want to complete the course, they should submit the proper withdrawal request to the school. Schools must provide refunds to students for unused tuition based on the current laws and rules.

Tdlr Revokes Am Beauty School License

TDLR has revoked the license of AM Beauty College in Irving, located at 1215 S. MacArthur Blvd.

TDLR stands ready to help those students who were enrolled at AM Beauty College with evaluating their hours and transferring to a licensed school. Students from AM Beauty College should contact the Education and Examination division.

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Develop Your New Career While Maintaining Your License

Nail technician jobs can be found virtually anywhere in Texas. This field offers stability and an opportunity for you to be artistic while also making your clients look great.

The Dallas-Plano-Irving metropolitan area offers one of the nations highest average manicurist salaries as compared to other metro areas in the United States.

Some of the best-recognized nail salons in Texas include:

You will need to renew your manicurist license every two years, and doing this will mean completing continuing education. Before the end of each two-year renewal cycle you will need to complete four hours of continuing education from an approved provider. This will need to include one hour of education that relates to sanitation and three hours of education that relates to topics covered in your initial nail technician training program.

As you develop your career further you may be interested in renting your own space in an existing nail salon or day spa. Doing this will allow you to work for yourself, keep all your profits, and generally be more independent. This is often the step entrepreneurial nail technicians take before opening an independent salon. To rent out your own space you will need to complete a Mini-Salon License Application.

Provisions For Temporary Emergency Distance Education

Become A Manicurist, Training at A Top Nail Tech School

The health and safety of all our licensees is of the utmost importance. To proactively address the concerns regarding COVID-19, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has enacted temporary emergency distance education provisions to allow current licensed schools to offer distance education limited to the theory hours of instruction to not exceed more than 50 percent of the course. TDLRs temporary emergency provision is in line with the Department of Education to provide flexibilities for schools to help students complete their course work.

Courses taught by distance education will not satisfy requirements of practical portions of course curriculum. The goal of the department is to enable schools to continue to teach their students despite the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Licensed Schools that may be impacted by COVID-19 can contact the Education and Examination division and provide the following information:

  • School name and license number
  • Type of delivery method, including the technology or program being used for distance education
  • Type of method which will be used for tracking student attendance, including hours completed
  • Timed outline indicating the portion of the course or curriculum which will be completed by distance education

Temporary emergency distance education accommodations will remain in place until further notice.

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Overview Of Nail Technician Schools In Washington

During your training you can learn the latest techniques in nail application and design. When evaluating your options, make sure your instructors are professionals who have experience in the field. They can give you a real-world perspective and tips for dealing with the real world of nail salons. Its also a good idea to ask if they have scholarships or other financial aid that can help with the cost of attendance. Even though nail school programs are cheaper than most 4-year colleges, youll want to make sure you save as much money as possible to avoid expensive loans.

Classes in most nail technician programs focus on:

Creative design

Gary Manual AVEDA Institute.

Nail Tech Training Hour Requirements

Students are required to complete a certain number of training hours in addition to completing their coursework. The number of training hours required will depend on the state in which you attend school, as each has different requirements. For example, you need 250 hours of training to qualify in New York, but 600 in Arizona.

These training hours combine theory and practice, so students can expand on what theyve learned in the classroom and get hands-on experience before entering the field. Students will practice salon services on real clients, including manicures, pedicures, and advanced nail techniques.

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Apply For Michigan Manicurist Licensure By Examination

When you finish your manicuring training or apprenticeship, you are ready to apply for licensure by examination. You will submit your licensure application online, where you will also pay licensing fees.

Any additional documentation must be mailed to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Commercial Services, Licensing Division, Cosmetology, P.O. Box 30244, Lansing, MI 48909. The Board will send you an approval letter to schedule your manicurist exam once your application has been processed.

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